Marketing Strategy Of Bata Pakistan

Bata Pakistan Limited is Pakistan-based company involved in the processing and sales of footwear. It really is one of the oldest shoes companies of Pakistan. Specializing in leather shoes and accessories, the company has made its special relationship with high quality college shoes and can be easily declared as a market head in this category. Bata features its presence with an increase of than 373 retail stores and 12 low cost depots depots in Pakistan. The company provides full range of shoes which range from newborn to people in every categories.

BATA Pakistan has categorized an aggressive advertising campaign to be its first priority. It's been prominent in rationally and clinically promoting public understanding for the right selection and utilization of good quality shoes that has helped modifying public considering shoes selection and use, and also increasing sales for Bata. Following are a few of the scientific facts highlighted by BATA

Shock Absorption: With each step, all your weight is consumed by tissues throughout your feet. The heel specifically absorbs almost all of your body's weight. Did you know that you bring about four to six times of your weight across the rearfoot when climbing stairs because of the mechanics required to the body? That points out why a gentle landing is important for your ft.

Safe Drive for your Legs: Perhaps you have experienced using motorbike in flip flops? You probably thought the burnt from the exhaust high temperature, slipped from the brake pedal, and got scratches with the gear shaft. Those a wide range of annoyances making your ride uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. Now you can let your feet breathe and become safe at the same time when you ride your motorcycle with BATA shoes.

Bata's marketing system operates in a systematic way. It adopts the marketing research system that is dependant on regular research. BATA Pakistan Small arranges for advert (pre and post), observation in store, mystery shopping, consumption and attitude surveys, focus groups for its marketing research program. Before launching a new product in the market, it is a part of Bata's marketing strategy to perform interviews with the targeted customers and ask them about their loves, dislikes and tastes about the Bata brands/ products. Bata conducts marketing research and relevant interviews, distributes discount vouchers and will be offering other attractive bonuses to its expected customers because of their active participation in Bata's marketing research-oriented programs. The primary reason behind the success of Bata Pakistan Limited is immediate research process and immediately contacting the mark customers. It seems mentionable that in regard with the marketing research for new brands, pre-launch marketing research has played out a very helpful role for paving the way of Bata's marketing strategy. Bata's marketing research system keeps Bata touching the needs of Bata's customers and helps Bata in making its marketing decision.

Segmentation is splitting customers into different sections; similar groups of customers, within which customers with the similar characteristics have the similar needs. Market segmentation is important and useful as market is the set of all real and potential buyers of a product and buyers are not homogeneous. Marketing segmentation is essential for well- knowledge of the marketplace and it takes on an integral role for an effective business as it helps you know the prospective market better than your competitors. Bata's market segmentation is comprised of geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral top features of its market sections having taken into account of the area (rural/urban/city/town/village), time, gender, social category, profession, income, personality attributes and life-style). For example, from age point of view, Bata segments the age groupings into children, young and later years people. From marketing perspective, all the three categories are rationally centered by Bata with the priority to supply the customers the best sneakers, similar both in quality and price, according to the needs of each portion. Bata has come out extremely successful in children portion that has helped Bata make high sales showing the segment worthwhile.

Positioning is customers' perception of a product with regards to alternatives on the marketplace. For its being an important part of online marketing strategy, positioning has been given credited attention in Bata's online marketing strategy. Customers' attitudes towards Bata's boot brands and accessories is regularly discovered and measured. It can help Bata identify the range for new brands and also reposition the existing brands. An edge that Bata Pakistan offers on other footwear manufacturing and advertising companies in the market is the fact that Bata has a huge number of shops throughout the united states; it is footwear giant in the united states, so that it has a much bigger space for impressive and appealing positioning. Supported with good customer support and direct customers contact, Bata has come out with successful setting.

Bata Pakistan has experienced few mentionable flaws in its marketing strategy in the past. One particular was when BATA made a decision to adopt the high-end segments of the Pakistani footwear market as part of its marketplace. It launched a number of brands because of this segment with higher prices. The move landed BATA in trouble. This segment had not been designed for BATA. To begin with, this segment was not sizable for an organization like BATA. Second, the portion didn't get with Bata's distinctive competence. The section constituted only 5 to 10 per cent of the shoes or boots market in Pakistan. It could not supply the amounts that BATA was used to at the mass end and high volume was essential for BATA for having healthy bottom line. Worse still, the adoption of the section misdirected Bata's whole strategy. The top end of the market suddenly became the main focus of the business and it forgot its bread-and-butter shoes that got given the business its id. And, small regional competitors started nibbling away at Bata's mainstay. Actually, Bata was squeezed at both ends. At the low ends, smaller opponents fastened Bata's mass range in classes shoes and chappals, which the company had almost vacated on its own by overlooking them completely. In the high end, specific niche market competitors, who have been better ready, were challenging Bata. From the market show of around 15 % in the middle 1999s, Bata found its show slide right down to 10 % of the shoes market in middle 2000s. The year 2001 saw the company running a lack of Rs. 42 million.

Having faced a detrimental situation, BATA efficiently reinvented itself as a renowned merchant offering customers the best in footwear in conditions of fashion, quality and introduced the concept of flagship stores to give a complete and unique shopping experience based on modern trends, relaxed ambience, great products and courteous staff at the new-look flagship stores which are all part of Bata's new marketing strategy paving the way of success for BATA, which is a prominently functional exemplory case of BATA' marketing strategy of monitoring and evaluating the online marketing strategy in practice and then taking essential steps and changes appropriately as measuring the potency of what has been done, and be ready to change things that are not working.

BATA has effectively worked on consolidating the prevailing top quality business activities into a leading and professional company that has helped in significant reduced amount of the business's trade-debt burden. The business is strictly controlling on credit and reducing the outstanding receivables which is able to augment its financial position to a greater level. BATA Pakistan has strengthened its position on the stock market as noticeable from increasing P/E percentage and market per talk about. Backed by upsurge in demand, EPS shows an upward development as well until lately when it dropped owing to instability in the country, which stressed out the turnout to the retail stores of the business. The web value of the company is not very high. The company proposed an increased dividend in Nov. 2007 due to the better results. It raised the ultimate dividends by 20% thus increasing the investors' self confidence.

Increase in the price of production primarily as a result of hike in prices of recycleables, rates of interest and travelling costs might cause difficult to the business. The increased costs might depress sales for the company along with affecting the top-line and bottom-line. Furthermore, Bata Pakistan should increasingly divert its target towards invention, new designs and maintenance of its shops to keep its customers basic intact. The cut-throat competition from the brought in cheap price shoes and many new and existing local retailers can significantly have an effect on the business business. In order to maintain steadily its success as a household name for the people of Pakistan, creativeness and research for higher quality should rest at the key of Bata product development coverage. Bata must consistently focus on the introduction of shoes with exclusive comfort, technology features and designs available to the people via a chain of modern large format and sport strategy outlets attracting new trends to match the needs of both the traditional and the trendy. Feed back from customers and employees, goof earnings packages coupled with bonus packs for the employees, using customer data, waiting for you speciality/assistance counters, products with purchase, incentives for the suppliers, promotional stuff like t shirts with 'BATA' published in it, sponsorship of sports especially cricket as it's the most popular game with the Pakistani people, issuance of devotion credit cards and delivery services can be of great help for Bata, particularly in its marketing.

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