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Intellectuals of the Caucasian trade

The Stavropol trading company - a distributor of world and domestic food producers - managed to increase revenue by one third by developing new technologies, expanding into other regions and diversifying the business. If the company continues to develop as actively, it will be listed in the "gazelles" list in a year.

The founders of the company "Abner", engineer Askhab Askhabov and veterinarian Valery Kvachev, started their business more than two decades ago from scratch - there was almost no experience in entrepreneurship, but trade developed rapidly. When in 1992, "Abner started its activity in the wholesale market of Stavropol, the company employed seven people - today the company has 13 representative offices, employs about 700 employees, and an active client base - more than 6 thousand outlets. In the rating of the largest companies of the North Caucasus in 2013, "Avenir" The company took the 39th position, increasing its revenues in 2012 from 1.88 billion to 2.48 billion rubles. In addition to the main activity - wholesale and retail trade, "Avenir" provides distribution services, responsible storage and marketing services. To date, the portfolio of distribution contracts of the company includes products of more than 27 United States and foreign manufacturers.

Trade is rarely associated with a high-tech business, but the example of "Avenir" demonstrates that in this sphere today, inconspicuously for the general public, there is a constant introduction of innovations at all levels - from software to business management. "Business is a competition of intellects", says director "Avenir" Valery Kvachev. It is this principle that is the most important source of the company's rapid growth, and, according to its leader, the current dynamics is not the limit. The main task in the medium term is to achieve a 30% share in the market of the North Caucasus.

How to "sell strategy to employees

- Your company has been showing rapid growth for several years, although, according to our research, the share of trade in the large business of the North Caucasus is declining. By what means do you increase revenue - a clear development strategy or a good market situation?

- I think both of them. Our strategy is to gain market share and increase the territory of our presence. In 2012, we opened representative offices in Grozny and Khasavyurt, and in 2013 we entered the territory of the Volgograd region. Today we have 13 representative offices, each has its own office, sales team and fleet for delivery of goods. We have been present on the market quite a long time and during this time different stages of "growing up" have been committed, many mistakes were made. But negative experience is also an experience. In our company, the long-term development strategy is designed for more than 10 years, but we set ourselves more visible tactical goals - for three years. At this time, a strategic map for the development of the entire enterprise is drawn up, on the basis of which each department forms its own map. Over the course of three years, the goals remain practically unchanged, but the ways to achieve them are constantly being improved, and this allows us to systematically move forward.

- What allows your company to develop strategically? What do you do for this?

- In 2010, we started implementing a quality management system. With her help, improved the management system of business processes, increased labor productivity, optimized the processing of information, reduced all types of risks. The introduction of this system allowed us to reduce the cost of operations and, as a result, improve the quality of service for customers, without raising the cost of production. Due to this, the number of customer complaints has decreased. Also, a year and a half ago, we began to introduce a lean program to get rid of losses, from all useless activity - reasoning from the point of view of the customer, we clearly determined what is valuable in a particular product or service.

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