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Packaging for reuse

At the heart of some packaging concepts is the possibility of re-applying it for the same purposes or some other. An example is a widely used packaging for liquid soap with a dispenser. In this package it is easy to add a new portion of the shower gel, another liquid soap or any other detergent. Other functionality of used packaging is possible. For example, jelly packages can be used later as juice cups, metal packaging can serve as a storage tank for flour, coffee, tea and other similar products, baby food jars - for storing small cogs and hardware that need to be separated from a friend and effectively placed on your desktop. This approach contributes to a reduction in the amount of waste and, besides this, it helps to stimulate sales.

Special packaging concepts are required for specific types of goods. So, a special approach requires the packaging of such goods as medicines. Packages for medicines must necessarily provide the following set of properties: protection against forgery, provide ease and convenience of opening and use, but at the same time unavailability for underage children, warn the owner of the danger of expiration. Packing complex of a new high-tech consumer goods should ensure the safety of the product itself from damage during transportation and operation, convenience of storage, the availability of instructions on the rules for safe use of the goods. Packaging of such a special kind helps customers to stop their choice on a particular product, and consequently, increases the sales volume of this product. Packing complexes of complex technical goods require separate consideration due to the specific nature of individual industries. Very often, the concept of "container-equipment" is applicable to this area.

Brilliant packaging is very important for products that are very expensive, but do not have visible advantages or differences. For example, vodka shelves in stores are a kind of beauty contest for bottles. Bottle of vodka Finlandia as if covered with hoarfrost, embodies the cold and transparency inherent in vodka, its sensual qualities. Mineral water - a product even more inexpressive than vodka, requires the same care. An example is the original green bottle "Pirrier". Some bottles of expensive mineral water are styled for ancient handmade vessels, they are distinguished by a special, unpretentious naturalness. It is very important for the colorful design of packaging and for cosmetics - a product designed to give rise to dreams and illusions. Packaging plays an important role in causing a mood, create an atmosphere. As these packages often appear in advertising, their design is photogenic. Sometimes bright, attractive packaging can create a solid position in the supermarket, despite the constant threat from competitors.

The goods are met on packaging, but escorted by quality, so when preparing advertising texts and illustrations for packaging, it should be remembered that packing a good of low quality should not look too promising. Sometimes, selling a product, it is placed not in the market niche to which it belongs. The packaging design promises too much, pushing away those who counted on the high quality of the product, losing at the same time those customers to whom it was intended. A person rarely needs a beautiful package, only in the form of special comfort. More often he needs simple packaging, next to which you can live. Naturally, the material given here does not exhaust all possible concepts.

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