Organization Sony Brand Knowledge Marketing Essay

In the minds of consumers, Sony is one of the worlds greatest brands. The brand gets the positive connection in the buyer minds. The company was once again rated the main brand in the U. S. by the Harris poll. As observed, much of the brand equity Sony relishes is rooted in product inventions. The brand is well-known for its enhanced tone of voice in the products like cassette recorder, cd players, decks and tv sets.


Sony has showed an ability to capture the thoughts and improve people's lives. The business has been at the leading edge of technology for more than 50 years, favorably impacting the way we live. Further, few companies are as well positioned to drive the digital age group into homes and businesses about the world for the next 50 years and beyond.


Today, Sony is constantly on the fuel industry growth with the sales of impressive Sony products, as well as with the company's convergence strategy. Examples include: VAIO notebooks that improve the pub in both form and function; digital camera models that capture pictures on the floppy disk, CD-R or Memory Stick; a handheld device that enables you to store and view images as well as moving photo; Minidisc recorders with a digital PC Connect to marry high quality digital audio tracks with downloadable music; Disc/CD multi-disc changers that playback both audio and training video; digital network recorders that pause, rewind and fast-forward "live" tv set using a hard-disc drive; and Hi-Scan flat screen Tv sets that deliver near HDTV picture quality through Digital Fact Creation (DRC) circuitry.


Sony brings development to the world each and every time as history shows that the brand was the first someone to introduce portable very good music player that was known as" SONY WALKMAN" and among many more like camera, digital frame, water crystal displays and so many more.


Sony by delivering its superior value to customers is having a great value in consumer's heart. The consumers are drawn by the ad and campaigns. The consumers are readily convinced to buy the product which matches their current needs and desires and helps company in building brand equity and brand devotion. Their promise to provide best services even after sales is their central property for marketing their products.





SONY gets the ability which makes its consumers in a position to recognize it in conditions of any BRAND whenever they recall it in any environment and situation. Whereas Samsung is known for the world's best leading brand in home appliances especially in television sets. Both brands are experiencing positive association with their consumers but SONY comes with an edge.


In countries like PAKISTAN the consumer are price mindful. The consumers need to get high features in a low price. Sony gives its consumer wishes by offering them high selection of services in a minimal price. Moreover the business establishes a solid romantic relationship bridge by offering them after sales services at only one call. SAMSUNG on the other hands is offering even more great services from SONY but the prices factor makes the consumer to alter to other brands. Even Samsung is also offering after sales services at one call but the features proposed by Samsung are way too expensive as compared to Sony.


When brand can achieve sense of oneness with its consumer then it can be said that strong brand has been created. Companies have a tendency to benefit a lot, in terms loyalty as consumer will adhere to the brand regardless of what price premium they have to shell out. These consumers become sort of brand ambassador and suggesting utilization of brand. There by creating consumer founded brand equity. Both SAMSUNG and SONY are able to create the loyalty but SONY itself doesn't need any merger but SAMSUNG in which to stay the market must combine with ORIENT in PAKISTAN which makes a poor impression over the consumers. Both companies have the ability to gain good response using their consumers.


The term entails two things. An example may be past representation and the other is investment vs. expenditure. The past reflection shows the past credibility of the brand which brings about future path and balance of the brand as well as for investment and expenditure the investment should maintain a feasible path which causes productivity and income. For both the companies building brand collateral is very important to utilize it as a bridge. The both companies are successful in controlling brand equity. For consumers both the brands have the ability to deliver the superior value and quality. But SONY at this time is less expensive and offered a variety of superior features as compared to SAMSUNG. SONY is now the first choice in PAKISTAN in LCD AND LED.


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The above pyramid points out how consumer founded brand equity is built for SONY.

The pyramid of CBBE is utilized by the organizations to be able to supply the highway map and assistance in making a brand building. The model offers a benchmark where brands can evaluate their progress in brand building efforts and assistance for marketing research initiatives. The use of the CBBE model also supplies the quantitative procedures in building brand efforts. It also entails planning, applying and interpreting brand strategies.

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