Opportunities To Cadbury Products INSIDE THE Olympic City Marketing Essay

Cadbury Plc. is a confectionary big holding first or second positions in more than twenty of the world's greatest confectionary market segments, with an exceedingly good profile of toffee, chocolate, energy drinks and other milk products. In 1824 a shop was exposed by John Cadbury in Birmingham for the deal of chocolates & various other cocoa products, thus begun the search of Cadbury to overcome the tastebuds of a huge number. In January 2010, Kraft Foods needed over Cadbury Plc.

Cadbury is the state treat supplier of the 2012 London Olympic & Paralympic games. This will give exclusive marketing opportunities to Cadbury products in the Olympic city. Cadbury has a good reputation on the market, they have confidence in the business culture 'Doing good is wonderful for business'. Presently Cadbury functions in more than sixty countries around the world with around 35000 suppliers and worker populace of around 45000 people.


This research report is done to go over the affect on the decision making in marketing of the Cadbury Plc. by the macro environment for the last one year. SWOT & PESTLE analyses on Cadbury Plc. were carried out to solve concerns raised during the research. SWOT examination will help Cadbury Plc. in decisions making functions in their future years. This research work also illustrates marketing strategies experimented by the Cadbury Plc. to ensure their position in the confectionary market.


Head office of Cadbury Plc. locates in Middlesex, United Kingdom with organizational network coverage all around the globe. In confectionary industry Cadbury is the owner of most trusted & popular brands like Dairy Dairy, Eclairs, Halls, Bourn Vita, 5 Star, Benefit, etc. Cadbury products can be purchased in over sixty countries on the planet. Cadbury has an extremely strong momentum in its emerging marketplaces such as India, Africa & Midsection East. In developed market segments like UK & US, Cadbury performs its robust growth without shedding their market monopoly.


RESEARCH PLAN: Data Collection in investigative strategy is performed as the study arrange for this report.

DATA GATHERING & ANALYSIS: Sources of data is categorized into Primary and Secondary sources of data. Primary resources are research paperwork or theories. In this research information are collected from secondary options such as publications, management magazines, books from college catalogue, websites. SWOT & PESTAL analysis were completed to resolve some concerns while interacting with the study.


Macro environment has a good command word over marketing decisions taken by an organization. In this case we are checking if the macro environment has a good impact on the marketing decision making of Cadbury or not and how. Macro environment deals with elements which stay outside the organization so management cannot control them. Macro environment contains countless factors which can affect an organization's decision making, business strategies, product development & completely performance. Types of a few of these factors are deviation in cost, demographic factors, strategy of competitors, interest of the customers, economical factors, government orders, demand, supply, specialized issues etc.



Political conditions of the area where in fact the company market its product can affect the business of this particular firm greatly. Political uncertainty of the vicinity can disturb the business badly. Sometimes organizations can utilize the political situations to build up their business. Thus the political factors will often harm the business & sometimes favour the organization.

In UK the federal government is much worried about the health issues of the individuals. Government spends an incredible number of pound annually on health issues like excess weight & center diseases. Delicious chocolate can be considered a reason for previously listed health disorders, the federal government is very tight in the execution of food safe practices action. In 2002, Cadbury India Ltd. faced objections from politics parties of India after telecasting the ad with their new brand, Temptations. Indian print out & politics accused, Cadbury is making advantages on Kashmir issue. Therefore the company should have good awareness on all political issues which make a difference their business to keep their reputation.


Monetary factors are another important feature which can make a decision the future of an organization in a modern culture. Economic instability of the environment will question the presence of the organization. Organization may push to compromise on their policies with respect to their economic record and also in line with the economic factors in the locality. Financial progress, fluctuating value of money, inflation or deflation can decide an organization's future.

The recent global economical crisis damaged Cadbury Plc. and their products like other companies. Company was compelled to lessen their production as the consumption of confectionaries reduced in a large level. Multinational companies like Cadbury cannot follow same costing for same product all around the globe as the economical situations & money value are differ with countries. A chocolate sold for 1 in UK can't be sold for the particular changed amount in India as people cannot spend the money for pricing.


Peculiarities of the society such as culture, traditions, ethics, moral beliefs, religious beliefs can make influence on an organization immediately or indirectly.

Chocolates are still a luxury materials to the poor who work in cocoa plantations in Ghana. Chocolate consumers in poor countries are incredibly less in amount as people think consuming an expansive confectionary in a poor population is against their moral principles. Veganism prohibits the utilization of pets for food, clothing, intake of milk, egg, milk products etc. Chocolate is a dairy product and so chocolate can be an left behind food for Veganists.


Scientific research resulted technological advancement in development techniques with postmodern tools and machines. This helped regular production solutions to have an update based on the demand. Benefits of new effective solutions will boost the product quality as well product number this can help the organization to accomplish their goals & targets.

Latest technology is a must in the field of food & beverage producing companies. Cadbury always keep their eyes toward latest systems that can be used in their corporation. Effective & advanced packaging methods are implemented to keep their products unique among other chocolates products. Cadbury has a skilled technical team to develop advertisements for showing in Tv, Internet & other visible media. Cadbury also has a good website with all details regarding their business, products & record.


Rules or regulations by the government come under legal factors. Iimplementation of home based business laws or taxation by the government can make trouble to the business; in other side favourable techniques from the government such as rest of fees will ideal for the business. Companies should follow authorities regulations & laws strictly; violation of the guidelines will lead the company to have legal issues with the federal government. Other legal issues such as patent laws and regulations, quality maintaining & health will also have an effect on the wellbeing of an organization.

In 2007 Wrigley filed a lawsuit against Cadbury in Australia; accusing Cadbury imitated patent guarded hard-coated gum of Wrigley. Health of the citizens is an essential issue before the government. In 2003 a case was filed in Maharastra High court, India against Cadbury India Ltd. after confirming a worm an infection in some batches of Dairy products Milk.


Environmental issues & natural factors directly affect the business enterprise & creation of an organization. Natural factors are unstable & uncontrollable by an organization. Natural disasters like earthquake, hearth, storm etc. make a difference organizations in an exceedingly bad manner.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material. Cadbury Plc. use clear plastic covering to wrap delicious chocolate products. After utilization of chocolates these wrappers are wastes and this pollutes the environment. Now the business is doing research regarding the use of Biodegradable plastic coverings as wrappers. Temp is an environmental factor which can deform the form & style of delicious chocolate products.


Identifying the Advantages, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Dangers is a very important task atlanta divorce attorneys industry. SWOT research is a powerful strategy which is often implemented by organizations in medium & large levels. SWOT research plays a vital role in the potential decision making of a business. Company could work accordingly and come across a good result after they properly acknowledge the hazards and opportunities. Strength of any company is the advantage they currently carry on the market. Determining the weaknesses will help the company for taking necessary steps to troubleshoot those failures.


Cadbury products are well known & popular for their exceptional quality. Chocolate brands of Cadbury Plc. have a very good reputation in the business world. Maintaining good romantic relationship with the customer is a must for any group. Due to Cadbury's excellent customer relationship and product innovation, Cadbury has lifelong customers who rely upon the label of Cadbury. Cadbury products are being marketed in over sixty countries, giving them the opportunity of having the most significant marketing network in confectionary world. Cadbury is the official treat company of the 2012 London Olympic & Paralympic game titles. This will give unique privileges in marketing & product reorganization as public Olympic brand to Cadbury Plc. products in future business.


Cadbury products are pricier than local confectionaries. This can adversely impact the Cadbury products in poor economies & some rising markets. General public expectation of Cadbury products is very high; this fact may put the company in pressure. In UK creation cost of Cadbury chocolates is higher as their making is done within the country. Errors in packing & manufacturing functions cause microbial microbe infections in delicious chocolate products. Contamination of Salmonella bacterias in Chocolate products can be an example. Chocolate products are fatty, nutritionary options in chocolates remain unavailable.


Cadbury currently performs around sixty countries with very good business reputation. Company gets the opportunity to broaden their business in new marketplaces. Cadbury products have a great brand value & client satisfaction records, this will help the company to survive in critical situations.

Cadbury is the first choice in confectionary business going back many years; this reputation is helpful to extend their product range to food & beverage industry apart from confectionary business. Cadbury may take over other brands in their developed, growing & new markets. This can help the company to have advantage running a business. E. g. : Cadbury required over Green & Black's the top quality chocolate brand in May 2005.


Cadbury faces threats from Nestle, their rival in confectionary business. Cost of creation, transportation & recycleables are increasing day by day with regards to the economic uncertainty of the marketplaces. Governments change laws / rules for quality and development of food & beverages companies. Implementation of these new laws makes the business to cancel proposed marketing strategies.


PESTEL & SWOT analyses can benefit Cadbury Plc. in their prospective decision making. SWOT examination on Cadbury Plc. identifies the current status of the business in confectionary market.

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