Bayer AG is a German centered company. Bayer was founded by Friedrich Bayer since 1863 in Leverkusen, Germany. Bayer displayed 302 companies in every over the world. Bayer Healthcare & pharmaceutical is a research-based best leading company in field of pharmaceutical knowledge and medical product developing. The corporation combines the worldwide actions of the section Animal Health, Bayer Schering Pharma, Consumer Good care and HEALTH CARE.

June 28, 2010 Bayer Health care Pharmaceuticals today launched Factor Trail, the previous customizable mobile request for people with haemophilia A. Factor Track is a gratis, specific and interactive mobile program that help create it easier to path and data haemophilia factor VIII infusions.

Bayer focuses on the rapidly grooving novelty - driven health care, nourishment and high - technical materials. Company mission statement is" BAYER Technology FOR BETTER LIFE. "Bayer strategic positioning toward these attractive markets and company focus on primary competence allow us to invest in enhancement areas and new technology. Company purpose is get management roles and make bigger our already strong market position. They will also regularly own work to contain expenditures and progress efficiencies to be able to another expand the business value. They are action a long - term enlargement plan, mindful of the want to take care of the business sustainably.

Company advertising campaign and promotion product provide more than 20000 articles to gather they need of patients and consumers in the different - different market. Pharmaceutical Market Company archive top 15th position in sales. This position is based on good quality of product and good marketing. Company have worldwide creation network

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Bayer AG is German structured company. Bayer is founded by Friedrich Bayer since 1863 in Leverkusen, Germany. Bayer symbolized 302 companies in all worlds. Chairman of Bayer sciences is Dr. Marijan Dekkers. (Wenning Werner, 2010)

Bayer is area of Health care, Diet and High-tech materials. Bayer products are developing and designed to help people and progress their standard of living.

Bayer Healthcare & pharmaceutical is a research-based best leading company in field of pharmaceutical technology and medical product developing. The corporation combines the worldwide activities of the section Creature Health, Bayer Schering Pharma, Consumer Care and attention and HEALTH CARE. More than 50, 000 folks are working by Bayer Medical care worldwide.

Bayer goal is to find out and make pioneering products that will get better man and canine health worldwide. Bayer goods improve well-being and excellence of life by diagnosing, prevent and treat disease. (Dr. Reinhardt Jorg, 2010)

They are lain the foundation for the benefits of more pioneering products in increasing healthcare marketplaces. In 2004 Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals recorded US sales of $ 1. 3 billion. (Dr. Reinhardt Jorg, 2009)

Literature Review

Case study

Bayer HealthCare introduce First Mobile Request to help Haemophilia A Patients in charge their treatment

WAYNE, NJ (June 28, 2010) - Bayer Medical care Pharmaceuticals today launched Factor Track, the former customizable mobile program for people with haemophilia A. Factor Trail is a gratis, specific and interactive mobile program that help create it simpler to path and facts haemophilia factor VIII infusions.

Factor Track catches dose history, occurrence and place of bleeds. It allow persons with haemophilia A to customise their combination routine base on the agreed treatment, view their combination record and, with an Web connection, show an alert if it is time for the after that infusion. In addition, it gives patients the choice of e-mail combination and bleed history to themselves or their professional medical panel if email is configured on the tool. Further, Factor Record links people with haemophilia A to learning equipment and online resources.

Any one who treats his or her bleeds with factor VIII infusions may use Factor Keep track of, despite of the precise product or treatment. For folks on a prophylaxis (precautionary) regimen, the claim offers a prompt composition to help create it much easier to bear in mind when to infuse.

Factor Track is the newest advance from Bayer that illustrates our ongoing promises to helping enhances the life span of folks who live with bleeding disorders, " said Paul Bedard, vice chief executive and general supervisor, Haematology, Bayer Professional medical Pharmaceuticals. "We functioned beside the haemophilia community, physical therapists and physical educators to develop the application form in response to the desires of folks with haemophilia A. "

Designed to be compatible with a amount of smartphone platforms, Factor Record is accessible today by using an iPhone, ipod itouch or iPad. Individuals can get knowledge about downloading Factor Trail by going to LivingWithHemophilia. com/Factor Track. In the close to future, Factor Keep track of will prepare yourself and on other smart mobile phones and the net.

Bayer doesn't accumulate private data when people use the Factor Keep track of application. People can use the application form without stepping into information that identifies them. Noted data are totally private and will only be stored over a top secret iPhone or ipod itouch. (WAYNE, 2010)

4Ps marketing model

I consider 4P marketing theory. In order to learn the marketing response, venture should blend with these rudiments to make sure with the marketing demand and receive the major profit. There are really many rudiments in marketing blend, McGarthy categorize these rudiments into 4 in his vital Marketing in 1960: Product, Price, Place, Advertising that is 4Ps.

Product- insubstantial goods are service bottom like the tourism business & the hotel business or codes-based products like cell phone load and credit. Quality types of a mass produced touchable object are the electric motor car and the throwaway razor. A less clear but just about everywhere mass produced service is a pc operating system. Packaging also needs to be studied into thought.

Price- The cost is the amount a client will pay for the created goods. It really is strong-minded by a number of factors counting market talk about, competition, material costs, created goods individuality and the customer's recognized worth of the product. The business enterprise may increase or reduce the price of product if other stores contain the similar product.

Place-Place represents the positioning where made goods can be purchase. It is often known as the supply channel. It could include any physical shop as well as electronic supplies on the web.

Promotion- represents every single one of the infrastructure a vendor might use available on the market. Promotion has four elements: advertising, public relations, phrase of mouth area and direct of sale. Advertising cover any communication that is paid for, from cinema commercials, radio and Internet adverts through print media and billboard Public relations are where the communication is in a roundabout way payed for and includes pr announcements, support offers, exhibitions, conferences, training seminars or package fairs and actions. (Zairi, 2003)

4P's marketing theory

(Anon. , 2009)

Swot analysis of Bayer healthcare & pharmaceutical

Swot Evaluation is the suggestions factor of Strategic growth. It can prompt activities and replies. Successful businesses build on their strengths, right their weaknesses and drive back interior vulnerabilities and outdoors threats. They also maintain a glance at on their complete business environment and location and exploit ground breaking opportunities earlier than competitors. Swot examination is a tool that helps a great deal of businesses in this process.





More than 50, 000 people are employed by Bayer Health care worldwide.

HealthCare provides more than 20, 000 articles to meet up with the needs of patients and consumers in the many markets.

Our pharmaceutical goods are usually distributed throughout by wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals.

Co-venture of advertising and marketing agreements offer to boost our source network. For instance, the deal with Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ortho-McNeil regarding the combined further development and marketing of the anticoagulant Xarelto ensures maximum development in this field, conferring regional marketing.

Working with focused clinical ideas Bayer healthcare use a various expanse of trouble dealing with techniques to be able to face up to the typical exercise and capitalise on progress through up-and-coming markets which enables connected growth.

There is growing pressure inside pharmaceutical markets to decrease prices in row with medical finances and keep patent expirations to make sure generic programs are up to date within critical course actions.

Challenges have been confronted within Bayer health care anywhere a decrease in the market requirement for key in products has been recognized; many of these products were branded and have been replace by general programme at the end of protection under the law time lines.

Internal weakness crossways the industry rather than remote to Bayer health care would be the stage of robbery and counterfeiting of drugs supervised interior employees

Research and development current main opportunities and they are working always to find latest products and progress existing ones.

In 2009 Bayer and the United Nations Environment Program (unep) planned about a dozen ecological tasks for children and teenagers as part of their worldwide relationship for environmental learning.

In 2009 the organization decided to supply the World Health

Organization (who) with 400, 000 tablets of its effective element nifurtimox each year free of charge, the target being to expand a new therapy to handle African sleeping sickness

Normally within the main pharmaceutical company there is a high level of competition for the generics market all over patents end and it is the first ever to entry where achievement will most likely be determined.

Technological advancements with bio-tech concepts will potentially alter the traditional pharmaceutical method out of the market place in the long time although there can be an economical argument that this form of growth can be segregated to perform next to traditional methods and balance as opposed to replace

Source : (Wenning Werner, 2009)

Bayer healthcare & pharmaceutical Current Marketing Strategy

Bayer targets the speedily grooving novelty - identified health care, nutrition and high - technology materials. Company mission declaration is" BAYER SCIENCE FOR BATEER LIFE. "Bayer tactical position toward these attractive markets and company focus on central competence allow us to invest in enhancement areas and new systems. Company purpose is get management tasks and make bigger our already strong market position. They will also regularly own initiatives to contain bills and get better efficiencies to be able to another enlarge the business value. They can be action an extended - term enlargement plan, mindful of the want to take care of the business sustainably.

This company is going on to achieve target above in development of market in every of its industry. Bayer's target is another strengthens and grows up a global leading diversified healthcare company. They are preparing to continue building up own consumer Health segment for a long time. They are target in pharmaceuticals portion and rise on the whole production of research and development place even larger value on the earning market.

This portion term of sales - pharmaceutical - basic drug selling department spotlight on products are that generally prescribed by general experts.

They will maintain own focal point on diseases everywhere there is a increased unmet medical require and main potential exists getting better diagnosis and therapy. Research and development is therefore a substantial and enlargement engine for own pharmaceutical business, which sector consequently makes up about the higher talk about of medical treatment subgroup Research & development budget. They also aim make stronger our range and increase our own research and development performance with in-licensing, alliances and cooperation. In 2009 2009 built-in the arrangement associated with the MEK inhibitor REDA- 119 of Ardea bioscience United States, and the radiopharmaceutical Alpharadin of Algeta As being a Norway both that happen to be being developed to take care of tumour diseases. (Wrnning Werner, 2009)

Promotion & Rates Strategy Of Bayer Health Care & Pharmaceutical

Advertisement & Promotion

Company advertisements and promotion product provide more than 20000 articles to get together they want of patients and consumers in the different - different market. The high number owing to the range of the product range and the different delivery forms dosage load up range and language version individual products and their presentation. Pharmaceutical Market Company archive top 15th position in sales. This position is dependant on good quality of product and good marketing.

Pharmaceuticals product in essence distributed and sales through all sealers pharmacies and hospitals. Co-venture of advertising and marketing contract optimize company syndication network. Company authorized arrangement with Johnson and Johnson subsidiary ortho-mcneil related to joint further development and marketing of best expansion in this area, conferring local marketing rights both partners discuss to share in products expected success. Company have some more alliances for circulation and marketing. Company alliance with Schering - plough USA under company market choose primary care products in United States. In addition they co market Zetia, a product of Merck and co. in Japan.

Consumer health sector offer mainly non-prescription drugs. Consumer good care brands generally in most otc (over - the - counter = treatments). Although the division's sales and offer channels beyond Europe are typically supermarket chains, drugstores and other bigger stores, pharmacies are syndication channel is Europe.

In the health care division they offer individual - friendly blood sugar monitoring such a single strip counter-top system or the multi - strip breeze. They are supply this products in beyond Europe throughout pharmacies, drugstores group vendors hospital and everything sealers. In Europe Company are sold mainly through pharmacies. Products are mainly desire cardiologists, radiologists and vascular doctors in clinic and out-patient clinical sites within a worldwide straight sales connection. (Wenning Werner, 2009)

Pricing strategy

On the basis of global creation network

An Organization of Healthcare entire supply chain, row material procurement to product fill, utilizes a worldwide manufacture network consisting of its sites and the ones of subcontractors. In these way they purpose steadily decrease costs, rise own flexibility and delivery dependability, and maintain high sanders of class, security and environmental safeness on an internationally basis. The produce of pharmaceutical is concentration to exceptionally strict quality identified by the word 'Good Manufacturing practices" (GMP) fulfilment with these needs is generally audited by interior experts, slim establishment and exterior consultants.

The pharmaceutical sector, control the primary resources for the active ingredients of its prescription pharmaceutical from external supplier. To prevent resource bottlenecks mitigate major price variation, these preliminary materials and the intermediates they don't create ourselves are generally purchased under worldwide contract and/or from range of suppliers they may have audited and accepted (wenning Werner, 2010)

Company Examination

Bayer health care is one of the very most trustable companies in the market. This is contained in 1st fifteen companies on the globe. The company is producing products since 1863 and showing its marvellous position on the market.

The products of the company are very fine plus they produce products after profound evaluation and good research. Company believe in giving the sufficient products to the people and try to learn the differences occurred in the lives of the customers.

In the accomplishment of Haemophilia, the individuals were benefitted on this product. The company provided at that moment facilities. The company also produces 20000 articles where information of enterprisers are protected, the changes are also brought up.

The company doesn't follow the strategy of block marketing as it produces medical products and also have a good position on the market.


According to me Bayer health care follows blog online marketing strategy as the current time is upgraded to new ideas and new technology that can make the visitors to browse easily on internet and can get aware of the products available for Bayer healthcare. Knowing of the products is very necessary for the folks who are using products of Bayer professional medical. Bayer being a major brand still suffers of the challenge lack of consciousness about its products as it is not into any kind of electronic press and advertising so blog marketing is a nice method for it to come in contact of individuals as well as create more awareness one of the consumers all around the globe.

According to Susan Gunelius writer of Blog Marketing How-To Guide Book:

Blog Marketing-To show, then you've previously set up your blog and your former branded online locations and interlinked these to enclose consumers with your content. From then on, you requirement to start create show commendable content to start creating your status as an expert and the go-to-person for information, talk, and questions related to your blog's theme.

Generate your online standing can't be done from a grain store. In other words, you have to subdivision out crossways the community web and get involved in the ongoing exchange.

In other words, you require getting on the radar monitors of online influencers by demonstrating your details and skill to them so they view you as a believable and reliable source. With the similar time, you need to add by others who are interested in your blog's subject, so they become conscious of who you are and the value that you bring to them if they converse with you.

Bottom-line, there are three essential steps require taking at the very first stages of blog marketing plan in order to begin on creating your web reputation

Make amazing, share worthy content that showcase your details.

Obtain on the radar screens of online influencers locally, so they know about organization.

Reach out to people who will tend to be in your blog's market. (Susan, 2010)


Bayer is a worldwide company with central part of competencies in the areas of healthcare & pharmaceuticals. As an inventor company, they locate pattern in research-intensive areas. Our products and services are planned to help people and progress their brilliance of life. At the similar time we try to make worthwhile through innovation, enlargement and high earning vitality. We focus on the main values of sustainable expansion and to our communal and moral tasks as a commercial citizen.

Bayer Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company people who have different practical specialties or multidisciplinary skills, in charge of carrying out all phrases of any creation, research and development project from commence to finish. Customers have very good production, Research and marketing team.

They work in various areas and they're doing a lover ominous job within an organization. Which means result is much better and appropriate and consequently Bayer has a very good reputation and opportunity in the global market company can be altered without destroying its identities; you should value the dignities of the employees in the company.

Bayer strategic position toward these attractive markets and company focus on main competence allow us to purchase enlargement areas and new systems.

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