Moleskine Marketing Analysis

1. 0 Professional Summary

Moleskine was founded in 1997 by a tiny Milanese publisher that wished to revive a product that is rich in history and traditions. Based on the case study we are aware that moleskine is wanting to bring back something that soon to be vanished. It is critical and crucial to know that how consumer habit can help to keep this traditional product alive by understanding characteristics personalities of consumers. Further segmenting those to be able to determine a solution that can assist marketers in planning their marketing blend, communication tools to hook up with the modern consumer, also coming up with new strategies and practices of marketing communication.

1. 2 Meaning of Personality

Personality might be characterized as the inner aspects which influences a singular's do and activities steady with the social and the physical environment. Qualities contrasts one single person from an alternate singular, no two individual impart the same characteristics and are specifically indistinguishable.

1. 3 Neo-Freudian Theory

In the situation of the Neo-Freudian Theory, consumers of Moleskine own more of the detached personality, as they are the people who move definately not others. They covet freedom, liberty, individualism or opportunity from commitments. This is observed in Moleskine as well, as possible seen in the case study. "Moleskine launched its modern-era selection of diaries in 1997, around the time laptop computers and personal telecommunication devices were breaking into the market" (Schiffman, O'Cass, Paladino and Carlson 2014, 621). This demonstrates moleskine's consumers still uses analogue or old fashioned products even in times of increasing technology as they don't conform to the culture and uses whatever which is suited to them.

1. 4 Features Theory

In the situation of the characteristics theory, moleskine's consumers are those which owns high ratings for extroversion and openness to experience from the best five model because they are creative, will report their likings, personal testimonies and experiences. They can be people who wants to travel and are considering other cultures and are comfortable to socialize with others. Essentially, these are traits which are similar to that of moleskine as they targets skill, culture and imagination. Furthermore, their products are split into 3 categories which are visiting, reading and writing that happen to be again similar of these consumers. It is the similarity of the consumer and brand personality which draws in the consumers to buy and use moleskine's products.

1. 5 Personality and Consumer Behavior

As mentioned from above, consumers of moleskine are those who possesses detached personality and regarding consumer behavior. It is similar to that of the inner-directed consumers, as they rely upon their internal ideals or benchmarks in assessing new items. Inner-directed consumers will buy products that please and perform on their behalf and they are not worried about what others think of the product that they are using. The consumers consider that moleskine's notebook satisfies their inner values and performs for the coffee lover. Similarly, moleskine is something of old tradition and old fashioned in the present day get older of technology where notebook computers and computers are generally used. However, the individuals are susceptive to social impact as well. This is because of the fact that they feel that moleskine's art work, culture and imagination fits their communal group.

There will definitely be commonality between moleskine's consumers and other consumers. Unlike having detached personality, moleskine's consumers too have other personality qualities like being modern which are normal to other consumers as well. The consumers are modern even though of the analogue product they are using, as moleskine uses new media to communicate with their consumers. Such as MSK 2 which is a digital notebook that your consumers can modify and create their own notebook. Moleskine utilizes cultural media, in famous brands YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

2. 0 VALS program

VALS is a program produced by Arnold Mitchell allowing us to raised fathom about the segmentations and account of adults American consumers. You will discover eight kind of adult American consumers segmented by VALS predicated on their mindsets, by using a specific group of psychological attributes and key demographics that drive consumer action. The eight kind of adult American consumers are the innovators, thinkers, believers, achievers, strivers, experiencers, manufacturers and last but not least the survivors. There are three primary motivation that drives the eight different types of consumers they are ideas, accomplishment and self-expression. The idea of primary motivation explains consumer behaviour and anticipates patterns. The resources of the eight type of consumers would also influence the consumer's behavior, resources identifies a person's age group, income, education, self-confidence, health, eagerness to buy or try and its vitality this mental, physical, psychological, demographic, socioeconomic will constrain or improve a person's manifestation of his / her primary drive.

2. 1 Roy Morgan's value segments

Roy Morgan's value sections of Australian consumer has a segmentation of ten different type of consumers group. "The ten types of individuals are the socially aware, noticeable accomplishment, young optimism, real conservatism, look at me, typical family life, traditional family life, a fairer deal, something better and basic needs". (Roy Morgan 2014) This two methods shows how get older, gender, marital position, income, education, profession, social class, health and personality influence the buyer behavior.

2. 2 Where would Moleskine consumers fit?

The moleskine notebook has an extended history and custom it is reputed to own been utilized by famous artist, thinkers and writers. The notebook was made famous by Bruce Chatwin and he was the main one who provided the notebook its name. "The school of thought of moleskine products are imagination, imaginative and travelling". (Moleskine 2014)

The moleskine product will fit better with the Roy Morgan's value segmentation under the types of young optimism and real conservatism.

2. 3 Young optimism

Young optimism refers to a person wanting to improve their leads in life and wished to be well known in society. They can be long-term thinkers, careers planner, attending school and contemplating about the future. Their mindset is commonly associated with people who want to experience life with their fullest for example getaway, a profession, friends, and family. They are simply innovative and considering technology. Thus the moleskine products totally suits into the account of the young optimism who are imaginative because they are constantly thinking of their future, creative as they are innovative and thinking about technology and lastly they would want to travel about the to broaden their point of view of life.

2. 4 Real conservatism

Real conservatism identifies folks who are wary of new things and ideas. They maintain very conservative thinking and believe that things aren't as good as they used to be. They are willing to pay more for products with quality and are especially attracted to older, well established brands. Moleskine is a well-established brand as it's the successor to the famous notebook that is used by renowned artists and thinkers such as Vincent vehicle Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. This provides you with it a feeling of course and nostalgia as a journal that retains the old world charm which also could be a trusty and convenient travel companion and it meets right into the profile of the true conservatism.

2. 5 How could these systems assist marketers?

The use of the systems allows marketers to put or promote their products better. They are able to use these systems to learn which specific portion of consumer they are targeting, and it'll definitely be easier for them to plan the marketing mixture (4Ps) strategy by making use of these systems.

3. 0 Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is define as the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, strategies, and resources in an organization into a smooth program made to maximize the effect on customers and stakeholders (Clow and Baack 2012).

It is a thought of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of an idea that evaluates the strategic roles of a number of communication disciplines - basic advertising, immediate response, sales promotion, and public relations - and combines these disciplines to provide clearness, regularity, and maximum communication impact (Kitchen and Burgmann 2010).

3. 1 Recommendations

In order for Moleskine to reach out to consumers who are less I. T savvy and resonate better with international consumers, pursuing are a few of the recommendations advised.

  • Making use of advertising through television, magazines or newspaper publishers are certain to get the note across to followers whom are less I. T savvy and create a repetitive and constant approach to increase product recognition.
  • Moleskine can employ celebrity endorsement for its products to reach out to international consumers. This means using brand ambassadors that are recognizable by global consumers.
  • The organization can take part in inter-national trade fairs or exhibitions to publicize and sell their products. This gives a powerful way of achieving many existing and potential consumers from different countries (Doole and Lowe 2008).

3. 2 Jenifer Aaker's Brand Personality Dimensions

Jenifer Aaker's brand personality construction is use to spell it out a brand profile which includes tangible and intangible attributes and correlates to humans' attribute.

This includes five sizes (Friend 2012)
  1. Sincerity - This dimension portrays as down-to-earth, genuine, wholesome or cheerful in consumer brains.
  2. Excitement - Daring, spirited, imaginative, and on the leading edge of technology and performance are the most interesting brands.
  3. Competence - This identifies brands with qualities such as consistency, cleverness, and success.
  4. Sophisticated - A brandname that is sophisticated can be regarded as wonderful and fit for the upper classes.
  5. Ruggedness - Solid brands are seen as outdoorsy and troublesome.

The two sizes which will be suited to Moleskine are 'Competence' and 'Pleasure'. The company had made use of technology such as cloud, public press and iPhone and iPad applications to market and press their products to the market. These provide consumers the convenience and stability in conditions of data storage on their smart devices. Additionally, by utilizing the many forms of cultural media will keep Moleskine updated with the latest styles, hence maintaining the ever changing technology.

4. 0 Moleskine's Segmentation and Marketing Strategies

Yes, it's possible for other products to utilize similar segmentation and marketing ways of Moleskine. Psychographic segmentation divides buyer into different groupings based on 1) Lifestyle 2) Public Category, and 3) Personality Characteristics. Moleskine goals designers, professionals, writers, creative, imaginative people, travelers, and people. Moleskine keeps at heart both their consumers' lifestyle and their communal classes. From working category to upper category where people need to develop new ideas, travelers who love to pen down their activities, and people who need to arrange their timetable. Moleskine's consumers' personality characteristics are creative, imaginative, ardent, traditional and prepared. Moleskine's products change from simple to stylish hard and delicate cover of diaries and etc. The purchase price setting up is high. Placing is exclusive syndication. For campaign, they give attention to connecting with consumers through communal marketing and interactive websites. Moleskine's placement is to open up platforms for people to be creative and communicative which contributes to the introduction of writing knowledge and culture. Few products that used similar segmentations and marketing strategies as Moleskine are Polaroid cameras and Chanel's products

4. 1 Polaroid Corporation

Targets creative people, designer, designers, professional photographers, and experiencers, individuals who see Polaroid as a position of lifestyle. Polaroid consumers' sociable course are from higher to working school, some people prefer to instantly capture their current experience and develop the picture at that moment; people put it to use for their tasks or special events. Polaroid consumers' personality characteristics are creative and passionate. Polaroid can be an enjoyable brand for youths. Polaroid communicates with consumers through sociable press and interactive websites. They may have their own Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Tweets accounts that they constant update position, videos, and pictures. They created smartphone software such as "Polamatic by Polaroid" where people may take pictures and edit them through the use of Polaroid's authentic casings and further features. Polaroid Firm has launched their new retail store called Fotobar, which can be found, online as well. It assists a function where people are empowered customize their Polaroid pictures (Melanson, 2013). Polaroid has partnerships with the Andy Warhol Museum and Female gaga. Polaroid uses global consumer section as in every country there will be a group of men and women that matches Polaroid's targeted market.

4. 2 Chanel

Founded in the entire year 1909. Chanel contain lifestyle and luxury products. Chanel is known to be a advanced brand for beautiful women. Chanel's products contain fashion clothing, fine jewelry, wrist watches, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetic makeup products. They place their products in their own boutiques. However, their makeup products and perfumes are available in certain specific departmental stores. Costing is high. Their campaign is through fashion shows, stars, events, television, mags, and exhibitions. Chanel uses modern technology to talk to their consumers. Social networking websites like Facebook and Tweets, YouTube to revise their new products, Videos occasions, and status. Chanel's videos constantly motion pictures and emphasize on their "brand history" and how it still exist in their products with a fusion of modern. This plan reinforces the partnership consumer need to have with the product. Chanel has re-designed their website to create a sleek site that shows elegance and created a few smartphone software that has videos and looks of the latest products, fashion information, behind the world features, and contact information for those boutiques, skin care tips using their brand's facial products. Chanel's Coco Stand out Lipstick was first launched and sold through the cultural media platform, Facebook. Users were to "like" the site and get complimentary shipment when purchasing. It increases awareness on the web store as some consumers are unacquainted with it, also, by "liking" the Facebook web page allows consumers to be involved in their future media or product launches. (Zelesny, 2011) Chanel used a male movie star; Brad Pitt to launched their advertisements on Chanel No. 5, Chanel's feminine perfume that became the discussion on social multimedia. They achieved it intentionally to raise the popularity of the merchandise (Carr, 2012). Chanel products are lifestyle selections and their product range will fit across in most countries and in every country, there is definitely a group of upper course, high-income individuals who lives a similar luxurious lifestyle allowing global consumer segmentation of products.

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