Marketing Strategy And Consumer Relation Methods Of Mcdonalds Marketing Essay


Marketing Strategy of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry:

In a Hospitality and Travel and leisure industry online marketing strategy is a process that can allow to hotel industry to give focus on its limited source on the greatest opportunity to raise the sale and achieve competitive advantages. Market strategy should be give concentrate around the main element strategy that the customer's satisfaction is their main goal. Attention is mixed on both body of theory and knowledge that is marketing, with a solid emphasis on applications of marketing in hospitality operation the problems which always speaking about are: the field of marketing plus some basic concepts; analysing marketing opportunities; marketing information and marketing research; online marketing strategy based on customer, competition, and the company's offerings, goals and talents; the procedure of marketing planning; the question of the service product; the hospitality product; issues of place, price, advertising, marketing communication, and, unit level marketing. Marketing strategy isn't only related to promotional and publicity activities but in the reality it is way better to put the customers needs, would like and satisfaction first. The market strategy of the hospitality industry that will lay out what you hope to achieve by marketing. Therefore a successful marketing is related with following founding:

What customers think about the product an services of organization

Who will buy it

The effect of rivals and stakeholders on the business

How you need to do the promotion of product what you sell

The Purpose of Marketing Strategy:

According to Malcolm "the goal of marketing is and its principal's is identification and creation of competitive advantages''. Online marketing strategy is very significant request for achieve the market objectives and it's a formulation of arrange for achieving them. ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY is around that

(What you would like to accomplish in your business) and Market strategy is approximately (how you do plan to reach your target). There are several targets and strategies by any means level in marketing. Which will be advertising goals and strategies and costs objectives strategy for short and permanent. Marketing Strategy is by which marketing goals will be achieved and are generally concerned with seven p's of the marketing mix: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, and folks, Process, Physical Information.


McDonalds Corporation is one of the best restaurant chains of Hamburgers and fast food restaurant in worldwide is providing their finest services to 58 million customers daily. The business enterprise was were only available in 1940, with a restaurant opened up by brothers in Bernardino and California. They provided launch about the 'Speedee Service System' in 1948 established the model of modern Fast-Food Restaurant. McDonald's first submitted for USA Brand on 4 may on information 'drive in restaurant services' that was continue through the finish of December 2009. In Sep 1961 Company registered a Logo hallmark overlapping a double arched 'm' symbol is temporarily disfavoured in 1962 in USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Sweden in the term of order opening.

Marketing Strategy of McDonald's:

"McDonalds has turned into a globally best brand for its marketing strategy''. McDonalds is consistently built its new brand by being attentive the advice of the clients and by identifying the many steps available marketing. Branding system of the McDonald always help develop their personality Product or Services. The brand image present that the way the customer's view about the organization. According if you ask me, ''every brand can get success if the behave and it symbolize itself front side of the clients in the suitable way''. McDonald's marketing techniques such as Advertisements and Promotion are being used for create the color, Design, image which give the brand its recognisable face. McDonalds produce it by its familiar 'Brand' named Golden Arch.

McDonalds is doing marketing by pursuing way:


McDonald's has from a long time maintained an extensive advertisement in addition by using Television, Radio and Periodicals, Papers, Internet etc. The company make significant Billboards and signage by sponsoring incidents like as Olympic Games, Basketball match, Commonwealth Video games and make cooler of Orange drink with their logo designed for local events. Television set is playing central role in the McDonald's advertisements strategy. McDonald is using 23 slogans few other slogans are chosen count

Marketing Blend Strategy of the McDonald's:

According to Malcolm, "The marketing mix of the McDonalds supplies the 'Tools' of the Trade''. The 7ps of the marketing can be manipulated to suit the needs of the marketing and environment. Online marketing strategy of the McDonalds help choose their customers it would like to cope with. Marketing mix is similar to as a means which guides the business seek to achieve its marketing subject through Product and services. Marketing mixture is term which used to describe the marketing tools of 7ps by analysing detailed information of the McDonald's customers. McDonald's marketing office can ascertain information key to deciding the correct marketing combine.

Product - The particular McDonalds is selling

Price - Just how much the selling price of this product

Promotion - How you will get the customer to purchase your product

Place_ That is the best place for the offering of your product

People- People refer to customer, employee, management who get excited about your business the trustworthiness of the brand is at their hands.

Process - Process have a significant impact on the grade of service and on customer experience.

Physical Proof - Physical information are exhibited by an organization must verify the assumption of the customers.


According to Malcolm, "the general policy for the merchandise is Deletion, Changes, Addition, Design, Branding, Position, and Packaging''. McDonalds always make an effort to remember where offering a menu to the possible client a big amount of preference available for the customers of with regard how and where they will spend their money. Therefore McDonald's supplying fully concentration on creating a menu. General market trends defines what is this, how the customer's requirements are changing during time to time, what is elegant and attractive product today. Marketing constantly monitoring the customer's requirements and their choice towards the merchandise. In order to meet this change McDonald's is producing new products and out old ones over time bringing out new option increase its sales.


McDonald's general costing policies is used for the product group on the market segment. The main thing for the client is price recharged before buying any product. They attract an image in their brain that the price of product will probably be worth. The danger can be from low reward corresponding to marketing tool is customer may be feel that the reduced price is preferring jeopardized quality. It's important for organization when deciding the purchase price to be cautious of the brand. The consequence of price rising mean that the opponents match the low price indicate no extra demand.


McDonald's promotion facet of marketing blend is covering all kind of marketing communications. Advertising is the overall regulations of the McDonalds for Communicating with the clients such as Advertising, Sales campaign, exhibition, Public Relation, Direct mail, The Internet etc. Advertising of the McDonald's is dependent after various methods one from those is utilized is advertising by the positive word of mouth. Advertising is offered on Tv set, Radio, In Cinemas, on line, Using Website, Using Poster site in the Magazine, Newspapers, and Slogans, Commitment scheme, bus shelter, Demonstration etc. Advertising method is using by McDonald's is good for providing effective consequence of their services. TV is creating recognition about food among the people and print media offers more detail information for helping the promotion to obtain additional customers and cause them to become continue buying only their products. The primary reason for the marketing communication is getting their goal customers. The McDonald's are know about their customers to it is providing it able to communicate with them


The place is the general policy for route and customer support levels. McDonald's is situated in a primary place almost in big cities at big malls and nearby the personal area. Place where in fact the business of the McDonald's is operating is very important element the idea of place is not only related with the physical location and the circulation point of product. It articles the McDonald's management of the vast range techniques including bringing product and to the finish customers. Its very significant factor for the McDonalds that Product must be on the right Place, on the right time and in the right variety, while keeping storage area.


People will be the key advantage of McDonald's. It is folks who are providing their finest services, manners, knowledge, ability, good dealing, and body gestures can have a profound effect on the customers experience and on creating the customer interest towards their own product by the positive person to person and producing excellent fast friendly services, cleanliness and suited environment for almost all their customers due to this McDonald's employees are playing very important role in the management of decision making.


According to Ruth Gosany, "Process of the McDonald's has a major impact on the grade of services company and on the total experience of the customers''. Process of the McDonald's relates to:

The food manufacturing transparent to customers

Training of the licence

The procedure for inventing new equipment for the cooking

The procedure for using new method for the food presentation and in the assistance during time to time based on the marketing fashion and the customer's requirements.

McDonald's is using same traditions in the food from many years for services, Flavor and for the better syndication on the market segment.

Physical Research:

Physical evidence is an important component of the marketing combine which allows to the clients again to produce a judgement on the McDonald's product, quality, services, costs etc. If any customer would go to McDonald's the first selection of every customer will be Sanitation, Friendly dealing, Environment friendly product and Good product. Physical information is a very significant area of the service mixture McDonald's always give more focus on the clean and hygienic.

Marketing Plan

According to Malcolm, ''the marketing plan means the plan which help to control and monitoring the internal and external environment of the organization it's like a ability to gain the aims and profitable deal''. Strategy marketing planning process is series of reasonable steps that help which will work through Marketing Plan. Strategy marketing planning is actually a 'Planning system' way of discovering the many options for the introduction of company, of making them definite in writing, of formulating marketing aims which are related with the companies overall scheduling and costing mainly about obtaining the things. Marketing plan allow to the market manager with a knowledge about the responsibilities and problems.

There will be the following components of the market plan:

Current Situation:

This is including the current situation of the McDonalds on the market. It's a information about the merchandise that, what are the being company is offering as well as for whom and analysing your Target market and the worth trends of the market.


The plan about the goals is placing some focus on of the company it's such as a application to attain the market objectives and formulation how to accomplish them.

Swot Research:

Swot analysis is stands on Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Hazards. This analysis determining these factors that are significant and unsignificant for attaining the objectives.

Competitors Analysis:

This strategy examination that who are the opponents around our business, what they are doing is they are simply doing same business and what the business want to do to compete with them and what insurance policies they have to adopt.

Market Research:

According to Ruth Gosany, "Market research determining how much the business enterprise man is aware of the leave and possible client prior to starting any business business must have to establish some basic knowledge related to their business''. Market research is specially identifying the marketplace, Market size and value of the market.

Target Market:

Organization have need to consider that which market is most important and worthwhile for your business plus they have to learn that who's their dedicated and temporary customers and this the market for your products exit and decide your goal that in to the competitors what talk about of market you anticipate to achieve. The prospective of McDonald's ought to be to achieve 100% talk about in the market.

Marketing Tools:

Marketing combine strategy offers a 'Tool' of trade to the business. The 7ps of the marketing are very suitable for the need and for the internal and external environment of the market. Marketing tools help to the organization to attain the subject and goals of the perfection.


McDonalds is offering full concentration on continuously monitoring the factors that are operating outside the firm and as well as within it and it make sure that they are changing during time. For monitoring the factor in the macro environment they can be visiting in the trade show and collecting competitor's information and by reading the trade press articles that assist them to maintain up to now with competitors. Also, they are monitoring the activities of their employee and their customers.

Swot Analysis

Swot analysis is a technique planning model which is stands for Power, Weakness, Opportunities and hazards involves in a business venture it involves specifying the endeavor of business and swot research is also identifying the inner and external factors which are suitable and unsuitable for achieve that objective.


Characteristics of the business or team which are giving benefit over other the hotel industry.


Weaknesses are exterior factor of the organization and disadvantage in accordance with others.


External likelihood of the industry to make better sail and earnings in the surroundings.


External elements which can create a trouble for the business of hotel industry.

Strength of the McDonald's

Globalization, Public Relation & Advertising:

McDonald's is the world's largest hotel chain of junk food restaurant. McDonald's a market innovator in the both home and international market.

With the huge extension into the market company has turned into a image of globalization and distributing an American life-style.

McDonalds have 31000 restaurants in 119 countries and they have a1. 5 million employees and providing their finest services to 8 million people daily.

McDonald's have a good public relation using their customers. It is doing marketing by advertising and using electronic digital media and printing multimedia etc.


McDonalds is using advertising its main concentrate on is children not the young and later years people.

McDonald's is dealing with looming marketing it could make it to difficult to make it new retailers.

McDonald's have a rates conflict with so many competitors which are creating a threat for the improvement of McDonald's. .

Lack of the product creativity is another weakness of the McDonald's.


Use of CRM repository to more accurately market to its customers concentrate on group it might identifying the Customers, Profile of Consumers and Analysing switching cost of the merchandise.

McDonald's is regularly giving give attention to the organization responsibility and minimizing the effect on the environment and community linkage.

McDonald's is increasing international enlargement and opening a new restaurant into the growing market of China and India.

The new Format Mc cafe comes with an internet wifi website link which in the bringing in section of McDonald's.


Changing Developments are a big risk for the McDonald's like as Government rules and regulation, weather, Inflation, Tough economy.

Focus by customers on nutrition and more healthy lifestyle.

Competitor's pressure and new entrance into the market they are providing a great and healthier product.

Recession is another big threat for the McDonald's during downturn rise in the economy, Income, Budget and Spending of folks all decrease.

Creating and Expanding Customer Loyalty

Customer's Satisfaction:

McDonalds is offering more concentration on the customer's needs and desires and also on the satisfaction. The satisfaction of the clients is depend after the quality and performance of the merchandise if it is based on the buyer's expectations if the product performance is rise short then your customer will be dissatisfied. Customer's satisfaction is will depend on upon their earlier buying experience, with the friends thoughts and opinions, advert and on the guarantees and information providing by marketers and rivals. Client satisfaction is significant for the client commitment. Customer may be satisfied with the each restaurant they always try to gain new experience and services. To develop the customer devotion manager and employee must extremely gratify their customers because the customer satisfaction is more than customer devotion.

Relationship Marketing:

The manager of the McDonald's see that who've become faithful customer and discovering the way of fabricating a romance with them which leads to the customer commitment. Relationship marketing is related with creating, Keeping and possessing a good romantic relationship with customers. Romantic relationship marketing is expanding the relationship with the stakeholder which helps to the business to serve customers. Difference between two types of marketing:

Relationship Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Relationship Marketing:

Relationship marketing is continuously making connection with their customers and giving give attention to the needs, needs, value and also on the satisfaction of the customers. This marketing offers product according the customers expectations.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is a short term marketing which is related to the orientation of single sale and episodic contact with the customers. This marketing is meets with the customer's expectation in limited and providing less concentration on the customer's services and satisfaction.

There are five different levels of marketing romance that are performed with the clients:

Basic: Restaurants is reselling product but does not follow it any way and not advertising for their products campaign.

Reactive: Company offers their product and encourages their customers to get hold of them by phone calls if they have any problem and question related with their products.

Accountable: Company is responding phone calls to their customer after short time to gain their suggestion for the improvements of these product any specific cause of their disappointment. These details helps the company to improve its offering.

Proactive: The salesperson and other employees of the company phones to truly have a suggestion about the improvement of these services they may be collecting suggestion for the future events.

Partnership: Company works continually with the customers, shareholders and stakeholders for the best way to provide better customers value and services.

Customer Loyalty

The amount of a customer staying with a particular company there are several tricks for its progress if the business is fully thinking about their business they have to give more focus on the next maters to become loyal customers:

Under stand the true reason for the marketing:

According to, Poll "the marketing consist only of the promotional and publicity activity, building trust and growing relation dispatch with the customers''. The goal of marketing is to generate and keep maintaining the strong relationship with the client so they regularly attached and recommend the one their restaurants.

Understand that what customers want:

Company have need to take place as close to the customers as possible. Company therefore secure practical understanding and assistance if they are growing their business company must understand the Motivation, Requirements, Value and Priorities of the customers. Company being tuned what customers want and they have to ensure that their product meets with today's and future need of the clients.


Integrity are made up with fundamental behaviour good dealing, honesty, the words of com, best degree of companies services. The business who demonstrates a higher degree of integrity is unquestionably trustworthy. For producing the interest of folks company have need to create the customer's desire for their own product by producing good quality and best services. The word integrity have not meaning without trust and trust is little or nothing without marriage.

Word of Mouth Marketing:

Word of mouth is a foundation of the marketing and customer's devotion which may be by the past customers, employees they can be admiring the companies' product and services and creating the customer's fascination with the chosen company's product front side of the other people by the positive person to person to become dedicated customer.

Brand Strategy of the McDonald's

According to Malcolm, ''Brand is name or sign that identify the product''. You can find three components of the Brand are the Brand strategy, Brand Setting and the Brand Personality. McDonald's is determining their product as have sustainable advantages so that brand is valued a shape in access of their balance sheet value is the fact its romantic relationship with the customers and company brand name of the McDonald's secure these open public relationship. Brand strategy is not a stable principle it is changing during time to time. McDonald's is changing it looking and re-establishing its brand in anew design to catch the attention of the clients by using Brand Strategy.

Components of the Brand Strategy:

There are multiple components of the brand strategy but these are not limited such as Brand collateral, Brand Commitment, Brand Consciousness, Perceived Quality, Name, Symbol, Slogan etc.

Brand collateral:

Marketing equity identifies the marketing results and outcome brand equity is similar to as a online result which is related with the all positive and negative linked to the marketing brand, its name, and mark that subtract value from their product and best services. Brand collateral related to brand devotion, Name, awareness, quality of the product and Brand Association.

Brand Commitment:

Brand devotion is relating with the repurchasing and goes on using the brand and positive behaviour towards the company like as positive word of mouth. Brand commitment is more than simple repurchasing of the product. The real brand loyalty is the fact that the customer have good attitude toward the brand and they're creating awareness among the list of people about brand's product and services.

Brand Recognition:

Brand consciousness is a necessary part of the brand strategy. Company is advertising by using various options like as Event sponsorship, Slogan, Using electronic media, Newspapers, Image which are increasing consciousness. Company must be make sure by calling and links with the client that after purchasing the merchandise customer remember the business again plus they know about their brand and product where it is available.

Perceived Quality:

Perceived quality of the product improve the price and market share. It provides a reason why customer purchasing the merchandise, and make differentiation its suggest if the quality of product is best then customer ignores the price due to the product's quality.

Public Relationship Strategy and Tactics


All company will need long-term Strategy marketing view and Short term 'Tactical' marketing operation. Proper marketing of the company is for an extended period that extends for one year, and may be cover 3 to 5 years. It's like as a backside drop against the decision which is used by company which it decides:

The current situation of the company

What is the target of the company

How it will achieve it


A tactical planning is made for a short time normally for one year and significantly less than it. Tactical marketing plan shouldn't complete before strategic marketing plan. The detail degree of the Tactics is a lot grater as it relates the Scheduling and cost of the merchandise for accomplishments of the first 12 months proper plan.

Public Connection of the McDonald's

According to Philip Henslowe (2008) Community relation are incredibly significant part of the marketing it includes Strategic and Tactics. McDonald's is announcing advanced general population relation because it's more than its general population health. Public relations are about the communication in the broadcast with McDonald's and with whom it offers many varieties of the contacts. To produce a public connection McDonald's is using different method:

Press Meeting:

McDonald's is participating in press conference to develop their pr with the customers. Its target mass media is Tv set, Radio, Newspaper publishers, Internet and their website in the press discussion it's creating consciousness and attracts the client by their product and services through using marketing and thanks the staff and customers for his or her efforts and effort.


In the over-all observation I have found the real reason for the ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY and Public Relation and Strategies which are the significant components of the hospitality and tourism online marketing strategy. McDonald's that have huge junk food restaurant chain in every around the world is doing marketing by Advertising their product on Tv set, Radio, Internet, Using Slogan, And sponsor events like Sports and Cricket match. For jogging their business properly it's using Swot and marketing mixture strategy which is suitable for the needs of marketing and internal and exterior environment of the McDonalds.


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