Marketing MIXTURE OF Hero Honda Karizma Bikes

Hero Honda's dedication is to customer - quality & excellence. Hero Honda's key strategy has been influenced by innovation in every sphere of activity. Hero Honda Bikes are made across three globally benchmarked manufacturing facilities. Hero Honda's product range includes variety of motorcycles that have arranged the industry specifications across all the market segments.

The marketing mix of a company will depend after the characteristics of the prospective and at a specific time frame. Thus marketing combination can be talked about as-Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

Now examine the marketing mix of Hero Honda Krizma


Products are the means where organizations meet consumers needs. The components of then product combine which the internet marketer can control include quality levels, styling, special design features, sturdiness, packaging, range of sizes or options, warranties, after-sales service and brand image. The amounts of products offered by organizations need to adapt to changes in the marketing environment.

Hero Honda has launched Karizma R with pursuing elements

Karizma R is a very stylish motorcycle. It focused on youngsters. It looks very great with dark-colored magnesium alloy die-cast tires dual light tailpiece, front indicators, the stunning colors, the powerful 225 cc engine, the fairing, silencer product, stepped up seat, panel patterns and new yellow black device binnacle. The reservoir retains 15 litres of gasoline.

This is a sporty bike and youngsters like only sporty bicycles. It really is available with five colors that are Red, Vibrant, Blue, Moon Yellow, Pressure Silver and Dark. It has Four stroke engine motor and one cylinder. It offers best possible seats position for the rider and the pillion. The pillion couch has little bit longer than rider.

The top speed of the cycle has 125kph. The Karizma's mileage figures depend on how it is ridden. Under city riding conditions, the motorcycle returned 30kpl and on the highway conditions, the motorcycle returned an impressive 45kpl at a rate of 70kph. Overall it is a great cycle with superb refinement, comfort and great handling.


Pricing is one of the main components of the marketing mixture. Pricing is a critical element of pursuing by most companies marketing combine, as it determines the earnings which it'll generate. While setting price many factors are believed as it is difficult area of the marketing mixture. Prices can be varied with the area. . Charges is difficult and must indicate supply and demand relationship

The Hero Honda Karizma price is fair in India. The Motorcycle surely attracts all youngsters as a personal choice. It is a highly suitable and stylish motorcycle but high price places it out of grab many.

The Hero Honda Karizma use products pricing. This means they use different price for same product range. A Hero Honda company offering different Bikes with cool features at different prices. The greater the features and the benefit obtained the higher the consumer will pay. This form of price discrimination helps the company in maximizing turnover and earnings.

The Hero Honda Karizma charges different prices in different states relating to different colors. It charges highest price in Mumbai that is 83, 638/- and least expensive price from Delhi that is 75, 707/- Indian Rupee.


Promotion is also known as sales promotion or marketing campaigns. Promotion is utilized by companies to converse the benefits of their products to their target marketplaces. Promotional tools include advertising, personal offering, pr, sales promotion, sponsorship and more and more direct marketing methods.

The Hero Honda company uses so many tools for the campaign of their brands. They raise awareness in customers toss advertising. They use television set, radio, papers, posters, and internet as a medium for advertising. People easily understand the features and advantages of the product from these settings of advertisement. They acknowledge the brand identification and prepared to choose the product.

The Hero Honda Karizma centered on product incentive promotion tactics. For this they give free tests or sample packages, coupons, prizes, and more.

It use Business to business advertising strategy, such as industry events, conventions, sponsorships, contests, give-aways such as pens, notepads, hats, etc (all imprinted with the company's identity onto it).

It also use Printing marketing communications for promote the brand, such as brochures, catalogues, flyers, solitary sheet marketing promotions, etc

Place Strategy

Place is also called channel, distribution, or intermediary. It is the mechanism by which goods and/or services are changed from the company/ service provider to an individual or consumer. The organisation must distribute the product to an individual at the right place at the right time. Efficient and effective syndication is important if the organisation is to meet its overall marketing objectives

The Hero Honda company use intermediaries such as as wholesalers, real estate agents, retailers, the Internet, , and immediate marketing for sell their products. The Hero Honda provides their bicycles indirectly to its aim for customers. The advantage of indirect distribution is that it reduces the cost of manufacturer.

We can see reach easily on the retailers of Hero Honda company in every city and purchase their products. The corporation use Exclusive circulation for offering their products. This means exclusive distribution Involves limiting distribution to an individual electric outlet. The Hero Honda Karizma is highly priced, and requires the intermediary to place much information in its sell.

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