Planning A Marketing Communication Marketing Essay

Executive Summary

Planning a built-in marketing communication for a business is important (Schultz, Tannenbaum & Lauterborn, 1993) because by using IMC a products and service are a good idea to understand target market segmentation and setting (Yeshin, 1998). However, Integrated Marketing Communication is a construction that involves planning, executing, evaluating and controlling different tools of communication to effectively talk to target audience (Kitchen, Kitchen & Pelsmacker, 2004). Furthermore, it consists of the exploration of models of IMC planning. It intends to ensure move of concept and the utilization of media.

Sports Energy Drink is one of the most popular amongst the youngsters as a result of increasing interest in athletics. Sport Energy Drink is now an evergrowing industry and drink industry will make investments more. Manufacturing companies are also striving to use effective marketing combine for their energy beverages. This paper aims to build up an IMC plan of Lucozade Energy Drink, a well known name on the market, for specific marketplace.

Since IMC refers to the integration of all marketing communication tools, functions and options available in a firm, it maximizes the effect on consumers.


Lucozade Energy is the name of the brand made by GlaxoSmithKline and there are different many other energy and activities drinks under the umbrella of Lucozade brand name (Dibb & Simkin, 2001). The Lucozade is an energy drink. It markets its brand in UK, (Gilligan & Wilson, 2003). Besides UK and USA, additionally it is available in other countries. In 2007, Lucozade Sport launched a new sub-brand, Lucozade Sport with Levels of caffeine Raise. Lucozade Sport with Level of caffeine Raise has 16mg of Caffeine containing drinks per 100ml. Levels of caffeine is a stimulant usually used in a variety of sport drink and employed by many sportsmen to improve both mental and physical performance. The other energy drink of Lucozade being isontonic is quickly consumed in the blood stream and hydrates faster than water. It contains glucose that provide petrol to active muscles, avoiding exhaustion and prolonging performance.

The sports drink frequently target the youngsters irrespective of gender who are involved in athletics (Dibb & Simkin, 1994).

Step 2: SWOT Evaluation for Lucozade Energy and Sport Drink

Lucozade sport energy drink brand is a UK basic brand and provide the products in other countries (Lagae, 2005). Analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats helps in the marketing planning, execution, and ultimate successful result (Fill, 1999).


Selling Romantic relationship: Lucozade has capacity to attract the customers, gives immediate consequence and its product is dependant on customers' needs, thus Lucozade has great potential to have good advertising relationship in terms of attracting increasingly more customers, fulfilling their needs and immediate provision of the required products (Kotler, Keller & Brady, 2009).

History: Lucozade is a brandname and it has record even in USA (Wenner & Jackson, 2009). It has recently sponsored many sports activities events and appearance ahead to sponsoring the sports incidents in USA as well.

Basic Consumer Need: Australia is one of those countries where sports activities are most participated and there are amounts of customers who seek to boosting energy, gaining durability and recovery by sports refreshments (Shilbury, Quick & Westerbeek, 1998), therefore, Lucozade has great benefits to make use of its power as it includes amounts of sport energy drink.

Different Tastes and Deals: Lucozade offers variety of tastes to its users such as orange, cherry, apple, and lemon, tropical and original. The choice in flavors allows the customers to take pleasure from their favorite taste even in energy drink (Beech & Chadwick, 2007).

Low Costs: Lucozade demand lower price because of its energy products than other products can be found in Australia Gatorade and Powerade (Shank, 2004).


Lack of Consciousness and Knowledge: Relatively to Powerade and Gatorade, Lucozade has little popularity and there is lack of awareness and understanding of the Lucozade products in america (Jarvie, 2006).

Traditional Preservation: Lucozade process its products using traditional preservation approach; only ice cooling down can preserve the drink style, and good tastes of drink can be savored when drink is icy.

Narrow Selection of Materials: Lucozade offers sport energy drink and this provides it vulnerability in spite of the fact that there surely is range of flavour but there is no range of materials (Schlossberg, 1996).


New Packaging Materials: There is lack of concentrate on the packaging material in sport energy drink industry, Lucozade can make the the majority of this opportunity giving eye-catching and dazzling presentation that can eventually helps to increase the sales by bringing in more customers (Graham, Goldblatt & Neirotti, 2001).

Replace Alcoholic Beverages: The intake of Alcohol in Australia is larger than every other drink. By using good online marketing strategy, target audience can be persuaded to utilize energy drink alternatively than alcoholic which is hazardous for health (Slack, 2004).

Replacement of Tea and Caffeine: The consumption of tea and espresso is swiftly growing and they are becoming a mean of habit in USA (Milne & McDonald, 1999). The excess use of levels of caffeine through tea and caffeine can harm the abdomen and intestine, on the other hands, Lucozade energy drink can be drunk excessively with no any injury.


Existing Products: In the lifetime of already set up sport energy products such as Gatorade and Powerade, Lucozade will threat to keep up its deal (Plunkett, 2008).

Ineffective Marketing Strategy: Gatorade and Powerade have more than 94% of the sport energy drink industry in the Australia and there is threat that marketing strategy to go into or re-enter into such market can be inadequate (Plunkett, 2007)

Marketing Planning for Lucozade

Situation Analysis

Internal Factors:

Promotional Functions: Promotional features of Lucozade are better as it has recently used promotional techniques in UK. Amongst many promotional techniques TV advertising, offline marketing such as colleges, gyms, cinemas and restaurants or store, and the most successful and effective marketing is activities and physical exercise place.

Prior Promotional Programs: Due to tough competition on the market, Lucozade must adopt Australian ethnical trends, including it in the merchandise like in presentation, bottling and labeling.

Brand Image: Lucozade has generated a brandname image in UK after the efforts of generations. However, Lucozade is not very popular in US market yet it has created a brand image by its online marketing strategy of sponsoring sport happenings in UK. Marketing planning greatly includes creation of brand image because it affects the near future sale of product.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Product or Service: Lucozade has been useful in successful marketing in UK and has capacity to attract the prospective customers by brand strategy. Lucozade can apply strong marketing strategy and planning. Alternatively, to enter market without difference can be vulnerability of Lucozade products, because customers choose the product that works well as well as different in conditions of improved quality and effectiveness.

External Factors:

Customer Evaluation: In 2002, manufacturers and builders of sport energy drink are concentrating on woman and kids also because only male customers do not make enough of the sale. Moreover, they intend to change the target audience in conditions old group and include older parents in their marketing segmentation. The USA market is largely successful in getting athletic young guys to regularly consumption patterns.

Competitive Evaluation: According to market competitive environment Gatorade is the marketplace dominator and shares this position with Powerade's and has higher marketing budget and price cut.

Environmental Analysis: Sports energy drinks have grown to be an important and dynamic part of the Australian lifestyle with the increasing participation in sports activities. Moreover, drink industry has cultivated to $2 billion to $3 billion in 2002 in USA.

GlaxoSmithKline now projects to broaden its circulation and unveiling its Lucozade energy drink in america as the healthcare giant appears to develop it beyond the united kingdom market.

Marketing Objectives

The main targets of the marketing are to build up a regular and stable brand position along with other brand giants like Gatorade and Powerade. Additionally, it will largely give attention to increasing the consciousness about the product. In the first step of consciousness program, strategy will be drawn to make acceptance of product by large and latter understanding of brand product and meaning.

Marketing Strategy and Program

In order to accomplish above objectives, different method of promotion will be used such as advertising advertising, sport event sponsoring and included sponsorship with marketing mixture.

Step 1 Focus on Segment

Customer Characteristics account and purchasing Situation are essential to look for the marketing strategy of Lucozade. Customer characteristics make clear the customers' geographic, demographic, Socioeconomic, Psychographic characteristics. Buying situation identifies purchasing point, benefits looked for, usage and knowing of products.

Characteristics of Lucozade Customers


State: At first, Product will be launched into says of Australia viz. , Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and West Australia.

Urbanization: the merchandise will be released in Metropolitan and urban areas of the areas.


Age: The online marketing strategy will aim for to consumers age between 10 and 20, 20 and 35.

Gender: Both male and female will be targeted for the product marketing.


Income: The consumers with regular income between $5, 00 and $10, 00.

Education: The training of customers is senior high school graduates.

Occupation: The occupation will be as pupil, athlete, gymnastic and so on.


Personality: The personality characteristics of customers selected is ambitious and ambitious

Values: The prices are as achievers and strivers.

Lifestyle: The approach to life of consumers is athletic activities.

Buying Situation of Lucozade

Purchasing Point

Outlet: Departmental stores, Supermarkets and other outlet stores will be used as purchasing point for indirect marketing.

Direct: For immediate marketing customers will be approached through email, telemarketing and catalogues.

Benefits Sought

Products Feature: Product offers sport energy drink as a way to obtain instant energy specifically for sportspersons.

Needs: The merchandise will be offered in as low cost as 1 dollar, and will instant results with best value services


Usage Rate: The speed of the product is medium and heavy.

User Status: The position of the consumers is athlete, gymnastic, sportsmen

Awareness and Goal

Product Knowledge: The consumers need to be aware of the benefit and use of the merchandise.


Involvement: There exists need of special work to improve the habit of the consumers towards the merchandise.

Current Position of Lucozade

At present Lucozade is an effective sport energy drink manufacturers and marketers in UK in addition, it is going to start its energy drink products in the United States.

Identifying Setting Strategy: Segmentation Process

Determine Approach: Lucozade seeks to release its brands into USA sport energy drink market through strong marketing method of attract maximum number of customers and for this function Lucozade determined to change its market and alternatively than only concentrating on athlete and young gymnastic, Lucozade will concentrate on woman and teens as well as male athlete.

Select and Apply Platform: Initially promotion and advertising strategies can be applied on the young students at institution and colleges, girl at retail center or stores and men at gym and other exercise activities places.

Reveal a Section: the merchandise will be launched for both male and female and for different age groups such as 10-20, 20-30 and 30-45.

Target Marketing Selection

Selecting a target market is one of the very most basic decisions a marketing department must make and the future success of the products largely be based upon the suitable and correct achievable concentrate on marketing.

Determine Amounts of Market to enter: the marketing strategy for Lucozade energy products two different type of inhabitants will be targeted such as men, women and sportsmen no sportsmen. The population targeted will be from middle and top classes who can simply manage to buy sport energy drink on regularly basis. In addition, sportsperson within organizations and out of organizations either in school, college or health club will be the most possible client.



Product Place



(Loudon et al, 2004)

Determine Which Segment offered is Potential: Sections pointed out in above section are important in terms of market but amidst them sportsman and sportswoman are usually more competent and have more potential.

Develop a Positioning Strategy

Positioning by Product Feature and Benefit

The characteristics of Lucozade sport energy product is that it contains carbohydrate in the form of glucose so that as benefits carbohydrate within Lucozade sport energy product by means of glucose keep your body hydrated by giving instant energy in body. Besides, there are volume of choices of flavours in refreshments such as tropical, apple, orange, lemon and untamed berry; these flavors gives selections to users to choose as per their favorite flavours. Other sport energy drinks such as Cytomax, Accelerade, Endurox and Gatorade also contain carbohydrate to give instant energy to body but Lucozade possesses a new position among them as it provides resilient energy by its drink.

Positioning by Price

Lucozade share same costs position with other sport energy beverages such as Powerade and Gatorade (500ml) cost is $ 1. 00, that is add up to Lucozade sport energy drink product price.

Positioning by Use and Application

Lucozade sports drink energy is specially produced for sportspersons, because sportspersons are usually involved in physical activities and need instant hydration to boost the power in them. Lucozade sport drink is produced as a fairly easy to work with drink; it needs to be shaken before consuming so that drink could work flawlessly to fueling throughout. The other sport energy drinks also offer liquid beverages like Lucozade.

Positioning by Product Class

Lucozade supplies the product of sport energy not only in liquid form but also tablets. Lucozade has been offering different sport energy and beverage products that expands its level of school of products. Lucozade is the merchandise of GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company company thus the category of Lucozade products was created to give an advantage of healthcare by having a drink drink.

Positioning by Product User

The amounts of sportspersons are increasing creating more opportunities for sport energy drink industry while Lucozade has recently drawn sportspersons by creating understanding in mass about the importance of instant energy through the training and practice.

Positioning by Competitor

In the energy beverages market talk about all energy product of Lucozade brands has 75%, Red Bull has 15% and Powerade 3%, Energize 2%. Additionally, Lucozade is the main Sports beverages in UK.

Positioning by Cultural Symbols

Number of Activities and games has been using for creating social mark of sport energy beverages products. Lucozade has sponsored many athletics events, teams and sportsmen in Ireland and UK and set up sports as its ethnical sign for marketing sport energy drink product. Additionally, it also organizes sport consciousness program across UK about the needs of energy for sportspersons.

Step 3: Consumer Decision Making Process

Problem Acceptance: Perceiving a Need

The first and utmost target of Lucozade is to enter into Australian sport energy drink market with strong and effective marketing strategies that can cause the audience to utilize the all energy products under the brand of Lucozade. Since there is certainly clear difference in desired point out of needs and genuine conditions, a highly effective advertising can bring about the needs of the person for the merchandise. For this function Lucozade will use different medium of mass media such as Television set and internet to encourage the audience that they should intake the vitality drink for this purpose Lucozade will promote athletics in the united states. In order to promote the athletics, the advertising through Television set and internet will be utilized since it is productive, effective and is used by significant of people especially in urban areas.

Information Search: Seeking Value

The internal and external resources of product search both are crucial in seeking value of Lucozade, therefore, to provide the users a marvelous and pleasurable experience that is easily recalled and remembered by individual, Lucozade will improve the quality and product affectivity of the activity energy drink product relatively to its opponents in the sport energy drink market. This target can be achieved through giving resilient vitality to the customer.

Alternative Evaluation: Assessing Value

In the presence of other sport energy drink maker and companies Lucozade must be different to gain market space. To be able to create an association, Athletics will be utilized as online marketing strategy of the merchandise. Moreover, the product will be upgraded in terms of energy level and wide selection of flavors so that consumers can keep in mind the merchandise as reliable and making the product a customer's satisfaction product. To achieve value assessing position on the market Lucozade will be shown to customers as true and reliable way to obtain getting energy.

Purchase Decision

The past experience of customers will be enjoyable if customers are satisfied with the usage of the product. Lucozade energy products are made to satisfy the energy needs of sportspersons, extensive range of flavours and quality of vitality is incorporated in to the product to provide a marvelous experience to customers. Other factors that also affect the buying connection with customers Lucozade products will be provided in particular outlet stores, stores and supermarkets; by giving the merchandise through some specific stores, the customers' purchasing action can be viewed and related with a particular issue.

Post-Purchase Patterns: Value in Intake or Use

To making the post purchasing experience as pleasurable experience for customers, the product quality degree of offered product will be guaranteed to be shipped equally. During creating marketing approaches for the product, it'll be ensured that no such note is delivered that is not related to the merchandise and customers receive the similar degree of product that they are offered.

Step 4: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

What to Say-Message: Lucozade is the one sport energy drink designed all natural ingredients and natural flavours that has vitalizing effects, restorative and raise the energy level instantly. It is isotonic drink also available sugars free (Johnson, 2003) drinks with throw-away and potable container.

Copy Platform: The marketing campaign will address the value of athletics in daily life and relatively importance of maintaining vitality through natural means.

Creative Strategy: The aim of advertising message is to bring the understanding generally speaking people about the energy ingestion and energy intake as per body needs. The meaning will be sent via a slogan "Lucozade replaces lost energy", the prospective audience for the marketing strategy is the children and especially those who find themselves involved in sports activities. In order to convey this meaning ethnic value of athletics will be used; different athletics will be sponsored for promoting the athletics and games.

How to Say Message-Execution: Ahead of execute the message, it's important to comprehend the needs and types of concept. Types of text messages can be examined by source of message, what meaning says and kind of meaning. Through this marketing strategy, there is aim to bring in the Lucozade as a sport energy drink in the market. The creative technique for Lucozade is the fact it offers you lost energy during any physical activity and specifically sports activities activity that requires more energy.

The Creative Process: The meaning strategy of the merchandise is the slogan of the merchandise which tells about the merchandise as a sport energy drink; this slogan is the major retailing debate. The 'big idea' is to market the athletics offering sport energy to boost the energy level during sport activities.

Execution- How exactly to Say it: Advertising Charm will be identified to to deal with the audience; and rational way of advertising will be used through which customers will be educated of the sensible need of the product emphasizing the characteristics of product and its own benefits and showing the reason of using the product.

Execution Techniques: For using logical advertising appeal Print out as well as Electronic advertising will be chosen as they are well suited for the logical appeals.

Where to Say the Message-Channels-Planned IMC Tools

Advertising: You will find two major method of advertising used for this product in Australia Print mass media advertising and electronic advertising advertising. In Australia, printing advertising is conceived into two different medium, newspaper and paper. With 4500 magazine and newspaper print out media as preliminary entrance into market can be successful for the product. Electronic advertising in Australia is Television set systems, radio, cinemas and Internet. Electronic advertising mass media is conceived very powerful in conditions of its success, while print mass media is recognized as cheap and easy-to-access way to obtain advertising. Therefore, digital as well as printing media will be used for the advertising the merchandise.

PR: To produce public awareness, product popularity and revenue will be based upon the PR (general public connection) of the product on the market. Lucozade will be publicized through unique selling positions such as endorsing a superstar.

Sales Advertising: For sales campaign consumers will be offered to get the product in lower price than in market quite simply Loss leader (selling a product in less expensive to stimulate the customers) will be utilized to market the merchandise. The reason why of choosing this sale promotion is to offer temporary reduction in prices to appeal to the clients and after completing the advertising campaign product can be purchased in same price. Customers will first draw in towards the product due to lessen price and will come to know the features and quality of the merchandise. Later on they'll be prepared to pay the genuine price of the merchandise and will choose the product.

Direct Marketing: For direct marketing customers will be contacted through mailing and telesales reps. Customers will be mailed the merchandise information on brochures and telesales representatives will call to persuade the clients to purchase the product by providing them product information.

Other Programs:

Services and Product: Besides above mentioned programs of marketing, the business will use other stations such as offering good services to its employees and quality product to consumers.

Execution Strategy:

Advertising/ Marketing Plan and Plan: The marketing campaign through advertising will be scheduled using two major sizes such as continuity and pulsing.

Reach and Occurrence Planning

The continuity and regularity of advertisement was created to run over a six-month period. In the first month 40% of the advertising budget would be allocated for time and space placing, then 30% for the second month and 10% in each one of the next three months. Moreover, advertisements will done using pulsing the flighting and constant scheduling with low degree of advertising throughout the year while doing heavy advertising during top of providing time.

Step 6: Evaluation of Choice

Concept Examining: The idea of advertisement is undoubtedly the backbone of the marketing campaign, if idea of advertisement is grasped and recalled by audience it shows efficiency of the advertising.

Objective: To check the effectiveness and evaluate the choices of preferred advertisements channels, advertising campaign concept is examined by observing the audience tendencies and taking their views about the ad concept.

Methods: To achieve the objective of analysis of alternatives, customers are asked about the alternative concepts for advertisements such as "Drink for runners" and "Energy drink for sportspersons" rather than replaces lost energy.

Output: The alternative principles are good but very specific in conditions of targeting the audience. Substitute concepts are intended to concentrate on only sportsman and athlete on the hands Lucozade is offering energy drink that replace the lost energy. The alternative ideas are also effective as they are specific and aim for its customers straight.


The domestic market of Australia is well established and competitive with two giant brands Gatorade and Powerade. Lucozade must gain market in the existence of the brands. The creative strategy of Lucozade has potential to attain the marketing section by following marketing planning. In addition, it offers team of creative designer and accesses all press source to accomplish the goals. Creative strategy is appropriate and meets the requirements of USA sport energy drink industry market. With the growing image and deal in UK, Lucozade has earning of 40 % show in the united kingdom market of sport energy drink. The company plans to extend it and intend to commit into other market. Lucozade energy brand must enter Australian market and creating its place by adopting effective marketing tools and pursuing marketing strategies planned. Lucozade looks for a consistent and steady position in Australian market and for this function it has to endure in the home market of Australia and also other market players and competition. Lucozade has been applying a successful marketing techniques in UK, it includes experience of decades to make devote market. However, Australian market is new however, not mysterious for Lucozade. At the moment, Lucozade has marketing experience only in UK but has investigated about the requirements of Australia market in terms of the market and products developments.

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