Marketing Management And Analysis Of Sony

This assignment in brief is concerned about marketing management. It covers in information regarding the concepts and principles of marketing, SWOT and PEST analysis of the Sony Company. The primary reasons for selecting Sony Corporation as a research study were following:

Sony being truly a multinational company has a universal presence

Diverse selection of products

MNC with a financial strength to explore and implement all areas of the Marketing Mix including top quality spending on Promotions.

In this assignment the following points are going to be discussed:

Overview of Sony and its own products.

Target Market and Segmentation

Find out if the marketing mix employed by organization is satisfactory.


Marketing Mix is a significant concept in modern marketing and involves practically everything a marketing company can use to influence consumer perception favorably towards its product or services so that consumer and organizational objectives are attained, i. e. marketing mix is a model of crafting and implementing online marketing strategy.

In this assignment, we will discuss the major marketing mix variables that happen to be:



Place (Distribution)



Throughout the assignment we will want to use our mention of Sony Corporation. We will make reference to this company concerning how it offers diversified its market products, the price range, places for distribution, packaging and the promotional strategies they have got used to promote their products.

We will also try to discover if the current marketing mixes used by the Sony corporation are satisfactory or not.

In the conclusion we will analyze the marketing mix, its successes and failures.

Sony Corporation the beginning

Sony Corporation is a multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and one of the world's greatest media conglomerate with earnings of US$88. 7 billion (as of 2008) located in Minato, Tokyo. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, gaming consoles and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its name comes from Sonus, the Greek goddess of sound.

Multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Mintao (Japan);

One of leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communications, gaming consoles and information technology products for the buyer and professional markets

Sony is probably the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders;

The company's slogan is Sony. Like no other;

Sony is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group which is engaged running a business through its five operating segments, these make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies on the globe;

Sony's principal business operations include:

Sony Corporation,

Sony Pictures Entertainment,

Sony Computer Entertainment,

Sony BMG Music Entertainment,

Sonny Ericsson,

Sony Financial Holdings.

In 1945, after World War II, Masaru Ibuka started a radio repair shop in Tokyo. Another year, he was joined by his colleague Akio Morita plus they found a company which translates in English to Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The business built Japan's first tape recorder called the Type-G. In the first 1960s, Ibuka traveled in america and heard about Bell Labs' invention of the transistor. He convinced Bell to license the transistor technology to his Japanese company. In August 1955, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering released the Sony TR-55, Japan's first commercially produced transistor radio.

In May 1956, the business released the TR- 6, which featured an progressive slim design and sound quality with the capacity of rivaling lightweight tube radios. It had been for the TR-6 that Sony first contracted "Atchan", a cartoon character created by Fuyuhiko Okabe, to be its advertising character. Now known as "Sony Boy", the type first appeared in a cartoon which is holding a TR- 6 to his ear.

In 1957, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering came out with the TR-63 model, the smallest (112 - 71 - 32 mm) transistor radio in commercial production. It was a worldwide commercial success.

The name "Sony" was chosen for the brand as a variety of two words. One was the Latin word Sonus which is the root of "sonic" and "sound" and the other was "sonny", a familiar term found in 1950s America to call a boy. Morita pushed for a word that will not exist in any language in order that they could claim the term "Sony" as their own.

At the time of the change, it was extremely unusual for a Japanese company to utilize Roman letters instead of kanji to spell its name.

Sony Corporation

Mission & Vision

Mission - Sony is working to create value for our stake holders, and improve the standard of living for another generation through our innovations.

Vision - we must seek new approaches to transform our ability to attain both profitable and sustainable growth.

Sony Corporation is the electronics business unit and the parent company of the Sony Group, which is engaged running a business through its five operating segments-electronics, games, entertainment (motion pictures and music), financial services and other. These make Sony one of the very most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony's principal business functions include Sony Corporation (Sony Electronics in the U. S. ), Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Sony Ericsson and Sony Financial Holdings. As a semiconductor maker, Sony is probably the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders.

Sony Products

The first market mix element is Product. Something is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that may meet a need or want.

Product decision is normally based on BRAND, Functionality, Styling, Quality, Safety, Packaging, Repairs and Support, Warranty, accessories and Services. These product attributes can be manipulated depending on what the prospective market wants. Also, customers always look for new and improved things, which explains why marketers should improve existing products, develop new ones, and discontinue old ones that are no longer needed or wanted by the customer.

Sony has a variety of products which range from gadgets, games and entertainment. So, briefly Sony products can be categorized in the next major product categories:

Television and Projectors

Home video

Home Audio

Home Theatre system

Digital Photography

Hand cam video camera

Computer Peripheral

Portable Audio


In-Car entertainment

Mobile phones

Storage and Recording media

Batteries and Charger

Other Accessories

A. Television and Projectors

In the category of television and projector, Sony has further subdivided its products in several models, style and performance. On this category we've other sub categories and designs that happen to be:

Bravia LCD TV


Home Theatre Projector

Business Projector

Public Display Panel

As it can be seen above, Sony has tried to cover many areas where in fact the need of displaying devices is of great need. For instance here we can easily see that Sony has tried to fulfill the demand of displaying devices from the home tv set sets, Office projectors and Public display panels to protect different needs and the size of the people looking for those displaying devices.

B. Home Video

In this category, Sony has tried to bring in new format so as to dominate the marketplace, including the emerging data storage format called Blue- ray has been launched combined with the devices which is often used to perform such a latest storage technology. In these categories, Sony has included home video systems and accessories which can permit an individual to record various favorite TV programs.

These products include:

Blue-ray disc player

DVD player

DVD portable player

C. Home Audio

Depending on the client needs, utilization and budgets, Sony has provided several home products which range from small packages to big sound systems. They boast on their Hi-Fi which delivers rich music, made richer with preset equalizer settings. Among other features which Sony boast to provide are like, multiple disc changers which for putting many discs at a chance. Also, some even house additional features including the ability to handle multiple formats, track programming and repeat and random play.

The home audio products categorized by Sony are:

Hi-Fi Systems

Home music accessories. E. g. Digital media port

D. Home Theatre System

Sony has tried to combine the latest video and sound technologies. Sony is rolling out a series of Home Theatre Systems that provides customers with an enhanced home theatre experience, e. g. Surround sound environment and dedicated music input allowing you to connect portable digital music players.

In this category, Sony has categorized the products as:

DVD Home Theatre System

Home Theatre Component System

Home Theatre System Accessories

E. Digital Photography

In terms of portrait digital photography, Sony has produced a variety of imaging devices depending on the users and their professions. For example for a casual user or girls there are slim cameras that can be easy to carry or placed on the purse. For real photograph enthusiast and professionals there are definitely more advanced cameras with advanced functions like dslr camera. As well as have produced photo printers and frames.

The sub-categories in portrait digital photography which Sony offers include:

Digital SLR

Cybershot Digital Camera

Digital Photo Printer

Digital Photo Frame

F. Handy Cam Video Camera

Sony has produced a variety of video camera for home and office use. A variety of these useful cam video camera are simple to use as from producing family video, documentary filming and developing feature films.

The subcategories of the handy cam camcorders produced by Sony are the following:

Handycam high definition video Camera

Handycam Standard Definition Video Camera

Handycam Accessories

Digital Photo Printer

Digital Photo Frame

G. Computer and Peripherals

Combining form, function and the latest in technology, Sony offers a selection of IT and computing devices. In case there is the computer devices Sony has produced a variety of laptops with different prices and performance to meet the demands of the users like home users, students and businessmen.

The sub-categories of these are:

VAIO laptops and computers

VAIO accessories

Business Projectors

Memory Stick

H. Portable Audio

Sony has produced a lot of varied varieties of lightweight audio whose main target will be the youth of the new generation.

The sub-categories of these portable audio produced by Sony are:

Walkman mp3 series

CD Walkman series

CD/Radio/Cassette player


Voice recorder

Audio Accessories

I. Games

Sony offers games of most genres to complement customers gaming preference. Also, Sony has produced Powerful consoles that happen to be accompanied with compelling games.

The games made by Sony include:

Playstation 3

Playstation 2

PSP (Playstation Portable)

J. Mobile Phones

With Sony Ericsson, Sony has produced a number of mobile phones for different people, lifestyle, usage, budget and profession. Also a series of mobile phone accessories have been produced by Sony so that customer can liven up their mobile phone's appearance, prevent them from damage, or improve their usage.

Among the subcategories are:


Phone Accessories

K. In-Car Entertainment

Different in-car entertainment products have been made by Sony. Apart from the normal car radio and CD changer devices, Sony has produced more entertaining devices to view different media like video and television.

Among the products subcategorized in this category are the following:

Xplod CD Receiver

Xplod in Car Visual

Xplod Cassette Receiver

Xplod Amplifier

Xplod Speaker/Subwoofer

L. Storage and Recording Media

Sony has developed a variety of reliable storage and recording media that customers can depend on for recording, transferring or storing their information. These products range from those devices which is often used to store small amount of data for transfer and the ones media to store a sizable amount of data permanently.

The sub- categories of these products include:

Memory Stick

USB storage media

Data storage media

Video Storage media

Audio media

Storage media

Professional media

M. Battery and Charger

Sony has a range of batteries that are long-lasting and provide maximum power for optimum performance, ensuring the customer won't be left hanging through the most important time.

Sample List of Products

So even as we can easily see, Sony has a broad range of digital products it offers to its customer. In this particular assignment, we will want to go in information regarding Laptops products proposed by Sony.

In case of laptops, Sony has a number of laptops it includes to its customers. These laptops include different features, quality, designs, models and sizes.

The laptops sold by Sony come with brand of Sony VAIO. In such a there will vary models which differ in various things as mentioned above. Sony produces seven types of laptops. These are VAIO SR, VAIO FW, VAIO tokage, VAIO CR, VAIO NR, VAIO TZ and VAIO SZ.


This is a masterpiece of unique architecture using its two distinctive features - the cylindrical display hinge that adds a sleek silver accent complemented with isolated keyboard using its trim clean lines and full-pitch keys. Its outstanding mobility is complemented by the new "switch" function- a none-touch solution. The excellence in mobility assures great performance in any scenario of business or pleasure with its leading edge Intel core 2 duo processor technology combined with latest ATI Mobility Radion graphics Accelerator. In style it includes color variants, like Black, Silver & Pink.

Its slogan is "Excellence in Mobility, Perfect in performance".


The main features that model of laptop includes it is its real wide screen of 16. 4(41. 6 cm) screen on which one can visit a magnificent output of blue ray discs and other high definition sources. It boasts of giving cinematic experience.

Other performances is the fact that it offers clear bright LCD (rich color) that provides extremely accurate color reproduction.

In style, Sony VAIO FW has a definite cylindrical design and isolated keyboard donate to the entire reliability of the unit and stylish, signature look. In performance also, Sony VAIO FW maximizes audiovisual enjoyment using its Dolby Sound Room the visual pleasure is enhanced by bright and high contrast image production, low reflection angle. Its powerful Intel core 2 duo processor P8400 (2. 26 GHz) plays a part in the smooth delivery of total home theatre experience".

Its slogan is "Theatrical Experience, World-class Performance"


These laptops includes different six enigmatic colors, they are Indigo, Blue, Beauty Pink, Blazing Red, Pure White, Premium Gold.

VAIO tokage which is under VAIO CR model has a new tactile texture for the extravagantly sophisticated. Tokage comes in 3 color variants; they are Chick Brown, Pink and Silver. It is also filled with advanced and simple to operate technologies like powerful Intel core 2 duo processor T8100(2. 1 GHz), 1. 3 mega pixel built-in motion eye camera & microphone and a plenty of multimedia features.

Other features include its luminous trim and glowing LED enhance the superior design of the notebook.

Its slogan is "New Texture".


In performance VAIO NR comes with Intel Core 2 Duo technology with mobile Intel GM965 Express Chipset which simplifies all sorts of home computing and AV requirements. It also comes loaded with Windows Vista Business for more intuitive operations.

In style, VAIO NR38 has the royal touch using its enigmatic Dark blue color, while VAIO NR37 displays smooth design and chic Silver granite color.

Other features are that it comes with 15. 4(39. 1 cm) wide clear LCD lite for sharp color definition. Also it has in-built wireless capability, and four easy to get at USB ports for increased connectivity options along with new speech recognition capability.

Its slogan is: "Cool & Unmatched Performance".


Its major feature is its impressive built-in 48GB Flash Memory. This compact storage works at a monster speed making operation 6 times faster than an HDD. Flash memory also means lower power consumption and increased mobility.

Its sleek contour involves premium carbon fiber in tune with the glossy black piano finish. In style, it comes with three different colors, which can be Onyx Black, Ruby Red and Platinum Pearl. In performance it is the ultimate all in one mobile PC offering ultra light portability in a sleek and superior carbon fiber construction. Versatility for business and entertainment comes in array of features form Intel centrino processor technology advanced architecture and new Window Vista Business Operating System built in wireless communication. The bright vivid 11. 1(28. 2 cm) LCD TPM technology provides added security to the notebook.

Its slogan is: "Elite Lifestyle, TOP QUALITY Performance".


In feature, it comes with the latest Hybrid Hard drive, and a complete - size keyboard. In addition, it has Motion Eye camera and Bluetooth compatible headset. In addition VAIO HDD protection with integrated 3D acceleration sensor prevents important data loss.

Sony Promotion

Promotion is a key component of marketing program and is concerned with effectively and proficiently communicating the decisions of marketing strategy, to favorably influence target customers' perceptions to facilitate exchange between the marketer and the customer that may satisfy the aim of both customer and the business.

A company's promotional efforts are the only controllable methods to create awareness among publics about itself, the products and services it includes, their features and influence their attitudes favorably.

Sony has advertised its products through many different ways in media. Through TV we've seen different advertisements of its products such as Bravia Television or Sony Wega TV. Sony also advertises its products by targeting those favorable tv programs, like sports, series and also it has its own channel called Sony channel TV. Sony uses some events to promote its products as well.

Also, Sony has advertised Playstation through English Premiere League. Through newspapers like Times, Sony has advertised a variety of products it offers to its customers. And in addition through posters a note has been delivered to lot of people to be aware of the merchandise which Sony offers.

Sony Marketing Mix

Sony spends millions each financial year on advertising and promotion (Promotional Budget) of the whole range of gadgets.

The major elements of promotion mix include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity. Sony Corporation has used all of these marketing communication mix elements.


Advertising is any paid form of non-personal mass communication through various media to provide and promote product, services and ideas etc. by an recognized sponsor.

So far, Sony has advertised its products through many different ways and media. Through TV we have seen different advertisements of its products such as Bravia televisions or Sony Wega TV. Sony uses some events like Miss India 2008 to promote its products.

Also, Sony has advertised its games like Playstation 3 3, Playstation 2 and PSP using sports like football in England premiere league.

Through newspapers like Gulf News & Khaleej Times, Sony has advertised a variety of products it provides to its customers. And in addition through posters a note has been delivered to a lot of individuals to understand the products which Sony offers.

Sony also uses direct - response advertising. This is kind of advertising that encourages the consumer to respond either by giving feedback to the advertiser or positioning the order with the advertiser either by telephone, mail or the internet. Such advertising is performed through direct mail or catalogues.

Sony incorporates co-operative advertising in its advertising process. Sony Corporation provides the dealers (e. g. Sony World) with the materials and guidelines to develop advertising for print, television set or radio commercials. This ensures that message is consistent with, what the manufacture wants to communicate. The business and the dealers usually share the media costs and therefore, the name 'co-operative advertising'.

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a marketing discipline that utilizes a number of incentives techniques to structure sales - related programs geared to customers, trade, and/or sales levels that generate a particular, measurable action or response for a product or service.

Sales promotions for example includes free samples, discount, rebates, coupons, contents and sweepstakes, premiums, scratch cards, exchange offers, early bird prizes, etc.

Sony has promoted its products through different sales promotional strategies. For instance after the release of the Sony BRAVIA television sets, Sony promoted them by early bird prizes by saying that BRAVIA full HD LCD TVs purchased during July 2008 and registered within two weeks of purchase qualify for a Bonus Playstation 3 3 so long as the customer claims is main 35, 000 received and validated by Sony.

Also Sony has promoted its Sony Ericsson P1i phones by including scratch cards gives the client the offer to download 10 free software applications for that cellular phone.

Sony Ericsson has also promoted its Sony Ericsson K550i Mid-Range Cyber-shot Phone that if you get it you get a free of charge Bluetooth headset with one year manufacturer's warranty.

Public Relations and Publicity

Public relations is a broad set of communication activities employed to build and maintain favourable relationship with employees, shareholders, suppliers, media, educators, potential investors, financial institutions, government agencies and officials and society in general.

Through its website, Sony Corporation has provided contacts for those customers who will be in need of any information from the company. In this manner Sony can create a mutual relationship using its customers and ensure that this serves the wishes and demands of its customers.

Unpleasant situations arising consequently of negative events may precipitate unfavorable public reactions for an organization. To minimize the negative effect of such situations leading to unfavorable coverage, the business has policies and procedures in destination to manage help such public relation problems.

For example, Sony released an ad depicting a man smiling on the camera and wearing on his head a crown of thorns with button symbols (‹, O, X, -). In the bottom, the copy read as "A DECADE of Passion". This supposedly took benefit of the publicity from the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ. The advertisement outraged the Vatican as well as many local Catholics, prompting comments such as "Sony went too far" and "Vatican ex-communicates Sony". Following the incident, the campaign was quickly discontinued.

Another example is the fact that, In July 2006, Sony released a Dutch marketing campaign having a white model dressed totally in white and a black model garbed in black. The first ad featured the white model clutching the face of the black model. What "White is coming" headlined one of the ads. The ad has been considered racist by critics. A Sony spokesperson responded that the ad does not have a racist message, saying that it was only seeking to depict the contrast between your black PSP model and the new ceramic white PSP. Other pictures of the ad campaign include the black model overpowering the white model. So it is the duty of the public relation department of Sony to resolve such issues as mentioned above in order to ensure which it maintains a good public relation with the general public.

SONY Place (Distribution)

Decisions with respect to distribution channel concentrate on making the product available in enough quantities at places where customers are normally expected to shop for them to meet their needs. Depending on the nature of the merchandise, marketing management decides to place into place an exclusive, selective or intensive network of distribution, while selecting the correct dealers or wholesalers.

Sony being the company which positions itself as a seller of durable and high-end products, it is practicing selective distribution of its products from the selective dealers i. e. SONY World. Aside from this there are grey-markets in the UAE and other countries where a practice of intensive market coverage is practiced, and the merchandise in these types of markets normally do not posses all the features and benefits which Sony offers e. g. warrantee and guarantee.

Sony being the company which positions itself as a seller of durable and high-end products, it is practicing selective distribution of its products from the selective dealers i. e. Sony World. Apart from this these are grey-markets in which a practice of intensive market coverage is practiced, and the products in these types of market normally do not posses all the features and benefits which Sony offers e. g. guarantee and guarantee.

Through the web, Sony has helped its customers to get the nearest retailer shop where we can purchase the Sony products. All you have to do is to enter their website and specify the product and the location.

Sony distributes its products in a variety of channels. It uses Zero-level channel, one level channel and two-level channel. In the UAE, Sony has used the method of one-level distribution channel. Which means that, customer buys their Sony product from the retailers recognized by Sony, and these retailers choose the products directly from the company itself.

Through the internet, Sony has helped its customers to find the nearest retail shop where they can purchase the Sony products. All you need to do is to go to their website e. g. www. sony-mea. com and specify the product and just pop in to the nearest Sony retail showrooms. A few of them are the following:



Store Locations











Sony Price

Pricing decisions are almost always manufactured in consultation with marketing management. Price is really the only marketing mix variable that may be altered quickly. Price variables such as dealer price, retail price, discounts, allowances, credit terms etc. influence the development of marketing strategy, as price is a significant factor that influences the assessment of value obtained by customers.

Customers directly relate price to quality, particularly in case of products that are ego intensive or technology based. Sony being a company which emphasizes product quality tends to sell its products with price range from moderately-high to high-prices, with regards to the use and the targeted customers.


Playstation Portable (also known as PSP) Price: AED 749

Playstation 2 Price: AED 439

Playstation 3 - 80GB Price: AED 1849

Z450 - 45 inch LCD TV Price: AED 7999

DCRDVD810 Compact movie camcorder with DVD Price: AED 1699

Sony Procurement

Sony's procurement activities derive from two main principles. You are meeting the expectations of Sony customers worldwide. Customers expect Sony products and services to provide a higher level of value. They also expect Sony to be a good corporate citizen through its operations. Sony's procurement activities are no exception in meeting these expectations.

The other is relationships with suppliers. Sony procures parts and materials for its products from numerous suppliers worldwide. Sony's worldwide procurement activities require smooth relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and cooperation. Sony therefore places importance on creating such relationships with suppliers. Sony believes that both Sony and its own suppliers have to be good partners to be able to provide highly appealing products that gratify customers, and also to be good corporate citizens through such activities as green procurement.

Manufacturing Base

Slightly more than 50% of the electronics' segment's total twelve-monthly production during the fiscal year 2005 occurred in Japan, like the production of digital cameras, video cameras, flat panel televisions, computers, semiconductors and components such as batteries and Memory Stick. Approximately 65% of the annual production in Japan was destined for other regions.

Asia, excluding Japan and China, accounted for slightly more than 10% of total twelve-monthly production with approximately 60% destined for Japan, the US and the EU. The Americas and Europe together accounted for the rest of the slightly significantly less than 25% of total gross annual production, almost all of that was destined for local distribution and sale.

Global Slowdown affects retail market not only in U. S. but in worldwide as of this year global giant in electronic and entertainment products Sony Corp suffered its first annual loss in 14 years and could be grimmer in upcoming years too.

Affiliated Companies (Japan)

Sony Bank Inc.

Sony Broadband Solutions Corporation

Sony Broadcast Media Co. , Ltd

Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. ,

Sony Digital Network Applications Inc.

Sony Disc & Digital Solutions Inc.

Sony EMCS Corporation.

Sonny Assurance

Sony Manufacturing Systems Corporation

Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

Sony Music Communications Inc.

Sony Music Distribution (Japan) Inc.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Sony Energy Device Corporation.

Sony Engineering Corporation

Sony Enterprise Co. , Ltd.

Sony Facility Management Corporation

Sony Finance International, Inc.

Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.

Sony Global Solutions Inc.

Sony Human Capital Corporation.

Sony Institute of ADVANCED SCHOOLING Shohoku College

Sony Life Insurance Co. , Ltd.

Sony LSI Design Inc.

Affiliated Companies (Outside Japan)

Sony Americas Holding, Inc

Sony Australia Ltd.

Sony Benelux B. V.

Sony Berlin G. m. b. H.


Sony BMG Music Entertainment


Sony Brasil Ltda.

Sony Broadband Entertainment Inc.

Sony Capital Corporation

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited.

Sony de Mexico S. A. de C. V.

Sony Deutschland G. m. b. H.

Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co. , Ltd.

Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Sony Electronics Inc.

Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sony Korea Corporation

Sony Latin America Inc.

Sony Magnetic Products Inc. of America

Sony Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.

Sony (China) Limited

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Ltd.

Sony Corporation of Panama, S. A.

Sony-FIFA Partnership

Sony has signed a worldwide partnership program contract with FIFA, which makes it a FIFA partner. Through the eight-year period of the contract ( 2007-2014), Sony will exercise a wide selection of rights in the "Digital Life" category - which covers an array of businesses, from electronics to entertainment - at the FIFA World Cup this year 2010 (South Africa) and in 2014 (Brazil), as well as more than 50 other FIFA competitions.

Sony recognizes that it is increasingly important to improve the organization value of the Sony Group. Accordingly, Sony is strengthening its technologies and product appeal, enabling it to provide competitive products as well as conducting effective marketing activities that enhance brand affinity and customer trust.

Facts and Figures

Sony's current marketing mix

In our opinion, the existing marketing mix, Sony Corporation has is satisfactory to customer needs. As it can be clearly seen that Sony as a business has expanded its products and services from electronic and digital devices to television set broadcasting (i. e. Sony home entertainment) and entertainments like music (i. e. Sony BMG music entertainment) and movie production and distribution (i. e. Sony Picture).

In providing a variety of products and services with high quality, Sony has certainly influenced almost all of its customer's perception favorably towards its products. From enough time the company was created, the grade of the products that Sony offers is increasing every year, although there is some occurrence of defects like the defect of laptop batteries which had few incidences of explosions. A testament to the company's adhesion to service oriented quality is the actual fact that the business suffered losses in millions but recalled the complete product line. In our thoughts and opinions and in hind-sight this move though terribly did reflect as a loss in the books of Sony however in the long term proved priceless and effective in underlining Sony's commitment to satisfying customer needs. To put it simply, everyone speaks of Sony as a business that will accept and rectify its mistakes. In this day and age where MNC's dictate every norm of life, this move of Sony has added a humane touch to the Corporations name.

Even though the prices imposed by Sony seems to be fair with consideration of the grade of the merchandise and services offered, the only real problem is that, Sony has priced its products too expensively for lower class customer so as to afford their products. After that Sony has targeted its market mainly to urban customers because they are the sole customers who can afford such expensive products. In our opinion, we think Sony must create some low end products with low prices, which is often affordable to low income users. While using advent of technology and internet Sony must expand its product line to cater to large number of customers in suburban and developing rural areas. Implementation of this policy will help Sony to utilize a huge reserve of potential users.

As we have mentioned above, in case of place (distribution) in the UAE, Sony has a policy in line with UAE government regulations wherein their promotions comply with strict local laws and culture. By doing so, Sony has taken the edge away from its sharp promotional activities but then, so have all its competitors. Also for post sales service Sony relies solely on the services of its distributor's e. g. Jumbo electronics and Sharaf DG. A solely owned and maintained service centre would indeed add to customer satisfaction and also to a big extent remedy the issues the clients face after buying Sony products from these distributors.

Throughout the distance of the document we've consciously omitted the discussion on Sony in the telecom namely mobile sector prevalent in the UAE. Though Sony has taken an entry into this sector by acquiring Ericsson this entry has been fairly sedate and judging by the look of things Sony has been playing on the back foot. Multiple reasons can be attributed to this; however, inside our opinion in the form of Sony Ericsson they may have a product which is a possible 'star' in the making. An intensive revamping of its products and a disassociation from the name Ericsson is one suggestion which in our opinion could have Sony elevate its current position of being yet another mobile provider in the UAE. The reasoning according to us for this suggestion is the apparent lack of customer appeal with respect to Ericsson in this market.

Our suggestion to Sony Corporation regarding the current marketing mix is that, the company should modify the products in line with the customer needs and also to consider the less fortunate people on the aspect of pricing of its products. Also having a multitude of products, more promotions like adding prizes to the sold goods from Sony itself will be a good idea, e. g. providing free Sony CD / DVD or very good music player for each and every laptop sold.


In discussing the marketing mixture of any organization of our own choice, we've tried to go over about Sony Corporation. Due to the fact that the business produces so many types of digital products and other services to the customer, we have decided to narrow the field discussing in brief each tool of market mix for Sony Corporation with an example set of marketing mix components on Laptops / notebooks, which we've discussed in detail.

We have also given our opinion about the existing marketing mix of Sony Corporation, which to a huge extent appears to gratify the needs and demands of the clients.

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