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Information system management software's such as "Xiam portal, Cinergy AT" are being used by Vodafone UK to run its sales and advertising campaign.

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Vodafone is the world's major mobile service provider company, using over 65, 000 personnel and with over 130 million customers. The Vodafone functions in 26 countries worldwide. Vodafone is a public limited company. It offers retained local name and imagery in market segments which is necessary to retaining the trust of customers. To help promote its image worldwide, Vodafone uses leading sports stars from high profile global activities, including David Beckham and Michael Schumacher. Marketing involves anticipating customers' needs and discovering the right product or service to meet those needs, in so doing pushing high sales levels.

Vodafone's purpose is to grow its income and improve its profit by adding image to its products and services i. e. generating more benefit from each product sold. The 'Vodafone live!' service helps customers to use picture messaging and to download polyphonic wedding ring tones, game titles, images and information, through an icon-driven menu.

Vodafone's marketing

A long run sales and online marketing strategy is performed by careful planning and a successful marketing.


. A product with many cool features provides customers with options to chat, play games, send and receive images, change diamond ring tones, receive details about travel and sporting events, obtain billing information - and soon view videos and send video messages.


. Vodafone UK runs over 300 Vodafone stores.

. With the stores customers are able to see and handle products they are considering.


. Vodafone really wants to make its services open to as many folks as you can: from the youths, through apprentices and high powered business, to the greater professional users.

. Regular price plans are available as well as prepaid options. Telephone users can recharge their mobile phone online.


. Vodafone works together with brand image of David Beckham to speak its brand values.

. Stores have special special offers option and point of deal posters to catch the attention of people inside the stores to buy products.

. Vodafone's stores, its products and its staff employees all project the brand image.

. Vodafone has developed good public relations by sending pr announcements to national newspaper publishers and magazines to advertise its services and ideas.

. Vodafone Explore helps customers to increase use of the purchase.

. Direct mail tempts customers and customers to find out more.

. Vodafone life! A publication for employees, detailing products, people and sponsorship deals.


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While some service providers' call centre and retail personnel flounder helplessly with great spreadsheets and out-of-date competition information, personnel in CInergy's clients can achieve higher levels of retention and acquisition using Accelerated Intellect (AI) - the service that puts the power of market knowledge in the hands of people who need it most.

CInergy AI is a hosted, web-based system that improves customer retention and acquisition for just about any business that provides its products or services through call centers or shops by giving customer-facing staff with 'on-demand' competitive examination.

The system gathers and combines competitive brains from a variety of sources and gives them right to front line staff - within time - providing detailed information 'on-demand' that allows them to keep and get more of the customers that they deal with. CInergy AI also provides call centre personnel with scripts which enable them to prove to customers 'why we're better' and carries a real-time relationship with customers which enable sales staff to talk about information about their chosen product before they end the phone call or leave the store.

Significantly improve customer retention through 'on-demand' evaluations with competitors' offerings

Improve the amount of sales phone calls they close and convert to earn and preserve more customers - particularly when accounts are at risk of termination

Reduce 'cost-of-save' and 'cost-of-sale' by slicing call controlling time and discretionary sales and retention expenditure

Build more robust, more personal associations with customers by instilling trust and self-assurance in their understanding of the market

Improve degrees of client satisfaction by offering clients the right offer every time, in a single conversation

The Challenge:

-With a large number of tariff, handset and offer combinations available in the market, keeping contact centre advisors current can seem to be an impossible process. Vodafone UK known this problem and identified so it required a competition intelligence tool that could make it to retain existing contract customers, notably at time of deal renewal, and appeal to more clients.

-The company experienced initially considered developing its own solution, but experienced soon discovered that this might have been too much costly - both in financial terms and in the quantity of source of information required - and determined that this had not been its core specialization.

The Solution: CInergy AI:

CInergy experienced already developed its Accelerated Intelligence (AI) competitor intelligence platform for the mobile telecoms market at that time that Vodafone issued its RFP in 2005. By making an appropriate program and tailoring specific service modules to meet Vodafone's needs, CInergy could meet the requirements complete in the RFP and deliver a fully-working system in a very short timeframe.

Delivering Accelerated Cleverness:

Vodafone and CInergy proved helpful closely together to ensure that Accelerated Intellect would deliver maximum benefits in conditions of improved upon customer retention and sales. This partnership approach has empowered Vodafone to accomplish a swift go back on its investment. CInergy supported Vodafone in the development and delivery of induction training on Accelerated Cleverness for everyone contact centre advisors with access to the system. Given that the system is in use, short refresher classes sent in the weekly advisor conferences ensure that all advisors are retained up to date as new features are introduced.

CInergy's Accelerated Cleverness has added to a 18. 6% reduction in churn since its release in Q3 2006. As Brian Boroff, MD of CInergy concluded, "It has been an outstanding execution for CInergy, and Vodafone's invention and commitment to the job has allowed it to achieve very good results from the

About Accelerated Intelligence

CInergy's Accelerated Cleverness (AI) places competitive information into the hands of customer-facing teams, enabling these to counter competitive offers and achieve higher retention and sales performance. The service enables service providers to significantly improve the number of sales they close within a call, assisting to drive down the price of customer acquisition and retention as well as improving revenues.


Key features of Vodafone UK's execution of CInergy's AI include

Comprehensive tariff and campaign monitoring.

Handset / device traffic monitoring with current prices from all major rivals.

On-demand, side-by-side comparisons of different deals, tariffs and handset options.

Expert examination and scripted tips that permit Vodafone sales advisors to demonstrate 'why we're better'.

Fully branded software to complement Vodafone UK's Intranet.

Reliable, accurate data examined by teams with mobile telecoms knowledge.

The Results:

As John Coulstock, a senior supervisor at Vodafone, explains, "We launched Accelerated Intelligence in Q3 2006 which is currently in use by a large number of our contact centre advisors. Since we've started out using the machine, it has contributed to a semester inside our churn rates one fourth by quarter, making sure we stay highly competitive in the united kingdom market. We've discovered that the more our brokers usethe system, the more sales they are able to close. The CInergy AI request has become an integral part of our customer retention and sales strategy. " Vodafone has now renewed its deal with CInergy for an extended term.

CInergy's AI service has delivered a range of benefits to Vodafone including

A contribution to a decrease in contract churns since its introduction in Q3 2006

Improvement in the pace of helps you to save in consumer and enterprise Customer bases

Reduction in call handling time

Increased ability to set deals in a market context leading to better acquisition performance

Improvements in functional efficiency through the elimination of onerous, manual data collection

Improved reporting, development prediction, forecasting and analysis

Clear understanding of competitor offerings to improve key pricing announcements in advertising,


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Vodafone Ireland's Mobile Advertising Proposition.

Vodafone Ireland is Operates large server in Ireland with a customer foundation of 2. 4 million users and market share of 49%. As with Vodafone telecom sector marketing plays a major role, own marketing is simpler but Vodafone Ireland wanted to open up their portal to alternative party advertisers.

Xiam proposed unique software because of this issue.

To be successful in driving utilization and adoption of 3G content and services, Xiam's market proven solution features a variety of capabilities in several core practical areas

Xiam worked on 4 basic areas for marketing

Advanced Personalization

Xiam offers a range of different request to automate the personalization process, allowing you bring highly relevant offers to your visitors, and which are simple to use.

Usage Data and Content Cataloging

Provides an extraordinary architecture to aid the capture of content metadata also to understand what readers are employing and are looking for.

Advertising campaign Management

Provides marketers with an cohesive user interface to control the creation, execution, monitoring and confirming of recommendations and content marketing campaigns.

Campaign Fulfillment

Xiam supplies the software techniques to launch product total systems - mobile web or IP structured services such as IPTV - in a manner which provides flexibility and over-all publicity of product to customers, while guaranteeing quality of Customer experience.


Xiam Technology' market leading Targeting and Profiling technology includes best Mobile Advertising solution that handles all technical and commercial aspects of Vodafone's advertising inventory including the following features


Vodafone on its new server has placed on ads of several dominant international brands.

Including: Sony Pictures, Vehicle Trader, Alliance, Play stop, Everlasting TSB, Cadbury, Visa, Pepsi, Xbox, Warner Music, Reebok, Adidas.


Mobile Web publishers are opening their advertising inventories to third party advertisers to manage all commercial and technical aspects of their available inventories.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced concentrating on of advertising using demographic and behavioral information allows the Publisher to offer their Advertisers to reach their market automatically, making sure high quality returns which focus on the quality rather than volume of the audience reach. It's important that Web publishers have set up a technique that can provide this degree of targeting to safeguard their advertising proposition and capitalize on its potential.

Former Purchase Behavior

Service Usage

Each month Spend

Response to Adverts and Promotions

Surfing around Behavior

SMS habits and usage

Call Usage


Roaming Patterns


The response from users has been incredible with high click on through rates and following customer.


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