Methodical instructions for participants of a business...

6.3. Methodical instructions for participants of the business game

a. The student group is divided into 4-5 subgroups, each of which has 3-4 people. Each sub-group mimics the activities of the administration of a single trading enterprise.

b. At each enterprise, a director is elected (or appointed by the teacher), who determines the deputies for commercial work, for economics and general issues.

c. At the beginning of the game, each company is allocated with initial capital (in the amount of 300 thousand cu) and a package of documents, which includes: the form of calculation of costs (form number 1); basic indicators (form No. 2); report on the work of the enterprise for the year (form number 3).

d. The enterprises develop the first section of the business plan, which specifies the specificity of the products (dresses) being sold, its color, size, purpose and price. In addition, enterprises calculate the costs of Form No. 1 and, upon successful completion of these calculations, act as buyers of means and objects of labor, as well as employers. At the same time, the first enterprise that correctly designed the first section of the business plan and calculated the costs of entering the market may have some advantages (for example, preferential tariffs for transportation and advantages in sales of products in the first half of the year).

e. Having carried out the necessary purchases, the enterprise proceeds to the sale of goods. In this case, it is extremely important to correctly orient the positioning of your product, as well as to establish the optimal price for it. When determining the range of goods of an enterprise, it is advisable to seek advice from a marketing specialist (who leads a business game), who can give the following information:

1) the most fashionable coloring;

2) the total number of goods having the most fashionable colors to be sold;

3) The most common size;

4) the total amount of goods of the most running size to be sold;

5) the most unpopular coloring;

6) the total number of goods having the most unpopular coloring to be sold;

7) the most unwanted size;

8) the total number of goods of the most non-moving size to be sold;

9) what is the market capacity, i.e. the total number of products that the market can accept;

10) what types of goods will not be sold.

The number of certificates is not limited, but all the references are paid. All references, except reference number 10, are estimated at $ 5,000. each. Reference number 10 is 10 thousand cu. The content of references varies annually depending on the market situation. The sale of goods is carried out in half a year, but the delivery of goods is carried out for a year, and you can not change the assortment.

f. The sale of goods is estimated by half a year. The following sales rules must be observed:

1) the unit of account is 1 thousand y. e.

2) Half of the sales for the year are realized for half a year;

3) an enterprise can realize no more than two goods, different in color and size (or only in color, or only in size), at their discretion. And these two different goods are sold at one price;

4) If the market can accept all goods, then they are sold at the price set by the enterprise. But there is a maximum price that can not be exceeded;

5) If the market can not accept the whole mass of goods, then first of all the goods that were delivered to the market (in the first half of the year) and the cheapest ones are sold first

6) the enterprise that first entered the market has advantages in marketing its products, and the last one is in an unfavorable position;

g. Unsold goods either remain in the enterprise and can be sold at a price equal to the cost price in the first half of the year, or at a price that is half the cost at the end of the year.

h. Director - the main manager of a trading enterprise, which must create an enterprise and make it the best. From the first year you will have to make the first section of the business plan and fill out the form number 1, which will enable your company to purchase the necessary goods, purchase trade halls, hire personnel and enter the market. The director has the right to consult with his deputies, but the choice of the solution is his prerogative. At the beginning of the game at your disposal is a small capital - 300 thousand cu, but you can resort to a long-term loan up to 600 thousand cu. at 10% per annum and maturity of 3 years. In case of emergency (or a mistake in the calculations), you can get another short-term loan from the banker (lead) at 20% per annum, which you will have to return at the end of the year. Total costs for the maintenance of the directorate - 20 thousand cu. This is a fixed value that can not be either increased or decreased. The first year of existence is the most favorable. Starting from the second year you will have to choose the "card of accidents". Among the accidents there are favorable and unfavorable for your enterprise. In the third year of existence, your enterprise will have to pay a value added tax, which will be 10% of its value. You are responsible for all aspects of the enterprise. If it enters the market last, then you can be removed from your post and replaced by a new director.

i. Deputy Commercial Director . At the enterprise you are responsible for the purchase and sale of goods. To purchase 1 thousand units. goods, you need to make transportation costs, which cost 45 thousand cu. At the same time, the wholesale price of 1 thousand units. goods - 50 thousand cu. You can work with the following transport organizations:

A. A new enterprise that provides transportation services at a lower price (10% discount) to attract customers. However, this is a small enterprise, and its services can only be used by the first enterprise that entered the market.

B. A large stable enterprise, but its tariffs for transportation are unchanged (45 thousand cu for transportation of 1 thousand units of goods).

You should jointly with the director choose the positioning of the products and agree with the marketing expert about advertising. You are responsible for transporting the products.

At the end of the third year, under the guidance of the director, you participate in the management survey of the enterprise.

j. Deputy Director for Economics . You are responsible for the costs of the enterprise, rent and operate commercial premises. Rent of one trading hall is 50 thousand cu. The lease term is 10 years. The annual fee is 5 thousand dollars. Each trading floor can be used to sell 1 thousand units. of goods per year. An enterprise can realize two types of goods (different in color and size). Rent of trading halls is made only at the beginning of the year. If the enterprise is in a difficult situation, it can terminate the lease contracts by paying the rent for the current year.

Fixed production costs of 20 thousand cu. per year (this is the cost of equipment obtained through leasing). These costs are stable regardless of the volume of sales of goods. Packing 1 thousand units. of goods costs 1,5 thousand USD. in year. Storage of 1 thousand units. goods cost in 0,5 thousand cu. per year.

At the end of the third year, under the guidance of the director, you participate in the management survey of the enterprise.

k. Deputy Director for General Affairs . You are subordinated to the personnel department. Your main task is to provide the enterprise with a work force. To ensure the operation of a single trading floor, five sellers are required, whose wages are 95 thousand cu. per year.

When hiring, you need to choose one of two options for hiring sellers:

A. Hire temporary sellers under fixed-term contracts for 1 year and calculate their wages.

B. Hire sellers under the contract for a certain period of time. The contract is concluded for a period of 2 years, with a possible subsequent extension for another year (according to the contract, five sellers receive a 95,000 cu annual salary).

In case of termination of the lease contract for the trading floor, you must pay to the sellers accepted under the contract, 65 thousand cu. a year for five people for the fact that they were left without work.

Temporary workers accepted on the terms of fixed-term contracts for 1 year, upon termination of the lease agreement may be dismissed. They are paid in compensation 30 thousand cu. for five people. However, you will not be able to hire sellers next year.

You need to sign a contract or an agreement with the sellers when they are hired.

At the end of the third year, under the guidance of the director, you participate in the management survey of the enterprise.

Summary of calculations

1. Fixed costs

1.1. Fixed expenses for the content of the Directorate

20 thousand dollars

2. Information for commercial service

2.1. Transportation cost

45 thousand dollars

2.2. The cost of transportation for the first enterprise that entered the market

40 thousand dollars

2.3. Wholesale price for 1 thousand units. goods

50 thousand dollars

3. Information for the Economic Service

3.1. Lease details

3.1.1. Rent of one trading floor for 10 years

50 thousand dollars

3.1.2. Lease term 10 years

3.1.3. Rate of rental per year

5 thousand dollars

3.1.4. Realization of goods through one trading floor for a year

1 thousand units. goods

3.2. Packing 1,000 units. goods

1.5 thousand USD

3.3. Storage of goods (1 thousand units)

0.5 thousand USD

4. Workforce information

4.1. One store is served by five vendors

4.2. Salary of five sellers (thousand USD)

- under the contract for the year


- Contracted annually


4.3. In the event that temporary workers accepted for work under the contract can be dismissed, they are paid severance pay (thousand cu.)


4.4. In case of cancellation of the contract for the rent of one hall, sellers who work under the contract receive in a year (thousand USD)


5. Loan information

The long-term loan is issued for 3 years with partial repayment by years and with levy

10% per year

The short-term loan is issued for 1 year under

20% per year

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