Positioning of brands and analysis of positioning statement

Positioning is approximately the position a brand occupies in market in the brains of consumers. Strong brands have a specific, often unique position in the mark market.

Positioning can be achieved through several means, including brand, image, service requirements, product guarantees, product packaging and how it is sent. Actually, successful setting usually takes a combination of these things.

Although there will vary definitions of Setting, probably the most common is: identifying market niche for a brand, product or service utilizing traditional marketing positioning strategies (i. e. price, advertising, distribution, presentation, and competition).

Also setting is thought as the way where the marketers create impression in the customers mind.

Analysis of the positioning

Brand name

The position where Elephant House confirms itself differs. Relating to Brand Finance's global benchmarking, its brand value contributes almost 70 % of the full total business value of Ceylon Chilly Stores. In the event where the brand is the most prominent asset in a company, it has a very high 'Brand Vitality' rating. This indicates that the advantage has a higher degree of resilience and will continue to provide its owner with a stable stream of income in the foreseeable future, if it is been able effectively.

Elephant House brand is well-established brand in Sri Lanka with an extended record and the trust of consumers. For example, Orange Barley is so popular with local consumers that carbonated drinks were generally referred to as barley, especially in the country's rural areas. In a few other countries, people are known to put in brain to soda pops as sodas. As a brand Elephant House brand has a history value, with rely upon them being ingrained in local consumers. Elephant House aims to capitalize on these brand values and build with them by maintaining the grade of its products.

The basis for Sri Lanka's one of all valuable brand, Elephant House, is regarded as tasty, reliable and of the best quality. The brand's continuing quest is to maintain its prices and retain the trust of its consumers, gained over many ages. Innovation, constant responsiveness to consumer needs and strong supply-chain management has been the triune pillars of its continual success.


For some individuals, there's still nothing like a classic Elephant Orange Barley bottle to quench their thirst on a hot afternoon. The local 'Aliya Beema' brand still preserves a devoted following. Established in 1866, the Elephant House soda range today has something to provide everyone and enliven every instant.

Whether it is its specific raspberry flavored Elephant Necto or Orange Barley to punch a more nostalgic be aware, Ceylon Freezing Stores Ltd suits a diversified market. Ginger Beer and Soda will be the oldest in the range - over a century - followed by Orange Barley, more than 75 years of age.

But the struggle to endure the onslaught of competition posed by big-pocketed multinational companies has not been an easy one for this age-old local brand.

The Elephant House brand name is definitely associated with dependable quality and affordability, plus they have preserved that image amongst their consumers.

Service standards

To strive towards superiority in customer support, they sustained to keep a finger on the pulse of their consumers through concerted general market trends on changes to tastes, flavor and lifestyles and identified the need for product creativity to be intended for healthier standards of living and shrinking throw-away income. Noting the success of the diet EGB and low calorie glaciers cream, the Ceylon Cold Stores PLC Research and Development Team continuing to explore more sugars free products. The extremely successful 'pal' range of beverages in small sizes was also a result of addressing consumer expectations. Commensurate with their dedication to integrity, all Elephant House products stayed promoted within an ethical and dependable manner. In addition to ensuring that they do not sponsor any illegal events or the ones that are socially or environmentally dangerous, all their promotional promotions are filtered through an activity handled by the John Keells Holdings (JKH) Group CSR Committee to ensure that they don't communicate any socially hazardous messages.

Product guarantees

"Our enthusiasm is to deliver pleasure and diet throughout individuals lives, through enjoyable and superior products, whenever and wherever they choose to consume and drink"

Over the years, they have never lost sight of 1 of the main element fundamentals that preserve their business-the need to maintain brand commitment among consumers by continuing to deliver pleasure and diet while maintaining strict quality.

To do that, they continued to check out Good Hygiene Procedures (GHP); Good Making Practices (GMP), conformed to industry norms in their labeling tactics - including information on nutritional information; carried out 5S, Kaizen, Quality Circles and Six Sigma; and ensured their production techniques operated under handled conditions that met SLS expectations. In recognition of the efforts, they were not only licensed with ISO 22000 quality qualification but their consumers nominated Cream Soda pop as the most popular beverage for the 3rd consecutive year, placing their trust in them over other international drinks. This indicates the confidence put by consumers in them superior products.

They do not limit their quality handles to merely their development process but expand it on the first point of contact between their consumers and the Elephant House brands by collecting samples of all their products offered on the retail racks over a quarterly basis and sampling them for any quality deficiencies. They go one step further before distributing their pasteurized dairy and iced-coffee, where in fact the daily batch of milk products - though examined intensely at the creation premises at Maskeliya, is also published to another quality check in Colombo before distribution.

Awards and accreditation

Because of our continuous attempts at bettering efficiencies and commitment to quality, we achieved ISO 22000 documentation during the yr.

Elephant House Cream Soda bagged the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing and Nielsen People's Prize for 2008 as the Most Popular Beverage for the 3rd consecutive 12 months.

Apple Soda, which took the market by storm, was regarded with a Bronze for the Most Innovative New Entrant for the year by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).

In recognition of its attempts to penetrate global markets, the Company was once more awarded the Silver under the Agriculture Value Added sector by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka.

For the next consecutive year, the Company's Annual Survey 2007-08 received the Platinum Award in the Food and Beverages Sector, provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Annual.

Packaging and Delivering

Raw materials are received from local as well as international suppliers and then those are mailing to handling section after quality inspection. Completed products are sent to finely cold storage space after giving assurance for quality. From Finely chilly stores, products are sent out to local market segments, and super marketplaces as well as international markets. Product issues are get back to the factory in an contrary way to product move. Customer complaint sheets are distributed to shop keepers plus they collect complaint. Monthly assessments and remedial activities are under taken by the office of quality assurance.


Repositioning occurs whenever a brand tries to improve its market position to reflect a change in consumer's likes. This is required whenever a brand has become fatigued, perhaps because its original market has matured or has truly gone into decline.

Elephant House declared the completion of its corporate rebranding efforts. The changes are effective immediately, and, as the company will continue to operate under the legal name Ceylon Chilly Stores, all future business activity shall refer to the business as Elephant House. This is an incredibly vibrant amount of time in their company's background to start Elephant House's new commercial personality, which better signifies the brand's iconic position and aspirations going forward.

This move was guaranteed by consumer research that complemented the Elephant House brand beliefs. Elephant House's setting now reconnects the brand with it's 'goodness' origins while it reaches out to a more radiant consumer demographic. Elephant House is backed by over 140 many years of accomplishment. While there is great power in the diversity of brands of their stock portfolio, 'goodness' is a solid part of their legacy and also a powerful common denominator for the brand.

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