Nestle Food Handling Company Marketing Essay

Nestlé Pakistan Limited, the Groups primary activities are to make process and sell food products and ancillary equipment. The meals products include journal, confectionery and culinary products, espresso and beverage and normal water. The major brands include MILKPAK UHT, NESTLE EVERYDAY, LACTOGEN and NESCAFE. It works in Sheikhupura, Kabariwala, Islamabad and Karachi. The Milkpak Sheikhupura stock had commenced procedures in 1981 as a designer of UHT dairy. By 1988, it experienced expanded its operation and was also producing butter, cream, ghee.

To target the large potential made available from the tea-creaming section, Nestlé each day tea-creamer was launched in 1992, backed by included marketing, focused circulation with sampling drives and excellent consumer acceptance, the brand has shown strong expansion and supports great promise for future years.

Nestlé Pakistan is pleased with its commitment to excellence in product and safe practices and quality and providing value and services to its consumers. Around the social front it's very responsible as it pertains to environmentally acoustics business tactics and corporate interpersonal responsibility. Nestlé Pakistan performs in many ways but people products and brands are the key flag bearers of the business's image.

Nestlé Milkpak Ltd. is the marketplace leader in food and beverage industry. They are really producing high quality popular brands. The main raw material of Nestlé Milkpak is milk. Over the last thirteen years the company prime matter has gone to improve the quality and level of milk for UHT control and for other milk foundation products. So the company has twenty-five dairy collection centres in Pakistan.

Nestlé Pakistan's supply chain makes sure that Nestlé products are available, no subject wherever in Pakistan. Nestlé integrate functions from the plantation to market segments, and ensure products are delivered to consumers at the right time, the right cost and in the right amounts.

At the Town Dairy Collection Centre the farmer's dairy is poured into aluminium churns. The agent checks the milk's freshness and purity, and enters the quantity into the farmer's logbook. He needs it to one of Nestlé's 1308 Extra Reception and Cooling down Stations, about 2-4 kilometres away.

Along with correct chilling, pasteurization is one of the main processes in the treating milk. Temp and pasteurization time are incredibly important factors which must be given precisely with regards to the grade of the milk and its shelf life requirements. The pasteurization heat for homogenized, HTST pasteurized, regular-grade dairy is usually 72-75 C for 15-20 secs.

Nestlé is the world's greatest food and beverage company in conditions of sales. Because of strong brand product will gain a wide consumer popularity from all over the Pakistan. The biggest strength would be the strong brand, the chance in trading would be reasonable be very low. Nestlé will established a complete clear manufacturing system for client satisfaction in terms of hygiene. Nestlé strengthen their product by wide-ranging syndication network by increasing the capability for innovation that will lead to a noticable difference in sale progress.

Nestlé will be organising a team that may inspect and take notice of the accumulation (stock) on daily bases to avoid any damages developing and also to keep the inventory fresh. Nestlé can make sure they are not having surprise shortage, weather it is winter or summer season regardless of what circumstances are. Further power would be skilled labour, educated staff, large numbers of offerings and pre-purchase electronic display; layout of occasions, good track record of the business, easy to address outlets and physical data.

The main weakness of Nestlé product is having less an established good standing. The competitors have been around for decades and therefore have a loyal base. The next biggest weakness would be the lack of capital, establishing this extensive and gigantic vegetable you will see a need of acquiring financial support in terms of lending options from the bank. Spending hundreds of thousands in a solid brand is no guarantee to riches. It could the safest way to find yourself in the business, but it isn't necessarily the cheapest. Further weakness would be small target market, lack of consciousness among the prospective market and dependency on others like governments and sponsors for the design of situations.

The biggest opportunity would be looked at geographically. Pakistan can be found within an area where have summers the majority of enough time. People love as well as enjoy eating ice-cream in the season. Because of strong brand on the market, Nestlé product has a great potential of earning income. To make the product successful, the business will be using the highest degree of technology in determining customers' satisfaction as well as their feedback. Gaining preliminary success the next step would be beginning a parlour where people can enjoy all the flavour under one roof top. Further opportunities would be increasing interest of men and women ad few and weak competitors.


Nestlé is facing the hazards by worldwide community because of its violation of international marketing specifications. Many conferences and campaigns have been placed against Nestlé in this regard which may damage the name and trust of its customers. Another danger is because of the increasing acceptance of its rival OLPERS in local and international market segments. Further threat is the major player may enter into target market, the legal and moral issues, market segment growth could catch the attention of new entrants and financial slowdown can reduce demand.

Stage 3: Strategy Formulation

Milkpak will position Nestlé product as a superior quality product consumer targeted. Communications like "They is aware of your taste much better than us", "Nestle Milkpak now at the door step"; "Add additional flavours' to your daily life" will help to portray Nestlé picture evidently and distinctly. Milkpak will position Nestlé product against the rivals and gain competitive advantages through the productive promotional methods, using inventions, and by achieving closer to the target market through the arrangement of incidents like Basant, Valentine day and etc. In short consumers will view Nestlé as a product providing highly quality, in terms of tastes, customer focused and, at the same time reasonably priced as compared to others.

3. 0 Central Competency of Nestlé

To present Nestlé product from the competitors, the business will be using differentiation strategy which will not only distinguish their own from others but also give an advantage over others. Nestlé core products will be very beneficial especially in terms of quality, health, and health & most important consumer satisfaction. Nestlé augmented products will include consumer satisfaction, guarantee to vendors in terms of expire, delivery and after sales services.

The companies around the globe get some competitive edge predicated on some features which others don't have. For example, as the Dell gets the competitive edge over other computer supplier companies, because they use built-to-order Strategy while no other company in computer industry utilize this strategy. In the same way in Pakistan nestle has their competitive advantage based on the strategies like product differentiation and customer focused.

Nestlé is using the product differentiation strategy by providing the superior quality products. Their main emphasis is to keep the customers devoted. They bought shelve space in several departmental stores to attract the clients. They tried to attain each group of men and women in which they have succeeded. Besides, client satisfaction is the focal point for the business. They offer hygienic products to their customers. Products are also verified by health and safety precautions and international quality criteria.

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