Relationship Between Consumers Behaviour And Purchasing Green Products Marketing Essay

Green products refer to "a green product is the one which causes minimal damage to the environment and a product is made out of recyclable and green materials. " (Edge, 2010) The next explanation is "green products lessen the damage or harm some development methods can have on our air, drinking water, soil, pet animal life and plant life. " (Osborn, 2010) As the renewable products have gained level of popularity in the Malaysia market more consumers will concentrate to the greener products. Therefore, this will affect many organisations and companies will manufacture the product because of their company. Furthermore, for the renewable products that is at many area of the industry such as vehicle industry the hybrid car or environmentally friendly car. In addition, renewable products included energy superstar appliance, energy conserving electronics, environmentally friendly household products, choice transportation, organic and natural foods, fair trade coffee, organic silk cotton and hemp attire, natural epidermis and personal care products. Therefore, to reach your goals within green market it is important to link the product's environmental characteristics to the life-style of the prospective consumers.

Furthermore, to safeguard our earth people not only buying or using the green products, but the consumer now require high services when they consumption to the product. Therefore, organizations not only concentrate on their inexperienced products but it addittionally provides the green services for his or her consumer. In the 21 century, many service companies also follow the step to provide their "green" service, such as in the travel and leisure now it becomes ecotourism. The definition of ecotourism is "ecologically lasting tourism with female concentrate on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and culture understanding, understanding and conservation. " (Safari, 2010) In addition, it is the travel that preserves the environment and stimulates the welfare of residents. Travellers that are interested in ecotourism want to enjoy nature's offerings, but do it in a way that does not negatively impact the natural source of information. Based on the Malaysian government, healthcare travel among the potential services to create nation economic progress therefore Malaysia is fast-gaining acknowledgement as a preferred destination for healthcare holidaymakers. (International Medical Travel Journal, 2010)

Theory of Reasoned Action

The Theory of Reasoned Action was established in 1975 and improved in 1980 by Ajzen and Fishbein. According the Ajzen and Fishbein recommended that "the attitudes could explain human being action" therefore, this theory was used to review on human behavior and develop appropriate interventions. The key assumption of this theory is that folks are assumed usually quite rational and make organized use of information available to them. "People consider the implications of their actions before they decide to employ or not engage in a given behaviour. " (Ajzen, I and Fishbein, M, 1980) Therefore, the consumer's behavior is the key result to impact consumer's point of view to purchase the renewable products. For example, if our attitude leads us to want to purchasing the renewable product but don't possess enough money to consumption, so because of insufficient money will prevent people frame of mind from causing to purchase the renewable product. Furthermore, consumer's perspective not only the personal behaviour, but it also affect by the public environmental such as friends and family. That is, whenever our attitudes lead us to do a very important factor however the relevant norms suggest we ought to do something else, both factors effect our behavioural purpose.

Environmental Concern

Malaysia is the producing country that experienced great difficulties in making sure a balance between development and environment sustainability. Environmental matter defined as a worldwide attitude with indirectly to results on behaviour through behavioural objective. The consumer's perspective is influence by the surroundings concern because lately many problems of global warming such as earthquakes and tsunami in this worlds. (Cosby, 1981) Environmental concern is also sometime known as "ecological concern", which refers to the amount of emotionality, the amount of specific factual knowledge, and the level of willingness as well as the level of actual behaviour on pollution-environmental issues. In Malaysia, the environmental management is conducted by the government which is co-operation between Division of Environment (DOE) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE). In the key objective is to manage the 1974 Environment Quality Act (EQA) is established to providers the construction for environmental regulation in Malaysia. Along with studies a consumer's environmental understanding can be regarded as a pre-condition for green consumption, environmental concern can be an important determinant of consumer behaviour toward organic and natural products. (Paladino, 2005)

Environmentally responsible ingestion emanated from criticism that the marketing theory disregarded the impact of individual consumption upon culture as a whole. For the marketers, environmentalism has become a standard influencing consumer's perspective. Consumers they consider the surroundings to be important will therefore measure the environmental consequences from the purchase of a product. So consumers may be purchase of inexperienced products, if the environmental consequences are essential enough to them. For instance, there's a need for creating and marketing an environment friendly car or hybrid car which is going to have reduced detrimental influences on the mother earth and developing a sizeable awareness to the human action. In addition, the natural resources like fuel face limited problem, man they need to develop new or alternative ways of satisfying these unlimited needs.

Consumers' perceived degree of self-involvement for the protection of the surroundings may prevent them from engaging in environmentally friendly activities such as recycling. (Wiener, 1990) Therefore, (Dahab, 1995) measured intent by asking consumers to point whether a recycling activity was something they are currently doing, something they plan to do, something they might not exactly do, or something they probably will nor do. After research information above that approve the strong affect of the average person consequences on intention explains that consumers they may be high degrees of environmental concern however, not display pro-environmental behaviours. In the general belief among researchers and environmental activities that through purchasing inexperienced products, products with recyclable product packaging or properly losing non-biodegradable garbage, consumers can add significantly to enhance the quality of the surroundings. (Abdul-Muhmin, 2007)

According the information of demographic, today still have many traditional rural areas in Malaysia and it still use a huge number of types of medicinal purposes. This traditional knowledge has been utilized by pharmaceutical companies in their search of new drugs, especially from expanding countries with high biodiversity and long traditions of the utilization of plants for therapeutic purposes. Furthermore, today the medical care travel is become popular to the local and foreigner holiday. Therefore, the establishment of the Malaysia Medical Travel Council (MTHC) provides the efforts of because Malaysia is wealthy with the natural resources to manufacture the renewable products and renewable services. (International Medical Travel Journal, 2010) Within this few years, travel and leisure is the next highest earner of forex every year development of 7. 3%, and the ecotourism is the area of the faster growing within tourism industry. Malaysia with its excellent biodiversity and scenic environment has been efficiently promoted as an ecotourism and nature-oriented tourism destination in recent years. For instance, Sipandan Island, Redang Island and Layang-layang Island are considered to be among a few of the world's best nature island loving by local and foreigner tourist. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, 2006)

Price Requirements of Green Products

In last couple of years, many businesses are suffered the condition of alternative energy because the actual demand for the tool and materials is high to provide to create non inexperienced products. (Leslie J. Vermillion. and Justin, 2010) Therefore, this impact the market selling price is expensive with the materials cost is high, but nowadays firms can get resource material by solar panels and wind turbines to produce the green products such as hybrid car. Although the prices is high however the inexperienced product is of high quality is fairly to the priced and consumers are in a position to pay more income for them. Inside the 21 century, from Rothe and Benson's (1974) idea of "intelligent intake" for each and every consumer when they consumption of the merchandise or services. (Rothe, 1974) Malaysian consumer has protection under the law that are under shielded by the legislation and various regulations in Malaysia. For example, Federation of Malaysian Consumers' Relationship (FOMCA) is the non-governmental establish by consumers' corporation to guard the rights and pursuits of consumers that including control the green products market price. (FOMCA, 2009) Therefore, the consumers have significantly more power than ever before to use wise agents to find the reasonable prices for the products and services, bid price on various offerings and promotion. Green consumer have improved and research to understand the awareness levels of the consumer into the renewable products and determination to accept and pay a premium for the green product.

In Malaysia, although consumer seems to be in favour of renewable product and prepared to pay it however the government are taking their tolls or fees on the people's finances. Therefore, by gather the taxes from the consumer when purchasing the inexperienced product are effects of the weakening Malaysia's current economic climate. Despite the Malaysia financial downturn to impact folks income level, nevertheless they still are willing to pay green products to reduce the emit carbon dioxide to save the earth. According to the 2009 Country wide Green Buying Research review, four of five people promise to still be buying green products throughout the downturn. (GreenSeal, 2009) In latest few years, Malaysia's government offers many environmental incentives for the manufacturing sector to reduce their cost to impact the selling price decrease. For instance, organization have capital rebate up to 50 percent and exemption on import obligations and sales tax for purchase of recycling machineries.

Furthermore, in Malaysia culture backdrop also related to perceptions of price and perceived fairness of the green products, therefore this article will research the Malaysian between Malay, China and Indian who they more taking than other ethnicities of price rates on green products and organic and natural foods. (Arnold, 2008) So from the Leslie J. Vermillion's research 65% of consumers feel that paying more for ecological products is not an option. (Leslie J. Vermillion. and Justin, 2010) This show that, the development in ingestion of the inexperienced products and it targets the factor such as high quality and health advantages to the consumers. (Arnold, 2008) Corresponding the reported, in the America Talk about the renewable market is approximately $250 billion, while 63 million of consumers are directed to be able to buy real renewable products and reject the non feasible alternative, wanted to them by the traditional market. (Reitman, 1992)

Quality of Green Products

The product content requirements from consumers designate that purchased products must have desirable green qualities such as recycled or reusable items. Inside the Malaysia, company can require their suppliers will need to have to develop and maintain the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to certify as completely compliant with one of the known international benchmarks such as ISO 14001 and Green Shield Certification. In addition, in Malaysia inexperienced purchasing activities are carried out by large organizations in order to control the performance of suppliers. For instance, gadgets industry such as Sony, HP, Intel and Microsoft established the Electronic Industry Code of Carry out (EICC). (Tarig Khidir ElTayeb, 2010) This code approve that the health and safety, environment, and business ethics to the products before source to the shop. This data many large firms tend to place strict inexperienced standard for his or her purchased inputs and require their suppliers have same standard to strict the grade of green products. Therefore, the costs of the renewable products are costly because one of the impacts is the higher of quality. For example, the indoor quality of air of renewable building is significantly greater than other methods of building because green products are used in the building process such as high quality carpeting and color to more healthy. (Saga, 2005)

The consumer's point of view towards green products has produced conflicting brings about its evaluation of if consumers believe inexperienced products are lower or higher quality. Regarding (D'Souza, 2007) studies, found that consumers think that inexperienced products are costed higher and of poorer quality than the non-green substitute. Therefore, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) and Team of Environment (DOE) will cooperation with the NGO to examine the product quality and healthy to the green qualities such as recycled or reusable materials items to produce the renewable products. Furthermore, limitations to the green product must not contain environmentally undesirable attributes of chemical materials such as lead, CFC chlorofluorocarbons, and plastic material foam in packaging material. However the results did range between the inexperienced products with non environmental products, almost 50 % of the respondents in the countries surveyed suggested that renewable products offer comparable the quality over normal alternatives.

Education and Company Information

Recently, there is an environmental or ecological angle to almost everything on earth. It really is now commonplace to hear of recycle products or green products, organic food, eco-tourism, cross types car or environment friendly car, renewable housekeeping, eco-building, greening libraries (e-library) and also eco-feminism. (Ephraim, 2003) Therefore, the education and technology are very important for the new technology to creativeness and innovative the merchandise to become renewable ideas and strategy to save earth. Recently in the Malaysia, more versus less information to the Malaysian therefore without the info that will affect the consumer's confident on the renewable products. If the knowledge gap and information with an increase of aspect on the uses and values of inexperienced products prevents consumers in committing themselves to any purchase decisions. According the concept of "ecological imperatives" by Fisk (1973) reveal that the necessity to educate the buyer to become alert to environmental problems and their relation to their usage and perspective to the inexperienced products. (Fisk, 1973) Furthermore, from the understanding the subject and the results of the analysis should help marketers and the federal government to device the strategies that will motivate the clients to buy inexperienced product and save the planet earth.

Today, every standard of education in Malaysia from kindergarten until university should educate the knowledge about the problems consequence by the human's attitude to destroy the earth. For example, every one also know the vehicular air pollution is a larger threat to individuals health than another type of polluting of the environment because this pollution is accessible at that level from where humans use air to breathing. Therefore, people in the 21 century they must learn and get the knowledge to take action to reduce the global warming. Such as research the new source like replace traveling energy in future, low air pollution automobiles, less eat meats change to be vegetarian food and making the homes energy efficient. (Brower, 1999) Furthermore, educators and writers may also be considered green employees if they focus on informing people about green principles such as literature creator. An educator might do that at an primary school as part on the subject. (Admin, 2011) In the final outcome, consumers with advanced schooling levels are more inclined to buy inexperienced because they received knowledge to do a whole lot of research to the green products before purchasing. According to (Neff, 2007) studies, Hispanic and Asian populations will be renewable consumers than African People in the usa. For example, college students in order to get them demand that the universities use their green products.

In the Malaysia, the information and education to the people are less and no distinct to the general public. Therefore consumers they can not get the info of green products with more detail. This is because many companies have a tendency to exaggerate environmentally friendly benefits of utilizing their products. In addition, it also has some companies mislead the information and knowledge to the consumers about the biodegradability and recyclability of these products. Due to the unethical organization attach importance to the profitability and deceptive practice of companies' endeavors to make themselves seem more green than they actually are, therefore causing the environmental marketing claims are often vague and complicated. (Deen Shireen, 2002) In this case, many environmental organizations and the ministry of the surroundings, such as Resources for Living Green and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), are also taking action to prevent and protect companies from deceiving customers about the eco-friendliness of these products.

Although over fifty percent of consumers required more detailed information, many consumers they required labels with used simpler words to easy understanding. Regarding (Drichoutis et al. , 2006), the sort of information to be relevant and claim that consumers might be unwilling to judge more complicated information. Furthermore, (Heimbach, 1982) also make clear that more info is not necessarily better which consumers like information that immediately concerns their health. Therefore, organic products are seen as promoting a wholesome lifestyle, it appears that values worried about health and environment influence attitudes toward buying organic food. Within the Malaysia, if without the training and information for the consumer that will impact the marketplace and income for the organization. Therefore, the inexperienced education is vital to teach the dumb million about the knowledge of inexperienced products and reduce, reuse and recycle.

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