Proposal To Kick off A FRESH Product

There is a huge potential for fairness lotions in the 12-18 12 months segment, the demand for which is currently being found by the common fairness creams. But the collagen structure of an teen's skin area varies from that of an adult's which places forth a dependence on a teenager fairness cream.

Explorative research (Depth interviews) has been conducted to validate this need and determine the purchase motives and choices of the targeted section. Utilizing the marketing research approach on the depth interviews, the offerings that interviewees graded high have been bucketed to make four different principles for the new fairness cream. A study has been conducted by administering online questionnaires to young adults and other respondents mainly in their early 20s to rate the four ideas and gauge the value respondents place on various capabilities of a fairness cream.


This research proposal is dependant on the conceptual-theoretical Research method and the final research will attempt to test the hypotheses that contain been produced from the overview of literature. There is a huge potential space in the market for the age group of 12-18 years in aesthetic field. Research is conducted in the market by using various methodologies, questionnaires, and depth interviews and knowing the need of the consumers load the gap by introducing substantive product which can with stand in the market.

Company Profile :

In 1931 Unilever got started out their business in India by Hindustan Vanaspathi Creation Company, Lever brothers India Limited in 1933 and United Dealers Small in 1935. Each one of these companies came together and together shaped as Hindustan Unilever Small in 1956. It got tremendous development in couple of years and it dynamically encouraged the economic expansion. Hindustan Unilever has always carried out their growth within by giving preferable importance with thoughts and aspirations of Indians. It explores in to any solo product with whole lot of market research and lastly it is has segmented without the constraints in the production capacity. It's been crossed the mile rock crossing the 2000 central in 2008. It offers completed its Seventy-five years of cooperative lifestyle in India.


Teenagers have hope-hope for personal freedom, hope for monetary opportunity. a decade ago the same declaration could not come in. we all are in hopeful times. The changing times are hopeful for the one half billion new world teens who course the globe, and they are hopeful for the marketers with dreams of widening their marketplaces and building relationships with this new era. Most of the young adults have noteworthy amount of money to spend. Actually, teenagers spend more than $100 billion each year. The youth marketers can enable themselves to develop brand strategies which have a greater chance of being successful in the global market. they will also have the advantage of saving valuable time and considerable investment in general market trends. The job has already been done on their behalf. (Elissa Moses, 2000).

Placing something in market is merely taking a war on the market place. For something the marketplace place is more of any war zone than a play ground. This is actually the place where in fact the consumers either photograph you down or allow you to get their attention and also their money. the most crucial thing you will need to prepare before going to battle is to examine your marketing-Battle plan. Marketing plan is your struggle plan about how your product will gain the marketplace place. The marketing plan must detail the following what's our target market? Who are the people should be there inside our team to make success possible? Specific people should be identified doing specific steps towards conditioning the target customer to like our product and in the end to choose the product. Advertising and distribution details should be discovered so that we can employ our target customers. Timing strategy must be taken in to consideration as this the main strategy. a lot of the times product interest has been aroused through special offers but as to the customer's consternation the product is not yet available in the stores. Timing efforts should be within a schedule or calendar. Tools for marketing must be chosen as they are available at very low charges for marketing and are many. A number of the promotional tools are Name, product market, presentation, samples, demos, rates, consistency, news notice adds, greetings, Workshops and lectures, window displays, and many more. ( Marco Angelo J. Rasos)

To determine the continuing growth of marketing research can be an important help to management decision, it is significant that the process of investigating is thoroughly established and organized in an efficient way. This is helped by considering the marketing research process as a sequence of steps to be gradually developing, agreement and performing research into precise problems. The main thing for a research activity is to develop an efficient research strategy. This clarifies detailed and suited methods of examination; the nature of the research equipment, the sampling plan, and the types of data. Research design forms the entire put together for the entire research process. Research designs are categorized into other ways; a trusted method identifies them broadly as exploratory designs, descriptive studies and casual studies. There exists sequential approach into the marketing research

Five coherent phases are discovered in survey process; these stages apply irrespective of characteristics of market. The first level in the market research is research quick. In this stage it is important as it chooses the nature and path of the complete research activities. The marketing problem where the survey is likely to be centered should be obviously explained. On this management and research workers should closely work together in crucial responsibilities of developing survey objectives. The next stage is research proposal. In such a stage, research programme includes discovering and analysing romantic relationships between variables that look like important in the condition being surveyed. The study activity mainly consists of the task plan-entails devising in a research proposal which would clarify the nature of the challenge, the specific people worried, and the methodologies to be used, and estimates of the time and the costs. This proposal should be arranged before entering the next thing of research. The 3rd level is data collection in this stage the essential part of the research activities. In such a stage the study methodology should be put directly into practice as time constraints are predictable, it is preferred to plan functions on a time schedule. Because to the fact that much of the complete research programme depends on steady and valid data being compiled by experts. The fourth level is data analysis and evaluation in this stage, it is a process of whatever the raw material, i. e. , the data available is usually to be prepared by tabulation, analysis, and interpretation, so the research result can be easily communicated to the customers and readily known and the final stage is prep and demonstration of final survey. Within the last stage of the study process should be done carefully. To create a marketing review report it will entail professional skills in communication. The content and style of the article should meet the needs of the clients. Considerable attention should be studied in printing and binding of the survey, these things helps the report to be comprehensible and effective. The scope of the researcher's tasks should be clarified in the study proposal. For the marketing research the gathered data can be categorized as the principal data and supplementary data. Most important data consists of observations, experimenting and questionnaires. The extra data comes in two varieties i. e. , internally and externally.


Marketing research performs an important role in releasing a product on the market. By proper market research targeting the clients is easy; the marketing research it's easy to get the client perspective towards the merchandise. Research is tool to promote towards the brand, value, advertising. Marketing research is an important aid to management. it s help in product development and in decision making. It offers an overview on the merchandise. Research is complete outline, it can be easily targeted the marketplace.


Is Marketing Research had a need to introduce a product on the market?


Is there a need and potential for a particular fairness cream providing to the 12-18 year segment?

What are the purchase intentions and preferences of the targeted portion?

How if the fairness cream be positioned in the marketplace?


Would the targeted section associate better with a teenager fairness cream?

Does the section feel the lack of a fairness cream specifically catering to them?

To determine the total amount spent on personal maintenance systems by the family and the proportion of products being utilized by the targeted portion.

Who is the customer and who affects the buying decision (for personal maintenance systems) in the family?

What is the usage pattern (buying cycle) of fairness products and of related product categories?

Does the client attach any value to the "Good and Lovely" brand?


The research is restricted to expose a fairness product for the age band of 12-18 years only. Pretesting has lots of time consumption for both the marketers and consumers. Getting period to complete the questionnaires and obtaining the reviews from different age groups is also difficult and sometimes can result in the decrease in the reliability of data accumulated. Time constraints and frantic schedule at work are just restricting factor for the research. It requires cost factor as it wastes the valuable time of managers and the marketer's.


This section points out the methodology used at different phases of the study. It explains different methods you can use for conducting a research and the methods that were used to accomplish this research. It uses the jobs such as research approach, research structure, quantitative & qualitative research, pre assessment, and data analysing. Research methodology goes through three main phases defining the research approach, execution and collection of data, and lastly the methods of analyzing and analysing the gathered data and state governments the suggestions as per the necessity.


The research strategy is the only factor which will have an impact on both process and the consequence of the research to be continuing. All of the scholars expect that the marketing researcher must have thorough Understanding of his/her objectives methodology and the research to be implanted. Analysts who've better knowledge of research philosophy will give better end result (Eldabi et al, 2002).

Research intend to execute depth interviews long lasting for around 30 minutes to determine the purchase intentions and personal preferences of the target section. A depth interview is a direct, unstructured and personal interview when a respondent can be probed to uncover underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes and emotions researcher would interview housewives and children in later teens to review the buying habits in their own families. The interview and the specific wording of the questions would be affected by interviewee's reactions. (Probing would help us get meaningful responses and uncover hidden issues)

Researcher would then carry out an online structured-direct review with fixed-alternative questions. The review would help us determine the comparative value respondents put on the various traits of a fairness cream which in turn helps to determine the order or need for various attributes. Additionally, an paid survey can help us to gain access to a larger test size.

With the assistance of the in depth interviews and on d by the interviews and survey


Qualitative research data includes both spoken and written words by different persons, and it generally does not include any numerical worth. Interviews and observations are example of some of the qualitative research. Qualitative research includes data which is simple to learn and formulated as per the necessity. In the market major qualitative information is mainly obtained from studies, personal interviews, and observation ways.


Qualitative research is identified by the scholars as a study which deals with both positivistic and interpretive methods. With this data collection statistics are always included and it consists of numerical etc. It involves the filling up of questionnaires and the keeping track of of the statistics filled up. Quantitative Research permits the researcher to discover percentage, percentage or quantity of respondents opinions from the questions. You will find three major techniques of quantitative data collection. Research uses observational methods, study methods and experimental methods for the collection of data.


A pre-test review was conducted by privately administering the questionnaire to 20 respondents to identify and eliminate potential problems. Researcher carefully evaluated the respondents' behaviour and reactions and made an email of the situations where they put in unduly very long time to answer or called for help

Data Planning and Analysis

The questionnaires have been solved by respondents online. The reactions have been inspected for inconsistencies and ambiguities. replies have been pruned as researcher found the respective respondents to be inconsistent and least interested in the survey (for case for the "what do you look for in a fairness cream" question, these respondents have responded with replies like" I don't believe in a fairness cream", "It really is a throw away of money", "why should I respond after i don't use one" etc).

A detailed research plan as time passes scale plan









Literature review

Reviewing theory

Collecting data

Analysing data

Writing dissertation

Draft completed

Revising draft as necessary


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