Possible purchasing situations. Supplier tactics - Industrial (B2B) marketing

Possible purchasing situations. Provider Tactics

There are three situations of buying a buyer and a supplier.

1. Repeated purchase without any changes occurs when you contact a permanent supplier, and as a result, the decision-making process takes a small amount of time, and, as a rule, The buyer does not need additional information and alternative options are practically not considered. Since the purchase is almost customary, the number of members of the purchasing center is insignificant, mainly represented by the suppliers.

2. Re-purchase with changes , ie. purchase with modifications occurs when the buyer needs to change certain properties and characteristics of products, terms of payment and delivery, etc. In this situation, the first purchase request is made to the existing supplier and, in the event that it can not meet the need, the buyer turns to the new supplier. Accordingly, the decision-making process can already be more time-consuming, with consideration of alternatives and obtaining additional information. At the same time, the composition of the purchasing center is more diverse than in the first case, and includes not only supplyers, but advisers with prescribers.

3. New Purchase is characterized by a fairly long time of the decision making process, searching for information and considering alternatives. In this case, the structure of the purchasing center is even broader than in the second case. So, in addition to prescribers, advisers and suppliers, the management of the company must be included.

Depending on the type of buyer's purchase, the vendor's behavior also changes.

1. In case of repeated purchase without any changes, the existing supplier seeks to continue cooperation, conducting constant consultations with the buyer, thereby striving to deepen its market. However, the new supplier seeks to persuade the buyer to change the supplier by providing any special conditions.

2. When buying again with changes, the existing supplier seeks to expand its market by transferring its buyer from infrequent purchases to permanent cooperation. Accordingly, the new supplier seeks to advise the buyer by providing preferential terms for the first order, thereby striving to become a permanent supplier for the buyer instead of the previous one.

3. A permanent supplier in the case of a new purchase strives to meet the needs of the buyer as much as possible, adapting its products. The new supplier seeks to offer special conditions, including at a price, for concluding an agreement on the supply of products with it. As for the buyer this purchase is new, the existing supplier and the new one are practically on an equal footing.

The process of deciding whether to purchase, depending on the type of buyer's purchase and supplier tactics, is presented in Table. 10.4.

Table 10.4

Purchase decision process, depending on the type of purchase

Stages of the purchasing decision process

Re-purchase without changes (main role in the purchasing center)

Re-purchase with changes (main role in the purchasing center)

New purchase (main role in the purchasing center)




Supporters and company management

Product users and company management





Suppliers and product managers

Product users and other members of the purchasing center

Product users and functional service employees

Finding and evaluating suppliers





Analysis of proposals and preliminary negotiations




Provider Selection

Suppliers, Procurement Center

Company management and suppliers

Company management, suppliers, procurement center






Evaluation of results

Specialists and suppliers

Product users, specialists, prescribers

Product users, specialists, company management

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