Marketing In Action Circumstance Carrefour Consumer Action Marketing Essay

Carrefour, a firm located in France, is an integral player in the retail circulation. It is the largest hypermarket chain as well as the second largest revenue generating retail store on the globe after Wal-Mart. Carrefour's hypermarkets provide a range of food and non-food products. Carrefour has over 15000 stores functioning in 33 countries worldwide.

Back in 2008, the financial meltdown occurred and the access to credit and lending options was limited. Consumers became price delicate. Under a tight budget, Consumers spent less on expensive items which offered better brand name. Instead, they located a greater emphasis on items which were cheaper in price.

This was a perfect time for a discount string like Carrefour to exploit this consumer action. Carrefour learned from several recessions in the past that consumers were ready to switch brands to be able to pursuit new brands that offered the same quality and value. Thereby, Carrefour made a decision to offer the best deals in order to entice the most price seeking consumers.

Carrefour's consumers range from lower to top middleclass people. These folks consist of young singles, young maried people with or without children, one parents with children, unemployed people, middle-aged couples with children, and more mature married couples.

Carrefour compiled a repository on the customers who've memberships. The regular membership form would require the shopper's email/home address and a voluntary section that list shopper's particular date of birth. The database could sort out users by their age and the products they purchased. It also shows the recurrent and non repeated shoppers.

Customers who buy nondurable goods such as clothing, personal care products, and entertainment tend to be young singles. Customers who buy gift idea items and do-it-yourself items such as furniture, housewares tend to be young hitched couples/middle-aged married couples/middle-aged maried people with children. Even in downturn, these groups still buy durable items beyond items of their necessity. Alternatively, customers who only buy requirements such as food, diapers, wc paper tend to be one parents with children. Customers who buy mostly prescription medications, food, supplement pills tend to be old maried people. With the help of its repository, it could aim for its consumer group directly.

Carrefour delivered discounts, via e-mail, of relatively expensive what to their affluent groupings such as young singles, young married couples without/with children, middle-aged lovers with children. These groups generally have a huge discretionary income. Carrefour delivered discounts, via email, of necessity items such as food, diapers less affluent communities such as solitary parents with children and aged maried people. These categories usually can't find the money for big-ticket items and have less discretionary income. Carrefour offered each consumer group great promotions through e-mails.

Lastly, Carrefour realizes that we now have going to be a great deal of unemployed people because of the recession. Carrefour offered great deals for movie Dvd videos and liquor, which are incredibly popular throughout a recession as unemployed personnel want entertainment and get away from from fact. They advertise this through traditional advertising channels such as Tv set and Newspaper.

New Initiatives considered by Carrefour:

As individuals are happy to compare prices through different stations to find the best deal, Carrefour just lately began to market in sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and weblogs to fully capture these consumers. Advertising through these websites allows the business to reach a broad global audience. In addition, it is cheaper than the traditional methods of advertising. Most teenagers spend more time online observing videos than ever before. Consequently, Carrefour started publishing its commercial on Youtube. Another new form of marketing Carrefour has been interesting is corporate public responsibility. There is an ever-increasing market of consumers who choose to look in a store that is ethically in charge. In the winter of 2008, Carrefour donated 35, 000 to help people influenced by a flood in Colombia the harsh conditions. Carrefour made its positive action people through press releases and has received good reviews from its stakeholders. Finally in '09 2009, Carrefour started a "Positive is back again" Plan to help lighten the ambiance of people afflicted by the tough economy. Carrefour redecorated its city stores location to make life easier for its customers. The inside color system of the store along using its soothing background music and mood lighting produce a peaceful shopping oasis in the middle of a city. This helps consumers enjoy their shopping experience and bring optimism to their lives. Because of this, Carrefour was offered the Golden Banner Award in '09 2009 for its urban convenience concept. The techniques employed by Carrefour have been extremely effective. Carrefour performed well even in times of tough economy. It has made a profit some other retails companies reported a loss in 2008-2009. Carrefour owes its success to its understanding of its customers and its own ability to market to its concentrate on categories effectively.

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