ShareKhan Compnay Analysis

ShareKhan can be an online trading website. It had been founded by SS Kantilal Ishwarlal who was simply a pioneer in the finance industry. ShareKhan is a subsidiary of SSKI which emerged to existence in 1922. SSKI is among the first few brokerage residences of India having an event of more than 80 years into:-

Retail Broking

Institutional Broking

Wealth Management

Institutional Broking

SS Kantilal Ishwarlal is probably the set of founders of the Bombay STOCK MARKET. SSKI was an expert in the Institutional Broking business. Only in 1985 it came into the Retail Sector by introducing a brand known as "ShareKhan". It was the retail broking arm of the company.

ShareKhan is probably the top financial services company in India. It offers a complete package deal of investment alternatives in Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, IPO, Mutual money, Depositary Services, Collection Management Services and Insurance.

ShareKhan made its occurrence noticed in India through Sharekhan Branches & Franchisees and www. sharekhan. com. It has a earth network of around 300 centres, across 123 locations in India with a person base of 1 1, 20, 000 and an equal volume of demat customers.

On April 2002, it launched a new service called Rate Trade that was an online executable software that is equivalent to the broker terminals followed with other information that is utilized for Day Trade.

ShareKhan has various retailers which give a full selection of investment services like:-

Online Trading

Equity and Derivative trading on NSE & BSE

Commodities trading on MCX

Portfolio Management Services

Depository Services

IPO Services

ShareKhan is a perfect exemplory case of a B2C. B2C can be an e-commerce term where any company sells its products directly to the customer online.

A major durability of ShareKhan would be its capacity to provide Specialised & Custom made Research Products which highlight the investment philosophy of true Traders in the extra currency markets.

Hierarchy of ShareKhan



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. . . . 1. . . . . . .

Sales Executive


City Sales Manager

Branch Head

Cluster Head

Regional Head

Country Head

Share Khan Services

ShareKhan is among India's leading broker residences and it is also the retail network of SSKI. It has a well established established of over 300 talk about shops in over 123 cities and India's premier online trading portal www. sharekhan. com, where customers enjoy multichannel access to stock markets.

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Offerings of Share Khan

ShareKhan offers a myriad of trading accounts i. e. online and offline. These days its main concentration is online trading where users can access their accounts from any part of the earth and continue their trade. There is absolutely no restriction of heading to a broker actually or settling anticipated payments. It provides a fast, simple and convenient medium to carry out transactions. Share Khan's product contains a 4 in 1 strategy which integrates:

D-mat Account

Trading Account

Bank Link

Dial N Trade

For carrying out trading activities every specific requires a D-mat account. All the share purchases are stored in this D-mat Profile. Share Khan provides with a Trading Bill. This Trading Bank account enables a individual to transfer funds from his Savings Account in the bank to his trading consideration with any formal paper work. Share buys and prices which he trades in the terminal can be viewed on the site.

ShareKhan. com currently provides trading only on NSE and shall avail trading on BSE shares soon. The formalities for starting an account involve filling up an agreement of 12 webpages, photo evidence, address confirmation and a cheque drawn in the favour of Sharekhan Ltd.

After completing with these formalities the client will get his login information for the website i. e. UserId & Security password, which will permit him to acces his trading bill.

Products of Show Khan

ShareKhan provides two types of products with respect to the volume based needs of the investor. The products are as follows:-

Classic Account:-

This product is most suitable for retail buyers and allows these to trade through the website.

Only 25 scripts are allowed per terminal with no availability of specialized charts.

It's a JAVA Structured Applet which enables you to see the latest price of your scripts and trade by logging in the web site.

This account also gives you to operate in Derivatives.

The cost for a lifetime bill is Rs. 750 without any constraints on the minimum amount turnover.

Speed Trade Accounts:-

This account is employed by stock traders who trade more frequently during the day and record the intra-day price moves. Such merchants are called "intra-day" investors.

Speed trade is an internet based software software which is on a CD and provides the user with all the features on the display screen thereby reducing the time to perform a trade.

Speed trade offers a tick by tick update on stock price moves with market depths and different intra-day charts which permit the user to make his research on securities.

The cost for a lifetime bill is Rs. 1000 with a minimum brokerage of Rs. 1500 to be produced every quarter.

Bank connection

ShareKhan is affiliated with 11 bankers which allow its customer to transfer their funds using their company respective banks checking account and revel in the trading service online. The associated banks are as follows:-





UNION Loan provider OF INDIA






Dial N Trade

An exclusive service available to all the clients of ShareKhan where in they can operate on stocks via telephones. By dialling 1800-22-7500 a toll free amount, the clients are redirected to a tele-broker who will buy and sell stocks on his behalf.

After Hour Orders

ShareKhan Customers can entail the center of placing requests even after trading hours, and the orders are executed when the next trading session begins.


For Intraday Trades they ask for a brokerage of 0. 05% on each leg Transaction.

For Delivery Transactions they impose a brokerage of 0. 5% on each calf Transaction.

For Derivatives Deals they demand a brokerage of 0. 05% on each calf Transaction.

Trade in Commodity

ShareKhan also provides trading in goods like Bullion: Gold/Silver, Agricultural commodities through ShareKhan Commodities Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of its parent company SSKI.

Research Team

Research and knowledge of market segments provides better profits than reacting to phony rumours and speculations. The study team provides information to their customers regarding various market conditions.

In the day whenever a new trading time starts they provide "Eagle Eye" which tells you about the market condition for your day.

In afternoon they offer "High Noon" which gives the marketplace condition upto this aspect and how the condition would be during the remaining one half.

After the close of trading for your day they provide in-depth examination and market overview for that day.

Mobile N Trade Facility

Now ShareKhan provides the service of trading through mobile handsets. This service can be triggered by paying yet another activation fee.


These days everyone trades. Along with the invention of new technology more folks are aware about the web trading services and therefore sign up for the same. Its customer platform ranges from Entrepreneurs, housewives, students, shopkeepers to OLDER PERSONS, all of whom have some disposable money and like to make money by firmly taking on some risk are potential ShareKhan customers. Also stock traders who prefer to invest their profit share markets are customers of ShareKhan.

Mostly the clients are divided into two categories with regards to the type of business deal they certainly and money they invest in the talk about market. These folks are generally Shareholders or Traders. Buyers are those people who have money in excess after satisfying their needs and therefore invest money in the market while Stock traders are those who do daily transactions which form an integral part of their business. The transactions carried out by shareholders are called Delivery transactions whereas those carried out by dealers are called Intra-day ventures.


ShareKhan is one of India's premier trading institutions.

Its main competition are:










Comparative Advantages

Simplified buying stocks.

User friendly online trading facility.

Helps you select the right shares.

Multichannel Usage of stock market segments.

Cost Effective.

Time Saving.

SSKI has over 80 years of experience.

Dedicated team of specialists.

Also offers value added service like Demat, Research, stock ideas etc.

"FIRST RUNG ON THE LADDER" program for beginners.

Also provide services like daily Text Alerts, mail alerts and stock recommendations.

ShareKhan also offers tie ups with many banks which provides the user with the ability to transfer cash unlike ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities etc. Hence traders do not need to open a fresh account with a specific bank as it could establish a website link with modern banks.


Electronic Contract Word (ECN)

ShareKhan provides its customers the ECN service to their customers on their email id. The identical can even be accessed under the Services menu on the website. ShareKhan thinks in reiterating its dedication to provide status of skill technology and services to customers to include ease and convenience with their trading activities.

Distinct top features of Equity Rear office on Net

You can also view details of your daily business deal like Order no, Number, Trade no, Market Rate etc. To view the above details the customers need to provide their deal date. Otherwise customers can view their deals giving a date range in the Global Survey - I Menu - Sauda(cash) option.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths :

Weakness :

Opportunities :

Threat :


According to a review, most customers of ShareKhan it is pocket friendly.

70% of people say that ShareKhan is preferable to other stock broker agents due to client satisfaction.

Businessmen will be more thinking about stock markets than the other market segments.

Commodity market is less preferred by people due to lack of knowledge.

People want to invest their money in security markets but don't possess the required knowledge.

People pay more focus on the brokerage than the assistance provided by brokerage houses.


In a recently available review conducted it was found that ShareKhan is a better service provider than the other stock agents because they provide timely and exact research and provide tips about what stocks to buy and sell. ShareKhan Ltd also supplies the facility of Trade Tiger as well as relationship manager facility for encouragement and safety of buyer interest. In addition, it provides notifications via the internet and cellular phone on the recent happenings, IPO produces and future potential customers of that IPO.

Also people aren't very educated about the goods market and therefore they have to organise seminars to improve knowledge of existing and prospects.

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