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Compliant networks

Retailers of household appliances adjusted the strategy of work in the regional market. In parallel with the construction of networks in the Volga region, they announce the development of service projects in the region. The sale of services will enable them to increase revenue with a declining dynamics of sales of goods and provide an additional competitive advantage in the eyes of buyers.

In 2008, on the official launch of its HiTechnic service company in the Volga region, which is engaged in the post-sale service of equipment, Eldorado, the trading network, was announced. Since the beginning of 2008, "Eldorado began construction of a federal service network, opening its representative offices in St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. In the course of the month, nine HiTechnic representative offices were to appear in the Volga region - four service centers and the same reception points in the hypermarkets of the network in Samara and Togliatti and one service center in Saratov.

The development plan HiTechnic foresaw in 2008 the output to all cities with a million population. In 2009, as Yuri Vladykin said, the national sales director HiTechnic, the service centers will cover 90-95% of the federal network stores.

I launched my service project in the Volga region and the trade network "Technosila". The retailer announced the opening of VIP departments (for consulting clients in choosing exclusive equipment, ensuring its delivery, installation and maintenance) in Kazan, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Up to the end of 2008, Samara, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don and Tyumen planned to add to this list, and in 2009 - eight cities with population over one million, as the press service of the network noted.

In Tatarstan companies Domo is preparing to open stores in the network of special areas of service provided by the new format outlets (they need to offer customers a full set of advanced network service).

In pursuit of the client

Developing service projects, retailers of household appliances and electronics fought for increasing customer loyalty, which at this stage of market development has become a guarantee of business stability.

The United States retail market for household appliances and electronics experienced a peak in growth in 2004, and by 2008 its capacity increased by 20% -30% a year, but by 10-12%. More than half of the market was controlled by four federal networks - "Eldorado", "Technosila", "M.Video" and World & quot ;. To maintain high growth rates (according to the investment company "BrokerCreditService", the growth of their sales was higher than the market dynamics and amounted, according to 2007, 24-26%), retailers needed to compete not only with small regional stores, but also in the first queue with each other.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that, in addition to fighting for retail space in the region, retailers launched marketing wars. Since they have exhausted the resources for price competition (the volumes of purchases are approximately equal, the logistics costs and the investment load are almost identical), they attracted buyers by the service.

The fact that the most powerful marketing support was at the time of the service project "Eldorado" was also talking about the shift in competition to the sphere of additional services. - a network that until recently positioned itself as a territory of low prices, rather than high service. According to Yuri Vladykin, before the launch of HiTechnic Eldorado offered its customers only services for the delivery and installation of washing machines and gas stoves. They were provided by a service company, created with the participation of "Eldorado". In 2008, the retailer corrected: it was the first federal player to start promoting its services under a separate brand (the name HiTechnic was given by the United States agency GetBrand ), developed a corporate style (ordered from the Dutch agency Tomorrow ) and prescribed service standards - right up to the texts that the master should say when coming to install a washing machine or any other technique to the client.

Yuri Vladykin explained this scrupulousness by the need to follow the expectations of buyers. According to him, customers of networks of home appliances and electronics (BTE) were then ready to pay for high-quality services: if earlier they preferred to install the equipment themselves or with the help of friends and acquaintances, then they were more likely to pay for the service and save time.

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