Marketing problems impact campbells soup company

The following webpages will present a marketing research proposal designed to identify marketing related issues that affect or will probably affect Campbell's Soup Company, an organic and natural food producer. The company's procedures are: U. S. Soup, Sauces, and Beverages, Baking and Snacking, International Soup, Sauces, and Beverages, and North America Foodservice. Each one of these operational sections is contains several businesses developed continually (Annual Report, 2009).

Although the company's success is proved by its long tradition on the marketplace and esteem from customers and opponents, the company is currently confronting with some negative business aspects. In other words, the company's sales income has reduced, and the business's top management is linking this situation to certain marketing problems.

In order to counteract these problems, the business must identify the precise problems and the complexities that resulted in this example. Therefore, it's important to conduct a marketing research program made to identify the factors that collaborated to creating such a predicament.

A recent problem that the company had to handle is represented by product recall. The company withdrew several items from the marketplace because of under-processing (Klopsis, 2010). The recall got a great impact on consumers, and it may have led to a reduced hunger for the company's products.

Problem Identification

The problem that must definitely be fixed through this marketing research refers to identifying the complexities that determined the company's sales to lessen. These basic causes can be displayed by the turmoil, given the actual fact that consumers' earnings has significantly reduced and their buying behavior has changed, by the actual fact that the business's products do not react to consumers' needs ever again, by the fact that the business's products aren't competitive enough, as well as others.

Scope of the Research

Given all these issues, the marketing research that the company will conduct is supposed to evaluate the marketing environment where the company activates, also to identify the modifications in the buying behavior of consumers and the reasons that identified these adjustments.

Based on the findings and the results of the study, the company will develop and implement a fresh marketing strategy, or will change the prevailing strategy relative to the issues exposed by the marketing research.

Objectives of the Research

The marketing research which will be conducted for Campbell Soup Company intends to handle the following goals

Objective #1 - identifying the current degree of the business's sales. These figures must be further weighed against the numbers reported in the same amount of the previous yr.

Objective #2 - identifying the sales volume of each one of the company's products. It is because the slowdown in the sales size may be related to certain types of products, alternatively than to the image of the business in general. If this is the case, the business can take punctual steps in addressing these product categories that do not gratify consumers.

Objective #3 - determining whether the reduced sales in the company's products happens in all areas and everything stores where the company's products can be found, or whether this only happens using stores. It is because the reason behind poor sales performance can be related to bad display in certain stores consequently of bad competition techniques, or even to certain malfunctions in the company's supply chain.

Objective #4 - identifying if the purchasing power of consumers has improved because of this of the monetary and financial meltdown. Quite simply, the sales volume level reduction can be independent to the business, since it ranges relative to consumers' purchasing ability.

Objective #5 - identifying the competitive benefit of the products commercialized by the company's competitors.

Hypotheses of the Research

The hypotheses that will be taken into account by the marketing research include

Hypothesis #1 - the business's sales quantity has lowered because consumers' financial electricity has decreased consequently of the crisis.

Hypothesis #2 - the business's products are very costly for consumers' purchasing power.

Hypothesis #3 - consumers' buying habit has improved.

Hypothesis #4 - competition' products tend to be competitive than Campbell company's products.

Hypothesis #5 - consumers prefer products commercialized by other companies because their product range is more varied.

Information Sources

Although marketing research programs usually solve secondary sources of information, in this case it is strongly recommended to use major sources in a larger percentage in comparison to secondary ones.

The reason behind selecting main information sources for achieving the objectives of the marketing research is displayed by the fact that primary resources of information are much more relevant for the researched problem. In this case, secondary resources of information are unlikely to handle specific issues that directly concern Campbell Soup Company.

Also, primary sources of information present new data that the business can actually rely on and consider when analyzing the situation. Furthermore, primary sources of information provide objective data.

However, the information provided by these key sources must be recognized by information provided by secondary resources of information. In this case, there are several steps that must definitely be implemented in collecting data from secondary sources of information: identifying the necessity for information, looking for sources of information, collecting supplementary data, identifying the necessity for supplementary information (Kress, 1988).

Secondary resources of information present several advantages in comparison with primary sources of information: they cost a lower amount to obtain, and they can be faster seen.

Research Methodology

The information that refers strictly to the business won't include consumers. For example, area professionals will be in charge of examining the screen of the business's products in the stores where they are simply commercialized, to be able to ensure that product screen is relative to what is set up in the contract between the company and the store in case.

In order to assemble the information that identifies consumers, it is strongly recommended to add diverse data collection methods that provides different types of information.

Important information can be acquired through the questionnaire. Such a questionnaire should be emailed. It is because it might be convenient for respondents. It could also be much easier to analyze by the company and it would cost less than administering the questionnaire on the phone, on the street, or to get.

The questionnaire must give attention to determining whether consumers buy less of the company's products because their budget has been reduced. Also, the results of the questionnaire must provide enough information in order to establish an ongoing profile of the consumer and to provide the basis of a buying behavior analysis.

In addition to this, it is strongly recommended that the marketing research also includes a concentrate group. Such a marketing research method is intended to provide some answers regarding consumers' take on the business's products. The focus group should include 18 people and it ought to be focused around whether individuals are satisfied or not with the company's products.

Marketing Research Schedule

The duration of the business's marketing research is 3 months.

The timetable of the marketing research is the following

Establishing aims, hypotheses, and problems to be examined by the research - 1 week

Establishing data collection methods and assigning of the required staff - 2 weeks

In-store observation - 1 month

Administering questionnaire - 2 weeks

Developing the concentration group - 1 week

Gathering information - 1 week

Analyzing the results - 1 week

In case the marketing research conducted by the company won't provide sufficient information, it is recommended to address a specialized marketing company to be able to assess the situation.

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