Relationship between supplier and wholesaler

Manufacturer: Supplier is somebody who transformed recycleables to finished products. The usage of machines, tools and labour to produce goods for resale is the process of manufacturing. Recycleables are transformed into done goods and sell it to consumers.

Wholesaler: Wholesaler is someone who provides goods except to the end users, which include retailers, industrial, commercial, professional business users, or even to other wholesalers.

Supplier: Company is someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity to consumers. Exchange romance will occurs when something is obtained for something else in return. This is the process by which some transfer of value occurs between the buyer and owner.

Retailer: A dealer purchase products in small or large amounts from manufacturers or importers and then sells small volumes to the public or customers. Marketers see retailing as an important part of their overall circulation strategy.

Consumer: Consumer can be an individual who will buy products or services for personal use and not for produce or resale purpose. A consumer is somebody who can decide whether or not to purchase something and someone who can be influenced by marketing and advertisements. Anytime someone would go to a store and buys goods or services, they may be making that decision as a consumer.

( Michael R. Solomon, Greg W. Marshall, Elnora W. Stuart. (2008). Marketing:real people, real alternatives. New Jersey: Pearson Education LTD. )

The manufacturer provides the product and the merchant sells it to get rid of users. Suppliers and wholesalers need one another. They should establish a great working romantic relationship. Wholesalers benefit from retailers because they are just like their advertisements. A wholesaler must be able to provide order needs. Without retailers, wholesalers wouldn't normally get any revenue and not be able to get back their bills if they didn't sell their goods to retailers. Merchants benefit from wholesalers because they're someone who supply them something to sell. Supplier recognizes there are needs for goods or services and the opportinity for the client to keep these things.

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C:\Users\Girlyn\Desktop\relationship marketing-technology\source_chain_diagram. jpg

This diagram shows the relationship between supplier, wholesaler, retailer, dealer and customers. (http://www. axtin. com/solutions/supply_chain. html)


Nowadays, a great deal of technical changes have influenced the marketing environment. Companies must learn to adapt to these changes in order to improve their marketing strategies. It has among other activities resulted in an important on relationship marketing. A business may use different or various it tools when executing business to be able to get better relationship with the customers. Besides that, technology has important effects on relational marketing functions. Technology has various benefits that help marketers to create customer needs. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency, trade advantages and relationships of any business. Businesses use variety of equipments which highly relying on technology. The important of technology includes

Better Communication

Technology change the way a firm's communicate with customers. It is important for employees to interact with clients in today's business world. When employees use technology to talk to customers, it shows the nice image and reputation of the company.

Minimize Procedure Problems

Technology also helps a business understand its current financial and procedure problems and let business owners understand and find out the ultimate way to manage the business.

Better Culture for the business

Technology creates a better culture within the business. It is because employees at different locations have better communication. Technology often helps personnel to communicate with no obstruct.

Under the protection

In today's business, the majority of the firms are subjected to new risk and potential risks. Technologies are used to safeguard the firm's private and confidential information.

( eHow. (2008). Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/about_6320228_technology-important-business_. html )

Relationship marketing less expensive & effective

New technology development

Greater demand for relationship marketing

IT Revolution

Marketing Evolution

Increased Competition

Changing Customers Virtuous Routine between IT and Relationship Marketing

There is an inter-relationship between technology developments and the change in marketing paradigms toward relationship marketing. The spread of the partnership marketing methods is subsequently giving rise to the introduction of the technologies specifically geared toward improvements in romantic relationship marketing. Technology has important results on relational marketing functions. Technological infrastructure influences the culture, efficiency, trade advantages and romantic relationships of an business.

Technology Evolution

It is important to understand the progression of CRM technology for many reasons

- Understanding the current methods can help ensure that marketing goals are remained during migration.

- Understanding the current technology will help accomplish the tactical migration to different technology surroundings by reducing hazards and identifying some steps running a business methods.

- Technology solutions may be situated so that the marketers may believe that the implementation of technology is really the CRM solution.

- Technical alternatives in each period of this development are not necessarily replaced by the rest of stages.

- We are able to learn much from understanding the evolution of CRM technology and steer clear of blunders of technology and methods.

Marketing technology development phases

Mass Communication

Database Marketing

Integrated Marketing


- Lists

- offers

- creative program emphasis

- buy names

- data hygiene

- telemarketing

- households

- testing

- Individuals

- dialogue

- feedback

- Segmentation

- forecasting

- portion market research

- batch

- some real-time

- Channel enhancement

- service and quality management

- inventory control

- value string evaluation

- press coordination

- development control

- specific market research

- distribution

- real-time

Measurement Methods


- Programs

- Models

- Life time value

- World-Of-Mouth

Customer/ prospect behaviour


- Predict

- Change

- Change


- Long lead time

- limited data


- limited disk data safe-keeping capability

- strong relying on technology pros for execution

- Data communication improving

- technology more advance

- still relying on technology pros for execution but ability to self-execute growing

- Data communication very efficient

- data storage cheap and conveniently available

- greatly reduced counting on technology professionals for day to day but heavy reliance for technology planning

- overall costs decreasing

On-demand CRM systems are systems that control and coordinator a company's data on the server. The machine is accessed by using a web browser. All upgrade and IT support is completed by the webhost.

The trend in technology

Many of the business enterprise corporations try to learn what technology will be most appropriate for the majority of customers. The question about on-demand alternatives as a favorite business platform was already answered in many other sectors that use on-demand alternatives or membership services versus purchasing software. The usage of the web to hook up to customers appears unavoidable as quickness and accurate data recovery become essential components of all businesses. Within the next five years, we will have a genuine competition of CRM systems as on-demand CRM seeks to develop its penetration beyond small to medium size companies and effectively provide large organization customers.

( Huson Joher, Stewart. (2009). Relastionship Marketing. United States: Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd. )

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