Marketing goals of Pizza Pan

Pizza Pan can be an Australian company which is considering extension into the local Malaysian market. The company is rolling out two new styles of iced pizza, a lite-cheese, solo size wholemeal pizza known as Cheesy Lite Pizzeria Style⢠and a jumbo, topping-plus pizza called Cheesy Plus Pizzeria Styleâ¢, that they tend to market in Malaysia.

Pizza Pan Australia will collaborate with local Malaysian importing brokers to allow the efficient distribution of its products to the neighborhood markets. The business strives to meet with the customer's expectation and satisfy customer's satisfaction with what the business has to offer. The business will offer two types of pizzas to the precise target markets predicated on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural segmentation.

The business needs to outrival and outclass its opponents, and stand out and glow in the Malaysian consumer market alongside its progressive way with the marketing plan. That is due to the fact that the business enterprise has no proven international consumer markets and customer awareness reaches its least.

2. 0 Marketing Goals for Pizza Pan

Marketing goals are goals the business marketing plan and activities the business intend to achieve.

The business blueprints the marketing to achieve the main seeks of the business which is to give you a wide range and variety of iced pizza to its international customers.

Pizza Pan desires the marketing effort to attain the satisfaction of the needs and would like of the customers, the differentiation of the business's products from its rivals by emphasizing the various variety of products that the business has to offer and produce a positive business image in the neighborhood Malaysian market.

General Objectives

SMART Objectives

To increase show of the


Market share is usually to be increased by

5% in the next 12 months.

To increase customer

awareness and build

existing markets

Over another three months, a promotional plan will be initiated to persuade

customers to buy products.

To create a new range of products which differ from competitors

New impressive and unique products will be launched during festive conditions to appeal to the diverse multicultural Malaysian contemporary society.

To gain a friendly public

image and increase

customer satisfaction

Maintaining the set specifications of quality of the food

produced and offering good customer support in

the form of after sales reviews and surveys to gain

a positive image of products sold in the first year

prior to get started on up. Plus, offering savings and offers

to customers to create a friendly and welcoming

introductory marriage.

To increase sales and income of the business

Cover start up costs and earn large turnover to balance accounts within a year prior to

establishment of the enlargement to Malaysia with

increased sales income.

3. 0 Marketing

Target markets consist of a set of buyers showing common needs and characteristics that the business decides to provide. Proper description of target marketplaces is essential to ensure that the products are dished up to the right consumer markets and enabling the business enterprise to attain its marketing aims efficiently and effectively. Therefore, Pizza Pan will classify the mass market into different sections to ensure that the business can identify the right segment to focus the circulation of its products to and develop a proper marketing mix to the right segment and achieve high consumer satisfaction. Also, market segmentation allows for the effective utilization of the firm's resources.

3. 1 Cheesy Lite Pizzeria Styleâ¢

Cheesy Lite is a single size pizza made wholly from healthy ingredients. It is created with low fat content mozzarella mozzarella cheese and wholemeal flour for the dough. A study was done to recognize the ideal target market for Pizza Skillet to market the product to, predicated on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation.

Geographic segmentation requires the department of the marketplace predicated on its geographical products. Pizza Skillet has made a decision to market its products in the major locations in Malaysia like the capital; Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. Based on the Department of Reports Malaysia, it is mentioned that the populace of people residing in major metropolitan areas are relatively higher in comparison with the suburban and rural regions of the states in Malaysia. After that, public transportation systems at major towns are far more convenient and accessible, such as Quick KL and Super fast Penang, which means people can travel in one destination to another easily. Thus, there's a higher tendency for Pizza Pan to reach its goal consumers. Additionally, the large quantity of shopping complexes, hypermarkets and convenient stores in the cities in accordance with rural regions of the state creates an opportunity for the business to advertise its pizzas.

The demographic characteristics of the target market were analyzed in order to assess how big is the prospective market and reach it effectively. Based on the research, it was revealed that individuals from cities are relatively higher income earners compared to folks from rural area. This implies that people residing in urbanized areas have a more substantial purchasing capacity to ingest the firm's products. Furthermore, the concentration of higher education institutions coupled with the higher levels of education of folks moving into the major locations also brings go up to the large numbers of students in these areas and a more educated variety of population. Therefore, the convenience of the single help, healthy Cheesy Lite pizza would entice these students as they try to juggle their piling workload. Moreover, people moving into the major locations are usually too busy with their work that they scarcely have time for you to spare for dinner preparations and shop at the supermarket on a regular basis for groceries. At the same time, this product is suited to working ladies who wants to keep fit and maintain a healthy living.

Psychographic segmentation consists of dividing market into different categories based on interpersonal class, lifestyle or personality characteristics. The product is segmented to the center and upper middle income entities. The price tag on the Cheesy-Lite at RM9. 95 would be regarded reasonable by the target market. The product will also appeal to those people who lead energetic lifestyles. For instance, sports athletes such as gymnasts have a frequent need to keep up their small body framework due to the nature of the sport and this product goes together with with that need as it is healthy and lower in fat content allowing them to take pleasure from the wholemeal pizza guilt-free.

Other than that, behavioral segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups predicated on consumer knowledge, frame of mind, use or response to something. Pizza Skillet can concentrate on the benefits desired with the intake of Cheesy Lite as customers have the ability to devour a seemingly 'sinful' food guilt-free with the great things about its healthy materials. Further, the Cheesy Lite pizza which is ready for use within minutes would be an excellent midday snack or a night time supper.

As a result of the aforementioned, Pizza Skillet will take up a concentrated online marketing strategy which is a market-coverage strategy when a firm will go after a huge share of 1 or a few segments or niche categories. Therefore, the company will place emphasis on marketing the Cheesy Lite pizza to the metropolitan inhabitants including working females, students, and sportsmen. This form of concentrate on online marketing strategy will permit Pizza Skillet to reinforce its position in the local market as the company will focus its attention on satisfying the necessity of the market.

3. 2 Cheesy Plus Pizzeria Styleâ¢

Cheesy Plus Pizzeria Style pizza is a iced jumbo pizza made out of extra topping. The pizza is topped with extra mozzarella cheese and further pepperoni only from Australia's finest dairy and meats farms. Market segmentation approach is also put on this product to ensure that the right target markets are determined and come to.

As mentioned previously, geographic segmentation is based on location. With a higher population of individuals living in urban areas, the business will focus on offering its Cheesy Lite pizza to these areas, including Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. Further, the attention of hypermarkets and supermarkets in these areas will reduce the syndication of the products to its consumers. Because so many business office buildings are headquartered in these major places, working parents are also a key marketplace. Working parents usually spend their work hours cooped up in their cubicles handling office concerns that they tend to not have enough time to prepare meal for their family. Resultant of this, the Cheesy Lite pizza would suit these working parents as they provides a meal for his or her family with ease within ten to twenty minutes and never have to go through the hassle of long food arrangements.

Conversely, demographic segmentation is dependant on measurable statistics. The recent style of two to three children per family would seem to be appealing to parents as they may easily provide a meal for their whole family with just one single Cheesy Plus pizza. The jumbo size of the pizza would also appeal to teenagers and young men adults. The male gender and the younger generation have a tendency to be less particular about their food intake and enjoy wholesome foods like pizzas with extra topping which makes the Cheesy Plus pizza an outstanding choice for them.

Furthermore, psychographic segmentation is based on lifestyle choices, personality and sociable school. The Cheesy Plus pizza would tempt both active and passive personality individuals. Passive personalities among bookworms, family-orientated people would be drawn to the capability of the arrangements of the pizza, as the pizza is ready after warming it up in oven, and they can enjoy their pizzeria style food in the comforts of their own home. People who have productive personalities would also be drawn to the simple setting up the pizza as they would have the ability to save time and also be able to multitask by doing other chores while waiting for the pizza to make in the range.

Besides that, behavioural segmentation is also taken into consideration when determining the mark marketplaces. Behavioural segmentation is dependant on variables such as events, consumption rate, readiness level and benefits wanted. The Cheesy Plus pizza is a jumbo measured pizza rendering it ideal to be dished up at house celebrations, such as birthdays, and class reunions. Further, with the extra topping, the pizza would charm to consumers as they would be profiting from the purchase of the product, 'getting quality and amount for money'.

Resultant of the above mentioned segmentation strategies, the business will also choose a concentrated marketing way in trying the Cheesy Plus pizza to its target market. The prospective market of this product consists of the male gender, the passive and energetic personalities and career-driven people. With this focused online marketing strategy, Pizza Pan would be able to concentrate its attention on identifying and gratifying the consumer's needs and needs proficiently and effectively permitting them to achieve their marketing goals.

4. 0 Marketing Blend for Cheesy Lite Pizzeria Styleâ¢

4. 1 Product

Products are goods or service wanted to the market that might satisfy consumer's desires or needs. In the current society, people tend to lead hectic lifestyles yet they still make an effort to maintain a wholesome well being. For example, women want to keep their nice, curvy body figure while they want men, their significant other, to adopt a wholesome living. Hence, they are aware and careful of their daily diet as they make an effort to eat healthily to maintain their health levels. In concern to this, Pizza Pan has released its brand new Cheesy Lite which suits the need of all degrees of people.

The special features of this pizza are that it is made with wholemeal flour, less salt and with organic, healthy substances. Our pizzas start with crusts created from only the best possible ingredients. Each one is then topped off with combinations of the freshest organic and natural vegetables and meats, flavourful parmesan cheese and scrumptious spices. The effect is just famous. An excursion in pizza making - Cheesy Lite Pizzeria Style⢠Thin Crust pizza starts with the perfect balance of clean and tenderness in a crust that bakes to efficiency in the range. All you have to to do is said into the range and bake it with 220 level Celsius for five minutes. Isn't it easy and convenient?

The product packaging of the merchandise is essential to see the consumers about the utilization of the product, promote the merchandise and differentiate it from the rivals as well concerning protect the merchandise during transportation, although it rests on the shelf and during use by the buyer. The business enterprise will have a unique, attractive presentation which is green which emphasises the special top features of the Cheesy Lite pizza. The boxes and packaging material used to cover the product will be biodegradable and recyclable and for that reason will not cause injury and pollute the surroundings.

This frozen pizza is of superior quality. It possesses the similar quality and likes alike the real Italian wood-fired pizzas served in Italian restaurants. Although Pizza Skillet is an Australian company, the pizzas that are distributed and bought from Malaysia has been prepared in a way prescribed by Islamic regulation and therefore, is professional 'Halal'.

4. 2 Pricing

Price is the only real factor in marketing combination that generates income. After that, price is also the exchange value of a good or service in market. Therefore, rates strategies are important to businesses as price will determine the quantity of sales and profit per device sold. The price of the product is determined by the expense of the business as though the price is too high or too low, the consumers will spend their money on other goods or other services or the business can go bankrupt anticipated to insufficient sales revenue. How much the customers are prepared to pay and what they perceive as 'good value' needs to be taken into consideration when determining the price tag on the products.

The main pricing approach of Pizza Skillet is the cost-based pricing method. The business enterprise will put into action the "cost-plus costing" that involves adding a typical mark-up which is realistic to the expense of the merchandise. Therefore, the business enterprise will be able to continue its procedures with awareness to its costs and can then be able to avoid a negative cash flow. On the other hand, the business enterprise will also perform penetration costs for the first couple of months through the introductory stages in Malaysia. By setting an artificially good deal for Cheesy-Lite, it is able to "penetrate" the marketplace quickly and deeply. This will in turn attract substantial amount of potential buyers and therefore Pizza Skillet is again in a position to increase the price of its Cheesy Lite frozen pizza.

In addition, price-adjustment strategies will be employed by Pizza Pan. The business enterprise will also use subconscious pricing that involves charges products at "odd prices" for occasion instead of rates Cheesy-Lite for RM10, the company will price it at RM9. 99 which some customers view it as relatively cheaper.

4. 3 Place

Place is also known as distribution, route or intermediary. It's the mechanism through which goods are migrated from the manufacturer to the consumer. A route of distribution includes a set of companies which perform all activities utilized to move a products and its own title from production to consumption. Distribution channel allows the product to reach its marketplace easily and efficiently.

Pizza Pan has chosen to send out its goods through indirect syndication, a channel which contain a number of intermediary levels. The pizzas will be allocated to the mark market through vendors and its agent Lucky Frozen Food Sdn. Bhd. Lucky Frozen Food is one of the main element players in the iced food service industry in Malaysia which is focused on supplying a variety of brought in chilled and iced products to the local market.

Pizza Pan has selected suppliers as its marketing channel because of the fact that stores have a stronger personal marriage with the consumer. Thus, it might be easier for suppliers to market Pizza Pan's pizza to its consumer. Besides that, vendors often have a strong 'brand' themselves which means customers trust the retailers' goods.

Agents are mainly utilized in the international market segments. That is the key reason Pizza Skillet, an Aussie company has decided to market its pizza in Malaysia through agents. Moreover, agencies do not take name of the goods meaning capital is not tied up in goods. This process is employed as the pizza needs to get into market soon. Nevertheless, marketing the pizza through agents can be very costly and difficult to keep control.

4. 4 Promotion

Promotion is designed to inform the marketplace about the product, how good it is and where they can buy it. It is also designed to persuade the clients to try the merchandise or encourage purchasing more of an existing product. Pizza Pan's image has not been set up as the brand is completely new in Malaysia. Therefore, the business enterprise will have to rely on promotional strategies to increase market talk about through brand awareness as well as build more powerful reputations than their opponents.

In conjunction with Pizza Skillet marketing goals to create a positive business image in the neighborhood Malaysian market, the business will use public relations as a promotional strategy. Public relations will be the use of publicity and other non-paid form of advertising to determine a positive image within the mass market like the business's target markets. The business enterprise will maintain an opening service to draw the introduction of their activities. This event will appeal to the members of the press to cover the function and write an assessment of the Pizza Pan's goods. Furthermore, 25% of the proceeds of the opening night's profits will be donated to the Orphanages and the Old Individuals Homes. In this manner, the business will be able to donate to the modern culture as well as create a positive image in the eye of its prospects.

Moreover, Pizza Pan will advertise its product in the papers and magazines. The business will start advertising in a huge level through local paper listings, The Legend, to enable the business to attain out to its marketplace widely. Then the business will continue its advertising initiatives for another six months in popular newspapers such as, Nona and baking mags such as, Rasa. As advertising is the most effective form of communicating, the business enterprise can obtain coverage from a large number of individuals in various geographical areas. Therefore, customer knowing of the business will increase as advertising includes a wide region.

5. 0 Conclusion

Pizza Pan will carry out its marketing plan with full pressure to determine itself in the buyer market. The business enterprise instigates its marketing plan in consideration to achieving the main aims of the business enterprise which is to provide unique and top quality pizzas to its customers. The business enterprise also aims to get a great market show and a positive image in the eye of the consumers. The business places full concern in the need and the desires of the customers. The business attracts the market area of interest to supply the best in quality in them.

Pizza Skillet implements various marketing strategies to achieve its main goals. The business enterprise uses green packaging, psychological prices, cost-based charges, advertising and indirect circulation technique to name a few.

The marketing plan will be constantly monitored and altered as time goes on as the business enterprise environment constantly changes. The success of the business enterprise relies on the potency of the marketing ideas. The marketing effort will be effectively managed to ensure the business's triumph is glorious.

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