Restaurant Decor And Table Setting up Marketing Essay

In the hotel industry, the staff or workplace those who employed in a restaurant should be maintain a skill, experience and knowledge how to planning food, how to serve the meals for customer and how their manage restaurant. Therefore, the manager who are responsibilities to control the restaurant, order food and drink and prepare the meals because of their customer, these are should be have a planning, managing, motivating and controlling. In the meals and beverage office, the look process that would be include a many of basic plans for example controlling the cost and forecast success, know very well what customer needs and would like, understand marketing tactical, by using a marketing mix to arrange the business enterprise in restaurant and understand about their job and task.

Therefore, the primary goal if food and drink procedure that is really helps to achieve their customer satisfaction and they are many of customer needs and desires might be seeking to meet involve physiological, monetary, social, emotional and convenience. The supervisor should be understand in what their customer needs to desires because that is the most crucial process to preparing food for the coffee lover for example vegetarian or diabetic. In addition, the look of restaurant is the most crucial because the administrator ought to be to ensure provide safe and healthy environment and to ensure their customer can be enjoying their meals in comfortable environment.

1. 0 Theme

In the restaurant, we are choosing a title "Healthcare food event" that is clearly a Chinese style tablet that is certainly the most important for everyone nowadays because they are many people would be experiencing different kinds of diseases for example high blood pressure, diabetes, raised chlesterol yet others. Therefore, the patient would be try to get well from the original herbal food, refreshments or soup and that would be give a good effect of diseases.

1. 1 Customer Satisfaction

In the medical care food festival, we are understand in what the client needs and want for example quality of food, value of food, style of food and food price. Therefore, we have been must be to ensure provide a standard quality of food, delicious, health and cleanliness product or food for customer.

1. 2 Marketing Consideration

When we live organize the activities, we are also using the marketing planning, online marketing strategy and marketing mix to understand what the client needs and wishes nowadays. Besides that, our company is also research our rival product and price and focus on of customer. In addition, we are also using marketing mix for example place, product, price and advertising.

Marketing Mix

1. 2. 1 Product:

The product quite simply would be contains its tangible and intangible feature. Tangible items that include the quality of foods and drink produced and served restaurant beautification and table set up. Intangible items feature of the product are the ones that to satisfy the feeling of customer for example service and attitude of the personnel, taste of food and beverage as well as others. Therefore, our company is usually provided good quality of health food and drink for example herbal soup and organic and natural drinks. We live also provided a good attitude and service when preparing and serving the meals and beverage for customer.

1. 2. 2 Price

The prices charges by the wedding caterers operation are the balance between your organization on the main one side with its need to accomplish profitable sales and others charges that the customer must be purchase product for example service duty and government tax. Therefore, our company is setting the fair price and sell the product to the client.

1. 2. 3 Place

This facet of the marketing combination is concerned with a number of factors for example location of the catering store and the supply and ease of access of the location. Therefore, our company is chosen and choosing the better location to organizing our activities.

1. 2. 4 Promotion

The advertising that is concerned with informing the market about an organization's product and persuading to the client. Therefore, our company is promoting our product through the leaflet, newspaper or journals and website.

1. 3 Restaurant Decor and table setting

2. 0 Menu Planning

In the activities, they are two types of menu that usually can be found at different wedding caterers or restaurants for example desk d hote and a la carte. Therefore, they are two types of menu would be offering various kinds of meals experience and drink for their customer choose. Our company is utilizing a la carte menu to offers different kinds of food and beverage for the client.

2. 1 A 'la carte menu

The' la carte menu that is to identify by:

Being usually that by using a larger menu and different types than table d 'hote menu and offering a greater choice

Listing under the course headings all the dishes that may be to made by the establishment

All food would anticipate to order by customer

Each dish that is clearly a separately priced

Usually being more costly than a stand d hote menu

2. 2 Cost, Revenue and Sales

The cost of functioning a catering product or departments that is usually analyzed under the three headings and they are food cost that determined by many of formula:

Opening Stock + cost of purchase- final stock- cost of staff meals = material cost

Labor cost: salary and wages paid to all employees and that also plus any employer contributions to federal government taxes, bonuses, staff meals and pension cash.

Overhead cost: all costs apart from materials and labor cost for example rent, rates, insurance, depreciation, fixes, printing and stationery, china and glassware, capital equipment.




Net profit

Sales 100% Total cost 80%

2. 3 Profit

These are three types of earnings that can be using to assess their food and beverage operation:

Gross profit= total sales - cost of material

After-wage profit= total sales- (materials + labor cost )

Net revenue= total sales - total cost ( material labor + overhead costs )

2. 4 Menu Pricing

These are many of special pricing factor for the food and drinks: sales duty, service charges, cover fee and minimum demand.

2. 4. 1 Sales tax

It is important to the customer know about the food and drinks prices shown or quoted are including this sales taxes or not and that the our company is must also realize that any money collected with respect to the government sometime to be paid to government and that would not to calculating include revenue and average spend.

2. 4. 2 Service charges

Made to the customer at a set percentage of the total cost of the meals and beverage dished up.

To know what size of idea to provide when in a particular establishment

The service charge would not be including with income or average spends.

2. 5 Types of food and drink in menu

3. 0 Planning of Service

3. 1 Types of customer

Family Group

Patient destruction by high blood pressure

Younger and talents

3. 2 The site of location

We are organizing the restaurant inside the shopping centre because they are can be bringing in more customers and selecting more aim for of customer. Therefore, we have been also having many opponents around there for example Kim Gary Hong Kong restaurant, Sushi King, Sakae Sushi and other wedding caterers outlet.

3. 3 Types of service offered

We are provides a la carte menu because that may be given different kinds of foods and drinks for customer choose their favorites foods in the restaurant. Furthermore, we are having different types of position for example hoisters, waiter or waitress, captain and expeditors in the service staff, there's also kitchen helper, chef and washing department at your kitchen crew.

3. 4 Lighting and color

Functional lamps in the dining area must serve a number of purposes. They are namely:

Fixtures directing lamps on to ceiling and wall surfaces should suggest to guests the dimension of the area, as well as any special visitors attractions, such as pictures and old oak beam because that is low wattage incandescent light bulbs are best suited for this purpose.

The light should project a subdued atmosphere with contrasts between dazzling and dark areas and tabletops taking a lot of the light whilst ceiling and upper surfaces stay dark.

3. 5 Chair Consideration

We are thinking about about the couch seating design that depends upon:

The size and form of the meals service areas

The design of desks and chair used

The allowance designed for gangways and clearing trolleys

The types of establishment

3. 6 Table Consideration

In the restaurant, we are using round table and square desk because this square stand would be chair with two or four person and that the circular table will seats 5 to 8 person for example these are family group or greatest gatherings have a supper or luncheons in the restaurant.

3. 7 Sideboard

We are also using sideboard to get ready and the stand by position the gear and tools for example fork, spoon, plate, bowl, blade, towel or tissue paper which sometimes the staff also prepare the sauces and teeth stay when they are customer needs.

3. 8 Dishwashing Method

We are utilizing a manual solution to washing the dish, equipment and tools in the restaurant because we are believe that manual dishwashing method is more hygienic and clean than using machine to automatic cleansing method.

3. 9 Food and drink Storage

In the restaurant, we live using a refrigerator to keep and storage the meals and drink at low temps between 5'C to 0' C. Therefore, we live usually to ensure and checking time frame of food and beverage and make sure food hygienic when put together and serve for the customer.

4. 0 Rule that needs to be adopted for service at the visitor table

4. 1 Personal attitude

Characteristics of personal attitude and gesture are always takes on an important role in virtually any part of service, why I am going to say like this, from an over-all perspective while we getting into a restaurant meet with a friendly and good manner staff, we will feel comfort and inviting, this is the key issue as a customer will be looked at before stepping into to a restaurant.

4. 2 When providing dishes to customer help on the right side side

Why serving are always on the right hand side but not in the right side side? Serving flow is always served through anti-clockwise. Since providing are provide through anti-clock-wise if using still left hand serving meal to customer that we can see right now our left hands might hit the client face, or it might obstruct customer vision while your customer are communicating with his/her friend. As a result our left hand is not ideal using for serving. Beside this, there still have one thing must be keep in mind, no change while serving. It is to avoid any mishap will be happen because of unseen effect hitting customer or child at our backward. For a significant situation, if our side are retaining any dish or glasses, it could dangerous to anyone is in that area if the dish are slipping toward to that person.

4. 3 understanding main concern of customer through status or age

In a restaurant, for each particular worker will meet a whole lot of customer every day, as a certainly, there have three type of customer which is family, few, and group of friend or colleague. For a family group customer, if there have older people, child and baby, providing priority will be studied by the children first, then only come to the elderly. Why after portion the child consistently is not providing their father or mother or adult yet? It is because of it exhibiting manner and admiration. Lastly, if having baby there do not place any food, drink and tableware close to the baby because it might danger or causing injury even inactive, this is a really topic in restaurant so that must definitely be alert all the time, ensure placing the meals to the parent or positioning with a distance that cannot considered by the infant in the problem if the parent are question or are eating. Come to the few customer, as a general knowledge that come with one phrase name 'girls first' so ensure that we remember the main concern generally will hold by the ladies. Furthermore for group of friend or colleague would be the same as couple customer, ladies will be the first.

4. 4 Clean up all the plate or bone before start portion other dishes

In generally for the full course meals there have four lessons started out with appetizer, soup, main course and the last is dessert. If the customers finish his / her first courses, before the next course ready serve to the desk, the duty serving personnel must make sure the customer desks are clean and free with no plate, bowl or any bone and unused tableware continues to be put on the table. Each one of these step are taking is to provide customer more space and comfort when moving around.

4. 5 Do not allow smoke or mobile phone through the working hours

In food and drink department, daily providing staffs will be meet a whole lot of customer, if the smoker is merely conclude with a cigarette then come to provide a customer, it will left an extremely bad impressive toward customer. Furthermore, if there have a person who hating cigarette smoker it might make that customer angry because the smoker spoil his/her appetite. In another situation especially for male staff, sometimes he could be lazy use an excuse to toilet for 15 and above but purpose calling his partner. If in this period all of a sudden having few desk customers coming, it will cause rushing. As a result, a liable and well performance portion staff should not adding personal problem or needs collect with the working period.

4. 6 Dressing

With a spot of view to a person towards his/her dressing or attired probably can be recognize his/her frame of mind. For serving staff before asking and serve the client, the first impression can be giving through our appearance and dressing, it will changes customer sense and disposition if the portion staff is wear with smart and clean, it'll make customer well informed to entering the restaurant.

4. 7 Ensure personal hygiene

For every serving staff must be taking proper care of personal cleanliness, if the food are contaminate in food processing because of careless, it will causes profit damage even reputation destruction, As a part of food and drink member, for each of them should ensure dint have any type of this related subject will happened. In order to to avoid this matter will be occurred is to taking every step carefully. Before starts working, after using bathroom, or handle garbage before, make sure all this situation must be manage well and always ensure personal cleanliness.

4. 8 Entertainment are not allowed while working hours

Music, training video, movie, game or any kinds of entertainment aren't allowed while working hours, entertainment only will be allowed in rest time. Addition chatting is the most common situation will be happed in virtually any industry, finally become overlook the duty are needed to be done or simple work and done faster because wanted to continue their storyline. As a dependable serving staff should be succeed and be aware of any customer might contacting for need added additional food or utensil.

4. 9 Well utilize equipment and tools for serving or cleaning

Using holder to serving food or drink, clean the desk with napkin, or clean the dirt and grime floor with mop. Each one of these equipment or tools are purchasing for cleaning and providing purpose so do not benefit extra step will slowing the operation. For instance if the personnel are not taking holder to moving food it will become very slow compare an employee transferring food or drink with tray in four or five 5 part in each times.

5. 0 Recommendation

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