Marketing planning in the industrial market, Marketing planning...

Marketing planning in the industrial market

After studying this chapter, the student must:


• the essence and types of marketing planning in the enterprise;

• Definition of the term "product marketing plan";

• the main components of the product marketing plan;

• Characterization of the stages of the process of developing a marketing plan for the product;

be able to

• Develop a marketing plan for product management;

• identify and analyze possible errors that arise in the planning and management of the product marketing plan;


• the method of developing a marketing plan for the product;

• management skills of the developed marketing plan for the product.

Enterprise Marketing Planning and Product Marketing Plan

The process of marketing planning at a manufacturing enterprise is connected with a wide range of issues - from studying market conditions, the level of competition and consumers to developing the product itself and managing it on the market. With the help of marketing planning, companies study the needs for the product, plan its market share, develop the enterprise's production program for the cost of production, financing plans, logistics, profits. Thus, marketing planning of the manufacturing company is a combination of strategic tasks and activities in the field of commodity, sales and pricing.

It's important to remember!

Marketing planning - is one of the functions of enterprise management, which interacts with the functions of organizing, regulating, controlling and stimulating the sale of finished products.

There are two main types of marketing planning of an enterprise: operational (tactical) and strategic (Figure 9.1).

The main forks of marketing planning of the manufacturing enterprise

Fig. 9.1. The main marketing planning for a manufacturing company

Marketing planning in an enterprise is closely related to a concept such as marketing plan , which includes a set of measures to improve product distribution, marketing and marketing communications to achieve the goals for increasing sales, market share , increasing the company's competitiveness and implementing the chosen marketing strategy. The developed marketing plan should be written in writing, since it is this form of a written document that can serve and serves as a starting point for further planning.

The main the task of the marketing plan of the production enterprise - the rationale for the development of the enterprise, the choice of the best ways to achieve them on the basis of the most complete detection of the volumes and terms of industrial production, the choice of distribution channels and the sale of products, the area of ​​maintenance with the maximum use of production capacity.

The main objectives of the product marketing plan:

• analyze the current state of affairs with respect to the managed product;

• identify problems and determine the possibilities of their solution;

• formulate goals for the product;

• Identify the strategies and programs necessary to achieve your goals;

• Make a list of responsible managers who are responsible for achieving the set goals.

In practice, there are three main types of marketing plan :

• a marketing plan for each product being manufactured by the enterprise;

• a single consolidated marketing plan for all manufactured goods of the enterprise;

• A marketing plan as part of a strategic plan for the development of the entire enterprise.

Special note that the strategic marketing plan will be created taking into account the development of the external and internal environment of the producer, the dynamics of prices, the marketing policy of the company and its competitors. The company's managers carefully study the needs and structure of consumers, identify the features of their behavior, analyze and forecast the market conditions, etc.

Based on the analysis of the activities of large and successful manufacturing companies, we can conclude that the planning process when developing a marketing plan for a product consists of several consecutive and interrelated steps.

Step 1: Clarify existing product data. At this stage, the forecast values, compiled on the basis of previous years, are supplemented with more accurate and fresh data on sales volumes or market share of the product.

Step 2: Collect data about the current state of affairs in the industry or product category. The main emphasis at this stage is made on the collection of information on the current state of affairs in the industry under consideration.

Step 3: Analyze the data on the product category or industry. All collected data about consumers, their tastes, behavior, available competitors, their shares and marketing actions are studied in detail and interpreted. Both quantitative and qualitative analysis should be conducted.

Step 4. Developing goals, strategies and action programs. The most important and responsible stage. Should include a detailed and detailed description of the measures that will be taken to manage the product during the planned period (usually it is equal to a year).

Step 5. Preparation of financial documents. This stage includes the development of various budgets, a profit and loss account.

Step 6. Alignment of the final version of the plan with the top management. Discussion with the top management of the company and making all necessary adjustments and additions to the plan.

Step 7. Measuring the extent to which goals are achieved. Given the complexity and uncertainty of the environment, the company needs to constantly monitor it and make the necessary adjustments to the developed marketing plan to achieve the goals set in the plan.

Step 8: Check the results. At this stage, the planned results are compared with the actual ones at the end of the forecast period. Here, product managers need to identify the cause of the deviations from the planned results. This can be extremely important when designing a marketing plan for the following periods.

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