Pricing Decision IS MANUFACTURED By The Company Marketing Essay

Pricing decision is your choice that must make with a company to ensure the price that determined is exact or not. Competition is one of factors that have to consider by way of a company when a company make a costs decision. Competition is a very important for a company so that they know the proper, costs, market offerings or price of competitor's company at the same time.

In the other hands, the costs decision that considered with a company will have an effect on the type of your competition. Competition varies during the product life circuit, of course, therefore at times it may strongly affect rates decisions (McDaniel/ Lamb/ Hair-Introduction to Marketing). The product line routine is the process that started from introductory stages, growth phases, maturity stages, and finally is decline levels. A business should make charges decision when the introductory level just because a company should promote their product of which price whether at cheap or more price that equate to the competitor. A corporation mostly will opt to promote their product at lower price that compare to competitors just because a company must get the marketplace share from their product and also to entice the customers' attention to buy their products. After the customers feel pleasure with the merchandise, they will promote the products to their family members or friends about the products.

A company also has to consider the competition as an important factor because the clients will also compare the price between the company and others. A company must do a market survey or research before they begin to sell their products because the clients will always compare the purchase price between each others. For instance, since which the Mines and Tesco is the rival on each other therefore when customers will always compare the price of both shopping complexes at the same times when they would like to buy some products. If the clients feel the price of The Mines is lower than Tesco, so the customers will most likely go to The Mines to purchase the products and hardly ever go to Tesco to acquire the merchandise that they wants.

Competition is also the factor that occurred in the global market that often makes the companies cut down their product prices to get their market shares from the clients. For example, Carrefour which is one of the largest shopping complexes on the planet has to reduce the price for his or her products to increase their market show from the customers.

In accessing competitors' costing strategies, the company should ask several questions (Amstrong, G. & Kotler, P. (2011). Marketing: An Release 10th Edition). The company will charges the higher price for the product which can brings a larger value while the companies will charges the lower price to the merchandise which provide a less value nonetheless they can choose whether charges with lower prices or changes to higher prices. Besides that, a firm makes a costs decision based on whether the competitors are stronger or weakness compare with a company. Besides that, an organization also makes the pricing decision predicated on the ways for a competitive surroundings influence customer's price sensitivity. For instance, a customer will be hypersensitive on price when she or he find a little of difference between your company product and competitor's product. Besides that, a company must set the superior price on their products to obtain additional market talk about from customers.

Consumer Belief of Price and Value

Besides your competition, the consumer conception of price and value also turn into a factor that a company to consider through the process of costs decision. An organization should consider the customers' perception because the customers provides a lot of business for an organization.

A company can know the customers' understanding from product placement. Product positioning-which is the sixth and final step in the marketplace segmentation process-involves developing a product and marketing plan that will charm to the picked market portion (The Portable MBA in Marketing, Alexander Hiam and Charles D. Schewe). An organization should bring out and sells the products to the market segmentation that a company determines to serve during the product placement process. A company can decide the marketplace portion by product placement which a firm should consider the customers' demographic, geographic, and patterns characteristics. Following the company decides the market segmentation, the company can make the costing decision more effectively. For example, in case a company chooses the rich people as the market segmentation, therefore the company will set the price tag on their products by higher prices that other competition. From a study show that customers like products which have higher or better quality at higher price compare than other rival. If the clients have the same the belief which is more higher price of something, more higher quality of the merchandise, so a company will set a higher prices through the charges decision process. An organization should make costs decision predicated on customers perception so the price that occur market can accepted by customers

A company will begins a good costing with an entire understanding of the worthiness and price of the merchandise or services from the price setting to capture the customers' understanding on value and price. For instance, if a customer makes a decision to buy a product but she or he find that the purchase price that set in place is higher the value which is from a products, this will make the customer making decision that will not buy the product. An organization can decide on pricing based on two types of value basing pricing that are good- value prices and value-added rates. A good-value pricing means a firm will sets a good price by offering the right blend of quality and good service. Besides that, value-added charges means a firm will sets the prices predicated on customers' perceptions of product value rather than the manufacture's cost.

Other than that, the customers' conception on value and price will place the roof of price; costs also will set the ground for the purchase price that a company can established. A company must know the expenses that devote to products before they can make a decision the rates decision by using cost-based rates (Amstrong, G. & Kotler, P. (2011). Marketing: An Benefits 10th Model). Cost-based charges is a level a company place prices that like the producing expenditures, distributing expenses, selling expenses and the worthiness of come back on work and risk. An organization should think about the cost-based costs as quite stage in costs strategies. The expenses that spend on products can be two varieties which are set costs and varying costs. Fixed costs are the costs that do not easily fluctuate with creation level while changing costs will be the costs that differ directly with the production level. Types of set costs are bills for lease, interest or executive salaries while the examples of adjustable costs are expenses of electricity, presentation expenses and so forth. The business must calculate the expenses of products carefully. If the company costs are higher than other competitor's costs during the producing and selling the merchandise, this will make the company set the bigger prices to earn some profits. The effects of charging the bigger prices of products, the customers will buy the products from other competitors because the price that offers by the competition is cheaper than the company. Therefore, an organization should consider the customers' perception on value and prices as important elements because customers can determine company shows.

Organizational Considerations

Organizational things to consider also quite element when pricing decision is make. An organizational thought is the inner factors that make a difference the costing decisions. Organizational concerns mean the costs decisions in several companies are arranged by differing people or departmental. For instance, in small companies, the prices decisions are made by the most notable management compare than in large companies, the rates decisions are made by divisional or products managers rather than the very best management (Amstrong, G. & Kotler, P. (2011). Marketing: An Intro 10th Edition).

Before an organization makes the pricing decision, a corporation must understand the partnership between price and amount that demand from customers for the products. The price and demand of the merchandise are the elements that need by a company to make a precise decision or arranged an accurate price of products in the market. The relationship between your price that a company set in place and the demand of the merchandise are negatively. This means that when the price is set higher, the demand of the merchandise will become cut down while when a company set the purchase price at good deal, the demand of the products can be increase. Therefore, a corporation should set the reduced price or superior price to raise the demand of the merchandise; this will increase the earnings for a business.

When a corporation wants to create and sell the products, a company will do the review on market segmentation to know if the products are available to sell or not. A corporation also can know the demand from customers of the merchandise from market demand curve. From your demand curve, a business can know the difference of the number of the merchandise if the purchase price is increasing or reducing. This curve is useful for company to make the accurate rates decision. If the company makes the accurate pricing decision, the clients will become more and more and the revenue of the company will increase from one time and energy to other time. This factor also helps the performance of company become organized because a company must have a section to make costing decision. If there is no organizational consideration in a firm, the performance of a company will faces loss of income and many prices decision are make because there is no department is decide to make rates decisions.

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