Quantitative Analysis On Apple And Samsung Smartphone Marketing Essay

For this project, we were tasked to handle a quantitative research with this chosen title; approved under the concern of the lecturer. We've the chosen the title of, Apple & Samsung Smartphone Users. The key reason why we've chosen this issue was, the existing global leaders of smartphones are Apple and Samsung thus, we would like to learn more the customers' preferred mobile be it Apple's iPhone or Samsung extensive selection of products. We've conducted this research for a time frame and tabulated the collected data in the relevant manner. Summarization of the survey was tasked to be offered in class for overview knowledge of this research conducted by us. Before we start, why don't we look at what is quantitative research is focused on.

Quantitative research is a study choice preset and a wide array of participants or respondents are involved. The measurement must be objective and statistically valid. The quantitative research is wholly about numbers, digits or characters. The statisticians calculates the test size for a report by utilizing formula to decide the way of measuring of test size which is needed from a given population to be able to attain studies with a satisfactory degree of exactness. Normally, researches will seek out the test sizes which with at least 95%cassurance period add/subtract a margin mistake of 5% tips. Many studies are created to produce a smaller margin of error.

In social technology one of the major way is qualitative decision. The study of qualitative decision build relationships in depth knowledge of how individual behave and the reason for the action to are present. Differs from quantitative qualitative review relies more on the reason why of each habit. In simple, qualitative research analyses how and just why of the decision making as compared to what, where, and when of the quantitative research. It's very useful as it pertains to smaller and targeted samples compared to large random examples, therefore it allows qualitative research to categorize information into habits that will be the primary base to organize and produce a report of final result. Contrasting quantitative research, which emphasis specifically on the study of numerical or figurative data, content material, sounds, metaphors, and moving images are mediums that analyze by qualitative evaluation.

According to Sommer and Sommer (2001), survey research is a systematic technique or method to study the behavior that can't be discovered or experimented. Information and data are set up like the values and actions, review normally require much larger numbers in order to obtain a precise so this means to the results. There are two instruments that always utilized to collect these data, the interview and the questionnaire.

According to Sommer and Sommer (2001), questionnaire is a series of written questions on concerns about that your subject's opinions are needed. Questionnaire can be self-administered or interviewer-administered questionnaire. The issue in this questionnaire method is as it pertains to the building and interpretation of the results. There are three types of way questions can be formatted, mixture of ways, open finished questions and close-ended questions.

A descriptive review was selected because of the appropriate portrayal or accounts of the feature for example habit, opinion, abilities, values and knowledge of a particular individual, situation or group. This design was chosen to meet up with the objective of the study, namely to determine the knowledge and views of the chosen sample (Burns and Grove 1993:29).


The research was conducted solely at two different locality


The other location would maintain Starbucks, Bangsar Community.

It required about 2 weeks for the assortment of the data. This was to ensure to fortify the accuracy of the info and reduce the room for any form of problem or even manipulation of data.

PPR RAYA PERMAIThe image of the locality where our research were conducted are attached below:location 2. jpg


BLOCK A & Clocation. jpglocation 5. jpg





BLOCK C & D ( NEW)http://farm4. static. flickr. com/3040/2377797024_ff69cb2c63. jpg1 Starbucks Espresso Bangsar Village 2a. jpglocation 3. jpg


The research subject was the house of Block A, B&C OF PPR RAYA PERMAI, KAMPUNG MALAYSIA PERMAI, 57100 KL and the customers and buyers of Bangsar Community and the respondents was 250 members. One of the participant was house wives, students, bus drives, security guards, employees. The approach or method that has been utilized to choose the participant was non-random sampling, the convenience method. According, to Webster (1985), a sample is a set element of a statistical populace of whose properties are researched to get information about full. This set of people can be defined as respondents who have been picked a from a sizable population to participate in a review for research goal.

The type of sampling that has been used is the non-random sampling, this type of sampling contain two sampling method, that happen to be convenience and snowball sampling. On this research convenience method to choose the respondent has been utilized. Convenience non-random sampling method is selecting subjects contained in the research because they are actually in the right place at the right time, in other words the topic would be any available person during the survey being conducted.


The research device chosen was questionnaire. Relating to Burns and Grove (1993:368), a questionnaire is a prcised personal -record form designed to elicit information that may be obtained through the written responses of the subject matter. The information obtained via a questionnaire is similar to obtained by interview however the questions tend to have less depth.

With the aid of questionnaires, data was gathered to evaluate the percentage of consumers using either I telephone or Samsung telephones. Questionnaire was chose upon as a result of following

They require less time for it to administer

They were less opportunity customers as there were offered in a constant manner

They offer the likelihood of anonymity because subject's names weren't included on the completed questionnaires.

They ensure a higher response rate as the questionnaires were distributed to respondents to complete and were gathered professionally the researcher.

Most of the items in the questionnaires were closed down, which managed to get much easier to compare the reactions to each item.

Apart from the professionals in the above list the questionnaire it disadvantages as well for example, there is a question of validity and reliability (Burns & Grove 1993:368). The mark might not mirror their true viewpoints but might answer corresponding from what they think will please the researcher, and valuable information may be lost as email address details are usually quick.


The data was collected over per month period. The accumulated data were transferred from the og pace to digital speed. Then, the info were organized and examined. For evaluation or close finished questions your personal computer program called Microsoft Excel was used. Data was examined by using descriptive reports. Frequency desk were attracted and out of this the info was provided in pie chart and bar graph.

The brief summary version of the whole research was done in Microsoft Powerpoint for classroom presentation basis.


Starting on with the respondents' generation

As we can easily see, our highest respondents were from the age group of 16 to 25 years old. The second highest is 26 to 35 years old and this is followed by respondents who are over the age of 36 years old. We are able to deduce that the range between the total respondents of each group is not that far as there's a constant margin of difference. This could indirectly help to solve the parallax error within the info. Adding on, we can say that the respondents' generation is a little bias as more respondents from the age group of teenagers as compared to adolescents and working men and women. At the same time, we can acquire the theory in the vicinity where in fact the research were conducted; teens have been showing more interest to smartphones while the priority distributed by working parents are indeed low.

Moving on the in depth data of the respondents' generation


Number of people

16 - 25 years old


26 - 35 years old


36 > years old




As seen from the graph, the respondents' generation were bias; in the sense of the research's 47% were from the 16 to 25 years age group. Be confident as it's didn't go beyond by 50 % as it could indicate the validity of the data to be questioned in many ways. The total quantity of respondents were about 250 where the least is from the age group of more than 36 years old.

Preferred cellphone model by respondents:http://www. talkandroid. com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/samsung-logo1. jpg?3995d3

Moving on the comprehensive data of the respondents' age group

Phone Model

Number of Telephone (Products)

I Phone








As noticed from the data we can say that iPhone has been the preferred mobile phone utilized by the major the respondents. iPhone out-wins Samsung by a physique of 22 which is definitely quite a little difference. At the same time, we ought to not abide the other mobile models as it tops the graph with a body of 160; being the highest. The reason why we didn't categories the other telephone model is because of the actual fact it was not the primary objective of this research from the start. Not to mention, by including the other mobile models in to the category will only lead to more descriptive data sorting as well as makes the task more difficult than it's already. Thus, the other telephone models were disregarded as scheduled to time restriction and other pointed out factors previously.

We can say that one of the reason why iPhone continues to be being the highest is could as a consequence to insufficient adaptability of a sudden business by Samsung smart devices among consumers. Obviously, we ought to not abide the other factors beside the brand itself which have an impact on the consumer decision. The next data accessibility will show the other factors that consumers gives in inclination in deciding smartphones.

Factors that affect consumer decision making process in smartphone

Factors that Impact the Choice

Number of Ticks









Camera Clarity






In Trend








This data was somewhat shocking as the utmost consideration distributed by consumers is the camera clarity when deciding the smartphones. Associated with that generally, we have been used to experiencing that the factor of operating-system of the smartphone being the most concerned concern. As again this may because of the area of the respondents'. We can say that, may be the consumers have given more preference in having portability of camera thus, the pixels of the camera seems very important; as they don't really want to carry an electronic camera or digital solitary lens reflex (DSLR).

Anyhow, minimal factor that crossed the imagination of the consumers is the factor of color. That is in a way could be true. For example, iPhone itself comes in only with a few selection of color. The irony here's that, having less choice makes the color combination as a unique thing to the smartphone; providing as an added advantages. Thus, it's fair that the consumers havent given much thought in to the color as there is not much of a selection for them. Moving on, to the factor of request. Nowadays, people are always on the road and they need to get things done at an extremely fast rate indeed very effectively.

By having said this, the idea of software in the imagination of consumer can be an acceptable thing to say. We should likewise incorporate the factor of in-trend. People wants to surpass the standard on the list of world. Thus, they tend to buy any new form of gadgets that being helped bring upon by the marketplace as they have been prioritizing a mediocre practice. The fact that the purchase price is not being a very important concern here demonstrates two important things.

One, we can say that the consumers standard of living have increased thus, they have the capability for such items. Another thing is the fact that, the smartphone prices are around the same; may be with just a little difference to the actual fact, it never crossed as an issue in the intellects of the consumer.

Preferred telephone to be purchased in the foreseeable future

Phone Brand

Number of Ticks



I Phone




We have included a conditions known as what telephone would be want to buy in the in close proximity to feature to get approximately the idea about how consumers' style of brand reacts. Predicated on the study, we can say that iPhone continues to be being the dominion as compare to Samsung cell phones. Not just with a small difference but a huge percentage variance of 28 %. There may be multiple reasons for such promise. To begin with, we can say about brand fixation. Signifying to say, the consumers have still can't process the fact of the newcomer in the smartphone industry; Samsung. Could be the consumers are faithful customers of other Apple corp. gadgets. Meaning to say, when they get a good cognitive dissonance, they have a tendency to stay that product or that brand's product. That is because of the considered if one product is good from a brand then, every other product must be the best.

At the same time we may also deduce that, the specification of the telephone itself as we've seen earlier on. Furthermore, Apple corp. being the pioneer in the touchscreen founded cell phones, consumers have this perception of the pioneer being the best out there and shows no sense of attention towards other brands of cell phones.

Online Research Finding:samsung ans apple. png

After collecting our research data, we does an internet research to find more about the evaluation between Apple and Samsung smartphone sales. The info we have collected didn't appear to tally up with existing outdoor rumor. To commence with, Samsung appears to be having the highest rate of smartphone sales; defeating Apple with a figure 40 m systems which is definitely a very large figure. On the contrary, Samsung is not being the best in terms of the operating revenue. Apple's operating earnings is way beyond Samsung's one. The question here's why Samsung fails in conditions of earnings to Apple even difficult being does the most notable in terms of sales.

For starters, we can say that there may be defect within the development management itself. Could be Samsung is not good in managing their operating cost as compare to Apple. Besides that, we can say the brand devotion. Apple may have boost it up in their other selection of products when compared with Samsung who seems concentrating a lot on mobiles recently.


Based upon this research, we've managed to collect variety of information. Starting with, Apple is still being the consumers' most preferred smartphone designer which can be applied both to consumers who are owning a smartphone and the ones who have thought of purchasing one in the near future. There may be many reasons for this claim but we would like emphasize more one strong factor; that is, brand fixation. Consumers doesn't want to improve the choice of brand predicated on a sudden enterprise of new devices. They are prepared to try it but not completely taking it as their desired one. For instance, we're able to say since Apple have ventured in this complete touchscreen established smartphones when compared with others; inserting them ready of pioneer to others, many consumers believe Apple's product is different yet unique for the sake of customers.

That explains the reason why even tough, there a wide range of high-specification smartphones can be found on the market but certain consumers still prefer the Apple's iPhone. Perhaps, it's because of the brand loyalty triggered by Apple for most year which is challenging to be penetrated by others. Furthermore, we have found that even though that Apple is devoid of the sales of items yet somehow they stand top in conditions of the operating income. We were able to conclude that, it's the after purchase sales is what creating Apple to maintain the top. Indicating to state, Apple's iPhone device can be used along with synchronization software of iTunes where in fact the consumers can buy all forms of apps, game titles and even songs. The price is ranging from free to a few U. S. dollars. This is exactly what actually causing them to have more revenue due to the fact, the individuals are still continue making buys from Apple even after first purchase. This occurrence never take place at Samsung.


In terms of the mobile phones itself, we have some notable suggestions for Samsung. When we often talk about Samsung cell phones, the reply from the consumers is commonly a lot; in the sense of, there are just a significant amount of selection of products by Samsung Mobile. This is itself creates a detrimental effect. To explain it in another way, consumers would like to be unique in the modern culture; as the normal human behavior. The actual fact that, Samsung offers a wide-range of products actually brings a concern towards consumers' uniqueness. On the other hand, Apple has only iPhone which makes it exclusive in its way. That itself makes it special and attractive on the consumers. While as it pertains to Samsung, the exclusiveness is not there ever again. Samsung become more standardize and unique towards their selection of products.

Adding on, as said before Apple has ventured earlier on and also have created this thought or company theme of 'Think different'. No one can argue in that, as the revolution of products was based on that thought. It's very needed for Samsung to come up with something such as reach the hearts of the consumers to succeed in the long term. As for the consumers part, they makes their own evaluation nowadays because they tend to think they have got all the essential knowledge and information in drawing a conclusion as it pertains to making decision between the smartphones but actually they don't really. Some conclusion drawn by the consumers were just structured half reliable information. Thus, it is rather essential for those to get their research done well so that, they won't be a victim of marketing exploitation.

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