New Product Development Of Nokia

NPD for companies nowadays is the only path of survival in today's increasing competition. The need of such new product occurs according to dependence on consumer & tendencies prevailing in the culture. Every company needs development of more & more new product. But making a new product is much less easy a job. It needs an in depth study about the product. If company would like that consumer to choose their product they should be specific about the characteristics & most beneficial service that the merchandise offers with their customer.

NPD OF NOKIA:- NOKIA, hooking up people is a mobile company which has a long background in creating for experience as cellular phone are very personal & experiential device. The NPD process in Nokia is a continuous cycle of field responses & development. They use & continuously develop method to examine usability and customer experience in the different phases of development. After the product is released, they gather reviews from the field via many controlled & uncontrolled stations. This information can be utilized for bettering the forthcoming product. Nokia have established processes to consider customer needs & needs into account when making new concept plus they do numerous kinds of assessments with real user through the development process. The user experience evaluation techniques in the several phases of Nokia product development process are given below-

PROCESS Analysis: - The procedure contains two primary strategies: user experience (UX) target setting and UX improvement.

User experience (UX) aim for setting - This technique starts by analyzing customer needs and behaviours. They innovate new ideas by reflecting consumer data with market insights & scientific opportunities. They start UX assessments for the principles as early as possible and discover the professionals & cons of every principle so that development process will be more effective.

UX improvement - It is continuous procedure for identifying problems, gaps & new idea. They do in all stages of the development process by studying the UX analysis result for strategy being developed, field responses for existing products and competitive movements on the market. UX improvement matters are then created and followed up via systematic research & applied in the development. The sensible task is to link the available idea to right development activities at the right time. UX improvement process is, to begin with can be an UX management activity. They apply conceptual analytical research & data gathering techniques.

REQUIREMENT FOR UX EVALUATION:- In global company, they have to make data collection from various areas of physical & online worlds easy. Tens of Nokia products are coming out each year & they want to evaluate also competitor's products. Second the theory behind UX analysis must be relevant for numerous kinds of product & prototypes. Third they do UX evaluation to be able to increase the products. They need to determine the professionals & negative aspects of the evaluated system. Finally they want to relate the project incentives to excellent customer experience, not and then technical quality. This would require a good UX analysis process that produces some kind of a UX credit score. Fairness means that all different kinds of products with different goal user group would be on the same line.

UX EVALUATION FOR CONCEPT IDEA: - UX focus on are occur the very early phases of the development & then used as guidance & evaluation criteria throughout the development. UX focuses on are final result of several research activities, such as end user research, product responses, general market trends & technology examination. They run individual interview and present narrative visualization of the imagined individual experience which provide an chance to iterate it to make certain it fulfills real individual behaviours & needs.

UX EVALUATION FOR PROTOTYPES: - The in house UX experts with a qualifications in usability get better at a bunch of good usability evaluation methods for different kinds of product prototypes. It is beneficial to use this existing knowledge & just include experiential aspects to the assessments. Sometimes this works, especially with long term field tests. In field tests they use diaries, experience sampling, questionnaires & target group to accumulate experiential data.

UX EVALUATION FOR READY PRODUCT: - Nokia has been producing & selling mobile devices for a relatively long time, come to a large customer base. It is natural to check out the continuous feedback from existing product & users which information when designing future product & experience. Original UX target set in early phases can be reliable assessed when product and related services are completed and operating. This measurement can be done in a variety of ways, such as collecting feedback data using traditional market & consumer research method & using the latest technical & community opportunities enable by interest. Combining several types of data & options give them wealthy information to help bettering user experience of approaching product.


CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAM: - It is used greatly throughout industry to resolve complex issue such as the problems of new product development. These clubs are often the only means of growing complex products. This team is more challenging to manage but their combination of different skills allows them to resolve complex problem. Communication both within the mix useful team & between your team and the exterior organization are a critical issue that must be resolved to permit superior team performance.

MANAGEMENT SUPPORT:- Management support talk a clear eye-sight of team aims while simultaneously given team member the freedom to pursue that vision leading to improved upon product team performance. Close monitoring of job status by older manager demonstrates the value of something under development to both team member & other in the business. It helps the team to gain co-operation from other in their firm while increasing risk taking & invention.

SUPPORTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL Composition: - It includes lots of influences that contain a positive effect on team success. Organizational structure, specifically a deliberate development process, is vital to the success of product development. An organizational framework that improves communication both interior & exterior to the team is crucial.


Do you have Nokia mobile?

What do you like in Nokia mobile?

What extra feature they want in Nokia mobile?


Why these are associated with Nokia?

Problem faced by them while distributing?


Success of Nokia mobile in the market credited to?


Nokia look at the customer needs & wants while making the new product.

It offers more importance to the experience evaluation in the development of new product routines.

They use two main main strategies that is certainly user experience target setting & individual experience improvement.

The end user experience in Nokia is used for both to create for new experience also to continuously increasing existing solution.

Regular opinions is taken from customer after the new product development.

In new product development of Nokia, it can several research activities such as end user research, product reviews, market research & technology research.


Due to upsurge in competition, every minute they can loose everything, so they should make an effort to take regular responses from customer before & following the new product development and apply the suggestion distributed by customer.

Ans 4) Before completing this assignment, I used to be in dilemma that each big or small corporation is using same process for new product development, but when I have started this task, I come to know that every firm have different process & technique for development of new product. I've taken the help of various reserve and internet to complete this project. I go through the complete process, that how Nokia develop new product, what strategy they use, what exactly are the task they performed before & after the new product development. Lot of doubt I've regarding NPD, but it all cleared when I have done deep study. My knowledge regarding NPD has been increased while completing this task because various kind of different information I acquired regarding NPD.

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