Shampoo Market Consumers Buying Behaviour Marketing Essay


This research is prepared for the purpose of gaining a much better understanding on the factors influencing the consumers' buying behaviour. The shampoo market is chosen as the field of study on the consumers' buying behaviour because everyone needs hair shampoo to wash their locks so anyone could be the respondents of my survey. The age of the respondents in this study ranges from 18 years and above.

The questionnaire constructed is based on the factors influencing the buying behaviour which are the social factors, the non-public factors and the internal factors. The cultural factors referred to reference organizations and family whereas, the personal factors described age, job and lifestyle. Last but not least, psychological factors referred to motivation, notion and values and behaviour. [1]

This survey is carried out around Penang Island which include housing estates, shopping malls and coffee retailers within the period of two weeks. This study targeted 100 respondents and was given self-administrated review questionnaires to be chock-full. The respondents can either be female or male in the Penang state. Over the review, it had not been easy to get respondents as many of them were not willing to show you their private information. There were also respondents that are helpful and reactive to make this survey a success.

The approximation of organized sampling method is used in this research. All the data was gathered at different times and the time frame to assemble all the info is within the period of 14 days.

The tabulation of the info was done using Microsoft Excel. Besides that, illustration of the information in the form of pie charts and bar charts using Microsoft Excel permits readers to possess a better knowledge of the report instead of reading the complete report in varieties of words and figures.

The Reason for This Research

Consumers' buying behaviour has effects on the purchasing power of the consumers. There are several factors that influence the consumers' buying behavior. In order to indentify these factors, a study on the shampoo market was carried out.

In addition to that, an improved understanding on the factors influencing consumers' buying behaviour will be gained after concluding this research.

"This is the perpetual and pitiful tragedy of the practical man in functional affairs. He always starts with a flourish of contempt for what he telephone calls theorizing and what folks who can get it done call thinking. He'll not wait for logic--that is, in the most exact sense, he'll not listen to reason. It will therefore appear to him an idle and ineffectual proceeding to state that there surely is a reason for his present failing. Nevertheless, it might be well to say it, and to try and make it clear even to him. "

Gilbert Keith Chesterton [2]

Why I Choose Shampoo Market As THIS ISSUE of The Survey?

Shampoo is chosen as this issue of this survey because shampoo got end up being the part of our lives. Shampoo is used to remove oils, dirt, dandruff, pores and skin particles, environmental contaminants and other contaminant contaminants that gradually build up in the hair. [3]

Besides that, it is also easy to get respondents to this survey as everyone uses hair shampoo and there's also an increasing volume of consumers who are extremely concern about their wild hair.

How This Research Is COMPLETED?

This research is completed in the form of survey. In order to perform the review, questionnaires were produced and distributed in Penang Island. The study is completed in shopping complexes, casing estates and caffeine shops.

The Structure of The Questionnaire

The questionnaire created is dependant on the factors that have an impact on the consumers' buying behavior. Make reference to the appendix for sample of the questionnaire.

The first four questions in the questionnaire are created based on the non-public factors. The first question is approximately the gender, followed by the age, work status and finally, the regular monthly income of the respondent.

The fifth question is approximately the current brand of the shampoo employed by the respondent. The first four questions will determine the decision of hair shampoo chosen by respondent as the first four questions will be the manipulating factors and the responding variable is the choice of hair shampoo.

There is a blend of interpersonal factors and emotional factors in question six. The purchasing decision is made by the relative, friends' recommendation and good research and development (R&D), influenced by brand ambassador, soothing to hair as it is chemical free are interpersonal factors and mental factors respectively. Only 1 choice is from advertising which is offers and offers made for the hair shampoo.

In order to understand the way the product itself draws in the consumers to get it, I put added a question on the current brand of hair shampoo used by the consumer.

The pursuing question is approximately the amount of money put in by respondent on the shampoo on a monthly basis. From this question, the respondent lifestyle can be determined as his / her regular monthly income will reflect on the shampoo bills. Once more, the regular income is the manipulating varying and the responding variable will be the shampoo expenses.

Question nine is about the promotion method used by the particular brand of shampoo. The reason of asking this question is to understand the method utilized by the particular company to advertise their shampoo on the market. This question can also prove that promotion also influences the buying behavior of the buyer when it comes to investing in a particular make of shampoo.

Question ten is approximately the time of duration the respondent using the particular shampoo. The goal of this question is to understand how effective the business's strategy in keeping their consumers to continue buying their products.

The last part of the questionnaire is about the rating created by the respondents on the quality of the current hair shampoo used. The goal of this question is to comprehend if the company has successfully gained its customers' satisfaction.

The Amount of The Survey

The survey was carried out around Penang Island which include housing estates, shopping malls and coffee shops within the period of two weeks. The respondents can be involves either male or female but their age must be at least 18 and above.

During the time of the study, it was not easy to get respondents who are prepared to co-operate as they are unwilling to enclose their personal details like their regular income. Besides that, some of them rejected the survey because they are not interested in taking part in the review especially those in the property estate.

There were still the right and co-operative respondents who filled up the questionnaires without the need to persuading. Most of the co-operative respondents result from coffee shops and stores and I'd like to give thanks to them as they are assisting me to make this survey successful.

Collection, Research and Interpretation of this Data

The accumulated data was predicated on the questionnaires distributed to the respondents. This as one of the personal factors inspired the consumers' shampoo preference. Different age range of individuals will have a new brand of shampoo desire as the young decades will choose a brand that manufactures colour lock shampoo so that the coloring of the dye on the hair will last much longer, whereas the elderly technology only prefers a basic range of hair shampoo as they seldom dye their head of hair.

From the employment position and the monthly income, the data about the approach to life of the consumers can be gained. When the individual is working full time and earns a high monthly income, he or she will definitely buy a more high quality hair shampoo like the ones sold in the saloons. It is because she or he will definitely change his / her image by changing the hairstyle by perm, straighten or dye. When they go for substance treatment on their hair, destruction such as divide ends and dried scalp will be resulted, so they are willing to spend more on top quality shampoo to safeguard their wild hair from such damages rather than buying a normal range shampoo and cry on the damage hair at the end of the day. From that, we can conclude that lifestyle will influence the consumers' buying behaviour.

Asking the reason why of choosing the particular brand permits the researcher to identify whether it was the social factor, mental factor or campaign that affects the purchasing of the hair shampoo. In the event the respondent decides friends' recommendation, then your factor influences the buying behavior is the social factor. Some consumers trust their friends' suggestion when they show the same preference and preferences. If they see the ramifications of the shampoo on the friends' hair they can be willing to get that one brand as it is proven good by his or her peers. Alternatively, if the respondent decides soothing to hair and chemical free, then your consumer is inspired by the emotional factor which is the buyer beliefs that the shampoo is soft to the scalp as it is chemical type free. This usually took place in the consumers' head as they notion is delicate to the scalp after they acquired tried the test distributed by the promoters in the supermarket or throughout a free hair clean during the street show.

The type of shampoo used by the respondents allows the researcher to review if the product itself and the brand influences the buying behavior. Whenever a respondent trusted the existing brand of hair shampoo they're using, when they're looking for a colour lock hair shampoo, he or she will definitely choose back the color lock shampoo manufactured by the brand they used to buy. Sometimes, the merchandise itself also affects the buying behavior when the packaging of the merchandise is nice and the advanced features of the product is such as the hair shampoo is anti-dandruff, with ginseng extract which will reduce hair loss and so forth.

The monthly expenditures allocated to the shampoo will help the researcher to conclude that the regular income does influence the buying ability of the consumer. A lifestyle with a high regular income will effect the consumer to invest more on shampoo such as high range shampoo as they tend to be more cautious about their mane when they perm or dye their hair. Besides that, the price of the hair shampoo also affects the buying behaviour of the consumer. Some consumers are not particular about the brands of the shampoo but they choose the shampoo according to the price. Normally, these kinds of consumers will buy a basic shampoo which the price is cheap so when there is a advertising about other higher range shampoo, they will have a tendency to buy it.

The type promotion made on the hair shampoo is to ensure that the consumers are aware of the existence of the particular brand of shampoo. By asking this question to the respondents, the researcher can conclude that promotion also effect the buying behavior in the shampoo market. Moreover, the researcher can also conclude the types of advertising that work in the hair shampoo market.

The duration amount of the respondent using this brand of shampoo will help the researcher to know if the consumers are suffering from brand loyalty in purchasing the particular brand shampoo. Brand loyalty is also a mental health factor which the consumers understand that the brand supplies the right product features, image or level of quality at the right price. [4]

Consumers' satisfaction on the particular brand of shampoo is gained by asking the respondent to rate the quality of the current shampoo used. This enables the researcher to comprehend how the company meet their consumers and how high is the amount of consumers' satisfaction on the existing shampoo created by the business.

Microsoft Excel was used to tabulate the info and illustrate the info by means of bar and pie graphs such that it is not hard for the viewers to understand rather than reading the record from the first web page to the last page in the form of words and results. As the word goes, 'a picture paints a thousand words'.


From the study, I had realised that the consumers' buying behavior is not only inspired by the communal factors, the non-public factors and the mental factors but also marketing mix like the price, product and campaign also influences the buying behaviour. The social factors referred to reference groupings and family whereas, the non-public factors referred to age, job and lifestyle. Finally, psychological factors referred to motivation, perception and beliefs and behaviour.

For cultural factors, the purchasing decision is made by the family member, friends' advice. Some consumers just follow their family's decision in investing in a shampoo as they have no preferences on shampoo. As for friends' suggestion, if the hair shampoo is proven good by their friends, some consumers will tend to buy it as they trust the results of the shampoo advised by their friends. Personal factors include gender, get older, employment position and monthly income of the respondent. For years, young years will choose a brand that manufactures colour lock shampoo so the color of the dye on their hair will last longer, whereas the elderly technology only prefers a basic range of shampoo as they seldom dye their scalp.

Psychological factors of purchasing the shampoo include, brand devotion, gentle to hair as it is chemically free, good research and development (R&D) and inspired by brand ambassador. Among the emotional factors is the attitudes and values of the consumers where they assume that the shampoo must be good when the brand ambassador is their favorite celebrity. This kind of buying behavior usually occurs among the list of young adults or the youth because they wished to follow the footsteps of these favourite super star and what kind of product utilized by the ambassador must be proven to be very good as they have got a notion that their idol is often perfect. Besides that, some consumers believe the shampoo is very soft to the head of hair as the shampoo states that it's chemically free, where this is recognized as attitude. Finally, the consumers are also motivated to get that particular shampoo when the company has done a good R&D. This is because it's very convincing when there's a proven research done by the business.

The price of the hair shampoo influences the buying behaviour as some individuals are not particular about the brands of the shampoo. They just only want a shampoo which is cheap and good to clean their hair. For product, when the shampoo features is sophisticated such as anti-dandruff, hair fall control or shade lock and the product packaging of the shampoo is nice, a few of the consumers will be inspired to purchase this brand of the shampoo. Promotion is made to remind the consumers about the life of the particular shampoo in the market. Indirectly, it also influences the buying behavior of the consumer when there is a brand ambassador promoting the shampoo during the road show or by using an advertising campaign. Besides that, if there is an offer made for the hair shampoo such as buy one free one or free vouchers for every two containers purchase will have a tendency to boost the purchasing power of the consumers.


I am students from an exclusive institution and presently performing a research on consumers' buying behavior in the hair shampoo market. Everything gathered will be used for educational research goal only and it will be kept private. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Please tick ( -) the correct option for the next (where appropriate): Choose only the one that fits you the most.





18-19 years

20-29 years

30-39 years

40-49 years

50 years and above

Employment Position:

Working Full-time

Working Part-time



Monthly Income:

Below RM 1000

RM 1100-RM 2000

RM 2100-RM 3000

RM 3100-RM 4000

RM 4100-RM 5000

Above RM 5000

Brand of Current Hair shampoo:




Clairol Organic Essence

Follow Me

Head and Shoulders




Others; Please specify

Reason of choosing that particular brand:

Good Research and Development (R&D) in manufacturing

Influenced by the brand ambassador

Promotions and Offers made

Purchase decision is manufactured by the family member

Gentle to the mane as it is chemical free

Recommended by friends

Others; Please specify

Types of Shampoo used:


Hair semester control

Dry and destruction hair

Silky upright hair

Colour lock

How much do you may spend monthly on shampoo?

Below RM 50

RM 50-RM 60

RM 61-RM 70

RM 71-RM 80

Above RM 80

How do you can find out about this shampoo?





Internet pop-ups

How long are you using this shampoo?

< 1 year

2-3 years

4-5 years

5 years and above

How is pre-sales of this shampoo?

Promoter in the supermarket

Recommended by wild hair stylists

Free sample for customers

Promotions of buy one free one

Is there ways to contact the client service after sales?

Toll free number



Mailing address

Is the hair shampoo easy available?

Yes it's available every where

Only available in popular shopping complexes

Only in certain areas

Not available in the united states and the only path to get it is through the Internet

What is your expected cost range of the brand of shampoo used?

Rate your favorite brand of shampoo based on following attributes


Excellent [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Good [ ] Poor [ ]

Design of the packing

Excellent [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ]


Excellent [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ]


Excellent [ ] Very Good [ ] Good [ ] Fair [ ] Poor [ ]

Thank you

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