Marketing strategy of Kimberly Clark corporation

Kimberly-Clark Organization has designed in Delaware in 1928. THE ORGANIZATION is a worldwide health and cleanliness company focused on product technology and building its personal care and attention, consumer structure, K-C Professional & Other and health care brands. The global brands are Huggies, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers, GoodNites, Kotex, Lightdays, Depend, Poise, Hakle, Site, WypAll, Kimtech, KleenGuard and Kimcare. Many of the Corporation's products, such as diapers, training and youth pants, incontinence care products, disposable wipes and different healthcare products as Nonwovens, Surgical Drapes and Dresses, Infection Control Products, Face Masks, Digestive Health, Pain Management as well as other Throw-away Medical Devices.

The Organization is arranged into operating segments predicated on product groupings. These operating sections have aggregated into four reportable global business sections: Personal Good care; Consumer Tissue's-C Professional & Other; and Health Care. Personal care products group is a respected business group. The products are sold under a number of brands, including Huggies, Pull-Ups, Little Swimmers, GoodNites, Kotex, Lightdays, Depend, Poise and other brand names. This group contributed 44 % revenues by business and leaded earnings in '09 2009.

Corporate responsibility:


At the key of Kimberly-Clark's principles lies a commitment to looking after the communities where the corporation lives and works. From 25 UNITED STATES hometowns to the 35 countries where the firm operate, the employees are steeped in the customs and activities of every community. With the philanthropic efforts and spouse organizations, K-C is committed to creating a much better life for individuals throughout the world, conditioning the communities and being truly a in charge steward of the environment. In 2009 2009, K-C and the employees donated a total of $22. 7 million in cash and product to causes worldwide and much more than $900, 000 to complement time volunteered by U. S. employees as part of the Community Companions program.


K- C changes to reduce product packaging in 2009 2009 in Korea and U. S and Europe

In Korea:

With the Korean Ministry of Environment's policy to reduce packaging, Yuhan-Kimberly has agreed upon a voluntary pact to lessen secondary product packaging between 2008 and 2012. In 2009 2009, Yuhan-Kimberly transformed the product packaging of womanly sanitary napkins to a lighter materials by utilizing a plastic bag instead of paper.

In U. S. and European countries:

Kimberly-Clark Professional launched new fill up packs for Scott cosmetic tissues. The innovative refill packages contain 14 percent more cells than existing cartons at no extra cost to the client, and without added space for storage.


With goal is to accomplish a year-on-year reduction of carbon dioxide equal emissions per product of global creation for developing and emissions related to U. S. product transportation. Kimberly-Clark is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency at manufacturing sites and completing product distribution. Many strategy did such as :

Developing a Global Weather Change Management Technique for K-C in 2008.

Using units article their growth plans through 2015 to task emissions for each and every business as well as for the company as a whole to set a commercial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions lowering concentrate on. GHG emissions from processing reduced more than 7 percent between 2005 and 2009

The Global Sustainability Strategy Team helps business units to implement methods and report their improvement.


The company engages with a variety of stakeholders - investors, consumers, employees, communities, non-governmental organizations.

Customers, purchasers and users :

Environmental promotions, e. g. recycling stations in Wal-Mart stores in Costa Rica and consumer education in Taiwan

Product labeling, including environmental product labels including the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo

Online information - e. g. ANDREX sustainability area and HUGGIES sustainability website

Suppliers :

Sustainability guide for suppliers

Communication in our fiber policy

Supplier Sustainability Summits

Governments and Non-governmental organizations

Meetings between mill personnel and local government officials, e. g. on release permits to air and drinking water, incentives for energy reductions

World Business Council for Sustainable Development work including Sustainable Forest and Paper Initiative, Future Market leaders Team, drinking water, and ecosystems

Contribution to industry initiatives such as industry body, EDANA's sustainability reports


The world faced the most significant global economic downturn in more than 70 years which brought extraordinary challenges and opportunities for Kimberly-Clark. Global economic conditions could continue to adversely have an effect on the Corporation's business and financial results. Unfavorable economic conditions, like the impact of recessions in america and throughout the world, may continue steadily to negatively impact the Corporation's business and financial results. Significant increases in prices for recycleables, energy, transport and other necessary products and services could adversely influence the Corporation's financial results. Rises in the cost of and availability of raw materials, including pulp and petroleum-based materials, the expense of energy, vehicles and other necessary services, provider constraints, an lack of ability to maintain beneficial supplier plans and relationships or an lack of ability to avoid disruptions in creation output induced by events such as natural disasters, electricity outages, labor strikes, and so on could have an adverse influence on the Corporation's financial results.

Kimberly-Clark team reacted quickly and focused on cost decrease, margin improvement and cash flow. . At exactly the same time, the organization has prolonged to take steps to build for future years and drive ecological, long-term growth for our shareholders while leading the earth in essentials for an improved life. Kimberly-Clark Company sent all-time record cashflow. This remarkable cash generation allowed Kimberly-Clark to invest more than $750 million in proper acquisitions in targeted development initiatives and organic and natural sales about 3 percent and advanced corporation's success, which translated into a 12 percent increase in earnings per show.


Company strategies

Manage profile to balance growth, profitability and cash flow

Invest in brands, advancement and development initiatives

Business Product Strategies

Win internationally in personal attention: K-C will grow its strong positions in this high-margin business by leveraging its powerful brands and providing being successful innovations.

Targeted expansion and margin improvement in consumer muscle: K-C will bring differentiated, value-added inventions to expand and enhance its brands while focusing on net realized earnings, improving mixture and reducing costs.

Drive rapid growth throughout K-C international (KCi), with a specific concentrate on china, Russia and Latin America: K-C's business in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa will continue steadily to execute targeted growth and growth plans, take benefit of attractive market opportunities and deploy K-C's strong brands and advancement capabilities.

Grow in higher margin sections in K-C professional (KCp) and health care: K-C will continue to shift merge to faster-growing, higher-margin sections within KCp and health care, including safety and wiping in kcp and medical devices in health care.

Leveraging the power of K-C's brands: K-C has increased tactical marketing spending by nearly $300 million during the last five years and plans to continue to accelerate spending faster than sales through 2015 to support product innovation, progress in KCI and further improve brand equity and market talk about.

Innovate: K-C has a solid legacy of advancement. In fact, we've created five of the eight major consumer product categories where we compete. K-C's innovation school of thought is dependant on discovering insights into what consumers and end-users want and need and then translating those insights into innovative solutions that create growth. Innovation opportunities in the years ahead will give attention to increasing existing brands, boosting margins and exploring new category opportunities.



"To improve the Health, Health and Well Being of People All over the place, Every day. "


"To enhance the Health and Hygiene of people in Africa through quality, trusted and intelligent solutions that clean, care and protect. "

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