Marketing Plan For Shandy Beer

Executive Summary:

This report is based and related upon the introduction of a new alcoholic beer to create and named as Shandy beer its heading to be launched in the uk market early next year. This product is specially distilled and brewed ale and have an extremely high quality of its amount making it among the best it will bring a great change and will a solid impact against its competitor.

The marketing arrange for the shandy is covering all the aspects of the related market and strategies that is meant to be used such as target market, target age group and course market situation. the marketing blend and difficulties are further mentioned for thr the better examination of the product success

Estimated consumers of the beers in uk are about more than a million out of which we want to capture around 25% of the market talk about in about 5 years time

Which will make an estimated profit of about 10 million every year.

The quality of the product is very much important and so will decide the life span stage of the shandy presence on the market and its future standing from the rough competition from the already set up big giants in the market.


The product Shandy beer is an alcoholic drink beverage this product would be both bottled and canned for the company and it would be also offered as drummed for the whole retailer as well; the attentiveness of the beer would be both minor and concentrated as considering different consumer in the target market.

The product would be very attractively packet and marketed to entice consumers. the beverage itself would prepare yourself from fresh products and concentrates the liquor base would be utilized as its purest form and may entail as a volume of 5. 5 percent concentrate in each unit making it a reliable beer giving a same refreshing and maximum taste to its consumers.

The price of this new product would be very inexpensive to begin with and just a little below its existing opponents to gain the marketplace share rapidly. And it ought to be quite definitely affordable to everyone.

After comparing the Shandy beverage against its competitor like big giants in beer beverage market Fosters, Calsberg and Heineken Shandy will gain its market and will establish itself as high quality beverage affordable units of price to everyone.

Target Audience

Younger crowd

First time drinkers

Youth from office workers / university students

After estimated information and research in the globally spirits and other hard liquor to beverage ration is 1:7.

Target Market

It is vital that after deep analytical research and undergone analysis

Its quite definitely important going to the desired marketplace with proper planning and an ultimate bang. all factors should be retained under consideration such as statistical data, demand examination, and test marketing etc.

A firm have to use a different setting of marketing combination to reach and initiate another marketplace and a totally different for the other one. William M. Take great pride in (2009).

The goal is to eventually develop the product to be utilized and considered by consumers of both the genders ranging from years 21 till 60, the first target market is selected to be four major towns in UK such as London, Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester

It would be launched and be targeting the youngsters and youngster as it major consumers. Providing them with less expensive and quality drink product.

Product Evaluation with Other Beverage Items


It can be an very important tool in the marketing industry, it lays the major role and image of the product for break of its life in the market and so the brand persona remains the same it lays the base pillar of marketing success.

"Branding makes selling easier and develop a degree of trust between your buyer and the business". Bill Chiaravalle (2006)

Brand beliefs & Implementation

The over-all phenomena of changing brains against mind set of product is the branding; brands are always created by intellects. Different and creative thinking make something differentiate and connect it with some good attitude which helps it in retailing in the market.

As promoting the Shandy beverage it's important to make its relation with sport statistics and big models thus associating it with them will create a physique and image of the merchandise in the consumers thoughts it as bring as hyperactive and gorgeous thing to possess.

The next step in producing its brand would be its emblem which is meticulously designed showing both the gorgeous and sporty association of this product.

The last is the brand affirmation that will connect with the merchandise in every way through its advertising campaign.

The slogan for the shandy ale would be"its only a drink that makes u to be a man. "

Image of Brand

Shandy beer has an five classes of dominating appeal in UK that should be kept in things to consider while having its marketing done.

United Kingdom











Marketing tool and techniques

Its just all an establish fact that id doesn't matters what kind of business it is what is important is the fact the customers have the ability to find and grab your product. Proper product marketing is very much important and the business shouldn't play protective on that alternatively it should be proactive.

The certain marketing tools which will be used for shandy beverage are as under.

News newspaper advertisement

it is an very excellent and cheap source of marketing which cover the top mass of the region, it almost like free promotion. An update of the product can be placed through this method of promotion. The main source of papers company that would be used is evening standard as it is absolve to all the advertisements is going tp much more customers upcoming a good end result.

Promotional incidents (Free Tester Hand out)

it is very important for any new product to get examined and tested by its new consumers and customers Shandy to begin with will have some promotional occurrences and gig celebrations at local pubs and golf clubs and many children places to be able to have interaction people and give a tastes of shandy, this will be immediate penetration and discussion with the consumers and a better feedback can be received of the merchandise standings.

This marketing tool is absolutely effective and in this manner it might be easier to have a good branding of the product.

Comprehensive website

Yet again its one of the very most basic and essential for any product or any company to have some online representation its not so much expensive to have a comprehensive website but the marketing benefit from it is substantial through this any update on company product or any information can be placed with little time and money to free with extremely fast and effective consequence.

Radio adds

Radio advertising campaign is each other method of cheap and effective ad short advertisements could be enjoyed at different hours of your day to get people use to the brand intentionally through extreme listening.

Marketing Mix


After the aspect examining the marketplace and keeping in mind a variety of competition an inexpensive and a very affordable and minimal price is kept thus bringing in the consumers a price of 1 is kept for a average 500 ml can and 60 pence for shandy equipment and lighting can of 440 ml.


A source of differentiation is retained against the lifestyle product in the market, high quality and stream range packaging make it to different plus much more attractive to its clients. a high quality standard is preserved and the product is regularly authorised by iso and the brewed industry.


This is an very essential aspect to be considered, where the product is usually to be launched must be chosen very carefully all the logistics should be checked out and sensible, supply string should be supervised very efficiently with no loose gap vendors should always be toped up. The bottling Place and the manufacturing plant both are found in Sheffield as they are cheap places for creation and in the middle of the supply string to different locations logistically.

And following that it might be easier plus much more efficient to supply the finish goods to its market place without the hindrance and blockage keeping the whole sellers with enough amount of stalk each and every time and continuous jogging of the product in the market


This is previous and far most important factor of the marketing mixture the best technique for the promotion of the product would be achieved though several ways that will include through radio and tv add but the major campaign activity would be done though news newspaper as sunlight and metro the next phase of advertising would be through launching the product through social situations and getting straight involved to the clients making a great impression of the product, which is tranquil resilient.

Shandy Life Cycle

Every product moves through levels and series of process which include stages from intro to its growth, maturity and finally its end or declining stage, its associated with changes and abrupt market situations thus interfering and changing strategy and the marketing mix of the product.

Revenue and gains of the product can be produced and estimated or plotted as a rolling function of lifecycle levels.

Life cycle stage of shandy


At this first stage the major account would be on advertising and its own diversification, usually the first start is always decrease on sale and its own up in build up process while revenue of the business will little by little increase on sale with the due time at different stages.

The first expected slow-moving income for the shandy beverage dosent want to do with the merchandise quality however the more cost incured because of the new proven company and its own new product and its own high cost.

At first the company now could be in its introductory phase thus it will keep low margin of income in order to find more sales and even more market penetration to pattern and rotate the product in the market and make it use by more consumer so that it can devlop it self and capture your brain set of people.


Thus later in its other phase and stage it can exceed its breakeven and gain more revenue once its build itself more and gained the market share

This is the second most important period in the shandy beverage has passed the first passing down phase and could have devlop its gain on the market place.

Now the business can more look over its market share and make more strategy to capture and be competitive agin its large competitors as foster and calsberg that have strong hold on the market as per current situation.


This is the most balance level of the product at that time its statitaically praposed and evaluated that the shandy ale would have totally grown and capturize its estimated market talk about of about 25% in the full total beer brewed industry and can look because of its other new product and develop its situation gravity fore more fututre projects.


As the marketplace strategy of the merchandise are strong enough to support its for up coming two decades so the declining period is less estimated to come and to tought of at this piece of time.

Shandy Beer contrast with its existence competitor

For a start shandy has a lot more effcient marketing and devloping strategy when compared with its largent rival calsberg as it is investigated and assessed calsberg has loosen its great amount of share in the market credited to lapse within strategy and vulnerable managment thus this windowpane of opertunity will be a hitchback for shandy to get its capital market.

Calsberg has some of it fragile sector regarding the product as it light brewed and amount in its alcholic vol and the method used in its ingrident gets degraded as they are using S3 technology for there production, keeping in this brain shandy will be using much more higher standard and improve creation technology for the best product final result.

And will be an quite definitely improved product form its competition.


Having a profound insight into the thourgh of the above marketing plan hence, it is concluded that i am sufficently achieved with my first idea and online marketing strategy of the shandy beers the planning is strong enough. and the study is done before hand to deal with the marketing issues and its devloping problems.

All work is performed on the market mix and functional implmentation of the product thus shandy beers is likely to be getting its market talk about quiet speedily and take its total market show in approximated 5 years time and be on its mature stage.

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