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Public Relations

Public relations (PR, public relations, PR, public relations) are planned long-term efforts aimed at creating and maintaining friendly relations and mutual understanding between the company and the public.

PR activities are aimed at strengthening the public reputation of the organization, which is determined, first of all, by the good quality of the company's product, high level of service, speed, accuracy, goodwill, courtesy and tidiness of employees.

The public - this group of target consumers of the company, as well as persons who are directly influenced by it - respected figures, representatives of local authorities, controlling public organizations, specialists, suppliers, marketers. For example, the best estimate of quality in a beauty salon can serve as an essay in the newspaper about a popular actress who uses the services of this salon, or sounded kind words about this salon on a local television channel.

To represent the company and its product in the best way, i.e. to form the necessary public opinion, it is necessary to hold such events as open days, press conferences, presentations of the organization or its goods (services), etc.

Nowadays, a company that failed to provide a psychologically favorable perception of customers may not find a market for its product. Especially significant is the first impression that the company makes on possible consumers. Business etiquette prescribes employees of the company to be extremely polite, attentive to visitors, meeting them with a sincere open smile. As the English say, "Good words cost nothing worth much"; ("Good words do not cost anything, but bring a lot") or "AP doors are open to courtesy" ("Before politeness, all the doors open"). The unfriendly attitude of even ordinary employees of the company to clients leads to the formation of negative image of the organization in general. It is much more difficult to change than to initially form a positive image.

The PR system helps to overcome the barrier of mistrust to the company, if it arises from prejudice towards it or to its country, and not because of the low quality of the product offered by the company. This prejudice sometimes arises from the propaganda work of the media or the activities of unscrupulous competitors.

Western marketers pay attention to the fact that the competition of goods begins to grow into a competition of brands, i.e. the activity aimed at creating a long-term product preference based on a comprehensive impact on the target audience by means of a trademark, packaging, etc. becomes more important. This marketing move immediately identifies the company's product among similar products of competing firms, creating its brand-image, i.e. positive image.

Thanks to the formed image of a wide audience, it is suggested that for the company the main thing is not to make a profit, but to satisfy the desires, the specific needs of people and the society as a whole. Thus, working with the formula of popularity forces first of all to take into account not the personal interests and not even the interests of the organization, but the interests of society.

The means of the PR system include non-commercial materials in the press, radio and television programs that cover the activities of the company for the benefit of the region, city, village; press conference, arranged in connection with non-commercial events in the life of the organization; sponsoring scientific research, cultural events (exhibitions, concerts), educational institutions (purchase of interactive whiteboards for schools), health care (providing a new cardiograph for the district clinic), when informing about these options of potential clients through the media.

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