Report On Food Bazaar Big Bazaar Marketing Essay

Retail sector in India is one of the quickest growing and rising areas in India. With increase in the ingestion index of Indian society, retail sector has immense potentials. The income levels of the united states are rising therefore is the demand for packed goods. In addition the development of consumption school as defined in Pricewaterhouse cooperââ¢s article also tells the storyplot of huge potential in this sector as shown below:

VM is the display skill that educates the customers through visual method, creates desire for the merchandise and converts browsing into buying. VM comprises mainly of two factors. First one is the change in the appearance and ambience of the store with the change in the growing season which makes the customer feel impressive and she can feel the fresh entrance of the new stock through the senses also. Subsequently VM deals with the placement of the products inside the shelf also. It defines at what level the product should be placed in the rack so the customer can get access to it easily. The amount of the product inserting varies numerous factors like usability of the product, price of the merchandise, response of the customers towards the product, local factors etc. Usually the shelf-product setting is defined from the corporate office buildings of the stores.

Receiving and replenishing stocks

The receiving can be an essential requirement of the store operation as it brings about careful inspection of the material coming to the store. The receiving is normally the first procedure for the day to get started on with and at the acquiring site sometimes each and every item should be checked to minimize the level of throw away and dump which causes pure loss in the revenue of the store. While talking about replenishment in the majority of the cases it isn't that efficient to get in India as it is performed manually. The workers mixed up in section must rely on his intuition whether it is now time for replenishment or not. This may result into a predicament where a great deal of customers return back without making any purchase. For better service forecasting must be done well beforehand and special agreement should be there for weekends and holiday seasons.

Schemes and offers

Generally schemes and will be offering are set by the organization offices with discussion to the store but sometimes the store manager also can take decision for quick sales of a product which is accumulated in inventory and has a minimal shelf life.

Week end activities and Events

The problem through the weekends and event days is the hanging around of customers in queues. Even after selecting the merchandise if the line is lengthy the clients leave their container within the store and make no purchase. For increasing this example the store management has to deploy necessary actions. Range of billing counters can be increased or some quick billing method can be released.

This is the most crucial part of any store. Following rule that customer is definitely right helps in building the client friendly image of the store and reputation strengthens. The customer service office is common for each and every section of the store, so any end receiving of the bought product from any section is also made through this centre. Customer service in the store we examined was limited but effective. Anything the customer said is known as to be true and eventually product exchange or money return decision is made instantly with the appointment of the client.

The store layout design is very important and has become a tactical tool for differentiating the offerings of the store and retaining customers. Today there is a change in customer belief, gone will be the days when searching for every week/monthly groceries or even clothes or kitchen appliances were a monotonous task or a liability. Customers see shopping as an activity which gives fun and thrills for the whole family. So stores/malls are trying to give a wholesome shopping experience and in the process attracting more customers & increasing their sales. In the retail sector more organized attention is given to the efficient building of the store which influences the buying behaviour of the customers. The most important elements of in-store design are the store design & visual merchandising. The store designs adopt different habits that encourage blood flow of the clients to all elements of the store and provide easy accessibility to the item.

The ambient conditions refer to background characteristic such as noises level, music, lamps, temperature & scent etc that impact worker performance and morale/psyche of the customer. By providing a suitable atmosphere, the store can raise the timeframe customers stay and the amount of money spent. The many guidelines of Food Bazaar with reference to the ambience are rated on a scale of 1 1 to 5 (1 least favourable & 5 most favourable).

This aspect is particularly important in planning the blood flow path of the clients and grouping of products. The circulation way should be such that it provides maximum expose to the item while putting any service along this journey. Some of the specifications of the ground layout of the Food Bazaar section of Big Bazaar are as follows:

The above relationship graph shows the comparative closeness that the various sections in Food Bazaar should have according to the attached weightage. We've discovered that in Food Bazaar the various sections like Fruits & vegetables are very near each other while the Chef Zone & Hungry Kya portions have important relationship between them and are located nearer one to the other. Similarly as a huge portion of the Indian consumer are vegetarians, therefore the Non Veg section has a undesired relation with all other sections (except for the chill station, as both need cooling) and it is located farthest from the other parts. Only 1 observation from our area is that the Candies, confectionaries & Dry out fruit sections should be nearer to the Chef Area & Hungry Kya parts (important relation). That is important to cause buying from this section as the customer strolls through these food sections. The billing section has not been contained in the above graph, as quite simply it needs to be nearer to every section (including other Big Bazaar areas). But the Food Bazaar is the closest to the billing counters on the floor floor and catering to the customers who visit to store limited to food & grocery store purchase.

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