Pizza Hut Marketing Plan

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Pizza Hut is subsidiary of yum! Brands. Inc. The world's most significant restaurant company with more than 34, 000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Fast food industry in growing very rapidly therefore many new companies are stepping into in the market. Because of the increased competition companies are dropping their market stocks.

Pizza Hut is preparing to introduce a new product called "The Pickle Supreme Pizza" in the UK market. The "Pickle Supreme Pizza" marketplace consist of experts those have less time, students, one person households, families with high or medium income. Geographically the product will focus on Asian people which we believe that are less offered in future by Pizza Hut. The brand new pizza will develop the pizza line and provide more options in our well balanced menu. Our major rivals include Domino Pizza, McDonald's, KFC and other Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).

The primary purpose of this new pizza is to provide our Asian customers and take competitive over other rivals. We also want to increase our market share by 2 percent in the market with the aid of this new "Pickle Supreme Pizza". Our marketing planning process of this new product will comprise to situational examination of the marketplace, 7P's of marketing Combine and control and implementation stage in which our marketing team measure the effectiveness in our plan. The marketing section will be accountable of performing this marketing plan into action.


A amount of demographic and social trends in the UK increasing demand for the quick services restaurants. The divorce rates in UK and other growing movements shows that people are getting committed later in life. These factors and many others like Government figures show the amount of single-person households increased from 12% of all homeowners in 1971 to 18% in 2001. The amount is likely to reach 38% by 2026. The fads in the 2000's exhibiting that individuals are choosing to consume out more regularly than eat at home. Another factor to consider is the increased quantity of women working beyond your home. As a result of more women in the workforce, household earnings are increased and are greater than past. The increased incomes and dual-career family's result in less time and people have no a chance to prepare food food at home. Also because of higher incomes, consumers have more income that allowing them to eat out more often and when they are in home they are looking for something prepared to eat.

Market summary

The UK is the most significant fast food market in European countries and every 6 out of 10 consumers visit Pizza Hut each year, 2 out of 10 for one of our main rivals.

In the united kingdom and Ireland, the pizza junk food franchise industry is one of the quickest growing industries, with pizza taking its place as a favorite food among consumers. Very much like eating trends in america, the UK is also broadening its consumption level with an incredible number of pizza being used every year. As in America people eat 100 acres of pizza per day, or 350 pieces a second, the united kingdom is also capturing up to the figure very quickly. In a recently available survey conducted by BBC World discovered that 45% of individuals in the united kingdom were agreeing that they like the flavour of junk food very much. Pizza Hut market contain specialists those have less time, students, one person households, individuals with high or medium income.

Environmental Analysis


Political issues include regulatory and judicial system which might affect the business. As our target market is within UK and there are no series political problems in that market. Increase taxes can affect pizza hut in future but better management can help us to beat that problem.


UK is badly afflicted by rescission. Unemployment level is very high in UK and the personal savings of people are also very low. This financial slump in the united kingdom will also influence the Pizza Hut because pizzas at Pizza Hut are costly. We will think about this factor when placing the price tag on our new pizza.


Every country has its own social norms, worth and religious beliefs which make a difference Pizza Hut regarding to its location. In UK people are from different rear grounds with different religious beliefs and ideals. We will consider all these factors inside our new pizza specially a sizable Asian community in UK which in recent was less served by Pizza Hut.


Due to new technology there are a wide variety of ways of marketing such as internet, telemarketing word massages to the existing customers as well as prospects. We will use new ways of advertising to increase our market talk about.

Target Market and Customer Profile

This section includes the account of the clients and concentrate on markets

  • Asians

Due to globalization people are coming from different countries in UK. Our major target is to provide Asian people who have that product. Asian people like to eat spicy food and also large numbers of individuals are vegetarian or eat Halal food. This product will cover those people.

  • Students

Students are the marketplace of Pizza Hut because they spend a lot of time with friends in universities and like to go out frequently for functions and festivities.

  • Dual-career families

Dual-career families bring about less time at home; they have got less time to prepare food food at home. Also these people have higher earnings which permitting them to eat out more often.

  • Single person house holds

The solitary person house keep are also increasing these folks are a target market of Pizza Hut. These folks are also prefer to eat out most the changing times.

  • Higher and medium income Professionals

High professionals are targeted by the pizza hut. Due to minimal time and high disposable income they prefer ready to consume food or eat out part.

SWOT Analysis


  • Strong Brand Name

Brand recognition is major strength for Pizza Hut. Pizza hut has the strong brand and a market leader by giving large selection of pizzas that strong image of pizza hut can make it easy to start new pizza in the market.

  • Loyal customers

Loyalty of customers is strength of Pizza Hut. The loyal customer will also help the Pizza Hut to establish new pizza on the market.

  • Strong financial position

Pizza Hut has excellent international turnover and strong budget will also assist in new pizza's financial issues.

  • Specialized in pizzas

Pizza Hut is specialist in pizza making which specialty will generate a strong conception in customers head for our new pickle pizza.

  • Subsidiary of Yum! Brands, inc

Yum is the world's largest restaurant company and Pizza Hut is subsidiary of Yum brand.

  • Full service restaurants

Pizza Hut offers a full service restaurant and delivery services which some of the pizza Hut's competitors are not doing. Due to restaurant center Pizza Hut can market some other segments like households that other pizza chains cannot.


  • High priced

Pizzas at Pizza Hut are high priced. This is actually the greatest weakness Pizza Hut has in the market in comparison with others.

  • Higher over head costs

Pizza Hut has higher overhead costs, due to the restaurant services and extra facilities that other opponents do not have to package with.

  • Fewer retailers:

Pizza Hut has the lesser variety of shops and consumers feel difficulty to find pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut chains are not propagate as compare to the other junk food restaurants.

  • More focused on western style:

Pizza Hut is more focused on western taste and less on others. The brand new introduction will also beneficial to beat that weakness.


  • New Pizzas with different sizes and taste

This opportunity is obviously available for pizza hut to include new tastes and sizes and dished up the much better than others. We are able to generate more earnings with our new innovative pizzas. Pickle pizza will help us for taking full benefit of that opportunity.

  • Halal pizza

Pizza Hut gets the opportunity to supply the Halal pizzas and get a new portion which will raise the market show of pizza Hut.

  • Number of outlets

Pizza Hut has the opportunity to extend the business enterprise so Pizza Hut should open up more stores to increase market show and remain competitive will with others like McDonalds.


  • Increased completion

The contests in fast food industry is increasing daily, this increased competition minimizing the profit margins in the industry and also cause a great loss of market talk about.

  1. Low prices by competitors

The prices of the competitors will be the major matter for Pizza Hut. The opponents are offering low prices to the customers and also have competitive advantage over Pizza Hut.

  • Frozen pizzas:

Other competitors to consider are frozen pizzas that exist in excellent stores and food markets.

Competitors Analysis

Pizza Hut is facing huge competition in the market. Opponents of Pizza Hut are;

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Fast-food and Quick-service Restaurants

Domino's pizza, Inc.

Domino's Pizza, Inc. can be an international junk food pizza delivery company. Domino's pizza is the UK and Ireland's leading pizza delivery company. Domino's first UK store exposed in 1985. Domino's pizza is the direct competition of the Pizza Hut. Low prices of pizzas are the real competitive advantage of the Domino's.


McDonald's is the world's major chain of fast food restaurants, serving almost 47 million customers daily. McDonald's mostly provides hamburgers, cheeseburgers, poultry products, French fries, breakfast items, carbonated drinks, milkshakes and desserts. More recently, it has started to offer salads, wraps and berry.


Kentucky Fried Fowl, or KFC, is a string of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. KFC is the subsidiary of Yum Brand. While it's primary focus is deep-fried chicken but providing hard time to the Pizza Hut. KFC offers a line of roasted rooster products, factors and desserts.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Takeaways:

There are a large number of local quick services restaurants are involved in the UK's fast food industry. These local takeaways are providing pizzas, fried rooster, and salads based on the local consumer's tastes and on suprisingly low prices. These restaurants are the real opponents of the pizza hut. The brand new Pizza Hut's pickle pizza will help pizza hut to compete with these restaurants.

MacDonald Company is the largest group among all top Fast Food corporations. It really is having huge brand value as well as revenue, Furthermore, the domino's Pizza Inc is the cheapest earning group among all, but all of these companies are experiencing a universal try to provide quality food at lower price to the customers. To be able to endure in the global industry an organization must come up with new strategies and inventions to charge prior to the competitors.

Product Offering

We are providing a fresh pizza to your customers which will be especially popular in Asian customers and also other pizza consumers. New "pickle supreme pizza" will be accessible in all different bases and toppings.

Available Bases

  • Tuscani
  • Pan
  • The Italian
  • Cheesy Bites
  • Stuffed Crust


Topping of the "pickle supreme pizza" will be blended pickle, mushrooms, merged peppers, dark olives (customers can truly add any available topping of their choice).


The "pickle supreme pizza" will be accessible inside our three menus with different sizes as other pizza's are available

Restaurant menu

Delivery and takeaway menu

Collection menu

Pizza deals

The new pickle pizza will be available in any way pizza hut chains throughout UK. We will need start from Great britain and Wales and then cover Scotland and Ireland as well.


The opportunities are also the area of the marketing strategy.

Marketing Objectives

Pizza Hut gets the largest market talk about in the pizza industry. The high quality of product and services of the pizza hut will help to ensure good chance at successful intro of a new pizza. The junk food industry is well-known for introducing new products to increase short-term sales. This new pizza will raise the market talk about of the business. Pizza Hut gets the competitive advantage in ground breaking products which new product that may also be successful in the market. There is a high completion on the market; the release of a new product must keep ahead of your competition.

One in our main targets is to provide a pizza to your Asian customers and fill a difference between pizza hut and our customers. As earlier mentioned that there surely is a huge community of Asian people moving into UK and we fell that they are less offered by the Pizza Hut. The brand new pickle supreme pizza will help us for doing that objective.

Other goals include

  • Increase in fast food market talk about.
  • Maintain the competitive edge of the enhancements.
  • Fulfil the demand of the clients.
  • Increase in profitability and development.

Target markets

The UK would be the marketplace of the new pickle supreme pizza. Our major purpose is to catch Asian costumers by presenting this new product because we believe that these are less served in the past. Other pizza hut costumers will also like this new pizza. Changing social and demographic style in UK added to increased demand for junk food and our aim for customers include Students, Dual-career family members, Single person households etc.


Innovations in menu and service offerings have been the key to Pizza Hut's success in UK. Using product line extension our company is setting the pizza Hut a forward thinking and quality food restaurant string. Pizza Hut already positions itself as a great services and food supplier in the fast food industry.

Marketing Mix

As with all businesses, the main goal of the company is to increase revenue and profits. With the introduction of the new product we hope to boost the overall sales of the business as well as the services and quality of the merchandise.


The reason behind our success in all over the world is uncompromising drive in providing customers the best in conditions of product quality, service, sanitation and value.

Pizza Hut pizzas are created with fresh dough cooked daily and smothered with our very own 100% pure brought in Mozzarella cheese. Pizza can participate a well-balanced meals. Ingredients in our pizza include mixed pickle, mushrooms, mixed peppers, dark olives (customers can truly add any other available topping of their choice). "Pickle supreme pizza" will be accessible in every sizes where other pizzas can be found such as specific (4 pieces) - medium (6 slices) - large (8 slices). Pizza Hut has generated a strong brand name that means quality products and services. Since Pizza Hut will be introducing "Pickle supreme pizza" customers will automatically think this is a high quality product.


Pizza Hut is efficiently using the high/low charges strategies when placing the retail price of its products. This high/low prices strategies will serve more sections in the market. The price tag on "pickle supreme pizza" should be placed as

5. 99 for individual

10. 99 for medium

13. 99 for large

Price skimming strategy will be used as Pizza Hut places high initial prices for its products to send a sign to customers that its products are quality and the service is great. The medium and large pickle pizza will be accessible in discounts as well by paying 2. 99 extra; customers can truly add salad of their own choice.


At present we are employing the direct distribution programs because our markets are incredibly large and geographically dispersed. Other reason of direct distribution is that people have a sizable number of clients, but a small amount purchased by each. Different methods of distribution will be utilized for "pickle supreme pizza" as company happens to be using for other products.

Home delivery is the first circulation method by pizza Hut. Pizza hut supply the pizza for many who want to remain at home and eat pizza.

Online ordering is another distribution method that we are employing now.

Customers can go directly to the nearest Pizza Hut and can sit down and eat there Pizza Hut provides an excellent sitting down facilities to customers where they can be seated and enjoy all of the pizzas.

This is the most useful distribution way for our pizza. Our new pickle pizza will be accessible in all syndication channels. This is Among Pizza Hut's most significant competitive advantages is its restaurant style facility.


This goal of the advertising is to create knowing of the new product, Stimulate demand and change the short term behaviour of the clients. We will use different advertisement methods to introduce ''Pickle supreme pizza'' such as

  • Advertisement on television
  • Billboard in the primary areas to get our customers
  • Leaflets circulation in colleges and universities
  • Door to Door circulation of leaflets
  • In store promotions
  • Banner ads
  • Advertisement in Feet ball grounds
  • E-mails
  • Advertisement on the net sites

These methods are being used to promote our product in the market. We use different kinds of advertisement to produce awareness inside our marketplace, we use leaflet circulation in universities to generate awareness in scholar about our product. Ad on television set in very costly but we use that method in the launch stage of the product where intense marketing in required. The target is to build consciousness among 90% of the aim for consumers about the new product.


Pizza Hut's providing a very comfortable working environment and our employees are incredibly flexible and they can take up any change in product with great simplicity. We will set up training sessions for employees to update their skills based on the new product. We will put all our attempts to satisfy our employees.


We won't compromise on quality and services inside our restaurants. Our process will remain up to the mark for our new product as well. We've sufficient space for our new product to deal with. We will provide quality food, reliable services with promptly deliveries. So our functions will continue without any problem.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is the place where the assistance being delivered. We have been providing full service restaurants with family environment and excellent services. Our new product may also be available in restaurant's menu and we have enough space to protect them.

Action Plan

The "Pickle Supreme Pizza" will be created and open to the customers in start of the July. The purpose of this action plan is to set-up awareness among the customers about their new product.

Here are summaries of action plan we will use through the first four calendar months to attain our stated objectives.

  • June

In June we begins our promotional activities by using in-store ad with the slogan of "just around the corner" or "new arrival", advert on the Television among world cup soccer matches. We know that this type of advertisement is very costly but we expect that this type of advertisement will come back us huge revenue.

  • July

We begins print multimedia and internet plan to target pros, students and solitary households. We will start leafleting in universities, emails to the professionals and advertisements on the famous website like yahoo or msn to generate recognition among our target market. We will continue in store advert in this month giving special discount in meal deals.

  • August

In post launch advertisement plan we will continue leaflet distributions and can use some less costly techniques of campaign like emails, text messages, magazines and media papers.

  • September

We will continue our marketing promotions but with less power. We will advertise in the news papers and journals, leafleting with various other promotions on it in order To keep touching our customers.

Marketing Research

We will identify the marketplace tendencies and the reaction of the mark market towards the merchandise with the aid of different types of research methods. This marketing research can help us to recognize the setting of the merchandise in the costumers brain. We will use the following methods to carry out our marketing research

  • Questionnaires

We will make a questionnaire that will assist us in collecting primary data from the clients. The questionnaire will be comprising different question that may cover all the items that will necessary to get the correct research results.

  • Surveys

Surveys will keep us current about our customers' goals and make us fulfils their needs and wishes more effectively. With this we'd have to execute a marketing survey of our market and try to discover that what our customers want and what they feel about new product. Whether they are content with our product or want any up gradation in it.

  • Live Market Test

Live market test will continue to work in two ways such as survey and marketing promotions at onetime. In store advertisement, promotions and circulation will be achieved and free samples will be offer to the people and reviews back will be taken from them. This opinions can positive or negative but can help us in future planning of the merchandise.

  • Feedback Form

Feedback varieties are also very important method of survey that will provide quick information with suprisingly low cost. Costumers will give information about their experience about products and services that assist us to eliminate deficiencies if any.

Financial Matters

We are economically strong enough to present a fresh product in the market. The advert budget will be 5% of the projected sales. We expect that the "Pickle supreme pizza" will increase our deal by 6%, this forecast is situated after pervious products deal by Pizza Hut. This 6% increase in sale provides 600 million in income. This means advertising budget will be of 30 million. No other vegetable and equipment expenditures will be accrued because the existing plant and equipment is utilized for the production of "Pickle Supreme Pizza".

Controls and Implementation

We will set up a control program to help the management in calculating the results and determining any problems or performance variant that need corrective actions. The control process will involve establishing benchmarks and measuring performance to improve deviations from benchmarks.

We use different ways to keep an eye on quality and customer service satisfaction. This will help us to respond very quickly in correcting any problems at the start. We will apply the following method to determine the success and client satisfaction from our new product.

  • Annual plan control

In this technique will screen that whether company is obtaining the targets and goals that are expected from the new product. Different are used monitor this such as Sales analysis, market share evaluation, balance scorecard etc.

  • Efficiency Control

With the help of this will control on spending efficiency and marketing expenses. In this particular we will review the sales force efficiency, advertising and sales offers effectiveness as compare to expenses on all these things.

  • Customer's feedback

This method will be used to collect information from the clients because this can help us to consider immediate activities against any problem. Customers will be the primary source to check on the success of the merchandise. Customer's feedback can help us in taking further steps if required.

Marketing Organisations

Marketing director will maintain overall responsibility for all the company's marketing activities and everything managers in the marketing department will report to the director. Marketing Audit plan will also performed enter the supervision of the marketing director.


I have critically analysed the Pizza hut and its market situation and found that the fast food styles are changing; customers are demanding high quality food with excellent services and resting preparations. Pizza hut is offering large selection of pizzas with salads, desserts etc, under one roof structure. Pizza hut also provide restaurant facilities to the customers. By using profound research of the market i came across that the Pizza hut is dropping large market show by overlooking a rapidly growing market of Asian Customers in the UK. These customers are less dished up by Pizza Hut however now it's time to fill that difference by introducing a fresh "Pickle Supreme pizza".

The market environment of fast food industry in UK is very competitive. Pizza Hut is facing immediate completion as well as in direct competition in the market in the form of Domino's, McDonald's, and KFC. Pizza Hut is a higher price restaurant as compare to its competitors but providing high quality food and resting facilities. Pizza hut has fewer amount of outlets which really is a weakness of pizza hut

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