Marketing ARRANGE FOR Persil Cleaner Globe Plan Marketing Essay

With the recent new effort of the Persil Cleaner Entire world Plan being foremost in the companies mind http://www. persil. com/CleanerPlanet. aspx the primary objectives of the plan are to be the focal point of the marketing plan. The introduction of a new product which is green, kind on skin area, yet difficult on stains will enable the achievements of these aims.

With the continuous launch of re-usable nappy techniques across the world it can be seen that there is a potential market for a product that can meet the needs of consumers.

In order to lessen the carbon footprint through the use of re-usable nappies something has to be presented that can wash at low temperatures. Previous research has shown that in order to benefit from the use of re-usable nappies in comparison to throw-away ones certain factors have to be taken into account when washing e. g. low temp, full fill etc.

The main reason for this new product will be the washing of re-usable nappies and clothes at as lower temperate as possible.

To ensure success in reaching the goals specific marketing strategies will be utilized in the marketing plan process they are segmentation, concentrating on and the marketing combination, tending to establish the merchandise potential.

Cleaner Globe Plan



To establish the target market for the new product the utilization of demographic segmentation will be followed. This will permit the company to attain specific consumers and help to understand their needs.

A changing of demographic segmentation to consider is Era X as they could end up being a potential target market for the merchandise, although getting the communication across to them will be difficult and can have to be done via word of mouth.


The product is to be mainly aimed at new parents; the recent baby increase will generate significant opportunities, whilst also focusing on existing consumers who care about the surroundings and the affect of global warming.

With the initial use of penetration prices the new product will be accessible to the people consumers who wish to change from their current brand to a more green one and will attract parents thinking about the idea of using re-usable nappies but concerned about the original outlay, as this can often be very costly.

Marketing mix 4P's

The four strategies of the marketing combine will be utilized to reach the companies objectives.


In using the idea of benefit building shape 1(LearnMarketing. net, 2009) as devised by Philip Kotler the business can start to get an overall picture of the merchandise and its benefits.

Figure 1

http://www. learnmarketing. net/totalproduct1. jpg

The new product is usually to be named "Persil Nature", an environmentally friendly, non-biological, hypo-allergenic washing natural powder with added Aloe Vera. It really is to be made from plant and mineral based things that are biodegradable.

"Persil Nature's" central function is to allow the washing of re-usable nappies and clothes at a temps of 15c or on top of that cold water.

It will be packaged in a biodegradable cardboard pack with a grab pouring spout. Preference is usually to be directed at cardboard as oppose to plastic as the opportunities for recycling from home are far greater. It will be available in pack sizes of 850g, 2. 38kg and 4. 25kg.

The labelling will have the typical Persil branding and will display a high tips section with advice on the best ways of cleaning, drying etc. to help expand promote the environmental issues. There will also be information to immediate consumers to the business's Cleaner Globe Plan website.

It shall feature a money-back guarantee if individuals are not entirely content with the product.


The penetration rates strategy will be utilized to encourage consumers to work with the product. An introductory price will be utilized in the first few weeks of the starting of the new product. This preliminary price shall be consistent with other biological products in the firms range.

The price will be increased consistent with other similar products on the market, with special attention been paid to the firms close competitors. Stand 1 below shows the introductory and increased prices for every single pack size

Table 1

Pack size

Introductory price

Increased price


Ј3. 49

Ј4. 49

2. 38kg

Ј6. 99

Ј7. 99

4. 25kg

Ј10. 99

Ј11. 99

The price will constantly be analyzed in order to attain the maximum potential of the merchandise and strategies set up where relevant.


A wide selection of marketing campaigns will be carried out to reach the mark market. The usage of TV, radio and the net will help to promote the merchandise to a wider audience. Advertising will be located in papers and journals and promotional leaflets may also be used.

The company will work together with local councils, private hospitals; through midwives and nurseries to promote re-usable nappy plans and also the new product. Relationship will also happen with re-usable nappy companies, with money-off coupons being located on nappy products and vice versa.


The product should maintain the right place at the right time. This technique will need to be carefully designed as bad timing can have a significant effect on whether a fresh product succeeds or fails in the wonderful world of fast moving consumer goods.

Distribution will be produced through vendors as there is a strong market existence already there and they are in a position to have a far more personal romance with consumers.

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