New Ice Cream Product Launch - Action Plan

Keywords: snow cream marketing, product unveiling marketing, glaciers cream launch

A complete action plan to launch a new product in the Dessert portion, a delicious Ice-Cream called "Delice"

Executive summary

The essence of the detailed action plan broadly shows the present market situation. Its competition level, a short understanding about our product, its circulation channel. And undoubtedly a strategic planning that will certainly reflect business collection and useful plan forms a vital part of this report.

Our marketing plan is for our new product launch, in the dessert portion. A delicious, Ice-cream which we have named "Delice". We have also discussed its marketing blend to make it look unique from standard market offer. Hence translating the marketing combination into action we are able to launch the product successfully.

This action plan also explain a systematic method of get a good market share with high sales and profit, by strong promotional program and using effective tools like advertisements and product campaign like road plan, free syndication in the shopping mall as an example and through strong poster in retail outlets etc. The market is dynamic, and therefore problems and obstacle is there, it therefore become compulsion to discus the problems related to this kick off as well.


Nowadays, the demand for better living and an improved life-style is a core to your product. The buyer is always looking for new and scrumptious products, and big market giants are always coming up with products to provide the need of the customer. Amidst this corporate jungle for a want of a healthier life and a pocket the power by taking good care of good flavor bud, we are coming up with an extremely scrumptious Ice-cream "Delice" at a very affordable price, in the prevailing market where in fact the price are soaring in this food business. Together with the budget of 1 million, I've also planned where this portions is to be allocated, and in what proportion respectively. Based on the latest market development, even local ice-cream is selling like hot cakes.


Action Steps

What Will Be Done?


Who Will Do It?


By When? (Day/Month)


Resources Available

Resources Needed (financial, individual, political & other)

Potential Barriers

What individuals or organizations might avoid?


Communications Plan

Who is involved?

What methods?

How often?

Step 1: Analyse the market

Survey team


A. study team/Finance

B. information & data of ice-cream shop and sales

A. Locals

B. Not permitting the study team do the work

Planning team

Phone, e-mails, etc


Step 2: collecting data

Survey team


A. review team/Finance

B. information & data of ice-cream shop and sales

A. shop owners

B. not providing the info

Planning team

Phone, messages, etc everyday

Step 3: Advertisement

Advertisement team


A. Advertisings team/Finance

B. Place and permission

A. shop owners, TV channels

B. permission

Ads team

Phone, email messages, etc everyday

Step 4:

Launching of the products


A. The complete company

B. Politics support, etc

A. Competitor company

B. Putting barriers, etc

Directors, Professionals etc

Personal visit, mobile, emails, etc

I ensure that any ice-cream product of successful when presented along with online marketing strategy market I need to market sections. These targeted customer segments that I acquired my glaciers cream consumers product. Even though my ice-cream products can be directed to a single, most of them, and my market research analysis showed that a lot of people time of me between 5 and 20 of some-not-to-to-eat some ice cream. Ice-cream Product Marketing will be on my blocks

-For people with children-as that of ice-cream after being always should be during such as food Ministry dessert, it is during such as food for children after conclusion of believes.

Families with kids - as it is considered or eaten after diner it is an excellent treat for the kids and the children, desserts also plays an important role as tad o digestion

Families- A family group without kids are good, because u get to start to see the adult as kids, as they lick ice- cream and it always brings out the kids in adults.

Teenagers - these would be in this group 7 to 20.

Launching of my successfully ice-cream product price, I am no need of the Budget. My focus on to screen the budget will be for this to my producer and marketing strategy. This is actually the only way would be about the product can be began exploration in the best of luck market opened. Within the budget for my new menu d' Or ice-cream products will be marketing combination 1 million pounds being five major elements that are as marketing strategy for the Delice. These are predicated on the Delice is to achieve the goal. Are these five elements, sometimes five handed down through the'', are







In that it is essential to stop an appropriate price of 62 my glaciers cream. The sales price of this is my ice cream, medicine is the fact an individual to a drug bought a large amount in the price of the product is good taste the typical. Price of snow cream product for me personally is being established in the reduced income and business behavior than is area of the Delice company but I will determine my snow cream product of 2. 75 price of local health charter of 500 ml glaciers cream. I picked because the price is as part of the price of the Delice price effect of a strategy. Because of the Delice in the launch of snow cream market, as Cadbury, Hagen Dazs, etc. But I started to use sliding calculation is the price. As a fresh flavour carte my product, or the desire of people can try and the tincture free if it's, this means that consumers will be ready to pay the price tag on which the federal government claims product glaciers cream.

My research market analysis I told people that I tried out in 3900, he said that my questionnaires spent on average 1 pound a time on four pounds ice cream. I know that the price of my glaciers cream product Hanguraja inherits and well suited for the price


For my ice cream drugs are low income in the areas of all good and links or restaurant speeding lunchtime were present. It is also in retailing to america and European countries. From the snow cream manufacturing plant Delice police special attention in absent, glaciers cream product England ended around the rest of the division and Britain. In 8300 the trucks of glaciers cream which products to low income in the areas of the motorway. This easily, if glaciers cream in Great britain is distributed in Scotland and Wales, while on a pickup truck In Ireland of ferry. However, if my product foreign selling, which is imported, the transfer of expenditures and pay taxes to export. My glaciers cream from medication could also be sold directly to the internet end user to the Delice or from the user a brilliant market. The ice cream what to come straight from the entrances frozen are a machine. Like the Delice a delivery service, which will be small in a straight line customer, a huge delivery and service provided in the general sellers and sellers.

As per my market research sample that the majority of my people for regular use of the questionnaire on their home shopping tesco. I am therefore Tells that this is a good step. My glaciers cream products sold in tesco Store, as that tesco is the fact that UK. The. Most of supermarket chain and for that reason more people in comparison shop tesco of other reserves.


Ice cream for the promotion of my product should be recognised on the market and I am successful directly into carry out and pursue with some heavy advertising and promotion. This is because when I started product is in direct will be converted into making market and it should be the deal.


Already including a Delice of the brand name in the snow cream market, so It is in acknowledgement of brilliance for the Delice of ice-cream as its leading in snow cream brand. Delice of the brand is being very useful for me ice cream products, as my products made by the Delice. That is my product gives a brain start when he's in the market has been initiated. This is because, it'll be given recognition to the brand and consumers with Delice-that they can purchase with my ice cream product was for this reason fact is that it was made by the Delice. Glaciers cream also my part d' Or selection of products, it shows, because as a benefit that consumers can avail of Anand, which already eat d' Or want to try to ice cream of new flavour was introduced. Has been proven. So My glaciers cream brand name product may confirm useful for my product. As I found that my Market Research Analysis, a very large number of folks on the Delice I preferred Ice Cream of objection to any other brand.

I are determined to utilize the media to advertise their product blend. I am used to combine of Multimedia in more detail has been stated below.

Television Advertisement

The Delice already advertise their ice-cream Tea. V. Products on, and also from that of' or' D' category are also its advertising. THEREFORE I are determined that, limited budget because of the Delice to get the product will be posted to the proper bridle on a fresh knowledge about the total account for the already existing d' Or from advertising. It'll be very good rather than creating a fresh advert for the new flavor, as a sizable amount that this will start. Which will be advertising a slot in a time between your children of' programs in the evening and in virtually any films or simple at night soap evening and my general market trends according to analysis, the specimen to meet the people for the I have asked my questionnaire said that they had seen that they publicized on buying V. ice-cream to encourage them for therefore for the purchase of products.


Delice my glaciers cream in product will be publicized every week/monthly food journals, because it can be about if the meals of reading-title journal. In as yet another bonus, to get the excess for viewers to buy ice cream, I could be considered a place was on some of food-cuisine day. Could be made desserts that is using my ice-cream products. It really is perhaps merely to encourage the, go out and buy glaciers cream that if they want to make dessert.


I also produce posters to advertise for glaciers cream. The consumers of the products it agrees to the target to buy their products through attractive pictures of the use of snow cream, and some basic simple words to congratulate the picture. These many times can prove very effective


Cinema from the place will be fully WBHRC ice cream, as the individuals who love and pleasure whilst eating ice cream are observing a film. If advertising is also come, start on display screen film on folks observing adverts would be encouraged to buy the cream of a film next time, when they are coming.


This is an excellent place for me personally that would increase my glaciers cream product since it has proved that a lot of a 15-24 years to listen to the folks of commercial radio. It is best for my ice-cream products most because he's thought to be match my part market. Therefore, advertising on radio I capital by my ice-cream disease-carrier products is highly recommended on the market is my part.


Advertising my snow cream products will be a full billboard manner to get the attention of people, my glaciers cream products will be advertised on billboard in shopping centres are busy. I would not need this because many people in shopping centres more folks will therefore notice of my product advertising billboard.


This product of snow cream is extremely popular because my snow cream products, this additional popular in the summertime, when it's hot. While it is not sell as well as in the winter. So I would say my launch snow cream products in the summer won't, where ice-cream of a higher demand. This high demand of ice-cream products make my organization in market place. According to my GENERAL MARKET TRENDS Analysis of ice cream comes in the summer typically, so My start also ideal for my period glaciers cream product.

I am Excise taxes on products of my glaciers cream a marketing strategy. The filmmakers as a product of my Delice, is that in the Delice leading brand snow cream. Ice cream product part of my coach on the Delice' or' D' category, where they have a different kinds of different flavours. In my products from being truly a new knowledge-from the Fund' or' D' category. This will likely be called' style' D' or to fly banana Division' says. Out of this as a variety of original pink-red fruits, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with journey a ripple through the ice-cream is going on.

In packing my ice cream products from d' Or nearly the same as existing is always to d' Or products can be found. Only one change in color will be the packaging. Glaciers cream is likely to be lower in will understand, where ice-cream and will be anti protectionist through the bath tub is visible. The snow cream covers the shower of the picture as it will see how that whenever crib is opened. The Gold will cover rim and around it as the existing d' or from glaciers cream product.

The Unique FEATURE (USP) will be in my ice-cream product simple truth is that it is produced by Delice and Part D' or range. It is because, to d. ' can be publicized is snow cream or any high quality products, like this is also an expensive image while at the cost is not absolutely all that is more. Below is a picture of an existing d' Or from ice cream products; my ice cream products will be exactly the same view but only in another name of the color and flavour. I am the picture of the modified so that it looks like my snow cream products will be how to see.

SWOT analysis





'' SWOT Evaluation is to a strategy that I can use their inside match power and weaknesses of trade with the search of opportunities and external environment which is in danger.


The brand image of a Delice of snow cream brand products. It is the new designer and glaciers cream at international level nationally, ' or good quality may the ice cream a good high quality product. These gives rise to unpredictable demand the demand of snow cream products should be unpredictable, particularly during the fall and winter, to where in fact the utilization of ice-cream is not so popular.


Revised new product-because a great deal of my new products, as it's been modified by just to be executed by a new taste, it is not tried. So Ice cream vote on the merchandise is as yet not known because the product has not been tried. I for to remove this test could be my products on a sample accumulated people and their views and ideas in the products. Any improvement or what must be modifications. It was made clear that more detail in fraternise'' Marketing clause in the place.

Low market show in the market talk about of the Delice less; this is no effect on the success of my new ice cream product, possibly because of this in a market outside the return.


The opportunities of market share in high-my product's need to be successful in the Delice of high market share of market need. Good marketing-I also try ensure that my glaciers cream products right away good advertising and marketing in the market so that consumers are aware of my product start market. There are many ways that is what can I such as this, above the Internet, billboards, tv, radio, etc.


The hazards of the competitors including wall surfaces, Delice glaciers cream has a number of rivals also, Nestle, Mars, and Hagen-Dazs. These company constantly create ice-cream ranging of different flavour and tastes in the market. Because these company has recently a brand image it is bit difficult to change people's mind, therefore, I must be familiar with my competitors every time, and I change in prices of ready, advertising and products with my contestants have to be competitive. In price-ice cream, snow cream market many growers in a by-run virtually identical product from one another, it induces companies to be on the price' Happy-hour'. TO contend with companies to begin the purchase price on the foundation, as they believe that when consumers to visit a uniform they are generally not really a purchase products at cheap rates, in truth taking into consideration the quality.


I have chosen the ice-cream product taking into consideration the interest of individuals and their flavor of mouth area bud. Because they want something additional after the food. And these milk products or the desserts is certainly item it can expand to any group which range from a five years children to eighty years of age man. Therefore the market segment is vast and big for such products. They have is own benefits and it own dangers as well. As we've already discussed.

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