Marketing Plan and Analysis of Shaving Cream

The shaving cream

Introduction :-

Shaving cream is a product that is put on the facial skin or wherever else mane grows, to provide lubrication and prevent razor melt away during shaving. Shaving cream is often bought in a spray can, but can be purchased in tubs or tubes. Shaving cream in a can is often dispensed as a foam or a gel. Lotions that are in tubes or tubs are generally used in combination with a shaving brush to produce a rich lather

The cream itself commonly consists of a mixture of engine oil, soaps, surfactants, and drinking water or alcohol, produced under carefully manipulated conditions to ensure proper pH and persistence.

Introduction to issue:-

In this term paper my topic is shaving cream. In such a I put together the IMC plan for the shaving cream and research various competition and develop various ways of promote this brand. Various steps used by me to market by product are shown below:-

  • Situational evaluation.
  • Determine opportunity.
  • Determining communication objectives.
  • Decide about budget.
  • Develop IMC ways of promote my product.

Vision of the company

The company's perspective is to build total brand value by innovating to deliver consumer value and customer relationship faster, better and more effectively than its challengers. This vision affirmation has led to the development and release of varied newer products especially in male division and adoption of a far more customer oriented procedure. Provide better quality products with affordable prices.

Basic strategies of AYRULITTE:-

  • Innovate.
  • Heavy deals and advertising.
  • Brand extensions.
  • Launching ground breaking and superior products.
  • Events Sponsorship (cricket, soccer, tennis)

IMC plan:- (Integrated Marketing Communication)

IMC has turned into a very popular development at the moment time. It really is a management concept that includes all the various tools of marketing communication to send constant message to focus on audience. Consumer's wishes and needs should be the main focus of this program.

Steps comes under IMC planning

Situational Analysis:-

Before launching our product we've need to acquire some information about the existing market situation means what tendency is going on on the market and what is preference of the clients at the moment their flavour etc.

Situational analysis provides a history of the IMC functions and an analysis of the surroundings. Several factors must be looked at in the situational research. The business or organization that the IMC plan is being created must be examined. The environment in which this organization works must be understood and detailed. Market and consumer patterns analysis must be completed. Further, you must understand the opponents.

External Environment analysis:-

In which we analysis about the polices of Administration for launching the product. In which examination which the Government's continued give attention to liberalization; trade friendly policies and improvement in infrastructure have led to a reliable inflow of global ventures into the Indian market which has again led to higher income levels due to increased occupations and sustained monetary boom.

Thus, it could be said that due to higher income elasticity of demand, demand for personal grooming products are expected to grow at a rate higher than the go up in income degrees of people. However, because the market is still driven essentially by price and not quality (typically in rural market segments and smaller cities), consumers might not value the actual good thing about paying higher charges for better and safer products.

Competitors Examination:-

As i am adding new brand of shaving cream so it is very essential for me to collect the info about my opponents and about their products and their competitive strategies. so major competitors in this sector are shown below.

Competitor's analysis


Colgate-Palmolive has three products in the shaving cream/gel/foam segment. Palmolive shaving ointments are enriched with revitalizing sea minerals, this abundant formula refreshes pores and skin and protects against razor irritation.

They are developed with soothing Aloe-Vera, this wealthy foam is gentle on skin area and helps protect from irritation.

One variant is a creamy solution featuring palm draw out to hydrate and moisturize skin. This cream in a long thin tube is super easy to utilize. As you merely put onto your face and use your shaver and it'll get your stubbles of that person going out of it nice and smooth

The Price of every of the products is described with size of the load up in the desk below


Godrej is the domestic brand of shaving cream for Indian market. Lately Godrej has invested heavily for the development in this market. They have obtained a shaving cream processing and marketing company in South Africa and are looking forward to some other alliances for the existence in global market.

The shaving cream from Godrej is one of the lowest priced shaving cream in the market. It is focusing on the price sensitive customer in the Indian market. But the quality of the product is satisfactory in spite of its near about 50 % the price than its challengers.

Although, variants are few in terms of size, fragrance and packaging, it is still in the shopping list of many consumers.

Godrej is a home make of shaving cream and today it is looking to expand in the global.

Audience situation

Before introducing any product we've evaluation who are our customers and other factors like their income standards as my product is my product is shaving cream. we live focusing on every course people, so, we will be providing services on the basis of their position. Each class people have their own way of living according with their income. so we provides services relating their income, preference, preference.

Product situation:-

Involves what's the quality of our product and product benefits to the customers, why peoples buy the product.

Following steps comes under it.

Quality of the product is vital factor for customer it over comes the situation why they buy this shaving cream so we maintain the quality of the shaving cream in line with the set requirements of the government and we are provide superior quality product at affordable prices.

Packaging another point for tapping the client is to design the out look(packaging) of the merchandise in this way customer attract towards it.

This is clear from the AYRULITTE after shave packing

SWOT Research:-


  • Better quality
  • Special formulation
  • Affordable price
  • Effective advertising strategy


  • New in market.
  • Poor distribution problem.
  • Mainly focused on youth.


  • Large market
  • High growth
  • Constant demand
  • Can be produce various related product - aftershave


  • Tough competition from market leaders
  • Bargaining electric power of suppliers
  • New entrance
  • Large range of alternative products available

Determine problems or opportunity:

After situational analysis next thing is to identify the challenge or opportunities related to communications

  • To understand the buying goal of shaving cream and foam users and review the result of non-attribute factors.
  • To understand the brand devotion of customers towards shaving cream/foam/gel Identify the guidelines that play the most crucial role in a consumer's choice of buying shaving cream/gel.

Main goal for determine opportunity:-

  • What is the inter-brand recall of shaving cream/gel/foam brands and their existing image in the consumer's brain?
  • What is the effect of non-attribute factors on the purchasing decision of shaving gel/foam?
  • How strong is the brand loyalty of customers towards shaving cream/gel/foam?
  • What will be the factors that play the most important role in a consumer's selection of buying shaving cream/gel/foam?

Determine the communication objective's

Communication objectives flow from marketing objectives. Even as are new entrant in the market there for my main communication targets are shown below.

  • To aware people's about on the new brand & giving better quality products with acceptable prices.
  • Creating image in the mind of the clients by using proper advertising. (Advertising, news paper)
  • Sales campaign.

Budget analysis:-

The very important step for a firm is to get ready a budget to calculate about their expenditures and how much cost we live incur where consists of all the expenses on advertisement to market the product. I have plan to invest Rs. 20cr. And its detail revealed below.


IMC strategies:-

After deciding about Budget we must plan how our note is convey to the target audience for that people have to check out certain things like

Target audience: - means to whom the product is target to the firstly we have to analysis about Market segmentation, Targeting, Positioning (STP)


Market segmentation is the process of dividing a complete market into market teams consisting of individuals who have relative similar product needs, there are clusters of needs. The technique of identifying several consumers, within abrader market, that has similar characteristics and needs. Segments can be discovered by evaluating demographic Psychographic, and behavioral distinctions.

In the shaving cream market there exist different categories of customers who've different needs and are willing to pay different amount for the merchandise that complies with their demand. Intro of shaving cream would help AYRULITTE identify the needs of the customers and take benefit of the segment which includes not yet been targeted by the company. Price sensitivity, importance of qualities, point of purchase decision designers and customers influenced by additional features are the factors which we will portion the shaving cream market.

Market segmentation regarding to physical areas. The population of the country is segmented into three parts that are urban, sub metropolitan and rural area consumers.

The company further differentiate the geographical segments according to Socio Economic Cluster (SEC) i. e. education and Income.


Targeting methods to which segment were targeting means in segmentation our company is divide market into different categories out of these to segment this shaving cream focus. The mark market has been determined as the customers who are worried about the characteristics of the shaving cream but aren't willing to transfer from the current price strap to a higher price band

As we realize metropolitan and sub metropolitan middle class and rural the indegent are the largest part of Indian society. Acc. To a research in India reveals that urban abundant people will buy brought in and expensive products. Furthermore rural the indegent have a tendency to buy cheap products even without assessing its quality. However metropolitan and sub urban upper midsection and middle class people tend to buy affordable and quality products.

AYRULITTE shaving cream is not a highly expensive but an inexpensive product. That is why the company targets metropolitan and sub urban upper midsection and middle income individuals who are the second highest populace of portion of the united states.


Positioning identifies how customers think about suggested and/or present brands in a market. In which we evaluation how customers considers offerings on the market.

As we are new entrant in this sector & there is strong competition provide by competition so For creating good position in the customers' head through better product features, price and quality, offering the product in different ways than the opponents do. The business offers increased quality of products on the market at a realistic price with high branding, which ultimately really helps to position the product in the customers' head as the best quality shaving lotions.

A great positioning strategy designed by AYRULITTE shaving cream mention of its product packaging, fragrances and product designing.

For men having AYRULITTE image.

Mainly focus on youth.

In saloons & hairdressers

So we can say that placement means creating image in the mind of the client. That's why initially we analysis the market and from then on apply positioning strategy.

As shown below first of all we have to make Marketing plan and arranged marketing goal and strategies. The IMC model consists with marketing' Blend elements' & communication mixture elements.


As shown above in IMC model integrated marketing consists with the 4 marketing combination elements that are also called 4p's of marketing they are shown below.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


Involve various products where company offers AYRULITTE has a variety of shaving products for different types of skins and customer requirements. AYRULITTE is manufactured by imported recycleables like sodium soap, glycerol and different extracts matching to flavors. Taking into account the convenience of its customers, the business produces all flavors of shaving cream in three different sizes, 40gm, 80gm and 120gm.


  • Shaving cream
  • Shave gel
  • Foam
  • After shave
  • cooling gel
  • After-shave balm & splash

Price :-

Price is main thing which we must opt to for tapping our customer we have affordable rates strategy of which every portion of the population by it. Prices of the products are set in line with the competitors.

AYRULITTE has 6 product variants of shaving gel/foam for the Indian market.


Place refers to the distribution network from where customers buy these products. The circulation network of AYRULITTE is very sturdy. The syndication network is a mixture of own network and that of any franchisee from the clients choose the products. The circulation network uses a hub. The hubs are the 20 cities. These cities are supervised by the exclusive marketers in those cities. Every city has only 1 franchisee distributor. Each franchisee distributor has his own group of employees working for him. The distributor also manages his own fleet costs to supply to the suppliers.


Distribution Network:-


As we know promotion is the key part for the success of any business therefore i am mainly concentrate on this part AYRULITTE has extensive promotion advertising campaign for the Indian market.

Promotion may be defined as "the co-ordination of all seller initiated initiatives to create programs of information and persuasion to accomplish the scale of an good or service. " Promotion is frequently intended to be a supporting aspect in a marketing combine. Advertising decision must be integrated and co-ordinate with all of those other marketing mix, particularly product/brand decisions, such that it may

Effectively support an entire marketing combination strategy. The advertising mix contains four basic elements. They are really:-

  • Advertising
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales Campaign, and
  • Publicity

Advertising is the paid form of promotion Advert is a mass communicating of information

  • Newspapers and newspapers.
  • On radio and television set broadcasts
  • Direct mail
  • Web site.
  • By sponsorship.


The ad that I have chosen is AYRULITTE shaving cream It urges its customers to look thought the useful, easy and positive usage of product. The backup itself says the very imp moments. i. e. Matrimony play imp role and anybody would want it to happen without any hassle.

The utilization of product which is straight forward and very convenient conveyed thought this commercial very effectively with the help of little humor in to it.

Any common man can identify connect himself with message and just how it's been presented to him.

Other strategies

Push Procedure:

We would offer load up 5 razors with AYRULITTE Shaving Cream (Coming in at Rs 50) weight 80gm. This plan really helps to take intention of the client towards the products. And with help of this we will create brand image in your brain of the customers.

Pull Methodology:

Our advertisement has to entice the mark consumer - the aspiring consumer who comes from the center and lower middle income and gives importance to traits but is also price very sensitive. Our aim for consumer is popular throughout the country- rural, urban. From over advertisements we show this will helps us to improve awareness of over product through out the country.

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