Maxis Marketing communications Berhad IS OFTEN A Telecome Service Marketing Essay

Maxis Marketing communications Berhad is a telecome provider with both ixed and IDD business and other Internet services. Maxis is the number one cellular service provider company in Malaysia.

Maxis Communications Berhad (Maxis) is a mobile focused telecom company with fixed brand and IDD businesses to support its wireless procedures. It's the number one cellular service provider in Malaysia by quality and level of members as well as profitability. The major part of my research on Maxis will give attention to its mobile section because this presently comprises the majority (over 90% of the total revenue) of the company's operations. The business is well located in a expanding and stable Malaysian telecommunication market, that ought to support continued fundamental expansion off an already impressive platform. Given what Maxis has recently achieved, the company will likely remain one of the foremost Southeast Asian oper


This paper reviews the performance of Maxis Communications Berhad (Maxis), a mobile centered telecom service agency with fixed series and IDD business to support its wireless functions. It's the number one cellular service provider in Malaysia by quality and quantity of members as well as profitability. The major part of my research on maxis will focus on its mobile department because this currently comprises the bulk of the company's functions (over 90% of total income). The review period ranges 5 years from 1998 to 2002.


Telecommunication Market Structure

Telecommunication services in Malaysia have been customarily provided on the monopolist basis. Since 1996 Malaysia has used an over-all liberalisation model to be able to build up its telecommunication sector. Within the last years, the federal government has issued licenses to several new providers - each a robust corporate group. Because of this, the industry once monopolised by Telekom Malaysia now has panoply of players offering fixed line and wireless services. Start of this past year (2002) there have been 5 certified telecommunication companies; Telekom Malaysia, Celcom, Maxis Communication, TIMECel and Digi. The telecommunication providers have since been consolidated into three major players particularly Maxis Communication, Telekom Malaysiaand Digi.

ince Maxis is involved in both post-paid and pre-paid market segments, it should take steps to customise the marketing initiatives of segments to achieve ideal results. While both services try to portray a premium image within each section, the separation of the two ensures that the perception among profitable business segments and high-income customers is not lessened.

Maxis's strategy is to give attention to quality rather than variety advertising by selecting the appropriate media and making certain the content of the communication works well and constant with the Maxis top quality brand image. Maxis could leverage on its romance with sister companies such as Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) and Astro to advertise its product. They are the two most important stations of communication as nearly all its audience are made up of the younger generation, working parents, housewives and senior citizens ' incidentally the targeted consumer teams for this pre-paid product. Aside from media, advertisement may be made via the television set and radio, outdoor billboards, chosen magazines and magazines.


Maxis recognises the value of developing an effective human resource strategy to support and preserve its growth. The business operates on a number of key performance indications (KPI) such as overall service level, processing time and problem solution time. These attributes are inculcated into its staff drive. Maxis also provides compulsory customer care classes and connection in customer-facing procedures for all its employees. Maxis thinks these training initiatives would further promote Maxis' customer-oriented culture. In its work to hold on to and catch the attention of quality labor force, Maxis presents competitive employee remuneration, performance-based bonus products, while offering an array of training programmes through the Maxis Academy and external classes with high quality working environment.

Furthermore, the Maxis older management team has the mixture of skills and multinational experience essential to grow a mobile operator in an extremely competitive environment, particularly in the regions of marketing, branding, technology and financ

The Malaysia mobile market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, submitting 15%, 39%, 74%, 44% and 21% expansion per time through 1998 to 2002 to reach 9. 1 million clients by end 2002, implying about 38% penetration on the market. The recent strength is largely because of the popularisation of economical pre-paid services within the marketplace as well as falling costs for handsets and a restoration in monetary factors. The customer development data is provided in the stand below.

Customer service - from registration through after-sales service ' is critical to subscriber retention and superior brand maintenance. Maxis's customer target should maintain providing better customer management, easier access to Maxis support and services, increasing top-up stations and differentiating Maxis from its competition. Maxis could use its existing service stations such as Maxis centres, Maxis Authorised Service Agencies (MASA), Maxis i-centres, Maxis contact centres and Maxis e-customer services. The functions of every route are as follow:

Maxis centres: These centres would be located at convenient locations across Malaysia and really should provide a complete selection of standard customer services.

MASA: Maxis could utilise its authorised providers to complement maxis centres. The real estate agents could provide customer services such as payment facilities, home elevators the latest value-added services, responding to enquiries, etc.

Maxis i-centres: These centres should be equipped with Internet kiosks for customer access to Maxis Internet services and screen the latest mobile equipment.

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