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Marketing is the backbone of each business organization on the planet. It's the function of understanding the customer needs and selling a product to gratify his needs where in a market growth happens. Marketing is handling profitable mass network of customers and their bonding with company. The goal of marketing is to appeal to clients by promising high value products and to maintain existing customer bottom part by giving best customer satisfaction.

Kellogg is the world's leading company of cereal and convenience foods. In my market research, Kellogg's do not sell any Pasta foods. I present below my studies & marketing strategies and marketing planning if Kellogg's release a new products - Kellogg's Glass PASTA


Many people think of marketing only as selling and advertising. Marketing must be comprehended not in the old sense of making a sale-"revealing and offering"- however in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. When the marketer knows consumer needs; builds up products and service offering superior customer value; and prices, distributes, and promotes them effectively, the products will sell easily. In fact, matching to management master Peter Drucker, "The purpose of marketing is to make advertising unnecessary. " Advertising and advertising are just part of a larger "marketing mix"-a set of marketing tools that work together to meet customer needs and build customer marriage.

Broadly described, marketing is social and managerial process by which individuals and organizations obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging value with others. In a narrower business framework, marketing entails building profitable, value-laden exchange human relationships with customers. Hence, we define marketing as the process by which companies create value for customer and build strong customer interactions to be able to cover true value from customers in exchange.


Strategy & Market Planning

Marketing & Strategy Objectives

Kellogg's Glass Pasta will be vastly growing Pasta brand as a best-selling product in UK. The marking line of innovative Cup pasta varieties simple pasta of types - spaghetti (slender strings), maccheroni (tubes or cylinders), fusilli (swirls), and lasagne (bedding) and stuffed ones of ravioli & tortellini. Kellogg's Cup Pasta meals have Pasta as the primary ingredient with other highly wholesome ingredients.

Kellogg's Glass Pasta will invent the new & dynamic pasta experience for customers of most ages from economical class by providing best quality products at an economic cost however, not under the include taste. Kellogg's Cup Pasta will be accessible whatsoever convenient locations for the people providing industry-benchmark customer service.

Marketing Strategy: Thomas Bonoma asserts, "Online marketing strategy and implementation have an impact on one another, while strategy clearly affects activities, execution also influences marketing strategies, especially as time passes. However the dividing series between strategy and execution is a lttle bit fuzzy. It is simple enough to diagnose execution problems and recognize them from strategy deficiencies. " The many roles in your choice making process in Kellogg's Cup Pasta's marketing strategy are described in the following list,

Responsible: Being the marketing supervisor, I take initiative for analysing the situation after twelve months of product delivery in expanding alternatives and supposing discussion with others and then make the initial recommendation on approval of decision.

Approve: Then i accepts or rejects a conclusion before it is applied or chooses from alternatives developed

Consult: I'm consulted or asked for substantive input before the approval of your choice but does not possess vitality.

Implement: I'm accountable for the execution of your choice, including notification of other relevant participants regarding the decision.

Marketing Audit:

Market Situation Analysis: Kellogg's Glass Pasta enters its 2nd yr of procedure in market. Marketing is crucial at this stage in terms of market development & earnings. Kellogg's Cup Pasta comes with an extensive offering of pasta types of different shapes & flavours. The fundamentals of Kellogg's market is to provide customers, from kids to old aged people, an innovative, attractive, pasta food free of amount of time in a smooth & stylish glass. It uses homemade pasta manufactured from wheat flour & fresh veggie extracts providing flavours of veg curry, rooster, prawn, and includes new releases of fruity, nutty, easy-digest, hot ' n' chilly, peppery, cheesy.

Market Needs: Kellogg's provides customers a vast range of handful selection of Cup pastas that happen to be rich in nutrition and quality. Kellogg's manages to gratify the below needs of consumers,

Choice - Different lines of pasta to select for customers

Receptibility - Many syndication stations make Kellogg's Glass Pasta to open to all its customers.

Customer service - Kellogg's Cup Pastas are of high nutrient content & are safe to a person's health.

Competitive costs - Price must be relative to other pastas available in market.

Market Developments: Kellogg's profits from emerging Organisation strategies and bring in new products or services to Pasta market. The marketplace craze of pastas, salads, noodles is heading towards a more sophisticated customer. Nowadays, Kellogg's Glass Pasta customers movements are based on the below,

Health consciousness. There is high rise in quantity of health club memberships & fitness night clubs. Customers consider healthier options in food but at no cost of style. Cheap foods days and nights are forget about in today world. People recognise the benefit for healthy products.

Selection. Limited menu is unacceptable for folks. They demand an array of selection to choose from for his or her day-to-day menu.

Food quality. Organic foods are on demand for customers. People recommend for qualitative products and seek out high nutritional foods.

Semblance. Since showing products to customers becomes more pervasive, potential prospects tend to compliment this virtue of the growing Kellogg's Glass Pasta industry.

The Market: On research of market offered by Kellogg's Glass Pasta, the normal characteristics of customers have been recognized. Kellogg's will utilise these details to understand the customers its serve, their specific needs, and how to preserve them by better communicating their needs. Evaluation of Customer data gathered shows prospective customers as Kids, Students, Households, &Old Aged People.

Competition: Kellogg's to acquire information about its competitor's advantages and weakness. On survey by Kellogg's to learn its three competitors: XX, YY and ZZ on five attributes, XX popular brand known because of its good quality product but low in availing products at right time. YY was low on customer support and food quality. ZZ was not well branded though it was of good quality & price. Generally, Kellogg's should screen three variables when analysing competition,

Share of Market - The rival share of the target market

Share of Brain - The percentage of customers who named the competitors in responding to the statement, "Name the first company that comes to mind in the industry"

Share of Heart - The ratio of customers who named the competition in giving an answer to the declaration, "Name the company from which you would prefer to choose the product"

Components of Marketing Planning & Risk

2. 1 SWOT Analysis: Below is the SWOT research done by Kellogg's to analyse its strength, weakness, opportunity & threat in its Glass Pasta market,


Thick bonding with providers of best-quality Pasta elements with quick delivery timings.

Multiple distribution stations to reach out customers

Location of Outlets that sell Kellogg's Glass Pasta in traditional shops, malls, supermarkets.

Cup Pasta - wealthy quality & tastes that exceed competitor's offer in conditions of cost, quality & appearance.


Kellogg's Glass Pasta lacks brand name though it's common in market.

Low marketing cover developing brand recognition.

Compete with Rivals using cutting edge technologies for marketing


Being a niche market, there continues to be good percentage of people where there is absolutely no knowing of Kellogg's Glass Pasta.

Rise in opportunities in International marketing lines.

Innovativeness in creation of new Kellogg's Glass Pasta flavours & reusability of Mugs for customers

Gain benefit using competitor's marketing techniques to increase its expansion in market.


High competition from well-established Pasta & other rivals for Cup Pasta.

Economic slowdown that impacts customers income

2. 2 Marketing Goals: When opponents of Cup Pasta are determined by Kellogg's, it comprehends the competitor's marketing strategies. It functions market research using Questionnaires & people analysis to find out the position of every rival in Pasta market and the motorists because of their current position in market. Kellogg's designed its marketing targets based on drivers - efficiency & progress in present market, liquidity of cash through market programs and marketing leadership in scientific & customer service fronts. Kellogg's targets are described below,

Achieve & Sustain well balanced progress in a quarter

Achieve minimum goal of 80k - 90k sales bimonthly.

Set goals to generate more new consumers of Cup Pasta while retaining the prevailing consumers of Kellogg's.

Realize a growth strategy of 1 manufacturing facility biannually.

2. 3 Proper Objectives: Inside the recent market developments, Logistics plays an important role for everyone business organizations. Kellogg's identifies the same impact of logistics in its market of Glass Pasta too. Logistics is important to an organization as Kellogg's so as to gain and maintain competitive superiority in its market. Kellogg's incorporates new targets of improvised logistics approach for better performance and high deliverance into-long-term business strategies that help Kellogg's to accomplish substantial income in its Glass Pasta market. Kellogg's power of strong romance with its stores & wholesalers is because of its successful logistics operations. Say, it can deliver Glass Pasta to a sale point within deliverance windowpane of 2 -3 hours. This effective logistics planning & process help Kellogg's Cup Pasta market to expand & reach its market aim of steady growth rate than its rivals in Pasta market as well concerning maintain low implementation costs related with Cup Pasta production.


Target Markets: A Marketing consultancy can rarely gratify everyone in market. Marketers analyse different teams of individuals and segment them based on factors of geography, demography, mindset, and behaviour. Once Kellogg's identifies its market segments, it determines its target market segments as the one which gives Kellogg's very best prospect for Glass Pasta. Kellogg's Cup Pasta customers are hungry individuals from age ranges of 5 to 50. All age ranges enjoy Kellogg's Glass Pasta. A customer's income, get older, working routine and closeness to the merchants for purchase and customer's needs & trends will be the key factors for Kellogg's to choose its marketplace for Cup Pasta.

Competitor Market & Its Advantages:

Pasta Competitor XX: This is an Italian Ready-To-Cook product which has a limited collection of pasta dishes. With limited selection and best price rates, the laundry are good.

Pasta Competitor YY: A maker of chilled Italian dishes, pasta and sauces located in Victoria with a good Ready-To-Cook pasta selection, however quality is inadequate to capture more markets. Standard Mills acquires Pasta Grasp in 2011

Pasta Competitor ZZ: A restaurant with a variety of pasta dishes located in Italy. Though flavor & quality is average, price is saturated in comparison with its competitors.

Kellogg's Glass Pasta has generated authentic recipes of pastas that are unique and high-quality to its competitors. The factors that donate to this difference of Cup Pasta from its competitor's product are,

Cup Pasta is manufactured using flour from fresh Indian Wheat along with fresh, organic vegetables extracts.

High-nutrient ingredients employed by Kellogg's to get ready pasta are all imported & are of top attributes.

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