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4.1.4. Organization and control of marketing

Marketing Organization

The effectiveness of marketing in the enterprise in full is impossible without the functioning of the corresponding service. As its structure includes the divisions of the enterprise that deal with the quality and service of products, the competitiveness of the goods, and ultimately the competitiveness of the enterprise are directly dependent on the degree of development and authority of this service.

The marketing service should have the status of a coordinating, planning and controlling body, and its activities are designed to meet the following basic requirements:

o competence;

o initiative;

o Mobility;

o contactness;

o adaptability;

o relative simplicity;

o compliance with the scale of implementation and range, number and nature of sales markets.

Marketing activities require the organization of a special service in the enterprise. There are different types of marketing service organization: functional, commodity, commodity-functional, market, market-functional (segment) and commodity-market (matrix) 1.

The functional organization of the marketing service is presented in Fig. 4.10. In this case, the responsibility for the execution of each functional task rests with an individual or a group of persons.

Functional Organization of the Marketing Service

Fig. 4.10. Functional organization of the marketing service

A functional organization is effective if the production and marketing activities of an enterprise are constant and monotonous. It is unsuitable for solving fundamentally new problems, rapid reaction to a changing market situation.

The marketing organization of the marketing service differs from the functional one in that, with the commodity organization, each commodity (commodity group) has its own managers with a division of employees performing all the functional marketing tasks for to the given goods. The marketing organization of the marketing service is shown in Fig. 4.11.

Marketing organization of the marketing service

Fig. 4.11. Merchant Marketing Service Organization

The product group of the marketing service organization is effective for enterprises with a wide range of goods and their sale on a large number of homogeneous markets.

The lack of a marketing organization related to a large set of duties performed by one employee can be eliminated using a combination of a commodity and functional organization.

The commodity-functional organization of the marketing service is a combination of a functional and commodity approach, where employees specialize in performing individual functions for each product and coordinate their actions. The structure of the commodity-functional organization of the marketing service at the enterprise is shown in Fig. 4.12.

The application of the organization of marketing services in geographical markets is effective if the enterprise produces a limited range of goods, sells them in a large number of markets that differ from each other under the terms of implementation.

Commodity-functional organization of the marketing service

Fig. 4.12. Commodity Marketing Service Organization

In this case, marketing is divided into individual markets (including geographic or individual market segments). In real marketing practice, market-functional organization of marketing activities (segment organization) is often used. The segmental organization of the marketing service is shown in Fig. 4.13.

Commodity market (matrix) marketing service organization - combination of commodity and market approach

Segment Marketing Service Organization

Fig. 4.13. Segment Marketing Service Organization

dov using matrix principle: product managers are responsible for planning sales and profits from the sale of their goods, and market managers - developing profitable markets for existing and potentially possible goods. The commodity-market structure of the organization of the marketing service is presented in Fig. 4.14.

The purpose of the functioning of marketing services is the subordination of all economic and commercial activities of an enterprise to the laws of existence and development of the market. Both producers and consumers of products are interested in this.

The market-based organization of the marketing service

Fig. 4.14. Market and marketing organization of the marketing service

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