McDonald's 4 P's of Marketing Analysis

McDonald's Organization since its start in 1955 has remained consistently as popular brand name worldwide. In order to achieve this position the company has used marketing strategies which may have covered every part of the business and public world. From advertising and competitors to pr and charity, McDonald's has an objective and then for what they want to achieve and has found ways of attaining those goals. Throughout this paper you will find information of how McDonald's used the four P's of marketing in order to create a successful and popular worldwide company.

The four P's of marketing include price, product, advertising and place. Marketing strategies are created through a process of performing research, which gives the info for deciding the right product/service, appropriate costs set ups, and the effective location and campaign for establishing the correct position available on the market for achieving best return on investment. (investopedia. com) The marketing strategies that contain been created through this research by McDonald's Company have offered them well ever since they opened up their entrance doors in 1955. The creator of McDonald's Firm, Ray Kroc, started out the company with the mentality of widening his business by using franchising. Since 1955, McDonald's has become one of the very most valuable brand names on earth. (Rowley, 2004)

Expanding the organization internationally is the marketing strategy that has allowed McDonald's to be one of the world's greatest fast food vendors. In 1958, owner Ray Kroc made a assertion, "The basis for our complete business is that people are moral, truthful and trustworthy. " (McDonalds. com, 2010) The McDonald's mission statement lists the four P's of marketing as the fundamentals of providing a fantastic customer experience.

The to begin the four P's is price. "McDonald's overall costs objective is to increase market talk about. " (Vignali, 2004) With the initial research that was done to make a successful online marketing strategy, McDonald's Corporation investigated the demand, competitor's position in the market and the price tag on creating the product and created a price that will create a customer demand. When the recession struck, a the greater part of businesses started to reduce customers and in exchange income. McDonald's was mostly of the that cashed in on the recession by making a value menu. The worthiness menu, which features select items sold for one buck each, has helped McDonald's bring in customers consistently which continuous income has helped increased market show.

The second of the four P's is product. When McDonald's first opened up in 1955, they were the first business to provide burgers, fries and milk shakes in a convenient family dining atmosphere. The opponents in the area provided no competition and McDonald's sold its one hundred millionth hamburger in 1958. As time continued and technology advanced, the marketplace became more competitive and a wholesome lifestyle trend started out to unfold in contemporary society. But even with all this change, McDonald's stored to their viewpoint, providing quality food and an excellent service in an easy and easy environment and with this idea they managed their place on the market. 2 yrs after their tenth anniversary in 1965, McDonald's began opening functions in Puerto Rico and Canada and currently they will have operations in a single hundred and eighteen countries, including China, Japan, UK and Australia. (Mcdonalds. com, 2010) Each country has their own unique menu items, but a few of the classics are on every menu worldwide. These include the Big Macintosh personal computer, Quarter Pounder, People from france Fries and Happy Meal.

When Starbucks began offering coffee and a breakfast time sandwich combo, it provided competition to McDonald's already popular and loved breakfast menu. McDonald's response to this competition was to create a new type of products called the McCafe. The McCafe was a premium coffee beverage that emerged hot, cold or combined and in a number of flavors at an acceptable price.

The third of the four P's is advertising. You will find four ways to promote a product in the wonderful world of marketing; advertising, immediate marketing, sales deals and pr. Advertising is used worldwide and usually involves the use of any celebrity praising the product quality, value and affordability of the product. McDonald's advertising differs in each of the a hundred and eighteen countries they have locations in. To date, McDonald's has used twenty three different slogans in US advertising and a few other slogans far away worldwide. Tv set, radio and papers are not really the only ways that McDonald's advertises their product. They have got begun to use billboards and sponsoring sports including the Olympics. But despite having all these extra advertising cable connections, tv has been the key advertising technique for McDonald's. Direct marketing is mostly achieved by the use of websites. McDonald's website provides specific information about menu items, company insurance policies and the company story. The information that is provided to the audience allows these to get an improved understanding at how McDonald's became what it is today. Sales marketing promotions are an important type in any online marketing strategy. The most frequent sales promotion that McDonald's run is their Happy Meals. The meals content has continued to be the same over the years, however the toy changes all the time. The toy that comes in the Happy Meals usually corresponds to a movie or event that popular at that time. The existing Happy Food includes toys and games that are themed to DreamWorks' Megamind movie. Public relations are an essential aspect to McDonald's. Their website by themselves provides information for a number of people. There can be an entire section on the website dedicated to students who need information for writing term documents. The web site even offers a place for customers to provide feedback for the business. McDonald's feeds of the reviews and uses it to help maintain their quality service. In Beijing, McDonald's hires individuals to be general population relation agents locally and provide information and receive opinions to get back to commercial headquarters. Beyond their website, McDonald's established fact for their contribution to the community. The Ronald McDonald House was created in many areas to help children and their own families with special needs. A report conducted by an application called A Cause that Counts in 2009 2009 expresses,

Research demonstrates 92% of People in america have a far more positive image of companies that support a reason. And, 87% of Americans are likely to transition brands, when price and quality are similar, to support a cause. These developments are consistent around the globe.

In 1977, McDonald's sponsored a higher School hockey team and provided them the chance to play an exhibition game contrary to the Washington Nationals. McDonald's has also been a happy sponsor of the Olympics for many years, donating money to help keep up with the quality of the function.

The last P of the four P's is place. Place mainly involves the company's syndication channel. This online marketing strategy is important, so that the company can ensure that their product is offered by the right place, at the right time and with the right amount. Practically 50% of People in america are within three mls of the McDonald's drive thru and good most those can be found either near large cover developments or institutions. Each McDonald's provides their own unique experience for the both children and the men and women. Every McDonald's carries a children's play area, which often includes a slide and different other playground equipment for the kids that can be played on. For the men and women, McDonald's has started to offer an internet facility at select locations. These permit the adults to access the internet on their laptops while their children are participating in in a child zone.

Using these marketing strategies and preserving the purpose of providing quality service and food within an inviting environment at an easy and easy pace, will allow McDonald's to remain on top of the market of junk food retailers. Their surroundings and prices will continue to have people expressing, "I'm Adoring It. "

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