Marketing plan for new berries drink

As we all know drinking water is one of the options for living, we need this to have the ability to support life, and without water we cannot live. It has many means of usage: mostly it is used for drinking purposes, additionally it is used for bathing reasons, it can be addends for food to be neutralized or to make soup, and it can be mix with something to make drink and many more. Many people wish to drink soda as you of their beverage in any sort of get-togethers. Then what is really a soda? It is a drink that contains no liquor but sugar. Meals will never be complete with out a soda on the table. Why? Apart from being delightful it suits in every meal, soda beverages are all over in affordable price, plus it is very convenient to drink and take it wherever going.

We limit our creativity into making inventive beverages. Usually we see refreshments like fruit drinks, shakes, frappes, slurps, etc, once we style it we may easily identify what are its components, or what it is made of. For example we buy shakes particularly mango tremble, we can say that its components are mangoes, smashed ice, evaporated milk, and a small amount of condensed milk sometimes top with whipped cream. But now, our product was created to deceive our consumers' prospects to what we live marketing. These components are made to key consumers, that what they really experience is not the main one they be prepared to be in their choice of beverage. But surely we have the ability to ensure our product is appetite-friendly for we prove that all part necessary inside our product was created to create harmony through digestion process. Like say for example a calamanisi or medically known as (Citrfortunella microcarpa) is a berries tree local in the Philippines, Its drink is nourishing and traditionally converted to a fruit drink that helps prevent respiratory diseases. In addition, it helps strengthen the bones and stimulate expansion especially among growing children. It could be used as a flavoring element in desserts, e. g. leche flan, or as an additive in a variety of food preparations, such as fish steak. Its pulp is employed as a major ingredient in beverages, syrups, concentrates, and purees. The peel off is manufactured into jams, candies, and marmalade. Using its alkalinizing effect, on the body calamansi helps circulate blood evenly and facilitates normal digestion. The blend of soda and calamansi is a citrusy scrumptious gleaming drink that was created to divert consumers' relish into more exciting ones. Alternatively, berries is the most natural food, because the berries itself is not processed. Why? It does not have any chemical preservatives in it or any man-made ingredients. Moreover, it makes us feel better simply because it's nutritious. Also, fruits induce our memories because it contains natural sugar, and this sugars helps the brain to function and to bear in mind well. Another is the fact that fruits do not contain cholesterol; in fact, it is the best way for our diet that helps lower high blood pressure, cancer tumor risk and other diseases. It is the healthiest food on the planet therefore it is well worth spending our money on.

We come up with a drink that suits the style of our own customers and made some innovation to really capture up their attention. We use scraped fruits as our most important product associated with a typical soda and a twist of calamansi. Super fruit Sparkle is combo of freshly scraped fruits and the most thirst quenching soda pop. The thing you need to do is to obtain a fresh fruit, scrape it, and put it in one glass of cold soda. It comes in different kinds of taste depending on what you like. Super fruit Sparkle is not simply any common drink. It has the whole program of refreshment and healthy drink. Super fruit Sparkle crosses the boundary of the original way of drinking soda by adding a healthy benefit to the consumer. The product caters everyone from all age ranges from all walks of life.


Our perspective is to gratify our customers by means of delighting them, also bears the eye-sight of providing fun, deliciously appetizing drink products while preserving our commitment to uncompromised quality with a heartening purpose to focus on society's needs, preferences, and preferences; rather than simply convincing our customers to try and like whatever products we develop. We also have to research to increasing of sales from day one. We also want to get commitment from our employees and most particularly to our consumers. Our eyesight is to provide people with a brief get away of fun during the period of their normal day. We also envision on broadening our marketing strategies so that customers would want it and are able to influence others. To generate our company excellent from any fruit juice industry. New possible infusion styles are one in our proposals to make it more competitive to other companies. Having a fresh style of inventing beverage that comes from different options or the the one which is exclusively made will catch the attention of our customers and persuade others to get nearer to your product. It is how we coach and develop individuals as an organization in the formation of what we aim for.

Our mission is to deliver our products with quality with a reasonable price to your consumers, also to avoid anything that would be damaging to medical, safety or expansion of the correct user of the goods. We meant to create a online marketing strategy that will fascinate customers in familiarizing our product and help provide the best value, affordable products in the meals and Beverage industry and to continuously generate understanding, interest and desire to have our products, bringing on frequent or duplicate purchases. We desire to create principle-centered resources to meet our customer's needs in regards to what is desired. We also help support businesses and revenue by giving our customers with anew choice of beverage exactly to their choice. Our business caters to a discriminating clientele who value creative manifestation, attractive personality and high quality in their selection of drinks. It is our try to be the choice of entrepreneurs everywhere you go for affordable products and services and profitable earnings on investment.


Fruit Sparkle adds reliable and immediate response to your existing customers. It really is "always-on" ending the complications of drinking the normal fruit shake or soda pop that eventually become tiresome to customers. Patronizing is simple. . . hassling free, minimizes stress and achieves refreshment! Simply buy our product at the most affordable price and you will experience a new invigorating sensation. One shop away! This is not just an ordinary fruit juice that is with the capacity of supplying pleasure to customers it will be will urge customers to buy more. But unlike any fruit juice, Fruits Sparkle allows you to taste a fresh twist of beverage that is supposed to impress consumers. We make a typical juice into a chilling beverage with an inspired recipe proven fact that combines several summertime fruits with a soda to produce one flavourful drink. Put in a combination of calamansi pulp, with a blend of fruits like melon, pineapple, blueberries, banana, strawberries, to typical soda pop then fill up the goblet with flavoured sparkling water. This will provide a more intricate choice of beverage beside the standard juice, soda pop and water. The use of quality soda and other materials will create our Fruits Sparkle. Realizing the basic purchasing electric power of students will focus on their needs in areas such as drinks.


Here is a deliciously stimulating drink that is certain to quench your thirst. Super fruit Sparkle is not only an ordinary fruit juice that we usually buy outside the house, it absolutely gratify our urge to drink a soda that is blended with fruits and a twist of calamansi. Try a new connection with enjoyment through our innovative product that exactly suits to the flavor of consumers. We come up with this positioning statement to determine the benefits, advantage, and its own features. We assume that we can entice consumers through campaigns and acquainting them to consume our product. Challengers will be inside our way but we see to it that that which we are endorsing will attempt to capture the marketplace. Consumers can dive into same experience of having satisfied with our product that others do, they can also engage themselves to an all natural healthy drink. So rush and try our newly made drinks for everyone. Fruit Sparkle will do to complete one's day. Revisit your years as a child while sipping one of the delicious snacks on your prominent porch perfectly matched up with any moment of the day.



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A typical soda combine with scraped berries added with a twist of calamansi and smashed snow. Served chilled.

A selection of fruit combined with smashed iced and evaporated dairy. Also comes in one or more combination of fruits.

It is an ice-blended flavoured drink with delicate chewy balls created from tapioca and yam, often called as pearl or sago. The sago, however, is dark in coloring and quite big. In addition the merchandise is packaged diversely usually in translucent wine glass with big straw.

They provide a wide selection of drinks which contains black pearls, taro bestseller, dairy tea and yogurt. Some drinks could also contain nata de coco. Tremble fruits have 8 flavours (mango, lychee, renewable apple, strawberry, blueberry enthusiasm, pineapple and peach) pudding flavoured taho have 7 flavours (choco, melon, taro, egg strawberry, lychee, dark gelatin.


Our prices from P25-P55 depending on its flavour and add-ons.

Price ranges from P45, 55, 85 to 95 with respect to the flavour and its own size. Can be purchased in combo of flavours or variant

Also is determined by the size and additional pricing on add-ons (e. g, pearl, crystals, Choc pieces, rice crispies, corn kernels, and red mongo coffee beans) but price range is around P25 to P40

Price range from P45 to 80 depending on the material. Additional will be added for add-ons.


Our outlet is inside Robinson's Place and it'll be recognized by the students near the shopping mall and the buyers.

Have over 250 outlet stores nationwide, excluding the branches outside the country.

Have 290 shops nationwide. The merchandise can be bought in pearl shake stands scattered all over the country, especially in department stores, schools and road corners.

There are about 55 shops. Their stores are usually found inside the malls


We promote through flyers and print out ads. We also consider as one of our means of advertisement is person to person.

They Advertise using flyers, printing advertisings and was featured on tv.

The company sponsors movie premiers and concerts as a means of their promotion. They prefer using internal advertising rather than external concept. They used posters and flyers as well.

They are into interior advertising; they don't have tri-media promotions







From era 3 and up

Male or female

Single, wedded or even widowed.



City Size

Metro Manila

1, 660, 714


Social Class


Class B and C

Health conscious and Price conscious



The risk of new entrant is high since it is easy for individuals who want to enter the industry because this type of business only requires a tiny amount of capitalization.


The company considers all companies that offer cold beverages as their major competition because the competitive situation is high due to the number of rivals that has already been out in the market. Competition is more strong when opponents are tempted to use price slashes or other Marketing methods to boost device volume.


There is a higher threat for substitute product because there are many alternative products that is offered on the market such as berry shake, plain soda and juice. If the company's price is very reasonable and other substitute product has a weak competitive force, it might be difficult or costly for customers to change to substitutes.


We can decrease the bargaining vitality of your customers by increasing their devotion to your business through partnerships or commitment programs, selling directly to consumers, or increasing the inherent or identified value of something by adding features or branding. In addition, we can choose the customers who've little knowledge of the market and have less electric power, so we can boost your success. Therefore, there should be creativity in working with consumers, usually by offering devotion programs and increasing identified value.


Main source decisions sits with the main element product materials- fruit and soda. There is a have to be concerned about the source and demand for the product. As source becomes short, the manager will find that suppliers have increasing bargaining power. Deals and positive connections with suppliers and suppliers are another way that can deal with the uncertainty and vitality of suppliers. Realizing the power of suppliers and the affect of external factors (e. g. , knowledge and weather) can be an important factor to be considered concerning finding a place in the market. Reduce inventory costs by giving just-in-time deliveries. Improve the value of goods and services supplied by making effective use of information about customer needs and personal preferences, and Speed the adoption of new technologies.


To promote, protect and maintain our image by any means times

To ensure that each staff provides quality products and provide excellent service to customers.

To broaden our market likelihood to persuade customers

To improve the number of purchasers as well as the number of sales by at least 30%

To increase net sales by 52%

To improve client satisfaction and bolster customer's delight

To capture the marketplace by taking the risk to getting into







First ever before to combined freshly scraped fruits with soda pop. Enjoying your soda without the feeling of guilt since it is combined with different wholesome fruit.

Our product should be dished up cold since it will not be that luscious if it's not cold any further.

One of the opportunities is the term of oral cavity of the clients once they reach experience our Super fruit Sparkle.

Threat is when other opponents imitate our product.

Another is the consumer's inclination, some people might not exactly like our product and might look for a alternative product.


Reasonable, inside your means.

We have a cheap product, because of that customers might think that our product is not of good quality.

Sales opportunity is increased because of the inexpensive product.

Even if we have a low cost product consumers might still need it from popular existing rival.


Our wall socket is inside Robinson's Place and it will be supported by the students near the shopping center and the purchasers.

We only have few retailers.

Opportunity is we can branch out and expand our market talk about.

Competitors may have better location than us.


Our Posters and flyers are unique and Beneficial. The color of our own posters is eyeball catching.

We don't have enough finances for expensive special offers.

Promos may entice more customers.

Our rivals may have a nicer and extravagant promo advertising.

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