Sainsburys Company Analysis

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The food retailing Industry is a huge and fast growing industry in UK. It is a sophisticated and diverse market dominated by various big companies such as Tesco, ASDA, J Sainsbury's. Price and quality of goods are the two important elements that your companies keep in brain to increase their sales and defend their position in this competitive market. In the entire year 2009, food retailing saved sales information of GBP 297, 478. 9 million, along with providing job to 11. 6% of the workforce in UK (Euro monitor). It is forecasted, by the year 2014 the sales would mix GBP 350, 000 million. (Euro keep an eye on)

This assignment focuses on the third largest food store store in UK, i. e. J Sainsbury.

Sainsbury is a brilliant market which will operates its business in retail sector from the year

1869. Sainsbury is started by Wayne and Mary Ann Sainsbury's. Sainsbury today performs a complete of 827 stores comprising 537 supermarkets and 335 convenience stores(J Sainsbury 2010). With their presence in various other markets such as financial services and Property management, food retailing remains their primary business. Within an industry which uses over 3, 335, 000 people and with sales figure of GBP 137, 590 million (Euro Keep an eye on), Sainsbury relishes a market share of 16% and providing 19 million customers regular with a product offering of 30, 000. (J Sainsbury 2010)

QUESTION-1 Using ideal models identify the client identified value for the customers for a product/division/company of your decision.



Customer value

Difference between just what a customers gets from a product, and what she or he has to give in order to obtain it.

http://www. businessdictionary. com/definition/customer-value. html#ixzz16OyFiRFr

Customer value proposition

A business or marketing statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy something or use a service. This statement should influence a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a difficulty than other similar offerings.

http://www. investopedia. com/terms/v/valueproposition. asp

Types of CVP

1. All Benefits- benefits that an group brings to its aim for customers. It tends to suffer from too little credibility when the worthiness proposition is not recognized from competition or focused specifically on the initial needs of the customer.

2. Favourable Factors of Differentiation- it mainly emphasizes the key differences between a firm's offerings and the ones of opponents at the client interface. It requires into account the idea that the buyer has substitutes. Like the all benefits value proposition it lacks specificity relative to the buyer.

3. Resonating Focus- Resonating concentrate highlights a couple of critical differences between your firm's offerings and those of competitors with the forethought that these differences represent those areas that are most essential in your brain of the client. While most effective, this value proposition requires considerable time to build up as it is firmly rooted in a deep understanding of customer needs.

http://www. edbarrows. com/Resources/briefs/valueProposition. pdf


A good customer value proposition is a technique why a person should buy a product and also distinguish your product from competitors. Gaining a customers' attention can help in growing sales faster and much more profitable, as well as increasing its market show. Understanding customer needs is important since it helps promote the merchandise. A brand is the notion of a product or service that was created to stay static in the thoughts of targeted consumers. It is desirable to build a strong and positive brand connection with your offering.

Three key proportions

Extrinsic vs. intrinsic value

Self-orientated vs. other-orientated value

Active vs. reactive value



Sainsbury maintain high quality of its services by keeping up high quality product at a fair price, through well-kept rooms with a stylish appearance to fast service and a friendly staff. Sainsbury means that all suppliers have been assessed by Quality Feature System (QAS) to be able to provide quality product to the client. It includes different prices which suit different sorts of customer. From the execution of high quality product Sainsbury has high price. However to modify to the needs of less prosperous clients it also offers a wide collection of basic product at a minimal price. Sainsbury rate is moderately-high. Sainsbury team is wanting to reduce queues through recent release of basket tills, self-checkouts as well as advantages of newest scan and load up system. Sainsbury offers home delivery which is often obtained the very next day. Stability is keeping a phrase to customers. Sainsbury provides customers' quality product at a fair prices, fulfilling customer expectation for fresh, safe, healthy and yummy food. Sainsbury respects environment by using green presentation. Queuing time is sensible and deliveries are promptly. Online Shopping at Sainsbury's is also a great advantage. All the above provide a higher level of stability and are the reason the Sainsbury's brand remains on the marketplace for 141 years, which makes the Sainsbury differs from its opponents.

Sainsbury started a new range 'style the difference' that seeks to provide consumers desire to take care of themselves at home, rather than spending money in buying expensive takeaways or eating outside the house.

Sainsbury's continuously buying their clothing and interior decor items to speed up the progress in non-food sector in order to reach to more customers in order to increase its market show and sales. (Euro keep an eye on)

Sainsbury's continued starting innovate products, 1% excess fat milk was launched which was consumed by 2. 5 million households scheduled to which its sales for basics were up by 60%. (Euro keep an eye on)


Critically evaluating value proposition of Sainsbury's


Sainsbury supermarkets follow the quest to be the customer's first choice by its service and quality. Through the technique of working simpler, mutually and faster it gives a superb good service and quality. Sainsbury accelerating its growth in non-food sector so as to reach more customers. Online facility provides its customers to look online for non-food items also. The business has a good brand value although discriminating competitive gain is clearly absent. It is difficult to slot machine them in a specific category from a customer viewpoint. The company struggles to generate a good market which can make them identify from other supermarkets with concerns to price, quality, customer support and usage of variety or inventory.

Sainsbury's was critised by metropolis for allowing Tesco in getting forward in the market in terms of customer service, commitment and price competitiveness. Sainsbury's was also criminated for not promoting itself up to its requirements and also working the same type of initiatives which was running by Tesco. So the Sainsbury has didn't promote its products and services. Along the way to reconstruct its mission, company has improved its online marketing strategy and sold efficiently the home structured products in the string of UK market and its own business in Egypt. This changes the business to concentrate on food retailing and related activities.

Sainsbury preserves 100% service level as the online business keeps growing rapidly. However, there are some issue that need to be developed for example; delivering orders completely and promptly. The web business is developing at an instant speed gaining progress in overall market. During hectic periods picking large purchases from stores could become an issue.

(http://www. oracle. com/us/corporate/analystreports/corporate/ovum-sainsbury-cs-170835. pdf)


The marketing mix employed by Sainsbury to get its competitive benefits in its retailing sector -.

Product -

Sainsbury's mainly centered in developing new product and its own food quality which will be healthier to the customers. It offers more than 350 variety range of foods product which is produced to safeguard its natural flavour and flavor of the product. Currently it offers achieved to developed more than 600 organic lines to provide best selection of food and major expansion in groceries, bakery, and iced foods. It has additionally launched something called 'Blue carrot Leg' known for the clear labelling of youngster products which talk about clear details of the merchandise. The Sainsbury's continuously focusing on development of its product by starting a new programme each year.

Price -

Price is the top element of the marketing combine for Sainsbury's. Now a day Sainsbury's is delivering its customers in UK the value for money. A lot of investment is manufactured in enhancing quality and production in order to cut back the overall cost. For the clients in UK Sainsbury is offering, exceptional value your money can buy and the purpose of the company is to lead the quality and be the favoured in term for the customers all through the market. If the price is cut it isn't easy to reunite again to the prior level without dissatisfying the customer. This isn't decent for the business enterprise. Hence in short term price gain the store will be less damaged where as in permanent it could gain less positive. Sainsbury integrated a fresh strategy 'value for money' after realising its price battle in the market. A lot of investment is made in enhancing quality and output what it provides and efficiency of its activity to be able to reduce the entire cost. The purpose of implementing a new strategy is to accomplish trust and value from the client and continue its control.

Promotion -

Sainsbury gain to develop its sound brand image among the customers through various campaigns. It mainly focuses on its own brand as opposed to the promoting other brands that they sell in the stores to create the greater riches by its overall retail brand.

Sainsbury uses different marketing for its advertising whereas TV, radio and advertising in cinemas to increase the company image. Sales deals, merchandising and packaging are also the key element for the promotion of the Sainsbury.

Sainsbury launched 'Nectar Greeting card' as a primary weapon for its promotion. This greeting card is free for customers and gives discount details if customer used it waiting for you during shopping. A great many other sellers are also using same kind of deals by issuing the card to customers and providing them with free points for their money as these free tips can be used automatically for discount rates.

Sainsbury store personnel wears known as T-shirt of the supermarket to defer as a worker to serve people.

Place -

As per the Sainsbury it offers 872 stores across UK whereas 837 super market segments and 335 convenience stores. Various setup of stores are founded in the united states according to the needs and satisfaction of the customers and area. Amount stores are exposed 24 hours a day for the satisfaction of the customers.

Sainsbury is making large string stores in various locations to make a world class syndication of groceries and work better.

Sainsbury's uses marketing combination to improve and put into action its strategies by using market combination. It fulfils the needs of customers by increasing its strategies that will fulfill customer. Sainsbury's study on the marketplace to the customer needs who will choose the products. It continues to implement the marketplace division to advance its business strategies which shows the progress of an business. To improve its overall sales Sainsbury's uses the market segmentation to display various types of products and markets it to different group of people. It offers a big number of products in a supermarket or convenience store and opens the store for extended hours. It also offers easy cash option through debit or bank card and cash return center to customers on the purchases.

http://katamaneni12. blogspot. com/2010/09/macro-environment-and-marketing-mix. html

Competitor Analysis

TESCO- Competition Company Profile

Tesco is began by Jack Cohen in 1919. Tesco is biggest food retailer on the planet, having 2318 stores and supplying work to more than 470000 people who provide millions of customer around the world. Tesco has a largest market in UK, where it operates under indicators of Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. Tesco offers more than 40000 products to customers including clothing and other non-food lines.

Tesco vs. Sainsbury's


'TESCO is to provide superior technical representation also to add value to a centered group of leading-edge, organizations by offering synergistic, valuable and highly innovate solutions for our customer design, procurement and production needs with continuous improvement in our quality, service and output to a completive advantages.


What models TESCO apart from other distributors is our determination to customer's success, by having an in-depth knowledge of their technology and the worthiness added services needed to truly support the client. The effect is cost-efficient, swiftly delivered specialized superior products that the customers take pleasure in.

(http://www. tescoinc. co. kr/tesco/ecompany1. php)


Sainsbury's quest statement

"Our mission is to be the consumer's first choice for food, delivering products of remarkable quality and great service at a competitive cost through working 'faster, simpler and mutually. "

Source: Sainsbury Web site

Sainsbury's company's vision for growth

"Sainsbury plc's present focus is to enhance the performance of the key UK supermarket chain. Whilst doing so we will continue steadily to explore and develop development opportunities in other marketplaces. Through utilizing 'Controlling for Value' we will stretch our ambitions and challenge the conventional knowledge within the business, in that way unlocking our potential and delivering value. " Source: Sainsbury Web site




Sainsbury is designed to provide quality products and good service at a competitive price through working faster, simpler, collectively and targeted to be the buyer first choice for food. Through the balance in sales expansion, lowering cost and on-going margin advancements, Sainsbury look forward to progress growth. The company is focused on achieving industry leading margins within a energetic, competitive market also to delivering strong double digit necessary revenue growth in each year of its business programme.


Tesco has made a good improvement with its strategy which consists of five elements reflecting its four established areas of desire and Tesco's long-term pledges on environment and community.

The ideas of the strategy are
  • To be a successful international retailer
  • To develop the central UK business
  • To be as strong in non-food such as food.
  • To develop retailing services - such as Tesco Personal Fund, Telecoms and Tesco. com
  • To put community at the heart of what we do.

The market show of Tesco is 31. 6% in the retail market plus they also capture 50% of the food market show while Sainsbury has 16% and 22% of the marketplace talk about respectively. Tesco provides considerable products range and buy in big quantity and sell it in cheap while Sainsbury will buy product that are popular and their own branded product. 1/3 of the retail market is acquired by Tesco but Sainsbury is allowing to possess this vitality.

Tesco achieved its success by selling types of products; it is situated within UK as well as overseas, they focus on every people. With this plan Sainsbury's have a hard to maintain with Tesco. Sainsbury's generally catch the attention of the middle course people who have low course prices whereas Tesco get all kind of people from all classes. Sainsbury's is more concerned about the grade of the food they offer their customers while Tesco is concerned about lowering prices to appeal to their customers.

Tesco's main advertising methodology is money conserving 'Every little help' and Sainsbury's 'Tastes the difference' however during the crisis time they are really one of the same. Sainsbury's slip its second position in 2008, getting rid of to Asda. Head Tesco enlarged its market share in the year, moving ahead of Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's has less variety of non-food items when compared with Tesco. By the end of the evaluation period, non-food items were the reason behind development for the major supermarkets.

( http://www. oracle. com/us/corporate/analystreports/corporate/ovum-sainsbury-cs-170835. pdf)


Sainsbury CEO Justin ruler has done a congrats in building up the brand, advanced turnover at a rate of 5. 5% yearly and profit increases by 6. 7%. king main target was on UK store development rather than abroad and total number of store has been increased from 583 in 2004 to 827 today.

Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy has different strategy as compare to Sainsbury's CEO Justin King. In his fourteen year term he has closely invested in overseas development. In 1999, within UK Tesco made 90% of its turnover and now it's less than 70%.


Tesco has its setups in 14 countries but it doesn't mean Sainsbury's lack development opportunities. Sainsbury's results past years in the proof of this and carrying on achieving high expansion rate without international expansions. To are present in this competitive market Sainsbury's has done well by starting new stores across UK, adding new non-food products and banking services to existing stores.

Tesco on the other side, have more progress opportunities in Asia and other countries. Tesco is a major player than Sainsbury's, for example: if we compare past twelve months results Tesco has 56. 9 billion turnover versus Sainsbury's 19. 9 billion.

(http://www. fool. co. uk/news/investing/company-comment/2010/07/16/a-foolish-fracas-sainsbury-vs-tesco. aspx)


Brand image and romance building in a business to company market will depend on how well company satisfies its customers. Sainsbury keep high quality of its services by providing high quality products to customers at a good price. It has different prices which suit different kinds of customer. It provide basic product at good deal to customer with low income. Sainsbury want to make it easier for customer to look ethically and sustainably so they making every work to live up to their expectations. Therefore from the above model, which points out between your company service and quality Sainsbury can be put into high quality as well as service provided by the business and received by customers.

Question 3

http://www. universityessays. com/example-essays/global-markets-sainsburys. php

Mission statement functions a dual goal by helping employees to remain dedicated on jobs as well as boosting these to find innovative methods for achieving company targets so that productivity can be increased. It's quite common that large companies spend years and huge amount of money developing and refining their quest statement.


"To be the UK best merchant company and earn customer lifetime reliability. "



Source: Barnes, C. et. al. , 2009 Creating and Providing your value proposition p 31

Market: Sainsbury already caters to the middle school customers by providing products at affordable prices, but since Sainsbury preserves high quality between its products, the cost somewhat becomes high (in a comparative sense to its rivals). Sainsbury needs to provide these products at a more reasonable price to cater to the working school as well and thereby broaden its existing customer bottom.

Value experience: Benefits will include high quality at fair price. To lessen the travel costs Sainsbury needs to focus on locations of its stores so that they are faultlessly within the reach of its customers. Online sales also needs to be produced easy. Problems should be minimised by giving a good after sales service and monitoring customer feedback.

Offerings: Place should include a give attention to central locations. Product will include maximum quality at affordable prices, new and progressive products may be released to increase sales. Since the financial downturn of 2008 got drastic effects on the current economic climate, consumers are trying to save as much as possible hence Sainsbury must keep carefully the prices of its products as low as possible. Promotion should involve advertising of sales through discount vouchers or limited offers (e. g. buy 2 get 1 free) and constant advertising through all available advertising types.

Benefits: products have to be provided at the cheapest possible price maintaining high quality. Regular comments from customers should be facilitated in order to keep an eye on its customer's satisfaction.

Alternatives and differentiation: Since Sainsbury focuses on quality more than the price of its products. The quality of Sainsbury's products is higher than most of its competition, but this phenomenon is not similar when it comes to price. Sainsbury must balance between its price and quality since its opponents such as Tesco are providing products at less price that is made available from Sainsbury.



By using Ansoff Matrix tool for proper marketing planning help improve the position of J. Sainsbury. It accelerate to do best strategic direction depending upon the need/desire to permeate existing or new markets with existing or services. (http://www. emp. ac. uk/linspdfs/marketi2. pdf)

If Sainsbury need to reconstruct their values, strengths and values they need to split their position in the prevailing market. They facing extreme competition in the real market they must modernize and create in new markets using their present product offering.

Partnership is a necessity in the home market since this is the basis of the business enterprise and its most important values. It can help the Sainsbury to restore its image and the connection with existing customer by confirming them the very best quality, best product offers at competitive costing.

Sainsbury's need to improve in its Information Technology system so that information can be refined faster and companies can be reloaded at a faster rate. The shelfs are always stocked well and the customers keep getting educated about the available varieties. All these effort make the shopping experience pleasant and satisfying for the clients.

As the earth faced downturn almost internationally, Sainsbury should avoid price related issues and must follow specific price strategy. Since customer will not be willing to pay high prices even to discover the best quality products hence low costs should be planned for the product quality product.

Identify problems and in time solving them as fast as possible so that they build strong communication at every step of the route.

To add some products this gives a comparative edge over their competitors. Sainsbury should open local stores in the location somewhat than on the outskirts of the city. Customer generally chooses to purchase in local shop alternatively than supermarkets to save money and time.

Introduction of pay point or postoffice to the store will be a good notion to catch the attention of customers. The client immediately after purchase pays their bills without wasting time to reach these places in other places in the town.

Sainsbury's need to increase its online shopping service in non-food items, so that customer can shop online more comfortably.

I would recommend Sainsbury's to deliver every little helps to make it a healthier place for shop. Use simple techniques so that shopping is better for customers, simpler for staff and cheaper for Sainsbury's.

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