Quality Systems Of Tesco Plc And Waitrose Marketing Essay

Operations management includes all activities in an organisation that change its inputs into desired outputs. Operation Management's activities consist of planning, designing, implementing and managing the firm's operation through an useful and effective use of its resources to produce and deliver goods and services so as to meet its customers' needs (Slack, Chambers, & Johnston, 2004).

Quality is vital in the mind of the customer because it affects the choice in purchasing that product. A quality product is one that satisfies customer demand completely and which is done right the first time itself. The grade of something can be categorized in two categories, which is first of all the design quality and second the performance quality of a product. Design quality consists of the goal of a good or facility. A shopper usually classifies the quality of something through its look, process and stability. Furthermore, performance quality requires the magnitude to which products and services correspond to the plan of the look.

Quality management is vital to effective businesses management, particularly continuous management. Newer improvements in quality, such as benchmarking and Total Quality Management, have led to advancements to procedures management as well. Quality management means that there is certainly quality in a products and services. Although there are different approaches to solve quality issues, all the target are the same which is to create a high quality, high performing product or services which is within conformity with customers' objectives.

Quality management is very important in companies for various reasons. It ensures product quality in the sense that product can be produced according to stated promises, which is durability, performance and dependability. Client satisfaction where research can be conducted to comprehend the features customers want from the product, as well as how it could be improved. Increased revenues as quality products and services supply the company a spotless reputation on the market and this can result in clients and also reselling additional products and services to existing customers. Moreover unnecessary procedures can be taken away and the employee can do the same job in less time thus lowering the excess salary paid him. Quality management also really helps to reduce wastage as companies that house inventory must incur the positioning costs and also traffic monitoring of the inventory which in the end will be included in the price. Therefore, to keep inventory at a minimal level without incurring any waste, manufacturers can work carefully with suppliers by using a Just-In-Time philosophy and so becoming more attentive to customers.


Research strategy is something of collecting data for a research task which provide critical perception into the subject matter of the research. The basis upon that your research approach is selected is based upon the necessity of the study topic and its own main targets. (Fraenkel and Wallen. 1993). Regarding to Saunders et al both main types of research solutions are quantitative and qualitative research. For the purpose of collecting data on the quality facet of the functional management, the researcher has implemented both qualitative and quantitative methodology.

Primary data was from Tesco branch of Thornton Heath which was selected for this function and was compared with the Waitrose branch of Croydon. Research techniques such as face to face interviews using available concluded questions with the store professionals of both supermarkets were used. In addition observation of the functions across various branches of Tesco and Waitrose was done for an interval of two weeks. Both of these particular research techniques were chosen since it enables the researcher to get more detail and extra information which could not need been obtained in any other case if another research technique for example questionnaire was used. Furthermore it enables the researcher to have an insight in the product quality problems existing in the operation management. The information obtained during the interviews and through physical observation is employed to generalise the product quality system and philosophies followed across all branches as Tesco and Waitrose because as a franchisee these supermarkets are much known for standardisation across all their levels of section of business.

Secondary data is another approach to obtaining data which is easily available at relatively cost-free from sources like the company website, books, and academic publications at relatively cost-free.

Some of the restrictions of the research techniques used for this research were that the store professionals refused to answer a few of the questions.



Supermarkets gigantic Tesco was founded in 1919 after the First World Conflict by Jack Cohen when he began advertising surplus groceries from a stall in the East London and made 1 profit from 4 sales. Tesco received its name from the initials of TE Stockwell where he was somebody in the company of tea suppliers and CO from his surname. He managed to cope with unfavorable economical conditions and subsequently with swift changing technology, significantly superior consumers and tournaments. The first established store was opened up in 1929 and the company retained flourishing throughout the twentieth century. In 1992 the business launched its slogan '; every little helps'', accompanied by Tesco value in 1993 and in 1995 it overtook Sainsbury's and became the UK's major food dealer. . It managed to become the first British trader with a company's commitment card when the Tesco Clubcard was created, and in addition has developed many progressive products and services to make more profit. Today, Tesco has 2482 stores in the U. K and 2329 stores in other countries, with an overall staff volume of 472, 000 worldwide.


Waitrose is the united kingdom leading chain of quality food shop and is part of John Lewis Collaboration since 1937. Founded in 1904 by William Waite, Arthur Rose and David Taylor in a small town called Acton in Western world London, today Waitrose is the united states most successful, progressive and largest string of supermarkets differentiating itself from its competitors by giving high quality products and excellent customer services. It mainly targets the high income earners. As to time, Waitrose has 228 branches over the UK and a 4. 3% share of the market, so that it is the 6th most significant grocery retailer in the UK. Waitrose has been expanding in the domestic market by implementing a technique of progress by acquisition and very recently it offers began to franchise its licence. Its first international store was opened in Dubai in April 2008 and its plans to target more on its overseas market soon. The main competition of the string of supermarket are Grades and Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury and many more.


Quality Philosophy

Tesco quality philosophy is to provide the best possible service to the clients by providing high quality products at cheaper price. Its target market is the center income with small children.

Waitrose is committed to bring the best quality of food. Its price reaches a premium. It has generated its reputation on its quality and the freshness of the food. Its targeted market is the high income earners and compared to Tesco, its stores are located in affluent areas.

Quality systems

Quality systems

Even though Tesco and Waitrose cater to different segments of income group customer both the store stress on quality. They take different aspects into consideration while choosing the merchandise that need to be exhibited on their shelves. Below are the many methods that both the stores consider


Tesco calls for regular feedback from other customers about the quality of the products and the service they received from the stores. Predicated on the feedback, the Quality control team ensures that the merchandise that reach the stores are of high quality. This ensures the merchandise consistency and good value for the clients, each time. Tesco's quality and life of the merchandise are constantly monitored and sample checked across various steps in source chain from production to the stores. Relating to Tesco "Would I buy it" strategy is utilized which empowers anyone associated with the production, packaging and shelving. The people involved with these stages possess the right to reject the merchandise which below the standards.

Apart from the above technique, the merchandise are also analyzed independently every month. This ensures that the delivered product is up to the quality. There is also a technical standard guide which has to be followed by everyone involved in the supply chain. They talk to industry systems, environmental experts and food safety experts to advise on production aspects. Tesco over the past few years has effectively created six sigma strategy across various departments and has successfully reduced the carbon di oxide emissions and also saving energy.


Similar to the way used by Tesco, Waitrose also calls for the customer reviews under consideration while doing quality assessment. Waitrose searches for producers who will offer quality products and collections very high criteria while planning of the meals products. Matching to Waitrose they uphold high standards of food safety and cleanliness, by the usage of latest farming techniques. These include HACCP (Risk examination and critical Control Tips) systems, ICM (Integrated crop management) system and LIFE (Linking Environment and farming). HACCP can be used in food production to identify potential hazards and to control the risks in future. ICM is employed to ensure that best horticulture procedures are followed and LEAF is unbiased charitable organisation that helps farmers to reduce the environmental influences.

Recently Waitrose have effectively implemented SAS software to enhance the stockholding and chop wastes. This helps them in forecasting customer demand and ensures right product is shelved at the right time. According to Waitrose, it has helped them to lessen stockholding by 8% and wastage by 4%, thus increasing the customer satisfaction through high product supply.

Quality Approaches

The quality techniques of Tesco and Waitrose will be likened and contrast the following

Quality of product


Quality of products depends upon the requirement and satisfaction of customer. Much target is being positioned on quality of products by almost all of the company and Tesco and Waitrose are no different. Both companies offer the range of organic foods which have become increasingly more popular nowadays.

The Bags forever scheme is now popular in supermarkets so as to cut down the number of traditional carrier bags and therefore, minimizing the number finding yourself in landfill sites. Once the Bag for life is worn out customers can replace it cost-free.

Tesco's front brand initiative when there is more than one person queuing at a single check out then another one is wide open and also customers should give instant opinions on the service thus supporting in increasing the offer and the service. On the other hand, Waitrose gets the quick check method where customers can check their items and pack them because they are shopping and when completed, they pay at the quick check till without having to unpack and repack their goods.

For any business to develop or to compete with others it is becoming mandatory to make use of the latest solutions across various levels. Tesco can kick off a credit card applicatoin with barcode reader integrated with Tesco team cards and mobile amount. The customer can choose the items and check it through the barcode audience app. By the end of the shopping he/she just scans her application on the till or go into the reference number (could be documented mobile amount) provided by the app. That is automatically updated on to the customer's club credit card. In this manner queues can be reduced by large at the tills. There by increasing the client satisfaction. Also, Tesco can use Drive-Thru shopping; where in customer shops online and will pay for it online if necessary. The customer just drives at the specified time with the reference number and picks up his goods at the counter-top similar to the Mc Donald's drive thru.

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