Mitchell's Super fruit Farms: A history of company growth

Mitchells Fruit Farms Small is the oldest & most trusted Food Company in Pakistan. Since starting its functions in 1933, the business has gone from power to strength, and its own wide variety of products has inundated breakfast desks with farm-fresh consumables, right from its orchards in Renala Khurd - products of a higher standard, enriching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with all the current goodness of character for a healthy lifestyle.

Today Mitchell's family is growing, reaching increasingly more homeowners worldwide with an ever-increasing array of farm-fresh products which range from thirst-quenching Squashes & Syrups; fruity Jams, Jellies and Marmalade; wealthy Tomato Ketchup & savory Sauces; delightful Pickles; refreshingly wholesome Canned Fruits & Vegetables; and a healthy range of Candies & Chocolates from its large range of confectionery products.

Francis J. Mitchell found its way to Bombay from Scotland by the end of World Battle I. He had been invited by his brother who was simply already set up in North Western India as a service provider to the federal government for construction of the railway network in this part of the subcontinent. At that time, when Francis was already a vintage man of over sixty years, an opportunity came up his way in the form of the rising irrigation system being organized in the canal colony districts of Western Punjab. He was successful in acquiring the rent of 720 acres of agricultural land in the then Montgomery area. The area allotted to him extended for practically seven miles from Renala Khurd to Kissan, sandwiched between your arterial lower Bari Doab Canal and the Lahore/Karachi railway.

He initiated the business enterprise of growing grapes for eventual sales as dried out raisins and sent his younger boy Richard to Australia for training at Mildura which was popular as a centre of specialisation in neuro-scientific horticulture. The

The company, with Francis Mitchell as its Governing Director and his two sons Leonard and Richard as Directors, was designed in 1933 and given the name Indian Mildura Fruit Farms Ltd. The North American Railway had exposed to traffic a few years before the acquisition of the land by the Mitchell family. Francis Mitchell was asked by the railway government bodies to propose a name for the adjoining train station. Hence the word "Kissan" which subsequently became a familiar brand name.

The trial planting of grapes, which commenced in 1921 and lasted until 1924, unfortunately did not end up being a success. The vines suffered serious harm from pests during the rainy season, just when the grapes needed dry weather for ripening. The complete plantation was substituted with citrus, which, luckily, became profitable. The elder kid, Leonard, was delivered specially to South Africa to consider good rootstock, that was the foundation of Valencia orange trees and shrubs these are well established on the farms today. With the outbreak of World Warfare II, demand for canned fruits and vegetables for the allied troops, stationed in India, started out to grow swiftly. To cost-effectively cater to this growing demand, a manufacturer was set up in Bangalore, South India. A fresh joint-stock company by the name of Kissan Products Ltd. was recorded.


As a sequel to Independence in 1947, Indian Mildura Fruits Farms Small lost nearly 75% of its Indian market. The business's name was evolved to "Mitchell's Berries Farms (Pvt. ) Ltd. " and the brand name "MITCHELL'S" became the exclusive property of the Pakistani company. In the same way, the Indian company attained exclusive use of the "KISSAN" brand name. Francis Mitchell died in 1933 and his elder kid, Leonard, became Chairman. After his brother's tragic fatality in an air crash, Richard took over the chairmanship in 1949 and persisted in this capacity until his loss of life in 1987. The family sold its shares slowly and gradually, having inducted Pakistani shareholders in 1957, and retired to Eastbourne, U. K. , in 1959. Richard's wife, Betty, maintained her links with the Company in the capacity of Director until 1991. She passed on in 1995.



The nationwide market, especially in the major places was saturated with the brought in foodstuff. Although international super fruit preserves, sauces and refreshments were obvious on the racks of the largest stores these were not as considerable as brought in confectionery, especially various brands of chocolate. It would appear that a lot of this merchandise continues to be brought into the country through unofficial channels without payment of imported duties. Despite these unhelpful conditions Mitchell's could actually achieve a significant increase of over 10% in the sales of confectionery and been successful at exactly the same time in saving a marginal growth in our traditional groceries business.


In the beginning they have invested around Rs. 29. 76 million in putting up modern automated facility by means of building and machinery. An unbiased feeder of way to obtain electric power directly form the WAPDA grid place together with a fresh standby generator were commissioned in January 2002. at a price of Rs. 14, 535, 652. this will result in significant savings in vitality bills. Inner cash technology and loan company borrowing have satisfied the capital expenditure bill in full.


Human Resource in addition has the pivotal importance for the business. Management and worker skills are constantly being modified through training courses and study trips both at home and overseas. Presently Mitchell's is functioning with 32 executive staff members along with a big sales and labor force


The success of Mitchell's products, and the tastes that has been winning consumers' hearts for years, is the consequence of the Company's ongoing investment in and focus on quality control, strengthened by research and development (R & D). Both portions closely organize with the Marketing and Exports Office in Lahore where product ideas are initiated and passed on to the R & D section for formulation. Once the R&D section has well prepared samples of new products, the Marketing Section carefully carries out product evaluation.


Along with R & D, the product quality Control section ensures that all our products live up to the consumers' high goals. From selection of the best possible fruits, to control and packaging, quality control takes on an integral role in keeping a vigilant and unrelenting vision on every step of the process. THE PRODUCT QUALITY Control personnel, with a main up-to-date laboratory, two line-control labs for the Groceries and Sugars Confectionery divisions, and an incubation lab, ensures that there is no deficit in quality standards during production.

As the Company considers its employees its most significant asset, management skills are being constantly up to date by sending executives on training courses and study travels, both at home and overseas.


Mitchell's Fruit Farms Small, is committed to produce best value products reaching our customers' requirements at competitive prices, strengthening our position as a quality managed company. To meet up this obligation, the business will continue

1. Updating of employee skills by training

2. Acquisition of new technology

3. Re-evaluation of its quality control and quality assurance system Management.



At present, MITCHELL'S products are being exported to several parts of the planet, including UK, USA, and the Middle East. In future the business is planning to make MITCHELL'S a brand familiar with homeowners in every area of the world.


There are certain Mitchell's products that are being brought in. For example, we transfer pineapple from Singapore. Only fruit is imported, all of those other process is performed inside our farms.

Some of the super fruit is imported in the form of pulp such as mango. We do expand mangoes inside our farms but because of the increasing demand of mango items we have to import some of the quantity from other countries to meet the demand. Glucose is also imported.


The Company exceeded a significant milestone when it gone general population in 1993, receiving a record membership for its shares floated on the market. The year 1998, the 65th for Mitchell's, brought another major variation for the Company; the ISO 9001 accreditation, rendering it the first food company in Pakistan to achieve the honor.

Today in Pakistan, Mitchell's is really the only major company with totally integrated operations having its own growing and handling facilities at one location. Modern high-volume industrial equipment, professional management and a trained labor force ensure that Mitchell's sustains its lead. Totally computerized and inter-linked regional sales offices manage burgeoning countrywide sales, with those in major locations, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. All the office buildings are on the Internet/e-mail network making sure uninterrupted movement of data. Highly licensed executives using modern management tools from the top Office in Lahore handle commercial, financial and accounting functions.

A smooth distribution system with nationwide coverage and steadiness of quality have retained the most esteemed national institutions loyal to Mitchell's' growing product range. Included in these are Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), leading five star hotels and night clubs, Utility Stores Corporation, Canteen Stores Division, chains of main stores and founded restaurants in major locations.


We assume that given the huge agricultural potential of Pakistan, there are dazzling prospects for the food handling industry, which can helpmeet the nutritional needs of the growing urban population within the united states as well as provide a surplus for export. The pre-requisite for such a development is a healthier and expanding economy. We are comfortable our company is well located to derive full advantage for the opportunities as they occur.


Mitchell's purpose is to provide its customer with healthy, progressive and best value food that will tempt their cravings at all times. Above all, Mitchell's also promise convenience & variety at affordable prices.


1. To be always a innovator in the markets we serve by providing quality products and successful services to your consumers while learning from their opinions to create even higher expectations for our products.

2. To be a company that constantly boosts its superior technical competence to provide innovative alternatives and superior products as per requirement of the market place.

3. To be a company that draws in and retains spectacular people by creating a culture that fosters openness and development, promotes individual growth, and rewards effort and performance.

4. To be a company which combines its people, technology, management systems, and market opportunities to accomplish profitable expansion while providing reasonable results to its investors.

5. To be a company that efforts to set the highest standards in commercial ethics in serving society.



Mitchell's launched its squashes in the year 1941. Mitchell's was the only real player in the field of squashes at that time. These were the first movers in abundant berry citrus. They recognized the need of, make to drink product. Following the proper customer need analysis consistent verification and evaluation by the Mitchell's research and development department a completely new product (squashes) was designed by means of rich fruit citrus. It had been a rest through advancement They availed the opportunity and gained the first mover benefits. So they obtain major market share, and with the passage of time they captured the market knowledge and rare resources

Mitchell's received the competitive advantages because that they had the first mover advantage

Fully integrated procedures. Specially farm fresh fruits with having their own growing and handling facilities

Mitchell's experienced professional management and the trained workforce

Mr. Richard got training from Australia Mildura at the initial stage

A smooth syndication system with nationwide coverage

Right products, quality and reliability.

Management was determined and confident

Mitchell's was the pioneer in the field of squashes, they gained significant market talk about and achieved the positive word of mouth regarding there products because they are manufactured from fresh plantation fruits.

Target Market:

The marketplace during release was up to 60 years of age and the main aim for was 15-30 years.


They segmented their product on the socio economical classes focusing on- A, B+ and B.

Marketing Strategy:

As they had the first mover gain they used it completely and initially advertised squashes by newspapers, posters radio programs. However they mainly invested there resources in building there commercial image.



The company was integrated in 1964 as a Private Limited Company, with the main objective to set up an industrial undertaking for processing of juices, squashes, sherbets, jams, pickles and preserves from fruits and vegetables. Shezan International Limited was conceived as a jv by the Shahnawaz Group of Pakistan and Alliance Industrial Development Corporation of U. S. A. The agricultural backdrop of the Pakistani sponsors induced them to determine this agro-based industry. Today Shezan is the most significant food processing device having developed and installed the capacity to meet up with the country's local as well as export needs.

While launching a 'me too' product, squashes the major danger was to compete Mitchells, who already acquired the major market show by capturing rare resources and already gained knowledge of key factors and issues of the marketplace. It was very costly for Shezan to overtake Mitchells. There was a higher risk involved with rivalling with Mitchells berries Farm Company. Shezan had the advantage to follow the already set product standards of Mitchell's regarding research and development. Shezan possessed the type of action to grab market share by offering high quality and better style followed by product variety by studying the Mitchells squashes.

Target Market:

Shezan's marketplace is up to 60 years and their center target market is 15-30 years.


They segmented their product on the socio economic classes concentrating on A, B+ and B.

Marketing Strategy:

Launched squashes in 1968-1969. at that time they promote it by papers, posters radio. On radio there was a show with the name "HIT Chance" the host name was HAMAD. They used market skimming strategy by offering low prices to fully capture the market talk about.


·In the beginning launched only three flavours of squashes which were ( mango, orange and lemon). But in current market they have 6 flavors (orange, mango, merge fruits, lemon and lemon barley, pomegranate)

· Shezan was available in 735 ml. a glass bottle however now its available in pet container of 830 ml

· Complete backward integration in case of this company since it's the only company that has its own sugar mill as well in the name of Shahtaj Sugars Mills, Mandi-bahauddin.

· Shezan gets the most developed syndication channels network and therefore it has an advantage of achieving maximum customers throughout Pakistan by using small sellers as well as larger retailers

· Shezan owns 60% of shelf space in all of the almost 16, 000 shops of Power Stores

· Shezan is involved in advertisements and low cost promotional campaigns rendering it a very generic brand name in your brain of consumers when they are out shopping for squashes.

· Shezan is the greatest food processing unit having developed and installed the capacity to meet up with the country's local as well as export needs.

· Shezan gets the highest production capacity when compared with its competition.


Mitchell's refreshing Squashes are produced from the Farm FRUITS in a hygienic environment keeping because the fitness of their valued customers.

Mitchell's procure fresh material from fresh and sunlight ripened fruits especially grown up on their orchards in Renala, they provide a range of energizing natural fruit flavors that promise to spice up your day.

Mitchell's is the only major food company in Pakistan today with totally integrated operations having its own growing and control facilities at one location.

Modern high-volume commercial equipment, professional management and a trained workforce all incorporate to ensure that Mitchell's remains its dominance as the innovator, market leader and craze setter.

In 1998 Mitchell's became the first food company in Pakistan to attain ISO 9001 accreditation, thus becoming more competitive on the international level also.

Squashes has stagnate progress and product itself reaches maturity stage so Mitchell's is trying to wthhold the market share and its faithful customers.

Mitchell's released squashes pet bottles with the number 1. 5 liter and 810 ml

Mitchell's squashes are available in seven flavors (orange, mango, combine fruits, pineapple, guava, lemon and lemon barley)

Mitchell's Diet Squashes are available in eight flavours.

Mitchell's squashes contain comprehensive fruit content which is the major differentiation factor.

In year 2001 and 2002 they run a biggest marketing campaign for squashes. Mitchell's used more than 200 hoardings displayed all around the Pakistan

As squashes has stagnate growth and product itself is at maturity stage the company is focusing upon building its corporate image somewhat than investing only on squashes adverts. So they don't want to spend their money on squash ads.

Last season Mitchell's launched DIET squashes, for MARKET. POS material of advert has only been used to market it.

Mitchell's Diet Squashes contain No Glucose and have 90% less calorie consumption than Regular Squash

Mitchell's Diet Squashes can be purchased in two flavors. Diet Mixed Super fruit Squash, and Diet Orange Squash

Mitchell's is using consumer and trade campaign. But mainly concentrating on trade deals. . In Lahore the store gain is 12+1, this means Mitchell's give one free bottle to its store on the purchase of 12 bottles but on the other hand in Karachi the trade promotion insurance policy is 24 + 3 i. e. on the purchase of 24 containers Mitchell's give 3 containers to its retailers. Thus Mitchell's make the use

Their unique offering proposition is quality. They never bargain on the product quality. Even if indeed they acquired any complain then they immediately replace it.

Mitchelle's believes that success of the organization is based on the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore Mitchell's has always given first top priority to its customer's feed back and this they actually by the next ways

Thorough questionnaire supply back forms

Thorough shop keepers

Through ISO strategies (CPA, Corrective and Preventive Actions)

The feedbacks and views of the customers are very great for them and besides

this they examine the feedback and try to implement that accordingly.


The market for Squashes in Pakistan is mainly influenced by branded competitors in this type of product category. These competitors have firm distribution channels. .

As most the country's population is within lower-lower to lower-middle category, this is why that people are definitely more price conscious and second of all the also look for the capability of products because of this reason there is a demand shift seen in the squash industry. The demand of Squashes is now limited limited to couple of months in major areas of country. THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE of Squashes in Lahore reaches its maximum between May and November So Mitchell's play a new strategy as far as region Lahore is concerned but on the other hand business in Karachi remains stale and on the same level of graph thorough out the whole calendar year thus Mitchell's imply different strategy in conditions of Karachi. The reason of the limited demand in line with the market analysis is basically because that you cannot relate squshes with different events for example the way red syrup Jam-i-Sheerin and Rooh Afzah are relating themselves to Ramadan and Muharam, another big reason of the limited demand of the Squashes is due to its use which is limited upto a thirst quenching drink but red syrup can be utilized in lots of ways apart from drinking such as toping, used in milk etc

Target market

The focusing on decision determines which customer group the organization will serve. Selecting good market focuses on is one of the management most demanded problems.

Mitchell's basically design the strategy to target the Community economic class of any & B+ quality. But then by enough time every course becomes part of their market. There major concentration was A & B+ rank however now they concentrate on overall market and go for mass market. Associated with from the age band of (3-80) years old people make use of it as a refreshing and energetic drink.

Target approach has been used by the Mitchell's in case of Squashes product variety. Here the segments are not evidently defined but extensive target.

Target Market

Demographics: up to 80 years as target market while core marketplace includes ages between 15 - 30. Age: 10 and above

Family life circuit: Young, Children, Old people.

Psychographics: Middle, Midsection Upper, Lower, Lower Upper, Upper school.

Benefits: Quality, Rich in taste.


The concept of "one-size-fit-all mass market" is no more relevant. Companies have to determine that which segment they are going to target. Few years back again, squashes segmentation was on the basis of behioral, life-style and utilization rate was high however now the actual is not in the market. Even consumption pattern has been decreased due to the entry of other alternative products.

Market needs

Talking about the need of market there is a need of those products which can be affordable as well as give efficiency to consumer. Nowadays many people are in rush and customer want quick drink and quick food to save their time. Considering Mitchell's squashes need was there few years back when powdered drink and juices and energy drinks were not launched to the marketplace. So mitchells had taken the first mover edge to present it though they conducted a research to make a need and record a significant market share at that time.

1. Quality craftsmanship

Mitchell's never bargain on its quality of fruits. Their squashes have extensive berry content. There quality remains consistent all the time.

2. innovations

As Mitchell's company thought that customer are actually very health continuous so they introduce DIET SQUASHES this past year with the slogan "lose weight not preference". But they have launched it for the topic segments only. They even didn't use campaign activities for these innovations.

3. customer services

As every single company want to have good relationship with the client. So in this respect if they got any complains related to their products they replace it without losing enough time of customer.


The success of the organization lies in the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore Mitchell's has always given first goal to its customer's give food to back which they are doing by the next ways

Thorough questionnaire give food to back forms

Thorough shop keepers

Through ISO methods (CPA, Corrective and Preventive Actions)

The feedbacks and thoughts of the clients are very useful for them and besides this they study the feedback and try to implement that appropriately.

Market trends

Trends are changing speedily, so nobody is aware the customer who'll buy our product today will buy it tomorrow as well as or not. At this time quashes are in 'MATURITY" stage. Associated with because it takes relatively more time in getting ready instead of other new beverages. So there is still not any desire to create a new market in this industry. The sole strategy Mitchell's is using just to preserve their existing customer and not looking for clients. Its basically rely that customer is dedicated to the product or not. The customers who are heavy users of squashes might not be switch to other alternative because they're loyal to it.

Market growth

Now there is absolutely no more expansion in squashes industry anticipated to consumer tastes and other factor is customer are incredibly price conscious now. They want to have instant beverages to save their time but at cheap rates. So market has been shifted scheduled to other refreshments like powdered drink, instant drink, juices and red syrup. So now squashes are lying in CASHCOW since it gives money but not further growth. As Mitchell's is the pioneer and still leader on the market so contain major share of market up to now.


SWOT evaluation of Mitchell's


  • Fully included operations
  • Having its growing and producing facilities
  • Modern high-volume industrial equipment
  • Professional management and a tuned workforce
  • A smooth distribution system with nationwide coverage
  • Right products, quality and stability.
  • Management is devoted and confident


  • Customer lists not tested
  • Some gaps in range for several sectors
  • Customer service staff needs training
  • More budget necessary for Human Source Development


  • Mitchell's can continue its dominance as the innovator
  • Can maintain its position as market leader
  • Can also continue to be a trend setter
  • International and domestic market expansion
  • Introducing new verities of food products
  • Local opponents have poor products
  • End-users react to new ideas
  • Can surprise competitors


  • Political instability
  • International Financial crises
  • Challenge of employees diversity
  • Changing technology and concept
  • Legislation could impact
  • Retention of key staff critical
  • Possible negative publicity
  • Market demand very seasonal

SWOT evaluation of squashes

Strength: ability of quality which remain consistent.

Weakness: price and cost of ingredients used in squashes.

Opportunity: can identify more sections like introduce squashes in small containers so reach customer buying ability.

Threat: all the alternative drinks.

Picture of squashes

Competition analysis

The competition is very fierce among the competition so Mitchell's always find the first mover edge and still the leader of market. It offers major share in the market.

Direct competitors: Shezan squashes

Indirect competition: red syrup, instant drinks

Market shares

Mitchells 40%

Shezan 38%

Kinza 11%

Others 11%

Positioning strategy

We provide high price, high quality superior product. Our market talk about in mere Lahore is 30% for squashes. A lot more than 50% of the area of the racks in the stores is covered from Mitchell's squashes.


We give attention to positioning since it is very important to producing the image our product projects in relation to our opponents' products (shezan).

Positioning with regards to a rival

We place our products straight against the rivals' products. this plan is suitable for us because we've a solid differential benefits against our competitor

Positioning in relation to a product class or feature

We sell our product with the slogan

"We offer plantation fresh quality drink"

And consider it to be our competitive border against our competition as well as for the same reason we focus on this attribute claiming that since we have our very own farms we provide you with the squashes made of fruit.

Positioning by price and quality

We consider our squashes to be a premium product. That's high quality, high price. All our customers buy them credited to brand devotion. They know that they are getting something that will probably be worth what they are paying.

Marketing mix

Product Strategy:

It is a consumer product. In the beginning it was a convenience product but because of the massive demand shift observed in the marketplace the customers are usually more wanting to buy prepared to drink products.

Sugar Confectionary


Mitchell's Diet Squashes

Mitchell's refreshing Diet Squashes are made from the Farm Fresh Fruits in a hygienic environment keeping because the fitness of our appreciated customers. Our Diet Squashes contain No Sugar and have 90% less calorie consumption than Regular Squash.

Mitchell's Diet Squashes can be purchased in two flavours.

· Diet Mixed Super fruit Squash, and

· Diet Orange Squash

Product life routine
Pricing Strategy

Mitchells costs goal is to increase sales size and maintain or raise the market share. To be able to seek higher sales size we often apply discounting techniques or other intense prices strategies.

Mitchells had priced premium price credited to there brand image in the market for quite a while. But, credited to shift in demand it is becoming almost to its opponents.

They cannot afford to fall season below certain degree of prices as they have to maintain certain profit level. At this point they may be facing hard competition because one glass of squash costs 7. 5 Rs on the other palm the price tag on powdered drink is 5 Rs per a glass.

Cost of 810 ml of bottle of Squash for dealer (including tax) = 71\ bottle

Cost of 810 ml of bottle of squash for consumer (including taxes) = 82\ bottle

Profit margin = 11\ container.

Cost of just one 1. 5 liter of container of squash for shop (including duty) = 227. 5\ bottle

Cost of just one 1. 5 liter of container of squash for consumer(including tax) = 244\ bottle

Profit margin = 16. 5\ bottle

Distribution Strategy

Mitchell's used the channel-Structure Technique for distribution. They believe that product should be sent out directly from supplier to customer or indirectly through a number of intermediaries. They sell their products sometimes directly and sometimes they sell their products through vendors. Like in Lahore they need to sell their products between the weeks of March till November while on the other hand in Karachi the demand of the Squashes continue to be the same over summer and winter since there have to have other distribution stations as compare to Lahore. Although Mitchell's make use of the direct syndication strategy and indirect distribution strategy and hence that's the reason the eye level is obviously filled with the products of Squashes, which causes a good consequence of upsurge in sales.

As they have got firm syndication network they follow the path

Producer----- Wholesaler ---- Merchant ---- Consumer

They also disperse directly to some stores for example they supply right to the Airlines and Hotels like PIA and Pearl Continental.

Advertising and Promotion Strategy

As we have discussed previously that the product reaches maturity level. Which means it has large numbers of dedicated customers that are using the product. Alternatively the probable of over all market of squashes won't grow because of demand switch toward far more convenient products. So at this time the company is not committing on advertising of squashes even when the launched the diet squash it was not followed by advertising campaign. Although it was for niche market they marketed only at the point of purchase. There focus is on building the corporate image of the business and to wthhold the potential customers.

Advertisement Examination:

Target market:

In this particular add, the company has targeted a child of 6 years ranging to 65 years old grandfather. As there are variety of products shown in this advertising which are aimed toward different age groups.

Core concept of advertisement:

The core note of the advertising is that the company wants to develop its corporate and business image. These are celebrating there 75 years of farm freshness. Which means that this company is serving the clients from the previous 75 years and they have been steady after there quality and providing the customers fresh products which is in fact there USP. The first type of the advertising "Bachpan ki kuch yadein hain". We remember our childhood when we increase up. So Mitchells is from the child hood remembrances as it is a brandname which is used by generation to generation. There is an affiliation associated with it for years and the reason for this relationship between your company and the clients is the fresh raw material used for the merchandise.

Functional characteristics of the advertisement:

Different products of the Mitchells are shown at different situations. So Mitchells is wanting to match themselves as a family product. It is trying to relate itself with the happy occasions of the family.

Sales Promotions:


They use push strategy in the peak season as offer motivation to the merchants. They offer 1 free container on the sale of 12 containers and 3 free containers on the sales of 24 containers.

Public Relations

Mitchell's has joined up with hands with the community areas as well as the British Council, the Office for International Development (UK) and Voluntary Service Overseas (UK) in order to promote education in rural areas. Twenty-five young girls' academic institutions have been setup in the Okara region in an endeavour to improve the levels of feminine literacy. Also a Professors Training Institute has been create to provide quality teaching staff to the neighborhood schools

Anjuman Khuddam-e-Rasool Allah:

Anjuman Khuddam-e-Rasool Allah is a community based mostly Non Governmental Company (NGO), proven in 1976 in Shergarh, in the centre of Area Okara. AKRA has a reputation in the encompassing area for providing high quality education to boys and girls from Nursery to Matric. The Anjuman is also well known for its free dispensary, and its role as a cultural welfare organization around Shergarh.

In this fashion Mitchells is developing pr and offering a social service to the people of rural areas.

As according from what we detected from the Mitchell's Strategies we've found that Mitchell's may also be proactive plus some time it adopts reactive strategy. Mitchell's is very much mindful and careful about its sales and about the client level satisfaction and since 1933 they tried out to keep up a same graph of satisfaction level and present customer an excellent, fresh farm products direct using their own farms. Mitchell's is very much concerned about its SWOT evaluation and keeping a closer attention on every action it can take for the better of its products.

Every SBU has its own strategies to make also to implement and at SBU level business strategy concentration more narrowly on their own products. The MD performs an important and central role for the tactical planning to become more effective not just as a MD but also as a tactical thinker and corporate and business culture leader.

Mitchell's management handles developing a marketing blend to provide a specified market. Their main concentrate is on the strategies at SBU level where Mitchell's make their strategies considering three pushes

Mitchell's is concerned about the exterior information pertains o cultural, economic, political and technological movements and product/market environment. The information is analyzed to recognize the SBU's advantages and weaknesses, which as well as competition and customer define the aim of SBU.

Mitchell's is also very worried about the Corporate Appraisal and because of this they keep a nearer connect to all the sets of corporate publics possessing a stake in the organization. In this context Mitchell's is very much worried about the Financial Position of the business. And they evaluate this factor very meticulously for the further decision making of the products.

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