Marketing Of Nike Marketing Essay

The purpose of this report is to apply your knowledge of marketing to Nike. Your article should make clear the concepts of marketing; illustrate segmentation, focusing on and placing using one of their products. Finally, you analyse their marketing and devise a marketing combine for one of the products

Your article should follow the outline below.

Task 1 - Investigate the concept and process of marketing.

Compare alternative explanations of marketing. You should use the key words from the meanings to formulate your own meaning.

Identify the primary characteristics of the marketing oriented company and explain if you believe Nike exhibit these characteristics

Compare the advertising theory with the marketing concept- which one best describesNike?

Identify and evaluate the huge benefits and costs of implementing a marketing approach to Nike.

Task 2- Explore the concepts of segmentation, concentrating on and positioning

Identify and explain the relevance of 2 macro and 1 micro environmental factor to marketing undertaken by Nike.

Propose 3 segmentation criteria and explain how Nike might use these criteria to segment the marketplace for just one of its products.

State the target market you would choose for the product and make clear why you think this marketplace would be appealing to Nike.

Explain how Nike should take bill of buyer behavior in their marketing activities

Task 3- Identify and analyse the individual components of the expanded marketing blend.

Analyse how Nike gain competitive benefits through their products.

Critically measure the distribution strategy utilized by Nike for their products. Suggest ways in which it could be improved.

Explain the way the prices placed by Nike indicate their aims and market conditions.

Comment on the potency of their promotional strategy in assisting Nike to meet their marketing objectives because of their products.

Task 4 Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts.

Choose a Nike product and devise two marketing mixes for the merchandise. Start your marketing mixture by outlining the mark markets the product is targeted at.

Explain the differences in marketing products and services to organizations somewhat than consumers

Explain how and just why international marketing differs from domestic marketing for Nike.

Student Guidelines

1. You must write this project in statement style using the headings specified above.

2. You need to use diagrams and furniture of results where appropriate ensuring to

reference their source.

3. You will include a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system.

4. All jobs must be completed in the word limit of 2500-3000 words excluding table of information, diagrams and appendices.


Assessment conditions for pass

To achieve each final result a learner must demonstrate

the capability to:


1 Investigate the idea and process of marketing

compare alternate definitions of marketing

identify the key characteristics of the marketing oriented organisation

explain the various elements of the marketing concept

identify and assess the huge benefits and costs of any marketing approach


2 Explore the concepts of segmentation, concentrating on and positioning

identify and clarify macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions

propose segmentation criteria to be utilized for two products in several markets

outline the factors which impact the decision of concentrating on strategy

describe how buyer behavior influences marketing activities in two different buying situations


3 Identify and analyse the individual elements of the expanded marketing mix

illustrate how products are developed to sustain competitive advantage

make clear how circulation is organized to provide customer convenience

describe how prices are set to indicate an organisation's aims and market conditions

illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to accomplish marketing objectives

analyse the excess components of the prolonged marketing mix


4 Apply the extended marketing combination to different marketing segments and contexts

recommend marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer markets

clarify the variations in marketing products and services to organisations rather than consumers

make clear how and why international marketing differs from home marketing

Grade Descriptors

A pass grade is attained by meeting all the requirements defined in the pass assessment criteria for each unit

Merit descriptors

Indicative characteristics

Distinction descriptors

Indicative characteristics

In order to achieve a merit the learner

The learner's proof shows
In order to accomplish a distinction the learner must
The learner's research shows


identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions

relevant marketing ideas and techniques have been applied

effective judgments have been made about the nature of marketing

the online marketing strategy of Nike has been explored effectively


use critical representation to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions

synthesis has been used to create and justify valid conclusions about the type of marketing

the validity of results has been judged

self criticism of procedure has used place

evaluation of how Nike online marketing strategy has been applied

realistic advancements have been proposed


select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques

a selection of theories have been considered

a range of resources of information used

the selection of segments and positioning strategies have been justified.

the design of methods/techniques justified

complex information/data have been synthesised and processed


take responsibility for taking care of and organising activities

autonomy/freedom demonstrated

substantial activities/jobs or investigations have been planned, been able and organised

the unforeseen has been accommodated

the need for interdependence of most components of the marketing mixture has been recognized


present and speak appropriate findings

appropriate structure and methodology has been used

logical and coherent arguments have been presented

technical language effectively used

a selection of methods of display has been used

appropriate media used

familiar and unfamiliar contexts have been used

it is suitable for familiar and new audiences


demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking

ideas made and decisions taken

self analysis has used place

convergent and lateral thinking have been applied

problems have been solved

capacity for development and creative thought has been used

receptiveness to new ideas have been demonstrated

unfamiliar contexts have been applied

Performance Criteria

Each product will be graded as a Forward, Merit or Differentiation. A pass is honored for the achievements of all effects against the given assessment requirements. Merit and Differentiation grades are awarded for higher-level achievement.

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