Psychological orientation of the advertising text, Value and...

Psychological orientation of the advertising text

According to the results of the analysis of studies conducted by American specialists in the field of integrated marketing communications, advertising in the press remains the most effective type of suggestive communicative impact. Evidence of this - the proportion of costs for this type of advertising. In the US, for example, more than half of advertising costs are given to newspapers and magazines. But before you begin to analyze the psychology of advertising circulation, you need some explanations that should be considered when creating an advertising text.

Meaning and meaning

Communicator - advertising inductor should take into account that between concepts such as value and meaning there can be a tangible difference. Improper understanding and use of these terms can completely discredit the efforts of the advertiser. If the value is determined by collective experience and therefore is cumulative, generalizing, meaning is determined by each person's personal experience.

The fact is that the value - this is a universal, universally accepted definition of an object. In accordance with the explanatory dictionary, or any other normative acts and regulations, written or even unwritten. Say, everyone knows what a car is. But for everyone this word causes different feelings. For someone, the car is the subject, if not luxury, then at least a symbol of status belonging, and for another it is a means of mobile movement in space.

Of course, the meaning is related to the meaning, but even a small deviation from one another can create a so-called "semantic barrier" when perceiving an advertising message. Therefore, the specialist in advertising exposure should be well aware of which associations will trigger treatment among different demographic, social and other groups.

Warm and cold words

Specialists in integrated communications, philologists, writers, journalists are well aware that the words of the human language are divided into "warm", "cold" and neutral & quot ;. People perceive these words in different ways. They cause in us differently directed associations, different reactions and different attitudes. Agree, there are very few people who experience joy, satisfaction or pleasure in mentioning such words as death, hell, crematorium, illness, torture, etc. These words cause a negative emotional attitude in most people and are referred to as "cold words". Then, like the words sun, joy, happiness, summer, childhood, etc. people are perceived as warm words & quot ;. They cause positive emotions. And, finally, "neutral words", which, as a rule, are not emotionally colored. This is a wall, brown, asphalt, kettle, etc.

Cold words Warm elephant Neutral words

Disease Happiness Wall

Death Joy of the Table

Misfortune Spring Kettle

From here it appears that in an ad, you must use the warm words and include them in the middle of the advertisement, which will compensate for the law of the first and last place.

Same warmth or coldness even more than words, color also possesses. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously study the symbols of color and the features of its perception by various national and demographic groups.

Advertising appeal: psychological aspects

First of all, the advertising specialist, preparing the text of the appeal, should answer himself to three questions.

1. What should I say?

2. Who should I say?

3. How to say? So, the first one is WHAT.

The characteristics of the advertising text depend on a combination of relevant advertising arguments and appeals, on a number of factors (the features of the product or service, the stages of the product life cycle, the means of advertising distribution, the frequency of its publications, the characteristics of consumer segments, etc.).

People buy something based on their needs and interests. Therefore, in the advertising text it is necessary to identify the problem or desire of a potential buyer and show how he can solve this problem or satisfy his desire with the advertised product. But you can appeal not to the problem, but to the authority of one or another popular person who uses this product.

Now, the second is WHO.

Effective advertising always has a clear addressing. The specialist in advertising exposure should know and represent the target audience to which his advertisement will be directed. For example, advertising a yacht or a premium car on television seems less effective than in specialized "business" magazines and newspapers, which we have a lot, because the mass audience is not inclined to consider it as relevant for themselves.

Finally, the third question is HOW.

How to say and - as it is not necessary. Preparation of the advertising text is a creative process. "Inspiration in advertising has the same meaning as in art and science", - noted David Ogilvy. And two more important his postulate: "No boring goods, there are boring advertisers" and "The talented idea is usually a simple idea." The success of an advertising appeal depends on the skill of the advertising specialist, on his knowledge of the psychology of the potential buyer and on the psychological qualities that make up his personality, like creativity, optimism, etc. About brevity.

Here is the opinion of the advertising expert David Ogilvy: "What should be the length of the main advertising text? It depends on the type of product. If you are advertising chewing gum, you do not need to talk much about it, so make your text short. If, on the other hand, you have to advertise a product with many different qualities, write a long text - the more you say, the more you sell. "

It is widely believed that people do not read long texts. This is not true. Claude Hopkins (the famous author of the beginning of the century) once wrote five pages of thick text about the beer brand "Slots". In a few months, the beer "Slots" on popularity passed from the fifth to the first place & quot ;. And again, the same David Ogilvy: "It is quite possible to sell a chocolate bar with a short advertising message, but" a couple of words " will not help you sell the plane. Our light jet advertising is 1100 words. "

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