Preface - Advertising and Public Relations


Dear reader, we hope that this tutorial will be useful for you in understanding the wonderful world of advertising and public relations (Public Relations). This book is the content of a comprehensive course for the preparation of bachelors in the disciplines "Advertising" and "Public Relations", and also contains information related to marketing, research, sociology and other disciplines. With all the variety of printed publications and Internet resources on the United States market, there is a lack of generalized professional-prepared literature on the theory and practice of advertising and PR activities. The deficit is felt by both beginners and experienced masters in the communication field.

Objective recommendations, clarity and accessibility of the presentation make the book a good practical guide for those who directly started their activities in advertising and public relations.

The textbook has a large amount of useful information: a description of strategies for public relations and tactics of advertising campaigns, analysis of exhibition activities, techniques for creating campaigns to promote goods and services in various markets, and many other issues.

And so that the training edition does not turn into a "Black Square" Kazimir Malevich, for self-study, knowledge acquisition is offered on-line using examples, test questions and tests. Training on specific examples will make it possible to analyze the problematic situation in the development of theoretical material and show the life experience of companies operating in the United States market.

The material in the textbook is located in such a way that with each subsequent chapter, the theory, applied examples, and tests become more complicated. In a logical sequence, the directions of influence of PR tools and advertising on the results of marketing activities are presented. The complex estimation of the market mechanism of rendering of marketing services taking into account factors of the business environment is given.

The content and specificity of PR and advertising in the organizations of the sphere of commodity circulation and industrial production are disclosed. Specific directions and examples of using public relations strategies for the successful positioning of the company are given. Attention is paid to classification characteristics, consumer value of the sphere of PR services taking into account specificity of practical use in the process of market participation of firms and companies.

Complex assessments of the effectiveness of PR and advertising tools are given, with the emphasis on the indicator of social and business activity and corporate responsibility for the results of labor before society. The content of the textbook is built in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education of the third generation.

Each of the chapters consists of several paragraphs (using drawings and tables), conclusions, test questions, tests. The list of sources used is extensive, it will be useful for further work. When writing the textbook, the authors focused, first of all, on the practice - their own and other successful colleagues. The authors have great theoretical and practical experience in the field of advertising and PR, in the field of teaching these disciplines in higher education.

The textbook is intended for bachelors, students, beginners studying courses "Advertising" and " and "Public Relations", marketing specialists, business practitioners, as well as all those interested in PR and advertising opportunities in organizing marketing activities, wishing to increase their knowledge and creativity of thinking in the field of marketing communications.

The process of studying the textbook Advertising & Public Relations is aimed at forming the following competencies for students:


o general theoretical bases of advertising activity;

o forms and methods of advertising in the domestic and foreign markets;

o the concept of advertising and public relations in a market economy

o the concept of public relations in a market economy and its principles;

o Theoretical and methodological approaches to the definition of the essence and content of PR;

o organizational forms of management of advertising and public relations, including their structural construction;

o goals, tasks and functions, mechanisms for organizing, planning and implementing the PR system to achieve commercial success;

o model of forming a positive image of the organization and the methodology for its evaluation;

o specifics of the formation of advertising and PR on the United States market; be able to

o choose the right type of advertising;

o Determine the criteria for selecting the distribution channels for advertising and PR;

o make operational plans for advertising and PR campaigns for the successful implementation of large marketing projects by taking into account public opinion, the ability to influence it;

o use advanced forms and methods of organizing PR-campaigns, fair-exhibition business for successful positioning both within the country and abroad;

o use PR tools to develop new market segments, successfully form a portfolio of orders, improve quality and service level in order to better meet consumer demand;


o Experience in working with existing federal laws and regulatory documents necessary to carry out activities in the field of advertising and PR;

o the skills of active communication not only with target audiences of the main buyers, but also with various representatives of the business community;

o the idea of ​​problems and prospects of advertising on the Internet.

We are grateful for the help in writing the textbook to all colleagues, reviewers, and also publishers, special thanks to the graduates of the Financial University under the Government of the United States for providing information of an applied nature.

We will be happy if the book becomes an impetus for new ideas and solutions, will allow us to understand or rethink the principles of advertising management, to take a fresh look at the techniques that you are using in practice, to improve and expand the arsenal of methods of interaction with your key partners and target audiences . We wish you pleasant reading and getting tangible results from work.

The content was prepared by the authors: Doctor of Economics, Professor IM Sinyaeva (abstract, chapters 6, 7, 8, 9), candidate of economic sciences, associate professor OI Romanenkova (introduction, chapters 1, 3, 5, 10, 12), DA Zhiltsov (chapters 2,4,11).

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