Marketing Mix Of The Sony Organization Marketing Essay

As we know Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, video, communication, gaming consoles and it products for the customer and professional marketplaces, which developed the company into one of the world richest companies. The Sony group is actually centered on the Electric (such as AV/IT products and components), Game (such as PlayStation), Entertainment (such as motion pictures and music), and Financial services (such as insurance and bank) sectors. Not merely does SONY symbolize an array of businesses, but SONY remains globally unique. Their purpose is to totally leverage this uniqueness in aggressively carrying out their convergence strategy so that SONY can continue steadily to emotionally touch and excite their customers.

As a semiconductor maker, Sony is probably the Worldwide Top 20 semiconductor Sales Leaders. The company's slogan is 'make Believe'.

Estimated number says that in 2008, 163, 000 employees doing work for Sony companies. Today's Sony positioned among the top five global brands worldwide with $8. 87 trillion per annum. "Sony's sales performance for another year is expected to see revenues go up by 1 percent to $9 trillion" (Sony income and income increasing in as Europe Becomes Biggest Video games market, 2008).

Some other interesting details about Sony are that they just lately exposed a Sony Archives museum, which takes a reservation to go to and is located at their brain one fourth in Japan. Entrance is free and there is no museum guide. They recommend that you enable about one hour to view the show. In hence Sony's always imagine to provide excellent service to the client and full fill up their needs and expectation form us. If we discussing Sony's rivals than we can see encircled us, used competition is there. Sony's main rivals is always supplying troublesome competition to the business and seeking to defeat us but Sony's excellent service is; Sony's 'Vitality' that why Sony's one of the very best leader on the market. Sony's major competitors market should be evaluated to grant a much better product and uphold the positioning in the market. And in a market economy, it is merely through competition that the real price of anything can be motivated. Among Sony's competition comprise the Dell Company with Ultra-slim Adamo Notebook, HP with HP pavilion G60-120US and Apple using its Mac book Wheel, Microsoft with Xbox 360 etc fighting in the laptop and Digital brand on the market.

Sony's is one of the most notable highest leader on the market and based on their service and quality of Brand product, they gives satisfaction to the client and trying to full load their expectation of needs; that is reason these are leading World Entertainment Market.

http://www. oppapers. com/essays/Sony-Corporation/191099

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Executive Summery:

In past last 30yrs carrier, Sony's encountered so many difficulty and problem but always beat on that obstacle, make good reputation and provided excellent service to their consumer. Sony should use its know-how for top quality business and office equipment. Also, they are taking benefit from some Parts of asia, where these are hiring employees in low wages and using resources which is comparative to the present market really cheap with SWOT research and Porter's competitive makes model, PEST, BCG Matrix and DOG etc. we can vie that the marketplace is much more competitive with less profit margins and lead-time for product development. However Sony's high technology filled with gadgets electric goods and development. This advancement makes Sony's ideal company that were only available in post-war Japan. Sony has used its creation in building market segments out of nothing, created a multibillion, multinational electronic digital empire with product like the transistor radio, the Trinitron, the Walk in and the VTR. This brand Shows Sony's great position in the competitive market and declare Sony's Authority in the Worldwide.

Marketing Environment and Target market:

'Key view of marketing surroundings has effects on management's ability to build relationships with Goal Markets'.

Macro Factors: Factors that affect an organisation out of these immediate control.

Micro Factors: Environment influencing the company directly.

Macro Environment:


Each country has their lowest wages protection under the law, which relevant on everyone in the country. Government minimum wages rates are higher compare to cost of sales. It's mean less income for company.

Sony's facing trade barriers by politically, it is difficult expand

Brand product one country to another.


Interest rates are lessening drastically.

World economy now could be in bad shape because of recession that why Sony's also facing inflation rate problem on the market.


Basically Sony's products mainly are good source of education and entertainment, its give people knowledge with Entertainment and increase literati in social area.

As we realize that people are mainly focusing on entertain folks, so we can simply say that we emergency disaster relief.


Sony's technologically offering more consideration on Research and Development and open innovation that is why Sony's invested 497. 3 billion yen on R&D this past year.

Legal: Inside the Sony's corporation legal necessity is very strong because of every country have their own low and order. Under of regulation Sony's always following country right, which existing Consumer laws, Employment law, health insurance and safety legislations etc.

Micro Environment:

Customer: Client satisfaction is most significant for the business, if we failure to fulfill customer, that means devastating of business.

Suppliers: Running a business good relation is vital because of if we make our suppliers disappointed then how they will want to full fill up our needs. In hence we make good closer romantic relationship with suppliers instant of they'll provide us best value of products.

Competitors: If on the market good competitors is there we can scan their success key and generate better idea than them. It's also source of development, we contend with competitors and develop our quality of product and services for consumers.

Employees: We are team of Sony Corporation, this is important to progress trained in our work environment, so we can encourage company profitability and lower cost of deal. In competitive border we can give tough challenge to our competitors.

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategy is reason to utilize in business because we can improve our services and quality of product, which is existing Marketing Blend. Marketing mix is a style of crafting and applying marketing strategy in the Business.

Marketing Mix variables as classifies by Prof. E. Jerome McCarthy that happen to be 4P's:

Marketing Combine 4p's:



Place (Circulation)


Product: In the Marketing, Company product is important component of business; where consumer attention first considers on company product. It really is meaning customer is considering is product satisfy our needs? Is product capable to full fill up our needs?, Why should we buy this product?, Is this affordable.

Following supplying some Sony's product categories, they are very useful to fulfill customer needs and needs.

Television and projectors.

Home video.

Home Audio

Home theatre system

Digital Photography

Hand cam video camera

Computer Peripheral

Portable Audio



Promotion is a key element of marketing program and can be involved with effectively and proficiently communicating the decision of online marketing strategy. Promotion is merely element influence on both side Customer and Company, while campaign makes changes of profitability of company and other side gives understanding of product and need for product. So basically campaign is very needed for the marketing.


As per everybody knows about need for place but it is make importance for the product because consumer want for place where they can get their in an easy way and easily. Wherever Sony's distributing their marketing they always think about place, where they can make good connection with customer and meet their needs and would like.

As we recognizes Sony's providing resilient and durable product, so considerably it depend on where we can sale more product and increase our deal. One of the country like India, where people like buy product resilient and durable; they are not too think about function of product. India is place, where people wanted to buy their on this circumstances and our product is suitable for them to full fill their needs. Sony's online marketing strategy is one level, which is set pursuing in graph:




Price: Sony's considering their price of product based on practical category, its suggest take exemplory case of VAIO laptop, if we are available in UK and USA cost framework is high because of men and women like. To make use of advanced function that why Sony's product price are saturated in USA and UK. Fundamentally Sony's brand product always average high because of they are really providing advanced function compare to other company product. But if you contrasting to India same product price is low because of for India Sony's not offers too value on function of product.

SWOT Analysis on Sony Corporation:


Employee's expertise in Sony are creative; faithful and hold the same Sony's goal.

Vast and strong financial capacities that enables Sony to broaden their office buildings into US in 1960 with capital investments folks $500, 000.

Vast pool of skilled engineers in Sony

Expanded their nature of business form consumer electronics to entertainments (Sony music/Sony pictures), and a good bank for middle class Japanese.

Strong development culture within the business and among the employees.

Great and successful marketing attempts for his or her products.

World wide recognised brand top authority.


The fantasy that Sony envisioned has yet to be realised. It might be a negative general population image for Sony as stakeholders note that Sony is unable to full fill up their claims.

Sony's biggest and most recent weakness is their lack of creativity with PS3. Which Sony has lowered by $100?

Sony executive make it clear that they know need to do more than lower prices to woo consumer back again to its flagging video game brand.

Lack of promotion, this means Sony's promoting their product on advanced on the market, so it's difficult to attain to middle income and basic people.

Sony's providing high price product.


Sony looks for a great deal of opportunities that utilize their advantages of technology, at Sony Ericsson; design is about more than simply a beautiful product.

Sony's reader, a tool the consumer gadgets giant hopes is an early on draft of how the world will read books in the foreseeable future, is another innovation that Sony is using as an chance to enter a new market.

One of the other CSL assignments most likely to achieve success was a nifty little little bit of images software for cell phones by Ivan Poupyrev. It might not appear to be much, however the ability to sketch natural icons and avatars directly on a standard telephone.

There was a clear focus on what many predict will be the growth technology by Sony, because of Sony's trust of customer very strong impact on future.


The cost of a dell portable computers seems to have a lower price than many of Sony's VAIO models.

Sony's top competitors in the game playing industry are Nintendo and Microsoft. The play Train station e sales have dropped behind recently in 2007.

In the LCD television market, Sony excels but nonetheless encounters some strong competition, including Samsung, razor-sharp, Panasonic and many more of these same brands come in the Movie player market that Sony has to compete with.

Sony most recently has to make a general public apology concerning the use of your backdrop in a violent video game, 'Resistance: Fall of Man'.

In market some other companies form China are providing same standard of products, which is price of product suprisingly low. So there is threat to Sony's about customer are turning other companies.

Porter's 5 make how its deal with different factor of Sony Organization:

Porter's 5 causes are pursuing given in factors:

The Rivalry Among Existing Competitors

The Threat of New Entry

The Threat of Substitutes

Buyer Power

Supplier Power

The Rivalry among Existing Opponents:

Numerous and alternatively equally balanced challengers.

Short product life Cycle

High investment on Research and Development

Lack of differentiation or turning costs

Imitation of technology

Counterfeit products

Low profit margins

High exit barriers

The Risk of New Accessibility:

Economies of level is low

Product differentiation is low

Capital requirements is low

Witching to other company cost is low

Some countries Administration insurance policy is low

Threat of Substitutes: Product with similar function limits the prices firms can charge.

There are few substitutes form other industries

Most of them seem to be obsolete or have by walking out of door.

For Example:

i) Digital camera instead of film camera.

ii) Fax machines instead of overnight email delivery

Bargaining electricity of Purchasers: Buyers compete with the supplying

Industry by making bargaining down prices and forcing for

Make higher quality.

Products are pretty undifferentiated

Buyers face few moving over costs

Online shopping has increased the bargaining power of buyers

Buyers are price sensitive and demand high quality

Bargaining vitality of Suppliers(Low): Sony's suppliers expert power

In the industry by threatening to improve prices or to reduce quality of product and some powerful suppliers can press industry success if firms cannot retrieve cost.

Suppliers are pressured to cut their prices or walk out business.

Direct negotiation with suppliers in order to encourage e. g. reliable supply, faster source, Lower prices.

Many suppliers begin to produce their own components internal.

http://reports. sel. sony. com/en/corporate_information/sony_brand

Personal Research Ideas:

Sony can provides Franchisee opportunities to other folks, it can help to the business expand their business in globally.

Now Sony's delivering their product parts from some specific country, it is increasing providing cost and waste materials of time. In hence they are simply open brand parts in local areas; will good impact profitability because of customer can get their Sony's brand parts easily and in lowest cost.

Sony's processing their product by using hard and non-recycle agent rather than it; may use recycle agent which give Sony's Decrease cost of sale, promotion of Re-manufacture, promote Keep Environment clean etc.

They have to minimise their cost of sales because of that, Sony's brand are costly in the market compare to other Brand.

Business Tack ties of Sony Company:

Sony's promoting to the people, currently they are really providing 90% of the Electronics products categories are network-enable and Wire-less in world wide area.

Sony's trying to get attraction from customer that's why they have released in papers. Sony's experienced spent 497. 3 Billion yen for Research and development to upgrade their quality of product.

One of the business enterprise Tacked is currently they will bring in 3D entertainment on 'Online service'.

Sony's always makes promises with customer about best quality and long lasting service of product.

Gantt graph on Sony's Article:

Gantt chart









Report Subject matter, Introduction



Executive Summery,

Marketing Environment and Focus on Market



Marketing Strategy: 4p's, SWOT examination, Porter's 5 forces



Personal Research thoughts and opinions, Business Tack ties



Gantt chart, Suggestion, Conclusion


http://www. google. co. uk/search?rlz=1C1GGLS_en-GBGB309GB316&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=sampleof+gantt+charts


Sony's company is to be active and pragmatic, through the use of analytical tools like 4p's, SWOT evaluation, Porters 5 forces, can determine what strategy an company can evolves to changing styles and also meet world business.

In Market, so many competitors are there but only one reason provides Sony's top authority in Entertainment, which is Satisfaction of Product.

In hence it is important for companies to comprehend their competitors, about how they execute marketing and marketing strategy and how they can be reacting to apply strategies to the changing developments in environment, Sony's can use analytical tools like, SWOT, PESTEL, Porters Five Causes, Porters Generic strategies, Boston Package analysis, Balanced report card, General electric matrix, competition examination, environment scanning, to build up strategies not only in the present but also in the permanent because of their Marketing. These suggested sources are incredibly useful to make control in the Competitive market and after uses you can view that success of Sony Corporation; will be Top of World market.


Overall Sony Corporation offers Advanced Brand product and presenting best quality with extended life product to the client. Sony's marketing strategies giving hard competition to opponents and constantly leading Market.

On balance, as a globally operating company in gadgets, Sony is an effective company with a good brand image with victorious products, we talked about initially. It had pros and cons as any other company in its marketing practices all around the globe.

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